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Did you see your schedule????!!!!! When do you have lunch Eileen really wants to know cuz she doesnt have lunch with me or Emily I have lunch 7-8
Ada B.
Ada B. · Érd, Pest County, HU · 24 projects
Hi! Thanks for the fav!Happy
Your user name says Francico not Francisco. XD lmao
Christina Y.
Christina Y. · 22 projects
Thanks for favouriting my Lace in a frame Happy
Kristen K.
Kristen K. · El Cajon, California, US · 18 projects
I am so going to start saying that now thank you haha spongebob is legit I just found spongebob footey pjs that I am asking for christmas lol
Kristen K.
Kristen K. · El Cajon, California, US · 18 projects
Dude sorry I didn't see your comment earlier yay for nerds lol I freakin love that you love spongebob no one understands my obsession!!! Hahaha (:
PsychoticWeirdo · Council Bluffs, Iowa, US · 1 project
^_^ your welcome
Chelpop · Nottingham, England, GB · 9 projects
Hi (:
How I cut them out is why it took so long haha
First I traced each letter from a word programme on my laptop by using plain paper over the screen.
I had to cut them out, and then draw around them onto a magazine page and cut each one out.
It's worth it though! (:
Cheryl · Missouri, Missouri, US · 161 projects
You're welcome!! Happy
Georgia · 21 projects
Thanks for the fave on my locket xx Happy
sweetsundae0 · Ajax, Ontario, CA · 50 projects
YAY! Happy
sweetsundae0 · Ajax, Ontario, CA · 50 projects
lmao and no prob, you deserve it! ;)
sweetsundae0 · Ajax, Ontario, CA · 50 projects
:O Wow girl you are fast! and your project is WAY too awesome not to fave! Happy
Anna H.
Anna H. · Kassel, Hesse, DE · 243 projects
Thanks for your comment & fave on my felt kitty Happy
oooohhhhh that explains alot
haha tis!! how many times a day r u on this site?!
sorry had to go to my grammas for dinner for my parents anniversary
i cu too!!! lolz
UGH!!!!!! crap not again!!!!!
Hey i found it inspirational since its my teacher's tattoo!!!!!!
Cheryl · Missouri, Missouri, US · 161 projects
Thanks for the fav!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aranumenwen · Aurora, Illinois, US · 117 projects
Thanks for the fave on my "puzzle solution nails"!!!

Lovin' that zipper coil ring as well.
Ms. Nikell
Ms. Nikell · Charlotte, North Carolina, US · 52 projects
Thank you so much for faving my Designer Inspired Jacket!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
thank you for translationing those tempetures.LOL
i'm still having problems with that;-D
yeaah it was really too warm for the time of the year, to day it's a gry curmpy day here, much colder,-S
i'll think it's the way of telling me (not really , because this is just a thing to make me smile of it) the day is sorry that i 'll move soon, today i'm receiving my key of my new home in haarlem.
i'm full of excithment.LOL still must do too much, and only sitting in front of the screen in pj's-S
i'm running out of time, this way.LOL
always the same. i'm too slowly at the moment, i'm having a migraine day-S
but thinking of my trip to haarlem is making it all right.
We had the last two years bad winters like you with too much snow, like you.
so i was stucked in front of my building with me wheels.
i was only a half meter from the front door and couldn't move anymore.LOL
so i had to yell for help.LOL
two women came to thelp me it cost us a half hour to set me free to drive back and had to be inside for a whole month.
only karin and gerard picked me up once, and helped me with food.LOL
i only eat the drop i had in store at home during the xmas days.LOL
the year next it was the same, so i hate suddenly snow, i love the view, but the next day i'm becoming nervous about the stucking .LOL and.... it's looking then allready like a death notification letter.LOL
in holland they had always a black line around the edges so you would know it wasn't good news.
now people don't send those anymore, only some. i using always others.LOL
because i don't like them , i have received too many of them when John died so i thought ooooh this is making me only feel worse, why not a cheeringup card to tell i'm thinking of you and that was enough.
but that wasn't the ones i got.LOL
i knew that all people try to be polite and where uncomfortable with my lost.;-D
they all meanted it good.
