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Omaha Girls Rock

We find out about Omaha's rock camp for girls.

Omaha Girls Rock

Inspired by the movie Girls Rock, Omaha Girls Rock’s mission is to give girls the confidence to use their voice through music education and performance. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, we caught up with co-founder Stephanie Drootin-Senseney to find out more about the rock camp.

What inspired you to start Omaha Girls Rock?
I first heard about the camps from my brother and sister-in-law. I thought the idea was amazing and immediately felt like Omaha would be a great place to start one. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by strong female role models as a young girl, and I wanted a chance to provide the same environment for others.

Wow, there are so many great musicians working on this project - tell us about a few of your favourites and who you're most looking forward to seeing in action?
I could never pick a favorite! I love all of them.

Have you been to any music / summer camps before and what was your experience with them?
I've never been to a music camp, but as a young girl I went to a couple different summer camps. I had a great time at all of them!

When did you first get involved with music and do you think it's important to get an early start?
I've been involved with music my whole life. My mom taught me how to spell my name to the tune of Frere Jacques, but I didn't have any formal music education until I was eight or nine. I think getting an early start is great, but you can learn and benefit from musica at any age.

What can girls expect when they come to the camp?
A bunch of super-excited female counselors and instructors who are ready to inspire and be inspired.

What advice would you give to build a girls confidence? Why do you think using music works so well?
I think the main thing is to trust yourself. Music is a great form of self-expression. If you're confident enough to share your music with others, you'll be confident enough to do anything.

You hope that the skills and confidence built through music can help with the rest of the students lives. Can you think of any examples where the attitude and confidence you've gained through the music scene have been applied to your everyday life?
Millions of them. Even in the process of setting up this camp I've had to draw on the skills and confidence I gained from being a musician.

Why do you think Omaha is such a great place for music and what are some of your favourite things about the city?
Omaha has a lot of driven, creative people who love and support each other's efforts. The city has so many great qualities -- great food, great people, fireflies and cool, old buildings.

What's your dream outcome be from the camp?
I hope the girls and volunteers all come out of this feeling inspired and full of confidence. I hope the community embraces us and we can continue doing this for years.

Any final tips for our members who may want to get involved with music or start a band?
Just do it!

Do you think the camp may become a regular event or are there any similar projects you'd all like to work on?
Absolutely! I want to put on at least one camp a year.

Now it's over, how was it and was it more or less work than you imagined?
It was amazing! It was tons of work but worth every minute of it.

What were some of your highlights?
I loved getting to know the girls and all the volunteers. Everyone was truly inspiring. The showcase was really emotional for me -- I was so proud of all the girls.

Were there any disasters and, if so, how did you deal with them?
No, it actually went pretty smoothly! I couldn't have done it without all the wonderful volunteers. They put in so much time and effort and really made the camp turn out rad.

What will happen next for the girls?
Hopefully they'll keep playing and come back next year. I know at least one of the bands is planning on staying together.


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