It took me a while to actually join and become active on this site as I didn't think myself worthy of joining all of you wonderful crafters!

In spite of that, I hope to meet some new people, learn some new crafts and maybe show a little of what i can do.

I dabble in a few areas of craft and would love to try new ones. but overall I'm just an amateur.

Feel free to add me as a friend or say hello, I'm afraid i may not ask others out of shyness.
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Thank u for the fav) I hope u will try it!
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And thank YOU for the return fav on my meringues Happy I really appreciate it
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Thanks a bunch for your favourite of my date look makeup! ^_^
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Hi Hannah G, thank you for your fave on my felt sakura (cherry blossom) project. Do take care and have fun crafting! Happy
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No problem at all, can't wait to try it out for myself ^^
hannah g.
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Oh, and thank you for your fav on my origami shuriken project!
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Thanks for the fav and nice comment Happy
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awww no worries!! i love good manga drawings.... it encourages me to practice too!!! and thanks for faving my charm!! it was just a random thought of mine!!!
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Hello Happy no problems , your drawing deserved it and thank you
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thanks for faving my project Happy x0x0
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Haha loving ur icon Tongue
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Thanks for your comment Happy
Utau was definitely in the back of my mind while drawing it xD
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Thanks for answering my question Happy
I thought that would be the case, but I just wanted to make sure before I started working on anything. Happy
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thanks for ur comment. i love ur projects the bento rabbit apples are awesome der so adorable . yea im a big vampire knight fan i cant wait for season 3Happy
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thanks for favoriting my doll. <3 the doll was quite simple to make, it's the wig that is a little harder because you have to be really dedicated to finishing it and it just takes a while.
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Thank you for the lovely comment =] I'm glad you like my projects! =]
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thanks for faving my pkmn choker
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thanks for the message! I'm so glad you liked the note pillow.... I hope your friend likes your version too! Happy
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ive a ds but i never play it screen too small and awkward for lefties lol Happy i loved the shivering isles!! have fun Happy
gwenives · Newbridge, Kildare, IE · 19 projects
i bloody love oblivion! i cleared it on the x box the add ons to it are brilliant. cant wait for skyrim!! i just have an x box but im an achievement hunter lol alice is brilliant im nearly finished it so may get a new game. have you tried l.a noire ? i think its really good Happy i love gaming too lol
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hey, i really like your bottle.i think its cute i love alice in wonderland. have you got any consoles? have you played alice madness returns? its really cool Happy
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Thanks for favoring my Labor of Love Happy
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awe thank you Happy i was so happy to see my shoes featured! i took a picture of it he he i have been looking on the site for months but never joined but im glad i did Happy
gwenives · Newbridge, Kildare, IE · 19 projects
didny see you comment on my main page lol Happy well the iron fist were for me and disney for my friend, im painting a day of the dead shoe at the moment with sugar skulls and roses kinda like a old vintage tattoo only with crazy colours! i just have to sit down and finish them lol Happy
gwenives · Newbridge, Kildare, IE · 19 projects
hey hannah Happy yeah i thought the same but thats what she wanted . i like step 4 too. my boyfriend came in when i was painting them and thought i was doing a beetle juice shoe lol not that would be cool!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my sweet friend
aaaw thank you for letting me know that i can stop with crossing my fingers for you. it's better typping.LOL
i hope the results were fine, and you have passed them all. How was your prom
did you have fun?
i hope so.
Yeaah i will make pictures of my glass curtains it's still in progress.LOL
i 'm every time sooo glad when i have a new wc tube to use.LOL
and with the yoghurt lids it's all the same.LOL
i have too much ideas for my new home-S
oooh i read saterday that the moving is again postponed-S aargh.
i only t hought okay t hen i have more time to safe and work on those curtains.LOL
but it was sad because it's longer waiting as well for my revalidation therapy;-S
i need that hard and quick.
but the special neck brace as well, then i will be free to go out on the streets.LOL
i'm now still stucked at home-S
and in the summer it's no more fun.
but this is how things are going. and i only can accept it.
my friend told me that she still will sit during the eves in september on my balconies with chips and cola.LOL i wrote her that we will as well when it 's raining cats and dogs.LOL i will make then a tent. to shelter.LOL
wooow good that you have learned vrijdag. wooow love that.LOL
well done!!!XD
hey sweety have a nice sunday (=zondag) and be crafty i hope to see more new projects , i like your version of your dino hat. well done.
