Snippets Issue 27 : The Geek Issue


We chat to Alexander Medeluk, the co-founder of the hot new fashion accessory, SpiritHoods.


Where do you draw inspiration for the hoods from? Were you in any way influenced by the Where the Wild Things Are movie?
Inspiration tends to come from collaboration. We pull from each other and what we find unique. Much of our influence comes from different cultures, adventure, music festivals, travel etc.

What makes the brand SpiritHoods stand out?
The fact that your wearing an animal on your head. . .

10% of the cost of a SpiritHood goes towards protecting the animals they resemble. Can you tell us a bit about this and why it's important to the brand?
The company was founded with this in mind. Giving back is apart of our business model and we believe is essential in everything we do. . . whether it's monetarily or in other ways. Naturally the concept of donating to your chosen animals fit perfectly into the concept of SpiritHoods, you buy a wolf, we donate to wolfs, you buy a Panda we donate to Panda's etc. That's why we donate 10% of our net profits, to partnered non-profits that support the animals of your choice.

"Do what you love fiercely, with no compromise..."

The other thing you sell on your website is Falling Whistles, which campaign to promote peace in the Congo. Is this an important cause for you, and how does it fit in with the conservation ethics of the company?
Ashley Haber answered, "We try to get involved with anyone who has a business model who's primary function is to help others and raise awareness. .... it would be rude not too :) Using business to spread love is a model we hope to continuously promote and get more and more attuned too."

Lots of celebrities, including Kat Von D, Jared Leto and Snoop Dogg – there's even a Facebook page dedicated to Ke$ha's SpiritHood. Is it safe to say that they're fashionable?
Definitely, but it's more about letting go and not giving a f***

If you could get any celebrity to wear one, who would it be?
John Wayne

What would you say to someone who thought the hoods were childish?
Embrace your inner child. . . that's much more fun

You announced recently on your blog that you were teaming up with Disney to create Muppets style SpiritHoods - they look wonderful, especially the Kermit one! Can you tell us a bit about how that came about?
Disney approached us and asked if we were interested in a collab for their new Muppet's movie release, the Muppet characters are iconic and their characters I think fit well with SpiritHoods. The kids line is definitely our focus on this one, you have Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo and Animal.

What are your other ideas and plans for the Hoods, or possible partnerships for the future?
There is a lot in line for the future! We are working on our Spring line currently and I know we have some things for the snow, skate and surf markets on the horizon SpiritHoods line for next year.

Any last thoughts, or information you'd like to get out there to the readers of Snippets? Perhaps some inspiration for those going into fashion?
Do what you love fiercely, with no compromise...


I want a bunny one!!! XD
These are awesome! & i love that they help animals!! Happy

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