We had one day -10 last year, but because of the north wind it felt like -20 celsius. It's the cold from russia. brrrr.
i had that day problems with my big yellow wheels so my feets where really frozen, i had to drive an hour to the city hall, my wheels where fallen out the motor of the cold they told me so every time i had to wait and turn the switch twice.
my toes, ( i'll think i'm writing it wrong) are still hurting of the frozen time .
i had packed them really good in, with two pairs of socks and good shoes, but... it wasn't helping.LOL
and only for a permission card to vote for the coverement.LOL
i was allready afraid that we would have a bad coverment, but it was taken worse.-S
but i was glad to vote for the betters, so i can be grumpy of their policity.LOL
because of my vote.LOL
but the hurting of my toes wasn't standing up for all that.;-D
okay now i must hurry to be ready for Gerard to pick me up-D
hey have a good time, my friend i'm wishing you a fun creative day, stay warm and cozy, hugs and kisses and greetings of a dull grey utrecht.LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
lOL that would be fun, i 'll think wolfje could stand the cold really well she has a normal fur but... muis has a really eastern fur, it's less hairy short and like velvet.
because they have only one layer hair of fur.
muis has often it cold, she always tries to lay on my lap under my sweater.LOL
so often people think i'm pregnant.
oooh it's here the opposite, we had a terrible wet summer and cold as well.
everybody was telling it felt like autumn and now it's suddenly summer again.
24 celsius degrees that's really hot for the autumn.
i like it, but because we have big weather changings every day it's always our small talk. LOL
dutch people can talk alot of the weather conditions and always crumpy and complaining.LOL
we are wellknown about this.LOL till my blame.LOL
i'll like the way it is, i can't change it soo i don't bother about it, only when i'm got stucked at home because of the snow. then .... i'm not cheerful anymore.LOL
but i't snot wintertime yet happely;-D
hey sweet friend weare some warm cozy sweaters today and lay some down for your cat;-D
have a nice warm funny day, greetings of utrecht and... kisses and hugs of course.XD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL funny story!!!!
muis did the same yesterday i couldn't found her and there was a small hole between two boxes and the underneat one was not closed and filled with fabric so she climbed in the box and was silent;-D
i saw two lighting up eyes and knew oooh there she is .LOL
it's still a silently war between the two furrie friends-S
wolfje tries to do her best behaviour witht me.LOL i know it's too hard this time for them both. hey.... i almost finishing the giantic memory paper scrap curtain i'm now must sew some part to gether and glue them with a special layer of water rezistable woodlglue, perhaps i wrote it wrong. but i'll think you will understand me;-D
i 'll think it's getting colder for the cats, Wolfje has found a better place to sleep aside me bed, it was Muis her sleeping place, so every night she is keeping me awake with her crumpy yells.LOL
now i can laughht of it, but when i'm trying to sleep i' can't laught of it ;-D
i have allready problems of my own with sleeping, sometimes i'm asking myself why i'm going to my bed. every moring i'm look like an elderly of the bedsoure and... of the sound of the airpump and the light of it-S
it's such a very expensive matrass, i still try to adjust to it, but after more then 7 years , i'm still not.LOL
but without i can't sleep totally no more. so it's a strange relationship bewteeen the two of us.lOL
hey loved your funny story give her some gentle strokes and tell your sweet good brave dog that he is brave and well doing;-D
hey have a nice lazy crazy sunday afternoon and for tomorrow a awesome fun good week with happy craftings
hugs , love and greetings of a strange summerly autumn utrecht, and kisses of the entire globe of me.XD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL i'm calling wolfje now crumpycat.LOL
and muis my tough lovely well raised cat.
