I'm Anna (formerly known as Lilly round here ) Happy
I'm a student from Germany and I'm also working as an assistant at a local school. I'm into languages, all things DIY, art and movies.
Make sure you visit my craft blog! <3


Love, Anna

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Nancy! · Shawinigan, Quebec, CA · 64 projects
thank you Anna for the fav on my necklace! ^_^
Steph. · Reading, England, GB · 212 projects
You're very beautiful Happy And I love your projects - all your gothic projects especially ^^
So · Hanover, Lower Saxony, DE · 65 projects
hi, vielen dank! auch für den fave! schön, dass es dir gefällt, hoffe es kommt bei der zukünftigen Beschenkten genauso an Happy
Anna H.
Anna H. · Kassel, Hesse, DE · 243 projects
Da hab ich garkeinen Zweifel dran ;)
Amisha P.
Amisha P. · Milton Keynes, England, GB · 14 projects
wow i love all of your projects! also i think you are pretty
Olivia H.
Olivia H. · Indianapolis, Indiana, US · 32 projects
Thanks for adding me to your friends!
Haha. Your welcome! And that's so cool!
I love all of your projects and I always see your tattoos in the bracelet pictures and I was just wondering what they said. I f you dont mind! Happy
Supernova's Child
Supernova's Child · Lisbon, Lisbon, PT · 98 projects
I just stumbled upon your blog from We Heart It...I love your projects and I love how it's laid out!!
Birgit · Leuven, Flanders, BE · 35 projects
thanks for faving my owl gift card! Happy
Amie(: · 12 projects
You have some of the cutest projects I've seen on here!!!
LaLiLuLiny · Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, DE · 20 projects
Okay, danke Happy
LaLiLuLiny · Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, DE · 20 projects
bitte, bitte, kein Problem Happy
LaLiLuLiny · Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, DE · 20 projects
jap, genau deswegen Happy und außerdem sind die beiden projekte echt toll Happy
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for favoring my Vintage Lace and Chain Collar Necklace Happy
WILD ROSE · Ensenada, Baja California, MX · 11 projects
u welcome, cute hair blue Happy
aluciana · Kostenets, Sofia Province, BG
Wow, thank you for the thank you lol. I was really, really flabbergasted by your Samara project... I hope I'll soon get enough time to create a version. Happy
Take care and cake,
Anna · 1 project
Np, it is quite unique and beautiful!
Nancy! · Shawinigan, Quebec, CA · 64 projects
I love your new projects!!^_^
Lonelywolf · Katwijk, Zuid-Holland, NL · 13 projects
np, I love them! ^^
Flea W.
Flea W. · 3 projects
Yours ideas are great so i thank you for inspiration Happy
Cheryl · Missouri, Missouri, US · 161 projects
your welcome! Happy
Ms. Nikell
Ms. Nikell · Charlotte, North Carolina, US · 52 projects
Ur welcome it's super cute ^_^
Tina T.
Tina T. · 25 projects
Thanks for the fave on my pillowcase travel roll!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hello my friend
aaaw sto bad that you have to go to the dentist of yours as well. It's my fave friend as well.LOL
i'll think it's the hurting of those people that we don't like them.LOL
so i changed my mind about it, i have always 24 day nerve pain, so i try to think the dentist can fixe my toothpain. when i told him this idea, he said not always, it felt as a big disaister.LOL
i hope you don't must come back for m ore visitings soon;-D
Yeaah i't can be that living nearby the westside of europe is helping to be stay out of crumpyness?
i hope so, yesterday i received me key and now i'm almost a rich woman with two appartments on different locations in holland. fancy huh.LOL
it felt great , today i had to say goodbye of my gp it felt a little sad, but leaving is always a little bit sad as well.
she loved her small present and we will stay in contact as friends.
we shared not only her proffesion, she is an artist as well.
so she loved it when i had to come by, often it became a little bit strange when i had to stay the next day in a hospital and the md asked me what dit your pg said about this.
because we didn't talked about it, we only talked about our artist proffestion.LOL
so i had always to think about it when i could give a better answer.LOL
i;'ll miss her.
she was very good for me and helped me and was a good frienly persone.
with a great sence of humour;-D
but we will stay in contact because she want to learn of me some felting ltechnics.
today i heard that the house cooperation loved to leave my marmoleum on the old house, i'm glad because it's too much work, and at first they told me to paint the whole kitchen white, i had painted it blue and green.
it was beautiful but i knew that all the tiles and the kichen had to be replace.
but.... they want to sell this appartment.
i only must paint the bathroom white , John had painted clouds on the ceiling, it was very beautiful, John was a great artist .
so i took many picts of the ceiling so i don't can't forgetten it.XD
there are more things to do in this house but... this is feeling better.
and the ... things to make the house driveable are alowed to stay as well.
i'm greathful i knew this but the man didn't so it became almost a fight.-S
my new home is sooo light and feeling good, it has many mordern suplies for me.
some must build still but... they will come.