like your projects, hey much greetings from utrecht and have a nice fun week as well with lots of kisses and hugs of me;-D xoxooxoxoxoox
gwenives · Newbridge, Kildare, IE · 19 projects
thanks hannah Happy i was so excited when i saw them Happy its so nice reading al the positive feedback! and the shoes are soo comfy lol i wore them out last night and while i was worse for wear by the end of the night the shoes remained fab ha ha
gwenives · Newbridge, Kildare, IE · 19 projects
tahnks for all the nice comments Happy i love your hat! its so cool. happy crafting Happy
gwenives · Newbridge, Kildare, IE · 19 projects
hi glad you like the werewolf shoes, yeah the have a smaller heel cos i look like a new born foal in high heels lol if you do do a version id love to see it Happy im really pleased with the way they turned out lol Happy
Sally M.
Sally M. · Orlando, Florida, US · 29 projects
Hi there, your icon is fab! I noticed you on Pam's page :]
lol I read your about me.. and you are silly! i'm glad you decided to join but you're not bad at crafting at all! I mean, that little crochet ninja is AWESOME and the version of the fleece dino hat is great!! there's no way I could ever do them! :x

well, I hope you take care and enjoy the site!!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
woooow i wish you much luck with your exams and the prepairations of your proms.!!! i don't have had a prom, so i don't know if it's nice.
only have seen it in movies.LOL
i will cross for you my fingers as well and wish you much luck and succes.
Yeaah when i heard that news and saw the picts i had to laught.
i think i make in front of it later a object i have seen something on the web and thought that will be great to make in front of that window, but first i must hang something ugly in front of it.LOL
too much work and i'm ill, again for the third time a virus infection on my longs. sooo i'm feeling aweful.
lazy as well, must dress my self later to go to the vet for Muis for an other cure of prednison.
and doing the normal weekly groceries-S
about the plumbing.LOL i can't use the shower first for over three weeks but now they will make an inbetween tap , so on monday eve i will take a shower.LOL
and i will smell yummie.LOL
the glass curtains are much work but one is almost finishes and the other is a too big window so it will take som time.;-D
and in between i must save more recyling materials.
i'm working to change a fake closet toy in a real little one.
i'm now with the upside the backside and underneat is done, i want to make on the top window doors , i have made them of wood and now i'm waiting for the drying of the paint and to hang them infront.
and pimp it some more.
i got it from my niece , and it was allready great looking but not handy , i have several dollhouse teasets and i want to set them in this new closet.
it's raining here, and thunder , such weather that it will rain like cats and dogs.LOL
poor animals.LOL
hey much luck , toy toy toy and break a leg , i will think of you.
much love and hugs and fun with the prom as well.
have a nice good creative weekend.xoxooxoxoxooxox
kimii · 3 projects
thanks for the fave on my bento
Princess Pam-attitude
Princess Pam-attitude · Pocatello, Idaho, US · 332 projects
I love your profile pic! hahaha! just thought i'd tell you that ^_^
kimii · 3 projects
thank you for your nice comments maybe you also like my bentovideo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
wooow that's awesome that you can read them .LOL
we always knows more then we think.!!!
i have found that out as well.
it's a big job but that's okay. i have made one allready, humm mnot completly on the right size but... i was out of my lids. still have 15 ones too short.LOL
must eat more yoghurt.LOL
yesterday i saved two new ones.
the other curtain i'm making is a big job as wellbecause the elments are smaller and i use more other small materials as well but i love how it looks allready.
so it's not bad to do;-D
Saw yesterday a great funny object to make for the toilet window.
The toilet is on the galerie side and has a big window. so everybody can see you sitting.LOL
my friend whom has taken all the picture was flabber gasthed of that strange idea.LOL
but i think at first i will use only a sheet in front of it.
