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Earring Organizer

Ok so this isn't exactly pretty. But it's fast and easy and cheap to make. I went to Jo Ann Fabrics for this one. Get the plastic grid that is used for needle point and cross stitch. (It costs less than $.50) Then you can grab a ribbon. (I purchased a bag of scraps for about $1.00)

Cut the grid in half to be more manageable. Then take the piece of ribbon and tie it to the top of the grid in a little loop.

Then you can thread the earrings through the little holes in the grid. Hoops fit easily on the bottom. I only put my dangly big earrings on this one, and put the studs in a box, but the organizer can hold many studs too.

I have seen some that have little frames round the edge and other embellishments, but here's the quick and easy version.

Jewelry Storage, Earring Folder, Binder Storage, Foldable Earring Rack

Jewelry Storage, Earring Folder, Binder Storage, Foldable Earring Rack

Make an earring holder, foldable for travelling or craft fairs

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Felt Earring Book

Felt Earring Book

An Adorable Place to Keep All Your Earrings

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Diy Earring Holder

Diy Earring Holder

Get some many earrings that you don’t know what to do with? Today, I will show you a diy earring holder tutorial. By practicing this and you’ll have all your earrings well-organized and ready to use.

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Diy Earring Holder

Diy Earring Holder

So quick and easy!

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Plastic Canvas Earring Organizer

Plastic Canvas Earring Organizer

Easy AND useful? Bonus!

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Lace Earring Hanger

Lace Earring Hanger

A beautiful and elegant way to show your earrings.

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Dee S.
Dee S. · London, GB · 41 projects
Gr8 idea, my earrings are in a jewellery box where it gets tangled all the time. I'm definitely going 2 make this one, thanks for sharing.
Goth Ninja
Goth Ninja · Point, Texas, US · 3 projects
Ok... That came out weird. I meant in the organizer not my ears.
Goth Ninja
Goth Ninja · Point, Texas, US · 3 projects
I made something like that. I don't have pierced ears, but I cut small slits.
northernstar · Flateyri, Westfjords, IS · 35 projects
Love it Happy Super idea
Grace D
Grace D · London, GB · 83 projects
I have those big round earrings

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