Haarlem because it's nearby the seashore has the famous typical dutch big clouds and i saw yesterday that i had a lovely view on them.
the people that lived there allready were very friendly and everybody was greeting each other, i like that too.
so i bouth in my shoppingstreet were i'm almost live a card of the city of the streetplanes?!
so i can search quicker hoe i must ride to new adresses.
the new house was very dirty , they dont' wanted to clean or swep the floor so i have asked gerard to do this in front of the appointment of the carperter.
i'm still excithed of all this new eventXD
thank you for your sweet nice suporting words.
hey greetings from a dull utrecht and of me all my love and hugs , happy crafting times;-Dxxxx
Ms. Nikell
Ms. Nikell · Charlotte, North Carolina, US · 52 projects
Thanks for the add ^_^
Ms. Nikell
Ms. Nikell · Charlotte, North Carolina, US · 52 projects
Thanks for faving my Anthropologie Inspired Bag!!
Hot Coco
Hot Coco · Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, CA · 8 projects
No problem!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi, again.LOL
i saw this link: http://funkypolkadotgiraffe.blogspot.com/2011/07/tutorial-thursday-hooded-surfers-poncho.html
perhaps it's usefull for you , i liked it because of hte hooded version and thought heey it's almost yours , only of bathtowels but of course we crafting girls are much more creative.LOL
all my love and till soon , happy crafting dayXD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Goodmorning my friend
i like your new projects had to laught of the bony owl, funny!!!
they are soooo great those owls. well done
and yeaah your cd covers are great!!!and i loved your Samara!!!!
and thanks again for sharing this.
about Wolfje , you're right wolfje is the Wolf in enlish and then the little wolf.
when i was just a kiddo my brother read the donald duck magazine and there was the comic of the bad angry wolf that would eaten the three little piggies.
they had a friend , that was the son of the bad wolf, and was called Wolfje.
Because Wolfje has the fur of a husky dog, and behaviouring like a dog i thought she must got a funny name so it became wolfje.LOL
My other cat which is an grey birmees, it's called blue , it isn't it 's more grey.
she is for a birmees cat very very small, and because she has a sight problem she is often afraid for sudden things , so my partner told me she is called Muis that's in english Mouse .
i'm often teased with that name. When my little niece (which isn't little anymore.LOL) was three years she was going with us (me and my sis) to an mal in their neighbourhood and in the end she was sitting on my lap and my sis was pushing us in my wheels to their home back.
Judith asked me how do you call the new kitten and i told her she is called Mouse , then there was a long silance. Suddenly she ask what sounds does she makes, and i told her miauw. Again more silences.
Suddenly she said huh a muis that miauws?!!!!!
Me and my sis tried to explain her it was just a name, but she was too little and a week later my mum had alot visitors at her home and she was there too.
and told all the friends of my mum , Jet has a muis that says miauw.
my mum , told them directly Jet is my other daughter, and she has a new kitten that is called mouse.LOL
Judith is allready 17th and is living on her own, lately i told her this story and she was flabber gasthed but could laught of it. I found it still a cute story of her.

i like the poncho you have drawned. i think you can make them too of old blankets or sweaters that you can felt. sooo nice and cozy.
Thank you for sharing this.
about the curtains. one the biggest of the memory papers is of all the fabric done, in small pieces now i must sew them together, I could have been done earlier but i was been lazy till my spite so in the end i had to do it over.
the problem was that if you not make a finish with sewing when you set them together off the weigth all the sewing was going away-S
and the first pieces i had done it differently and that became of paper broken.-S
didn't liked it and thought would i throug it away.LOL
but i thought perhaps later now finishing it. Yesterday i had to go to the dentist for the last time in utrecht (happely.LOL) i'm scared of the dentist.LOL
but no holes so it was till my relieve our last time, i thanked him of his great care he did for me, because of my wheels he always must move to an other workingspace in their practice, it's on the backside of the house, and then they drag me on their high doorstep in the room-S
i don't like it but that was the best solution, alot of spaces and envirements in holland aren't driveable.! i will have t he same problems in Haarlem
Oooh my moving was almost not happening, because of the strange late decision of that community worker of the department of disabled utilities.