Nooo it's not tiring me really out but the sitting in front the screen is the problem.
and when i don't have to talk two langues it's the whole time it's okay.LOL
Nooo my furries don't want to do such things. they love their lives of been sleepy and playing and being friends with me ;-XD
i'm not such a fan of those helping dogs, A friend of mine had such a dog , he was awesome but found me boring.LOL
i'm too much adjust to do all the things myself, so i was in his eyes very boring and not a wheelie but a walker.LOL
when we took him out for a walk in the public garden he didn't give me the ball on my lap but on the ground by my wheels.LOL
my friend was stunned of it.LOL
When she got a bf he didn't wanted to help her anymore.
so he got his retirement too soon.-S and she had to wait three years to get a new dog.
not good.
Humm it's a better translation aid then i have seen before. one had translated my name in eairoplane.LOL
and sometimes i had to think hard what it must be meanted in real.LOL
but this one is with some small mistakes really good.
i had later on that sunday a broken tab in the bathroom and the water was running the whole time, so it costed me all my energy to try to fix the problem but...
he is really broken , yesterday the house cooperation has send somebody to stops the running water, but today i have heard that it will cost three weeks to order a new tab for me, the tabs i need are very expensive and hard to get.
so i must found some solutions for waching my hair with out a shower.
hey have a nice fine creative day and...have fun
much greetings , love and hugs with fun and kisses;-D
Panda-Goes-Rawr · 5 projects
THanks Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi.
LOL sorry about my very dutch website.
the comics and the cartoons are too typical dutch so... i don't must translate them.
Gerard loved them when we first met (my adhd coach) and had given the link to much more workers there.
they are all published. i only had time to draw in those days because i had to take care of John,
so this was much easier to take along with me then other work.
some years before john death i missed the fabric art work of mine too much sooo i did a course of two years for art quilting, i got lessons of my own old teachers.LOL
but that was great , they knew my work and problems with some issues so they could given me advice to try others things.
Thats why i came up with the idea why not 3d quilting.LOL
i have made big sizes cakes that are really lamps, the candles are the lamps.
i have made three of them, and all with the theme holland.
so one with a meadow of pigs and one with sheeps and one with swans and a mill,LOL
they are very hughe, i can't work small, only the paste figures are small.LOL
but often things are large of measurings.
LOL thank you for letting me know that you loved the koffer dog bag.
that's my fave as well.
my sis want the dachhond bag, but i can't sell t hem.
i could sell more but... my production is of the problems with my body too slowly and less.
so i always works for my self. some friends don't think that that is smart , i had made a big statue that they found strange and telling me you never will sell that.
but it was the first one.LOL
it' was very kitschy , the woman that bought it told me i have had such a periode in my live, so i like it sooo much.
that's great to hear.
the three statues with the dog and the man and wife are now standing in France in a small castle.
and much more work is now stored for after my move, which i missing a lot.
specially johns work. but... when i'm seatled down i will got them back.
like that.
i'm working today on the glass curtains, i started yesterday and found out that i have to less lids to covering up a whole window.
so it will a part.LOL
mayby later i can add more lids i eat to less yoghurt.LOL
beeldend is autonome work, art work but then 3d and some 2d like the paintings.
but i have made more-S
i have problems with my site so... i only have this and all the new work isn't uploading because of my problems.
Gerard found somebody to help me but he didn't
so it's stil a problem
but my work is to watch and to enjoy the words.... whatever .LOL
sometimes i like it to see dutch sites because all the english reading and writing is making me often tiered.
i must swichts the inside button in my head to think in an other langues.
and... sometimes when people asking about crafts i only know the english words.LOL
that's worse then worse.LOL
i have heard this from others that speaks as well an other langues as the first one.
my do some cleaning, when i'm working i let all things laying on the floor , i always works on the floor.
because i always drops things out of my hands.-S so it fallen now just besides me, smart huh?!!!!LOL
hey my sweet friend have a nice crazy lazy sunday (= zondag)
much greetings of a grey boring raining utrecht and much hugs and kisses an be crafty.;-XD <-> xxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
don't worry he has a big place in my heart.LOL
at first i couldn't mourn that was a big problem , but i know why. i couldn't found the words for my emotions so.... after years of searching for therapy i found a great creative therapist. and there i have worked on my rememberance closet for John.
it's almost finished, but ... i couldn't work on it because my neck is too damaged and i don't have the neck brace i need, so i'm stucked at home.
humm art academies can be rough and not nice and kind. sorry that they weren't kind to you.