or my mmmm that's stands for mini meiden(= dutch for girl ) mooie (=beautiful) muis.LOL she love the sounds then she will lay down to be huged.LOL
Muis is a well raised cat out her self she let people do the most aweful things so everybody will love her, When she was laying on the IC for pets she was all the md's her fave.LOL
now i understood why.LOL with wolfje i don't will hearing that.LOL
she is soooo stressed out. not only by me.
and she will got more stress, Muis her teeth must be done so she will go again to the vet for the dentist , but.... then wolfje things again that' there is a strange around her house-S
i can't give her to many homeopatic drop because she will addicted.LOL
about addicting-S my shrink had written for me a prescribtion for two months and because those meds are fallen under the opium law in holland the chemistry gave me just for a month-S
so i must ask again for a new subscribtion for me it's not addiction at all, but they are scared of sold to others-S
like i was a dealer, ugh. hate this.
now i was the only one so i wasn't sooo upset often they are yelling things like that, so the whole neighbourhood will thinks i'm a druggy or a dealer-S
and i'm not , so when i saw i was fortgotten to give my other prescribtions i had to go back and with out a talk i asked them to bring them to my home.LOL
so i couldn't got more comments of the stupid girl
behind the desk.
she is hating me, of both sides.LOL i don't deslike people but she always looks at me as if i'm shit or something else.LOL
so i always hopes she isn't the one to help me.
or i must asked somebody else to go for me to the chemistry.
John did that always with his prescribtions because i had the same problems with those women. LOL
it was sad because i knew how serious ill he was, and they didn't know that, so they were always telling me that it wasn't serious his illness.
so when he was death i went with the scraps to the chemistry and when they would blame me for to much scraps of meds, i told it's just of my just death partner. then she was sillent.
later on i told a other lady the story i knew she was standing next to her, so she heard my story which i blamed her of her behaviour.LOL
i don't like those people with predjudiceness on the highest level.
i know that you can't always know from the outside how people are doing , i having the same problem but when they must take xrays the are always stunned of my mobility in my arms. LOL
because the inside is not good anymore. but because i must do all the things on my one i can't got the help, so i will in my new home so i think i will be lazy.LOL
I must write a paper of procedures how they must do some of my caring help.-S
they send me this week a sample but they were talking about bandage and that's not possible with me, i'm too allergic so i have asked gerard to watch for me.LOL
i know border collies, my sis has two of them , they love me but all the neigbours in the envirement of her are afraid of dogs so my sis is always walking alone with her dogs.LOL
hers are well strained, but she don't do anymore games with them.
she always is strickly with them, i'm totally the uposit, but wolfje is a real problem it's not to blame only me, i will asked Joke the breeder of muis.
wolfje is nice when she is okay but when she got scarred ....
it meanted alot for me when the vet told me that he never had seen this behaviour and he has for many years his practice.
he loves the birmees and birmilla's so he couldn't believed what happenend.LOL
she is really a human lover like yours but... ?
muis is the same, only she is scared when people will give her a stroke and bring in front of her eyes their hand, it's all of her sight problems.
so then she is too frightend , so i tell always don't do that' just let her smell and then from behind give her a stroke, but... they never listening.
Only Karin my friend love her and picked her in the good way up, she likes that.
humm they are begging for food again.
last week they were sooo clever they had had their food and just an half hour she came both again for asking , they hoped i was forgotten i had given them allready.LOL soooo smart.LOL
i see a lot of scared dogs in the waiting room of the vet, it's sooo sad to see.
i 'm pitty them.LOL
i have seen one time a dog that had a brand i was sure of his look but couldn't knew which brand.
so i asked it was a longhair dashdog, but he was sooooo vet that he was so vet like he was long it was a squared shape dashdoggy.LOL
they told me that he was scared so he would lay under the bed and made him self bigger so they couldn't pushed him away.LOL smart.
but he didn't wanted to walk anymore because his body was hurting him-S
then i didn't liked it anymore.LOL
so i'm always paying attention of too much food or to less.
by my self not.LOL it's always to less. i 'm not a big fan of food.
all my friends knowing that so when i asked karin to coock for me in my new kitchen she was flabber gasted.LOl
she must make a salty vegeable cake i like that.