but ... in the end of some action they told me take all the wheels with you for now and then we will indicate you again.
not fine, because it's still not solved, and that is still strange because she had more then a year time to solve this-S
but that's better then making now under pressure a choice, which was impossible.
it will be still a unclear not fine to solve problem.-S
but ... i 'm glad i noticed that i was allready fallen in love of this house. and it was my last chance to become a fokus appartment and to leave utrecht.
i don't like it anymore in utrecht, of ... the crumpyness of most of the utrecht inhabitors.
i'm noticing i become some times like that as well. so i must be aware of that in haarlem.LOL
Yeaah i will make photo's and upload it here.
Muis has a big allergie like me , it's of food and envirement, we both takes the same meds.LOL \because she was so soon allergic she couldn't got in the animal assurancy of heatlh care. So i had to find a solution.
when the university clinic for animals found out it was happely not cancer but just allergie we came with anti histamine meds, and because i must swollow them the whole year as well i thought if she can use the same brand then i can take a little less and give that to her.
so it was for my wallet to do.;pD
but she has alot strange problems because of the allergy, i'm too.LOL
wolfje happely not.
so the first day she became my cat i had put her in the health care insurancy for pets. it cost alot for the first years, but i'm glad that i have done it.
because the vets are very expensive.LOL
Muis had broken her leg some years ago and it costed me more then 1200 euro for the first time , it wasn't normaly broken so she had a metal frame inside and outside and because of a wrong dicision of the special vet of her she got a third broken bone.
so she had lived for a half year in a bench , it was a nasty time for the both of us.
because when she had needing help she had to wake m e, i slept on that, like a parent.LOL Her half sis Indy was missing her and found out to open the bench, she would visited her sis every day.
but she only may inside under my care and attention because they weren't alowed to play or to fight.
but often muis sended indy away and then she was sitting and waiting in front of the door in the cace.LOL
1,5 year later after all the missery i saw that muis was limbing, but my friends told oooh that her age. and when her sis died suddenly and i had to find wolfje the breeders thought she was not a birmees but some other kind of brand so i thought that's not good.
so i took her to the vet and he made with my help new xrays and it was on one place still broken but the metal pin in that bone was become not fixed anymore and damaged her knee , so she had to have a big surgery on her knee and got a metal plate with srews this time.
When i made the appointment with that specialist for broken bones by cats and dogs they knew still whom muis was.LOL
the problem was that i couldn't drive in their practice so i had to asked a friend to take her to there and left her till he was done his job.
so she was an old aquantance.LOL
it took that time only 3 months so it was to do.
it wasn't going too well the recovering but i had exspected that.LOL
yeaah i will do that by myself sometimes as well but it's not one place the itschy so inthe end there won't be nothing left to cut off.LOL
it's the same with muis she has too many itchy places and loved to be scratsch by me, i does it on a special gentle way i know how it is living with itchiness.;-D
Some people told me to eutanesie her, but i told them they don't do the same with me and if i take good care it's liveable.
An other part by pain, i'm having 24 hours nerve pain and it's making me soooo worn out, okay i'm using alot painkillers everyday but that s only for the small part working. but like the itchyness i found a way to live with it.
i had a nice evening only has got the flu i think i'm feverish and not well.
my two fave helpers are felt by it.
so i'm sending them e cards.LOL
and yesterday eve i was soooo relieved a member of here is very very ill , and when she told me that she suddenly stoped with writing and that's not like her.
so yesterday eve i got a small note back in my mail and was sooo happy with it.
Sometimes like that i hate to live so far from dear ones.-S
my pink wheels are finely in a finished stage and i like him now only the other firm must do a small adjustment still, but that's up to me to make the appointment.
Hey i'm going to try to work , i must do alot in front of my big move so this must be it.
hey sending you all my love and lots of hugs and kisses and....
much crafting fun with the making of the poncho, i really like it. hey and have a great fun weekend
greetings as well from a sunny utrecht.;XD
Michele G.
Michele G. · Manila, Metro Manila, PH · 16 projects
Thank you so much for the compliment! I'm new at this plushie making thing and they're all HAND sewn. I don't own a sewing machine yet but I have been making fashion accessories over the years. I will be posting some of them soon.
HotPinkCrayola · Holmfirth, England, GB · 97 projects
Have they let you be a teaching assistant with coloured hair? I'm one and they told me I wasn't allowed to keep my pink! Happy
Anyhoo I love your makes, very funky.