I have heard those stories as well, and they were n't always nice to me either.
but ... i liked the study and some teacher were really great for me, so when i couldn't come everyday in the last year they have given me a individual study programme, it 's sounds bettter then in real.LOL
it was hard, but i managed.
i knew i needed for my selfesteme the graduating so... that s why i ednded it till the finish.XD
LOL Muis has got a sticker suddenly on her back on her furr glued she don't know that, but it looks like she has a prize on her fur.LOL
she is again bagging for food.argh. i know why she got prednison and all got very hungry of that meds.LOL
People as well.LOL
that's why often really ill people that got prednison are good looking.LOL
Yeaah it's sad how people can tread each other, don't like that. i'm always trying to be kind and polite .
don't understand those people i have be mobbinged as well.
and have still some problems by that.
but by the help of my new friends it's getting better, D
think we need only good and kind people around us.
and furry friends as well.LOL
yeaaah fries is really different , it's like german and dutch it' looks like each other but it's not!!! totally different.
some words are simular but thats only a few.
The kiddo's in friesland learning in the first glas on preschool fries.
and at home .
Is that why you are uncertain of your own work of the not well great art class?
i'm very sorry. but you are making great things , i think i'm a fan of your projects.LOL
Humm my arms and hands given me a lot of problems but i have learned to deal with it and to search for other solutions but it's making me too slow and tiered out.
always must be careful.LOL i always let drop things or suddenly i make a strange move so i slamp against things or to my furries . i noticed that when i wanted to hug john he always took a scarry face and was a tiny bit afraid for my strange unhandy moves. so i asked why and he told me .LOL
he knew it was of my neck problems, it's almost broken. but i'm okay with it, i have learn to live in the here an now, like zen and mindfulness.
and i make a lot of fun with my own unhandy body and toys that i must use daily.
i see my wheels like toys, kiddo's things the same, so i often speak with those kiddo's and they love the colours of my wheels and i love their small bikes colours. and some tiny kiddo's when i'm riding outside with my big wheels i take them on my lap and go up with the inside elevater so we grow to the level of their parents.LOL
okay i must give the girls food. i gave them 4 times food , because they both eat differend food, wolfje the normal and muis has a diet for kidny failure so it's a problem to keep them aparey know when i don't watch them thy love to change of food.LOL
sometimes i fall in sleep sitting on the floor between them.LOL
Muis is soooo slowly with eating aargh. but i'm glad she looks finely after a half year like a normal cat.
hey give Max a carrot of me , and much hugs and kisses love to talk with you.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
don't worry i have given her a good place in my heart.
But sometimes i missing her, she was my birithday gift for my hubby.
so she was the only thing of him that was alive.
John died in july 6 years ago. it was very traumatic because i have found h im, we didn't lived in the same house, we lived nearby and we saw each other everyday.
and Indy was a very great friendly funny adventures birmees.
Like the real indiana Jones of the movies. but perhaps it's too early for your age.LOL
and indy was to young to die she was only 12 years. Muis was younger and is now till m y proud 14 years. i have told her you must try to be older . all my cats are diying too soon.
my sis has the same problems.LOL
and wolfje looks like indy in a lot of things.XD
wooow Japanise that must be hard to learn. Awesome!!!!
When i was finished with my study on the art academy i have learned Latin.
and i loved it, it was like you must puzzle pieces together.LOL
I found out that it was a great help to understand the grammar of other langues in europe as well.
i wish i had learned it much earlier.;-D
aaw was it a illness of Ruby. oooh mayby i'm now too curious.
Thats sad when people don't like to learn a langues of their own country.
but in holland we have a province that is called Friesland and they have their own langues as well.
I can't speak it and can't understand it. i had some work in Friesland in the city Leeuwarden in the fries museon exibitioned.
and some friends and my sis took me to watch my own work.LOL
when i was with my sis she had to go to the toilet and i saw a girl that was watching me and asked her can you hang my coat .
she didn't anwered only gasping , but i'm not sure if it was the wondering of a wheelie that could speak or if she only spoken fries.LOL
When me sis was back she hang the coat for me away and the girl was still gasping.LOL
i think that there is still a lot of children that don't come in contact with wheelies.
i'm not special but i 'm used to this strange situations.