john was always making them for me.
hey what are you have planned for the weekend.
i'm just going to wrap things in boxes and making my curtains, i can't see them no more.LOL
but i like to have weekend because i can't phone anybody of firms, tha's sooo peacefull.LOL
hey have a great creative weekend lots of hugs kisses and love and strokes for you dog and cat as well;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaw thank you for your fave and the sweet comment on my mini pouch of a plastic bottle project.
i was suprised that she wanted on the picture, she and i had a rough time by wolfje.
both of them needed the shots but Wolfje didn't wanted inside a cage suddenly-S
she acted very dangerous and so i had to decided to just go with muis to the vet.
i had to asked to come over for wolfje. he was stunned about it because he know i'm always good with cats.
but it was just war with the vet , me and wolfje, she was soooo dangerous, so when the vet had her in his hands i had to help by giving the shots and then she peed all over us.LOL
later , two days she was still angry on me and muis. so i think that's why muis got the change to watch my crafting project.LOL
now it's almost okay with wolfje, i didn't had seen this before by one of my cats, the vet told me the same and said to wait two years to try it again. but.... she had to go for the move two weeks in front in a cage sooo i'll must give her some homeopatic drops to ease down.
the vet told me it was my stress that she has problems with.
so i try to be act like i'm not stressout.LOl
it was a horrible day because later the house cooperation came and told me to paint all thing over , the kitchen as well allthought they will built a new one for this-S
stupid man-S
wrote Gerard about that and he said i have painted more so it's no problem jet for me.
but he will do so much more for me that i don't like this to ask;-D
i'm going the 19th away. Huraaaay, then i'm some days of line because i found out i had to find a new profider, but they helped me great with a awesome package.;-D
so i'm happy.
hey if you make this , have much crafting fun , it's really tooo easy.LOL
taking picts was the most work.LOL
hey have a great fun crafting weekend , much love and hugs and kisses
and mayby for the last time greetings of a beautiful sunny utrecht;-D
bindiibabe · Dundee, Scotland, GB · 20 projects
Hey, thanks for fave-ing my coke can earrings! <3
Acid S. D.
Acid S. D. · 69 projects
It's kinda hard to pick, but I'd probably go with "Morning in Wonderland"
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Funny for a duch people english is much easier to learn , we have many more rules an exeptions, but i think German is more difficult.
When i finished my art study i 'll started to learn Latin, and thought the whole time oooh i wish i had learn this years ago.
Latin is the basis of all the europeen langueses sooo when you have learned it you understand the rules and exceptions better of all the other langueses.
Latin is like a giant puzzle when you can translate that you see that a lot of langues has the same words .
liked it.
I only took two years latin, then i thought i can translate the lines i want soo it's enough for n ow.
i didn't liked my teacher a very bad one we had, that was mean and ugly and rude to her grown up studens.
Okay she had a difficult time her self, but i had the same problems and wasn't like that acting.
Later on some years ago i heard that my friends bought her house. Sad for her.
Happily not all people are like her.LOL
such a relief.LOL
Hey where you from? Are you Spanish? I thought you re from the usa.LOL
hey have a fun great creative and crafty day, i'm going today to see my house to be inside and must talk in haarlem with the organisation that will give there my help and caring hours. the last part isn't my fave but it has to be done.
and.... i'll travel with Gerard soo it will be fun.
i let you know how it was.
much love my friend, till soon;-D xoxooxoxoxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi, hi, again.LOL
i have checked the dictionary about the line of :if a letter is repeated... I don't understand what you're asking,
about Haarlem and Harlem is sound almost the same, but Haarlem the double a is a other pronouced one then.. one a.