Kathy Gregson
Kathy Gregson · Lüneburg, Lower Saxony, DE · 5 projects
Bitte bitte. ;) Hatte gar nicht gesehen, dass du auch aus D. bist. Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aww thank you for your sweet comment on my sparkling ball lights verion.
yeaah it was fun to make them but , they were fracile so the one i gave to karin and Gerard was after 6 months broken.
and mine i hang them one in the toilet and one in the living room and they hang for almost two year the blue and the green is almost gone now too.
i hope he will surfive this last weeks.
then it's okay.LOL
i love lights and lamps i think it's because i'm in the winter having my birthday.LOL
my friend Karin is on the 30 decembre her birhtday and she has the same strange thing, i thought everybody , it's always making me cheerfull and happy.
so i ll often went to the centre to watch the lights .LOL
so when a friend was sad i took him with me, but he didn't liked it.LOL
he didn't understand the magic of it.
but now i must really stop i must eat something is my stomac telling me.LOL
hey all my love, and hugs till soon.XD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL aaw so sorry for you that you're friend said the same,
It's not the shape , that will given me that idea, it was the face.
the nose is like a olw beak but... i love it. at first i thought must he have a tail or whinkers.?
i don't think that but you can look it more like a cat if you give it the same nose and wishkers it will be a cat!!!!XD
i love it, so if you don't want let it be he is really cute.
i like the shape of him. great design.
woooow that's really alot.LOL
i'm working only on curtains at the moment and some small things of crocheting and knitting. humm the knitting will be a sweater, sooo it's not small.LOL
i think i have now made 2 meter and something.... of the remembering paper curtain.
soooo much more to do.LOL
yeaaah we're really a biking land. we have good special pavement and ways that are safely from the cars to ride.
i'll having a handbike as well. i was missing my bike too much.
so i bought my handbike, it's much heavier then biking with legs , but it's fun todo.
only now i'm too fracile in my neck so i can't bike at the moment.
too dangerous , my neck is almost broken yet.
so i must very careful.
i'll still do alot myself , but i can't travel at the moment -S
humm sad and such a pitty for you that you're alergic for cats. i'm a litlle bit allergic, but i can stand birmees cats fur better then the normal cat furr.
they have an other kind of fur not sooo thick and long.
wolfje has the normal kind of cat fur so she is a problem for me.LOL
i didn't know that, i saw her mum but i didn't reconized that she hadn't the same fur like the birmees cat.-S
but i love her tooooooo much to replace her.
she is soooooooo funny and clever and a cozy one, she always talks to me , even if we're playing her doggy game.LOL
i using alot of allergic meds but not only for my cats but too for dust and all kinds of pollen and food and materials and smell-S
it started on my 25 but on my 3oth somebody told me i think it's an allergic reaction and not a cold.
so i went to the allergic md and i took the test and i was for all the things allergic.LOL
and i have at the moment much problems with my asthma -S
not fine. but... i must do adjust and use my meds for the asthma better i think and don't use some fluid of terpetine and so on and don't work with plastic that i will fused or smellting.-S
i think it was 27 dresses.LOL
yeaah romantic.LOL
but comic too, like that, but sometimes i appriciate those more serious movies or alternative ones as well.
mostly of the beautifull picts.
awww that 's awefull , then it's not fun anymore to try the exame and try to passing it. but... when you will i will cross my fingers for you and wish you much strenght.
and tell you to break your leg.LOL not really.LOL
i like autumn too, love the colours but... i will miss the leaves on the trees.
i live on the fourth floor and in this house i'm looking on the public garden of our special building project.
I'll living now in a living group , every flat has on every level a big roomie livingroom which we all share on that level. We always choosen our own new neighbour out. But now this has stopped because the most appartments in my flat are sold allready.
i had always my front door open so the children often played in my home as well.
so strange the youngest was when i came here, three years and now she is 30 and is md. her brother is 32 and become his seccond and third child.
sooo strange how times fly.LOL
it was yesterday beautiful the weather like summer, but in the eve it was soooo strange we had a major thunder and heavy rain and a big hailstrike.
first it was like firework and later on it was like they had switch the lights outside as well.LOL
at the moment i see a rainbow, beautiful
about yesterday i had to laugh of wolfje she loved the thunder she was sitting in front of the window to watch all the thunder and lightning, untill the lighning hit something nearby.LOL
Muis was sleeping deeply but she waked up too. poor thing.
