Helena creates a bohemian style, perfect for Southern California in today's #DIYTheLook

The heat has not relented here in Southern California and I'm hot and sticky. I picked out a bohemian inspired look with a flowing kimono top (I would make it out of chiffon or silk) and delicate lace trimmed shorts. There is no way I am ready for boots yet, so I would slip on these cool rope sandals. I also would like to keep the hair off my neck with a chain headband, and with my hair pulled back like that you'll be able to see my ingenious feather earrings made from an aluminum can! The most beautiful thing about summer is a having a golden tan, but not a real one! My perfect self-tan would be complimented by shimmery eye makeup and a cute nail design. Grab a slouchy bag and I'm out the door in a totally handmade look.

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