But the most fun part was to watch people watching my own work.
and listening what they said of my work.
and there was a mum with 3 small children that was standing on my cake lamps
and they were watching my work very well and those little ones were telling what i used . my sis called me when this was happening.
i told them can you find the sraws. and yeaaah they liked this came and i asked for the lollypops and they found it and told me t he fries word.
i don't remember them it was just the fun to watch the small girls.
i felt sorry for an other artist that didn't got much credit because my work was standing in front hers and i got more reactions then her.
but that wasn't me to blame the museon.
there was 5 objects of me there.
still proud of it.
when you are studying on the art academy it's a dream of each student.
i thought it's over , i had have good exibitionings allready so be greatful.
and suddenly it happened.LOL
Nooo holland is like the uk more then tulips and windmills and wooden shoes.LOL
but i like those stupid prejudgeables things.
in londen i had to study hard i had to go everyday to a museon , it was great to watch all the art and history.
i didn't had the time to see the touristic things.
but i have been per excident to the dogs and to the village Greenwich, i like that,
the last few days john was coming over to join me , i was greathfull for that, it was lonley.
so i told i want to see the new architecture of the dogs and john wanted to watch that as well , the last part we had to take the bus, and we were sitting on the first floor on the front seats and it was scarry.LOL
it's all about we are driving on the right side and by you on the left side of the road.
sooo it looks the whole time we would got a accident. it was fun.!!!LOL
and then we didn't left the bus so we drove till the end and suddenly all the people took the same way so we did it as well.
and suddenly we had to walk under the river in a tube and above we where standing in Greenwich.
i had learned on school of the greenwich time. so i liked to watch the village.
sooo strange though.
Yeaah my new house it's great, i will live there in the old centre of the town, sooo it's a great location.
and it's a fokus appartment, that 's a normal driveable house for a wheelie but you live freely, but the care and helping hours i need can i have on 24 daily bases so i will have a much normale live then i have now.
now i must set the alarm eveyday and can''t go out late because of my helping people. not always great.
so it's better. the house will be more driveable adjust to m e then the appartment i'm now living in.
the elevator is a disaister for me, my arms don't work very well.
so... i'm really happy.
i hope it will help me to stay longer in the same condition, now i don't
must do too much my self in my not really dreaveable home.;-D
hey have a nice eve (= avond)
much love , creativity and fun hugs and kisses
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL yeaaah i have warned you.LOL
aaaw thats sweet, wooow that you know birmilla cats, i know they are "born for the first time 26 years okay in the uk, but in holland they are still rare.
i saw the first birmilla when i needed a new kitten for my brown birmees.
they had the first one!!!
i was stunned of it, but Indy the lilac birmees the half sis of Indy was awesome.
and yeaah she died last year.
i had got a friend ask to care for the cats every day,(i was hospitalized) but he forgot to go , sooo Indy didn't managed to stand the lonlyness.
like the birmillas , birmees cats are very adjust to people and not at homes.
i have tried to safe her, but she died in the hospital for animals and pets on the ic.
so it's sad to hear that your Ruby died. long ago?
aaah thank you that you understand my english.LOL
i know british people can be very polite.LOL but i think this is right sooo thank you!!!!
some years ago i had to stay in londen for a month for my artacademy study and i couldn't speak properly english. but all the people told me ooooh you're speaking very good english. I knew it wasn't .LOL
but i knew then as well that british people are much politer then dutch.LOL
i think i have still problems with talking, writing is much easier. it's all apound how you must pronouce things.
like you have discovered of the dutch.
I have had many years english on school, but we hear the whole day a lot of english on radio and television, we can read the underlines of the actors .
so you must read very quick, i'm not always good in that, so i listen to the english often.
and on here i have made more improvements then ever.LOL
woooow that 's awesome that you can welsh. i can't understand but i like the sound of it.
it's a old keltic langues? don't know for sure.
but welsh has a great historical cult history.
and the envirement is beautiful , think when i saw the pictures of a fairy tail scen.
We have a very flat small country.
i always have lived in big towns , first in amsterdam, then i moved to utrecht.
I have lived in several other cities but that was for my job, i had at my work oftenly a room and goes back to my own appartment during the weekends.
i didn't liked that, but... i had a job.LOL
Max is a nice name, i'm always thinking of max and the maximonsters, do you know that children book?