i'll go tomorrow with muis to the vet , she has ulsers in her mouth and a leasie on her lip so the kind of cat lupus is allready back-S
I love the reason of you why you like and prefer the autumn.LOL
but you can set your self in front of the fridge and let the door open you can wear your new cloths as well.LOL
hey i love your new facinator soooooo romantic, well done!!!!
humm i think this must be it, i must go to eat something and clean a little bit my mess, tomorrow my moving boxes will coming and the movers allready know how much i have of suplies and things but... this is too messy for normal people.LOL
hey have a nice comfy eve ,and... much greetings of a beautiful big rainbow sky of utrecht and love of my , fun and have a great good nice creative week as well.XD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
goodmoring Lilly, love your cat plushie.
allthough i thought at first it was an owl.LOL
sorry, but i like it this way. funny and toooooo cute. well done!!!
hey i'm sitting on the wrong computer so i can't write an comment so i do it here.
relly love this darling.
and have an awesome crafting fun weekend;-D xxoxooxoxoox
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
goodmorning and hello;-D
lol i can't drive a car as well, John my gone partner , asked many times please learn it.LOL I didn't know why i didn't wanted it, but now i know why .
I have and adhd brain so i always not good with stayed tune.
sooooo i'll think i'm a big dancer for others.
and i didn't felt anything in my feets allready.
first it was only that i didn't had the money to go on driving lessons.
so i travel now by train, bus and trams.
and taxi's but for me it's not a taxi, it's just public transport .
In holland most public transport isn't adjust and driveable for disabled persons
about the plushies anxiousness, i can understand it.
my first hubby had the same with spiders, once there was a spider, while he was driving in the car and he made of his anxiousness almost an killing accident.
And i'm like you i always slep with a plushie as well.LOL
in the hospital too, and those nurses don't understand it. so often i hide it underneat the blankets.LOL
they told me the whole time you're too old for those things.
i replied then with there aren't rules of age for those things.LOL
stupid people.
and sometimes one of my cats will sleep in my arms , i don't have in this house doors, only big giant slidding walls which are too heavy for me.
sooooo after one time being stucked with my hand between the wall and the sliding wall , i didn't used it.
my fingers weren't broken but only i lost my nails and all were with blood .
at that moment i had a helper in my house so i called help come but she came after 20 minutes.-S
and then i turned to the water tap for to stop the bleeding with cold water, but that cow chanced the temp for me, soo it made me soooo angry.LOL
sooo you have a big house yourself as well, like that.
and you have as well many crafting materials like me.LOL
ooooh all the storing-S
about movies yesterday i watched tele a movie , it was a comic one : 24 wedding dresses. I 'll liked it, but felt in sleep.
and when i saw the end suddenly i didn't know which gay she had been married.LOL
so i turned the thing out and brought the trash bag outside the street and went to bed.LOL
and of course i waked too soon.LOL
Often muis my cat makes me awake with to though genle my body the whole time. but now they were both still asleep and looked to me crumpy.LOL
but wolfje is always hungry so the came loud out yelling please give me food.LOL
so it was an early day. today.
About not traveling fun bf. just ask other friends to travel with you. I did that when john became too ill in his last years , i asked friends to join me and it was fun. i had a pleasent time and John didn't had to feel himself awefull because he didn't couldn't to join me , mayby a tiny solution.
Greetings of Utrecht,i'ts here autumn weather, grey sky and wind and wet.LOL
and from me many hugs and kisses, and wish you a nice comfy fun crafty day;-D
LaLiLuLiny · Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, DE · 20 projects
facebook wird immer bescheuerter... -.-*
jetzt find ich dich nich mehr.
such mal mich, wenn du willst, ich schreib dir meinen namen in ner nachricht, weil ich nich will, dass alle welt weiß wie ich auf facebook heiß ^^
LaLiLuLiny · Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, DE · 20 projects
okay Happy
dann add' ich dich mal.
LaLiLuLiny · Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, DE · 20 projects
hey Happy
tschuldigung, dass ich dir erst jetzt antworte... war im urlaub... hast du in facebook das bild mit der maske?
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
by the way, i love your new projects , specially the owls soooooooooo cute and adorable, well done!!!!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi, hi, yes boths langueses are sounding almost t he same, i'm totally agree with you;-D but ... i think your langues is much difficulter then dutch.
i have had a bf whom is a German, when i learned him to know i was stunned when he told me he was a german.
because he spoke really with a Utrechts dialect. Later my partner had to laught too of it, and at first he didn't wanted to believe it neither.LOL
yes i have been in your country several times.
the last time i have been in Berlin, and i loved it, both part the east and the west.
