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Made to represent the Epsom store at Games Day UK 2011
My fiancé and I made a banner to represent my local Games Workshop store for the UK Games Day 2011.
We had about 4 hours to do it in.

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  • Step 1

    Cut out the shape of the Necron blade out of foam board and secure it to the pole. We found a glue gun to be the best.
    Spray the foamboard with the spray sealent. This stops the foam from melting when sprayed with the paint.

  • Step 2

    My fiancé soldered the LED strip to the battery box and put it inside 2 plastic cups that we melted together. We sprayed it from a distance green so that it would be green but still let the light through.
    Then we covered in in masking tape so it wouldn't get sprayed any more.

  • How to make a weapon. Necron War Scythe - Step 3
    Step 3

    I attached the batterybox to the balde and my fiancé did the pole.
    Then he sprayed it silver, gold and green until he got it how he liked it.
    Then it was covered in spray sealent because it stuck to whatever it touched when it was dry. We took the masking tape off the light.

    I hot glued some green felt to the handle where it would be held, because who wants to hold a cold pole?

  • How to make a weapon. Necron War Scythe - Step 4
    Step 4

    When it was all completely dry I wrote EPSOM on one side of the blade with the green fabric paint and he did Necron Symbols down the pole in gold and silver pen. We didn't get a picture of the finished article but it could be seen from afar thanks to the LED's.

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