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how to make your own beads and buttons of branches
i love branches and lately i thought why not making of them beads and buttons with the bark still around it.
i have tried it out and thought mayby you love to learn this your self;-D
i had made those beads often , but didn't had made picture of it so i have done it now and thought i must show it too you;-D

be careful when you use an electric tool, be fresh of mind.
don't have los hair and long los cloth parts and jewelry that can be dangerous.
Use underneath your drilling a old piece of wood so you don't damaged the working area, or the floor, you don't like that.LOL

the time is without the baking time. and it can be longer or lesser depending of how many you will make of these beads or buttons.;-D

hope you like it
just have fun, we can drill girls.!!!!LOL
thank you for stopping by;-D

Posted by Jet H. from Haarlem, North Holland, The Netherlands • Published See Jet H.'s 107 projects »
  • How to make a wooden bead. Branch Beads And Buttons - Step 1
    Step 1

    Pick up of the street a dried big branch

  • How to make a wooden bead. Branch Beads And Buttons - Step 2
    Step 2

    Saw the branch in slices , you can can measure them but you can do it like you want freely.
    i did it freely , because i loved the things that aren't sooo neatly, because they are like the nature.
    you can make big ones like this or....

  • How to make a wooden bead. Branch Beads And Buttons - Step 3
    Step 3

    Or make just small slices like these ones.

  • How to make a wooden bead. Branch Beads And Buttons - Step 4
    Step 4

    Because oftenly there in the bark bugs and you don't want them in you house you must put the slices in a baking tray and preheat the oven untill 100 degrees Farenheit of 40 degrees Celsius and let them bake 30 minutes let them stay in there an hour.
    Now you can brush them off with a toothsbruch.

  • How to make a wooden bead. Branch Beads And Buttons - Step 5
    Step 5

    Sand the top of the slices with a metal file.
    it will be less work with a metal file;-D

  • How to make a wooden bead. Branch Beads And Buttons - Step 6
    Step 6

    Pick your drill, use for this a tiny drill , i have used 3mm drill.
    and you need underneat a old piece of wood so you can't damaged the floor or the your table.
    when you want to drill in the middle you need to make a tiny hole in the beginning that you can make with the hand drill.
    Hold the bead with one hand and with the other you hold your drill. Don't be scarred it's an easy job but you need to be focused so when you're too tired out don't do this. !!!!!!!
    You can better take a nap and then do this.
    be carefull with los hair and jewelry that can be dangerous.!!!!!!

  • How to make a wooden bead. Branch Beads And Buttons - Step 7
    Step 7

    on this picuture you see the beads i have made

  • How to make a wooden bead. Branch Beads And Buttons - Step 8
    Step 8

    when you wants buttons, just make two holes or four and then your ready to use your new buttons as well.
    it's fun to do !!!;-D Now you're ready to use them;-D
    you can if you want oil them, i didn't liked that, but it's a matter of taste;-D
    just have fun and be creative, and be a tough crafting girl.
    thank you for stopping by.;-D

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Ichigo M.
Ichigo M. · 13 projects
:o so cute!!! i need a drill now..... O_o
sweetsundae0 · Ajax, Ontario, CA · 50 projects
The baking idea is great! It reminds me of something from when I was a kid, I can't quite remember what it was though. I clamped my buttons when I drilled them though, it is a little less scary that way. I just held the handle of the clamp sideways with the button overtop the table when I drilled it. I shall try baking them. Thank you. Happy
SaveMeSanFrancisco · 18 projects
(read the comment i made below first [it would make more sense])dont worry i will give you credit though!
SaveMeSanFrancisco · 18 projects
I saw a picture frame covered in the branch beads but without the holes it was pretty cool I might try it!
Govinda R.
Govinda R. · Portland, Oregon, US · 6 projects
Make me some! They're beautiful!
Jam J.
Jam J. · 6 projects
Thanks for reminding about "bark bugs" that I forgot.
The method u "bake" as ....baking cookies is useful and make me smile ;P
Happy Fayse :)
Happy Fayse :) · 10 projects
Such a cute idea <3
This'll help me get rid of all of my wooden beads Happy
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Jet your amazing..that is a great idea,I have wondered about making them my self..thank you so much..smile's to you..
Ariel Greenwood
Ariel Greenwood · Lake Elsinore, California, US · 108 projects
I saw some branch buttons in a craft book and wanted to make some but me and my boyfriend couldn't quite figure it out. Now thanks to your step by step, we can do it!
Alf · Puerto Rico, Misiones Province, AR · 17 projects
Love it I love branches too we think the same way lol my mind is running thinkng what an going to decorate with these buttons oh love the baking idea good way to keep bugs out.

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