It was my present for m y 40th birthday, it was in the winter and very cold but i love the culture and the art.
sooo beautiful and pretty and we met kind people.
Yeaah my new flat is great, i have been there this afternoon and for the first time i saw the inside of it.
some parts it wasn't sooo great but... i was glad to see that i had some view on the north side of my house. t he interview with the caring and help organisation wasn't so great. it made me crumpy.LOL
but later on it was getting better , i liked the manager of the project she showed me the new bad. she showed the brancard it was all brand new, and looked very comfy.
i saw that i had by the bathroom by the sink a hand shower, i'm glad with it.
and a beautiful ktichen i have got, some parts were missing so the people of the house organisation must call about it,
and.. later on Gerard found out that the window in the toilet , the closuring was broken, so i must call them.
The new appartment is from fokus, it's a way of living in a house for wheelies that makes your live normally.
i can receive the help and the caring hours i need on every moment of the day.
Now i must always makes appointments with my workers, and sometimes it's not fun when you want to lay some hours longer in your bed. or when i want to go out very late and... it can't because i don't have the help i need on that late time.;-D
and then i can go in bath soooo luxerous.LOL
In dutch glass curtains called vitrage. I saw that i can look inside me aside neigbours too well.LOL not great so i think i must hang as soon as possible something before the windows.
on both sides i have hughe slinding doors one of 7 meter and one of 3, 5.
I'm working on several idees for those glass curtains, one of paper and one of plastic scraps and one of yoghurt lids and one of wc toilet tubes.
i will make of all of them a tute.
yeaah people will watch you when they can look inside. my other side neighbours can see into m y house , i didn't care about it, untill my real aside next to me neighbour got a relationship with that man, when she told me that sometimes they are looking to m y windows i knew they will watch me alot more-S
so for the first time of 25 years i'm always closing the curtains when i'm switching the light.LOL
i noticed that i was too looking to the other side as well.
so it's better to make the curtains to adjust to my new home.
and i'm pimping a bought piece of vitrage with holes i have made in, which i'm felting with woolen fibres like buttonholes.
my new bedroom is really small. so ... al my closets must go to my working place.
a little bit disapointing. but...
i liked that i life on the end of the shopping street. so i can see some parts of the old centre.
At first the house organisation was staying with us, didn't liked that. i was glad when they left.LOL
so we had some time alone.
i was tired and later when we walked to the appointment Gerard ask me do you like it Jet i don't see anything of it.
i told him that i liked it but that i was sooo tired out at that m oment.
now i'm much worse.
i'm glad to be at home again.
When we were talking with the caring orgainsation they gave me some homework.
it was all about my skin disseas , stupid, but Gerard said Jet i'll help you with to write the protocol.
Next weekend it\s his birthday , i'm making every year for him a present.LOL
we know each other 5 years, and it's fun , i have learned of him alot.
We having the same humour so ... it's funny , his wife is my friend.
but with Gerard i'm not, we are careful to stay in a working relationship.
i know his daughter too, She and my friend will come every month to learn some crafting technics.
they wanted to learn all kinds of felting technics, like that.
so i know allready then some people.
so in alot of fronts i'm going to a better situation.
Yeaah Haarlem is closet to the seashore, it's less then 20 kilometer and the same to Amsterdam.
Now i'm living in the middle and that's too far to drive just to the shore for some moments. Or i must got a lift of my sis of Gerard.
Karin my friend doesn't wanted me to drive anymore because i'm too fracile with my neck.
I hope that after my move i'll can get my revalidation therapy soon.
that's in a village just beside the seashore. Wijk aan Zee , Zo when i had the interview in january i asked Gerard to spend some moments to see the sea.
it was beautifull at that point you can see the windmill standing in the sea, it was a great view, like they were a future tin wood.
That's awesome soo living next doors by your parents. My mum is living in Amsterdam, she is become a elderly so she can't go to me, she told me.
stupid because she can travel by special bus much further away.LOL
i n haarlem she will come, she told me. I only think i 'll wait and see.
But i have a difficult relationship with h er, it has it's reasons, it's bad but i'm glad how i can coop with her now.
on an exhibition i saw some glass curtains of real glass, so it can but then you must be creative thinking.LOL

okay i must end, now i'm too tired out and must take my m eds and eat some food.
wish you have a nice good cozy couch time and sleep well
much love and greetings of me and utrecht.LOL XD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Lilly thank you for your friend request.
i like to be your friend and we're neighbours, LOL
like that. i like a lot of your projects , humourish, and colourfull.
