Snippets Issue 27 : The Geek Issue

Pinhole Cameras

Make your own camera and win a copy of the book.

Pinhole Cameras

By Snippets

Pinhole Cameras by Chris Keeney is a do-it-yourself guide to turning a variety of found objects and everyday items in to pinhole cameras. We've got three copies of the book up for grabs along with a tutorial for making your own camera from a matchbox.


Win a copy of the book:

We've got three copies of the book to give away and for your chance of winning, simple post a photo below that you wish you had taken with a pin-hole camera!

Contest closes: October 25th.

Congratulations to our winners Falene, Kino and Vermin Jerky.


I love dressing my little girl up in vintage clothes and feel a pinhole camera would have added to the vintage feel.
Small 04112012459
This is a photo from my recent trip to Venice. I think that this setting would have been perfect for a pin hole camera. The long exposure and creepy atmosphere would have worked well with the amazing angles and crumbling buildings.
Small 129
This is my favorite photo, which I call Mourning Fog. It's about six and a half years old, taken at Wildwood Cemetary in Bartow, Florida. I was walking my dog and noticed how cool the views were so I started snapping pictures. Imagine how creepy it would have been with a pinhole camera and a long exposure instead of a cheap digital!
Small mourning fog
I just got back from Madeira, which I was surprised to discover was very mountainous and green! This photo doesn't do it justice!
Small sta60024
Pinhole cameras are so fun they make life more interesting - this is a photo of one of my canning projects.
Small img 2170
I took this photo at Navy Pier, it would have been 1000 times better if it was a long exposure (moving clouds) with a pinhole!
Small image
I took this photo in a graveyard, it would look all ghosty with a pinhole camera!
Small p1010580
I used a slow shutter speed with this photo to get the look of a pinhole camera to the best of my ability, but it would have looked so much better and spookier with the real thing!
Small striped stockings by asesinatuya d34e62t
I wish i had taken this awesome photo of me and my friend Charmaine fooling around with make up before a trip out to the mall where we took alot of crazy photos.
Small 226364 10150250279100992 283505 n
I wish that I would've had a pin hole camera last month! My 15 year old daughter had a raging party while I was out of town, I just know it! Deny deny deny...haha
I'd love to make and play with a pinhole camera, must get on that!
Small img 0984
i would want to have a pinhole camera so i can take better creeper shots of dancers on vacation and my friends!!!! LOL
Small img 0760
This is my Orange Tree, he grew from a seed I planted. He looks nice in all kinds of photo filters when i'm editing this photo, so I thought that it would look nice if this picture was taken also with a pinhole camera, as I have never tried it before!
Small fotoatt ls0287
This is Sandy, a squirrel I rescued from being hit by a car. <3
Small pictures from 7 11 to 7 12 038
My dog was scared of the thunder and was mopping on the floor
Small greyscale
A photo of my Dad's antenna in the setting sun.
Small img 0124
This picture of me procrastinating :3
Small dscn4607
Taken at Appleby in the Lake District on a camping trip with my friends, absolutely loved the scenery and would have loved to get a few Pinhole photography snaps. I love long exposures and discovering different forms of photography Happy
Small csc 0019
I know that it would be hard make the model stay in one position for the exposure time, but if they can I love how long exposure film images look. Especially with people.
Small table1 copy
I love to look of long exposure, pin hole camera photos, especially when they show the progression of light onto the scape.
Small dsc 0798
This is a photo of our cat, Marty, and I absolutely love the way his face looks.
Small z20

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