It's a pictured book for children and it's awesome of design and very good story.
I 've you like i can teach you some dutch words.
i'm trying to clean my computer but suddenly i was surfing the web. -S
but then i saw something with paint and thought i must prime some things as well.
so i did, i must go after the lunch to the librairy for new books.
and then i hope i can start with some curtains for my new home to make.
My friend Karin had took the measurings on the viewing day.
the appartments aren't still ready.
but it looks awesome.
I had to laught of my friend she told me i want to live in your house, her sun told that he was yelous of me.LOL
she said you can't set things before the large glass doors on both sides, i 'm not agreed with that but thought wait and see .LOL
My sis has such a large glass door wall as well only on one side, i have on both sides of the living room them.
so i must put something in front of them.
it's very big and roomy and lightly.
like my new home to be.
but argh it's soooo expensive to move and to buy new carpeting.-S
in this house i had my partner to covering the floors now i must pay for that as well not fine-S
Okay must do alot today, and my cats are begging silenly for food.LOL
the are too clever, they know that they don't must make a sound so they try to sit on my hands to disturbe me of typping.LOL
hey give Max some genle strokes , and till next time have a nice saterday.
much hugs and kisses and much crafting fun
jet xxxxxx
Azraels Requiem
Azraels Requiem · Bridgeport, Connecticut, US · 47 projects
lol it's ok I'm kinda shy myself but on cut out keep I don't feel so restrained. Only a few people on here really know me outside of C.O.K lol, either in life or Facebook lol
Azraels Requiem
Azraels Requiem · Bridgeport, Connecticut, US · 47 projects
Thanks Happy I have a ton more projects but my computer is broken and my phone and psp won't let me upload any pics. I'm even making Edgar a little base with a bookshelf and Raven. And as for Rammstein they r one of my absolute favorite bands. In fact when they were playing recently none of my friends could afford tickets so we threw our own German party with music and food it was awesome. I should post my recipes from that night. All good fun.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaw thank you for asking me as your friend. love to be your friend.;-D
oooh the moving is happening in august i think, soooo still online and waiting and sorting things out.
Oooh be warned i can be a big talker, LOL but i don't expect the same of others.
that will be a relieve for you.LOL
hey good to try to aske me, just ask anybody thats the trick later on they will ask you as well.
i'm having still a to law main programme on my daily computer so not all the buttons are working for me , if it did i had asked you;-D
And Azrael is right don't tell others your less, always be glad with your own work.
they are great and fun to watch , (have seen lesser things, but that's okay too, sometimes it's just the idea to get inspirated)
i like that on here, everybody is helping by that. they are really great, sooo never tell that it's not , others will say that-S
i have had some issues with myself as well always talking me down, untill my late partner told me stop , you're awesome , beautiful and funny , so don't under estemate yourself, so i saying this to you too.
he was right, People often tells bad things of each other so don't do it yourself.
Have had a mover for a offer , he was soooo jumpy and i thought ooooh i hate this, i'm getting sooo tired of him.
Gerard my coach was with me and had the same problems i saw t hat he used his body langues to send the man away but it wasn't working.LOL
later on Gerard was walking to the door and he stood still in the dooropening arrgh.LOL
i have seen just yet the picts of my new home it's corgious , i have plant throughs on my windows, not all the houses have gotten them.
and sooo light and great balconies as well, and big it's bigger then this house.LOL
sooo i don't like to throw things away because i'm moving to a bigger house.LOL
i must go out now shopping , not soo much fun and pleasent job.
i always got of my damaged neck migraine.
Do you have cats or other pets?
i have two cats one birmees blue ( in real she is grey coloured) and she is very tiny so we have called her Muis (= mouse) and one birmilla, with fur like a husky dog.LOL she thinks she is a dog and behave like that, so i have called her Wolfje,( = wolfy)
they had told me that a birmilla was the stupid version of a birmees cat, but she is the opposite, much to clever.LOL
and a big talker , which i'm not always love, but i like it mostly.
it's handy because i know always what she wants.
i think it's the same with mums and babies they know often exatly what the crying means.
and happely she hasn't such a heavy law siamees voice. Muis has that.
and she can yell loudly.LOL
Hey if i can help or you have some qustions still ask them, i have got help as well when i was a new member sooo you're always welcome;-D
Hey thank you for your nice words for my moving, but i will live some months more in this house.