I have learned German but... it's too long ago, i can read it, but talking, no way. i messed up with all those grammatica.LOL
i love art too and i have been a teacher, still am but not working in it.
i have been too an creative therapist but thats too some years ago.LOL
i'm now in the middle of a moving i will move in october.
i'll will move to Haarlem. to my new home to be, i have waited for this appartment nine years on a waiting list , and for the buildling just 1 year and 9 months.LOL
too long.
but ... i think my life lesson is learning to be patiend.LOL
i'm totally not patiend.LOL
i live with my two cats now in Utrecht.
and work at the moment on recycling glass curtains for my new home.
it's in the middle of the old centre of that town so i can look inside the other street their homes-S
so i thought okay for the first time in my live i must have glass curtains.
strange idea.
on the other side of my house is a galery so on both side people can look inside. now too but not sooo closely.;-D but living in the middle is fine.
i like that idea.
if you like ill will write with you, humm but be warned i'm a very big talker.LOL
but don't worry i don't except the same of others;-D
hey have a great nice crafty weekend and ... greetings of utrecht and hugs;XD

Lacey · La Cañada Flintridge, California, US · 30 projects
thanks for the fave on my melted crayon art
LaLiLuLiny · Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, DE · 20 projects
jaaa, ich hatte mal so n tolles shampoo, das war auch gleichzeitig noch spülung... war von nivea oder so, das war voll toll Happy
ich denke die vom schlecker gehen auch... ich denk wenn man so was im internet bestellt wirds nur teuer und meistens is es eh nich so wie s eig sein sollte... :/
amis halt.. die haben so oder so immer die extrawürste ^^
ja, du?
LaLiLuLiny · Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, DE · 20 projects
immer wenn wir schwimmen hatten und alle mädchen mit richtig langen haaren so mit ihren bürsten rumhantierten, sah das alles sehr, sehr kompliziert aus ^^
bitteschön Happy
und danke, ich hab solche nämlich mal gesucht und iwie immer nur so dinger gefunden, auf denen schon iwas draufgeklebt war... das bestand dann meistens aus rosa-glitzer-barbie-tralala und war eigentlich nicht wirklich zu gebrauchen...
LaLiLuLiny · Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, DE · 20 projects
ja, da hast du echt recht Happy
meine mutter hat dann immer so nen blick drauf, wenn ihr etwas nicht gefällt... den kann iwie nur sie und der macht mich immer ganz irre ^^
so hat sie immer geschaut, als ich die schwarzen haare hatte. zum glück gefällt ihr das rot.
hüftlang waren sie bei mir leider nie... aber ich glaube bei solchen langen haaren brauch man ne engelsgeduld was föhnen und kämmen usw. angeht...

im übrigen find dich deine haarspangen-projekte alle total toll Happy
wo bekommst du die spangen her, auf die du die schleifen machst?
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1432 projects
Thanks for adding me xo
LaLiLuLiny · Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, DE · 20 projects
ich finds toll wenn sich das jmd traut, so farben wie grün und blau rein zu machen Happy
ich würds gern mal ausprobieren, aber ich glaube, dass meine eltern die kriese bekommen würden...
bei amy (meine freundin mit den haaren, die andauernd die farbe wechseln) haben sich die haare auch verfärbt als wir im schwimmbad waren. dannach waren ihre haare neonpink und nicht mehr lila. sie war total begeistert und ich musste eine predigt über die vorteile von sich verfärbenden colorationen über mich ergehen lassen. ^^
ich hatte mal richtig lange haare und nen mittelscheitel... dann (vor ca. 3 jahren) hab ich festgetellt, dass das aussah wie sonst was und dann hab ich sie mir abgeschnitten. kürzer als schulterlang. aber jetzt (seit mai oder so) lasse ich sie mir wachsen.
ich will dass sie ein bisschen kürzer als hüftlang werden, aber meinen ponny und den seitenscheitel will ich auf jeden fall behalten! Happy
LaLiLuLiny · Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, DE · 20 projects
dankeschön Happy ich bin iwie grad total stolz auf meine schuhe, haben ziemlich viel arbeit gemacht.
stimmt, bei 'normalen' menschen muss es immer größer und besser und toller sein. nie sind wir zufrieden mit dem, was wir haben...
