When I'm not doing homework, acrobatics, volunteering at the Bunny Bunch Animal Shelter, or playing fiddle I love to do crafty things. Sometime I even sell the stuff I make at Heirloom ( a little shop in the Claremont Village). I like to make all sorts of things. From jewelry to sculptures to plush toys and every thing in between. I currently partake in advanced sculpture, and plan to go to Croydon School of arts after I graduate. I also check my profile almost every day so if you want to communicate with me just leave a message. Happy <3

- Craaazzzy about animals (I have 14 pets)
- Rock climbing
- Noel Fielding
- Regina Specktor
- Classic Rock (David Bowie, Gary Numan, ect...)
- Baking
- Gadening
- almost every type of craft
- Little Kids... yum yum, Just kidding I'm a baby sitter, and I have a little brother or I did at some point ... Mwahaha.
- fiddle
- acrobatics
-Total nature nut
- Fantasy creatures
- Stickers
- Brian Froud
- Steam punk
- Humming birds & Bunnies (my two favorite animal)
- Lavender (my favorite color)
- Pine, Lavender, & Cinnamon (My 3 favorite scents)
- Big studio gibli fan
- Strawberries (my favorite food)
-Vet Vs Newbie (as newbie) with Monika...Complete
-Happy Grams with Gryfinndorgrl...Complete
- Happy Grams with MischievousRaven... Complete
- Personal Swap with Crimson Rose... Complete
- Valentine Swap with Ghosts are Green, and Green Duck... Complete
- Vet Vs. Newbie with Oriana ( as Vet )... Complete
- Halloween Swap with Altered Ego... Complete
- Vet Vs. Newbie Swap ( as vet) with Falene M. ..... In Progress
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Steph. · Reading, England, GB · 212 projects
Did you dye your hair blue?? It looks so cool!
Steph. · Reading, England, GB · 212 projects
Hey Anna! How you doing? We haven't spoken for a while....
And you look gorgeous in your profile pic, just saying xxx
buttercup303 · Moodbidri, Karnataka, IN · 94 projects
thank you for the favourite on my gulab jamuns Happy
Caity B.
Caity B.
Anna, you are amazing!!