I will, when I find anything cool, post it here

really cool jewelry. Creative and out of the box. Unfortunately, this computer won't show me most of the photos. I only saw a few of them, but I'm sure they're all great. (By the by, there is at least one *ahem*...strange... piece of jewelry on this site.)

This is just so I can remember the apple cider cups and not lose it in the never-ending sea of catchy songs and interesting websites I usually refer to as my favorites list.
(the one i have with internet explorer, not the one on cutoutandkeep)

Conversation with cleverbot
User: Pelicans.

Cleverbot: No.

User: Pelicans.

Cleverbot: No.

User: Pelicans.

Cleverbot: NO!

User: Pelicans.

Cleverbot: NO!

User: Pelicans.

Cleverbot: 1+1.

User: Pelicans.

Cleverbot: I'm no pelican.

User: Pelicans.

Cleverbot: Palin?

User: Pelicans.

Cleverbot: 'Pelage' is fur.

User: Pelicans.

Cleverbot: No.
I love cleverbot. It's so cool. If you've never seen it before, you should definitely czech it out. (www.cleverbot.com)

I love Sufjan Stevens, and this just makes me love him more.

Cute website Happy To be completely honest, I havent even spent more than 5 minutes there but from what I have seen it's a cool blog.
I especially love this craft.

The wraparound cat ring is just so cute! And I visited the creator's site. I love their stuff! http://www.etsy.com/shop/greenmot?page=1

Tiny yarn bunnies I found at supercutekawaii.com. (Which had a link to the mochimochiland website where it was originally posted)

Wow! I really want this book! Well, its only five months til christmas :/
Hopefully B&N will have it so I can buy it for myself

They have some funny lists like ''15 craziest swimsuit designs''. It's a coolio place, but sometimes I accidentally spend an hour on it becuase it's so addicting. Happy

I love Russia, but I was disappointed with the russia nyan cat.

I'm such a sucker for cool fonts

just so i don't forget

haha the nicholas cage one is a WIN



I was laughing my face off at this. You HAVE to read it.

"OKaaaay...Two questions. Is this safe? And is this legal?"
"... ish"

1. Go to 3
2. Now go to 6
3. Oopsie, 7
4. Now 9
5. Erm....let us go to...8!
6. You lost the game
7. Oopsies again...go to 4
8. Almost there, go to 10
9. I SAID 5!! GO AWAY!!
10. Now go to 2

It sucks to be Weegie

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