mein papa nennt mich karotte weil es ihm spaß macht, er meint das nicht böse. oben sind sie schon zimlich hellorange, aber das stört mich nicht groß Happy
ich finde grün hört sich auch nicht schlecht an Happy
ich hab ne freundin und sie hat wirklich jede woche ne andere haarfarbe, viell. bekomm ich sie noch alle zusammen (nebenbeibemerkt ich kenne sie erst seit ca 3 jahren):
weißblond (vo natur aus), pink, dann wieder weißblond, grüne strähnen, pinke strähnen, grau (war ein unfall ^^), pink, dann hat sie sich die haare an der einen seite abrasiert und sich regebogenfarben reingemacht, helllila, dunkellila, iwann war noch orange, dann weißblond mit grünen spitzen und jetzt hat sie türkise haare mit lila strähnen.... bin gespannt wie lange das halten wird ^^
LaLiLuLiny · Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, DE · 20 projects
bei sowas hab ich mein bogy gemacht Happy
es war das beste was mir hätte passieren können. ich finde es faszinierend, dass die kinder, von denen man es am wenigsten erwartet, weil sie ja eig am ärmsten dran sind, am glücklichsten sind. im gegensatz zu anderen in ihrem alter, die immer vor der ps2 oder dem pc sitzen freuen sie sich schon über winzige dinge...
aber es macht mich immer wieder traurig wenn ich daran denke, dass das durchschnittsalter in dem sie sterben bei den kindern, die ich betreut habe, bei ca 5 jahren lag...

haha Happy
ja, iwie ist es achon ganz witzig, meine freundinnen haben sie mir gefärbt als ich mit ihnen und noch ein paar freunden in freiburg war... seit ich zu hause bin nennt mich mein vater immer nur karotte Ô.ô
färb sie dir doch wieder um! sah mit dem blau echt schön aus Happy
DarkAshHurts · 119 projects
I love your hair in your picture! (if thats you?)
If it is, can i ask what kind of hairdye you use?
I'm going to dye my hair blue soon, and would like somethin like that that lasts.

Anyway, thanks for friending me too. Happy Welcome to CO+K.
LaLiLuLiny · Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, DE · 20 projects
wenn ich die schule hinter mir hab mach ich ein fsj und studiere dann sonder- oder sozialpädagogik Happy aber jetzt muss ich erst mal das abi iwie auf die reihe bekommen... :/
gute idee, viell klappt das besser... du kannst dann ja deine version posten, würde mich interessieren wie das dann aussieht Happy

hast du wirklich blaue haare? das sieht echt schön aus Happy
ich hab sie mir jetzt rot gefärbt, allerdings wurden die dann nach unten hin immer dunkler und sind an den spitzen schwarz ^^
LaLiLuLiny · Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, DE · 20 projects
ja... dämlicher klimawandel... -.-*... von wegen erwärmung... bei uns wirds kalt!
achso, na dann viel spaß Happy
was willst du studieren?
dankeschön, lieb von dir! ich hab meine ipod-tasches aus versehen ein bisschen zu groß gemacht und jetzt rutscht er dauernd raus :/
ich mag dein neues bild total. das is so schön Happy ich hab kein talent zum bilderbearbeiten...
LaLiLuLiny · Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, DE · 20 projects
ihr habts da wirklich besser... :/ bei uns ist es immer furchtbar heiß wenn wir in der schule sitzen und kaum haben wir ferien, schiffts wie aus kübeln...
dankeschön Happy
hast du keine schule?
viel spaß beim basteln ^^
im übrigen mag ich dein schuh-projekt!
LaLiLuLiny · Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, DE · 20 projects
mir gehts auch echt gut, weil bei uns jetzt die sommerferien angefangen haben und ich fahr bald mit ein paar freunden für 5 tage nach freiburg. Happy
in hessen sind die sommerferien jetzt schon am ende, oder?
LaLiLuLiny · Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, DE · 20 projects
oh! halt stop! du kommst aus deutschland?
tschuldigung, hab ich zu spät gemerkt ^^
LaLiLuLiny · Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, DE · 20 projects
hey Happy
thanks for adding me.
how are you?
like your pictire, it s pretty Happy
JossieAyame · Pretoria, Gauteng, ZA · 150 projects
Thank you for all the faves! =]
So · Hanover, Lower Saxony, DE · 65 projects
hey,danke fürs virtuelle befreunden! hessen liegt ja quasi umme ecke von mir! langsam füllt es sich ja mit ein paar deutschsprachigen! viel spaß hier!!