Kai the son of Gerard and my friend Karin told that he was yellous on my house. it's in the centre of a old historical city in North Holland nearby Amsterdam and the seashore. I'm born in Amsterdam and i have lived my whole childhood in Amsterdam, then i moved to Utrecht.
and now i'm go back to my roots.LOL
like that.
the city is called Haarlem, some people knows that city. It's smaller then Amsterdam and Utrecht but it's the capitale city of north Holland.
soooo it's still importend.LOL
Underneath my house there are shops in the street , like that.
and a theatre but there are lots theatres around and museons. wich i'm fond of.
too the oldest of the whole country, i have been there some years ago, and i loved the atmosphere of years ago.
okay that was in short me.LOL
hey much dutch greetings, (we're dutch hugs when we kisses somebodys cheeks three times ) most people don't like that.
i love it.LOL
but only with well known people the others we will shake hands.
and wish you a happy funny crafty creative weekend as well;-D xxxxxxxxx
Azraels Requiem
Azraels Requiem · Bridgeport, Connecticut, US · 47 projects
Ur projects r cute, don't assume they aren't as good as other projects on the site. I know I occasionally get discouraged but It's always worth trying.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi , hi again.LOL
hey thank you for your comment on my i'm in love project.
LOL i can understand this that you thought this was paper mache.
It's not. it's a totally different things.
it's really paste floor , look at the recipy , it' looks like cold ceramic.
and it's much heavier but more smoother as well.
i found this fun to use on surfaces of tiny figures.
now i'm working much bigger and use it no more. mayby later.
Just give it a try it's less messy.LOL
hey sleep well , till next time.;-D xxx
Ire M.
Ire M. · Grays, England, GB
I had to it was Genius XD, i'm a 3D design student looking into furniture and design crafts...that just opened up a flood gate of wows amongst my friends
I'm a jack of all trades just like you lol
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hey thank you for your fave and the sweet comment on he's only posing.
i had got the umbrella by a desert on a special acocasion sooo i couldn't throw it away.LOL i'm very bad in throwing this away.LOL
so now he has an other duty and , it's saved.lOL
hey the figures are awesome to make with the past floor.
have done it after that not so often anymore.
but i must make now more other things for my new home to be.
hey much fun with the project and have a nice eve as well;-D xxx
n.a · Uganda, UG
You're welcome! And thank you, very much. C:
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi again, you're very welcome.
love them, you did a great job, and.... thank you for your sharing.
have a nice funny eve and till later , be crafty;-XD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Hannah , hey first: welcome to co&k , hope you like it here alot and having lots of crafting fun with the projects and.... finding some friends as wel;-D
Wooow i'm suprised of your allready uploaded project, awesome!!!
You love to crochet.LOL
awesome. they looking great!!!
hey you're very welcome, sad that nobody had faved it, it's really funny and cool;-=D
don't give up i have some projects as well with no faves, some aren't really for all t he members.
The most people love quick made projects-S sad. because we can learn to improve our skills from each other.
And sometimes i 'm getting bored of cok and then i not all the time on here, so i missing some projects that are very interesting.
but when people know you better they will help you and suport you.
I have found that out myself.
and faving others is helping too to be discovered.LOL
it's like adverticing.LOL
so, don't worry it's all comes good and greatXD

oooh saw just a comment on your rubik cube, which i find very cool!!!
to sell it, you have made it yourself , inspired of a well know designer , sooo don't selll it, because you can got troubles!!!
internet is wide and big but easy to treak down as well.
i thought i must warned you for this, but make up your mind about it.
it's awesome made and it's a big complement you have got;-D
and well desirved but i' thought i must tell you this ;-D
okay have a nice fun crafty week and like it much when you watch my projects.
thank you!!!!
hope to see more of you;-D <3
Risa.Hanae (JapZilla)
Risa.Hanae (JapZilla) · Mt Pleasant, South Carolina, US · 180 projects
Hello! Welcome to the site Happy I just joined not too long ago as well. Very cute job with the bento apple and the tetris scarf!