You must hold the a longer , it's sounding differently then one a.
we have that with the ee too and with the double uu . and the double oo.
and sometimes in the plural the double aa, or ee, or... will replaced to an singular e or a or u.LOL
dutch is a difficult to learn.LOL for us dutch people as well.LOL
sometimes i must think hard when i must write a letter in dutch.
too much irrigulairies and to many rules.LOL
I'm searching for a word that looks like the double aa. but... i can't find one soo quickly. when i will find it i'll share it with you.;-D
The a of Harlem is a softer one, the double aa is a hard one that you must hold longer. like the ee sounds like your the ea in sea. Like the word meer = pond. and our word for zee your sea.
but for the other double vocals i can't think of a simulair words.
or do you ask the plural of letters , a letter is in dutch a brief and then in plural it become brieven.
just tell me please.LOL
My sis has a border collie , i didn't know if you knew those dogs.LOl yeaah the are really smart. and she has of her own a canis corpus that's a very large big dog
and she has too a australish sheep dog but that's of her friend whom is living in her house at the moment.
i think that not all cats likes to do those tricks , wolfje will love it.
i often hide her toys and she love that play. but she is thinking she is a doggy.
my friends are always teasing her with telling wolfje , that she must bark.LOL
sometimes i don't call her wolfje but woef come and she comes.LOL
on the side they gave advice how you could learn those parcours .
it was windy and thunder but the sun was shining as well, liked it.
tomorrow i 'm going to my new home to be. and i'll see it for the first time inside.
hummm i see i'm repeating myself.LOL
have done some work on the curtain and administration-S
don't like that.-S
but this eve i will take a hughe break. i will go to my fave cozy comfy couch and just try to watch tele. I know i will fall asleep , the tele is my med to sleep.
so it's hard to watcht a real programme or movie , i always sleep at the end.LOL
when i'm sitting straight as well.
or i must knit or crocheting then there is a chance that i see the whole movie till the end.LOL
hey have a nice good eve and sleep well, nice dreams
and hugs of me;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi, hi, yes i thought the same, i have living soo many years in this city and on my last adress so i thought i must use those scraps like a memmory.
I love memmories, the bad and the good one both.
the bad one to think how strong we can be to overwin it and learn to coop with those things and.. the good one because ... i think you know why.
when i'm sad i'm always thinking of my gold memmory, it's a good one.
i have made a tiny sculpture of it, people which don't know the story just see me in it as a 3d avatar pict.LOL
stil waiting for a call back, i will go to haarlem to my new house to look for the first time inside it. it's excithing.LOL
and i must talk with fokus there-S but...i'm with Gerard so it will be fun.;XD
i have found out that muis is allergic for chicken flavor cat food-S
i think it must be boring for her to eat always fish, but... this is better ,
i must laught wolfje is jalous of muis her special kidney foot so she act like she need to eat the same food. i given her a small piece but...she waits till muis is done and eat the rest of her.LOL
i have learned her to wait, she can be impatiend like me.LOl but when i'm warning her she knows to behave.
and when muis is done i telling her she is great. it's working this way.
i saw on a site that you can learn cats tricks like dogs as well and those running parcours too.LOL
i don't will try this out but... when i saw it i thought wooow .
my sis has such working dogs , they normally are sheep dogs and one of her dogs had won many prizes.
her daughters were at that moment little and on there birthday parties all those kiddo's may drink limonade out of those cups.LOL
but... she don't train the dogs anymore ,
at the moment she has 5 cats and 3 dogs, it's going to be at her home like a real house zoo.LOL
i told her that and she had to laught of it.
i love her new kittens a red tomcat and a cyperse one a female.
soooo cute, but... i thought only ooooh not more animals
when i must search for a new mate for my cats i'll allways must think just one jet!!!!
and don't say yes directly. i know that i want them all. they are always too cute,.
My sis had the same she couldn't choose between the kittens so she took them both.LOL
Hey you're welcome about the faves i thought to write a comment but on this computer i can't write one-S
next time .
hey have a great good funny week, much love , hugs and greetings of utrecht.;XD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
thank you sweetie for your congratiolations, at the moment i'm really bussy and chaotic, but moving is making things fun.
at the moment i'm working like a crazy girl on the sewing machine for a glass curtain of paper scraps, when it's finished i will make a tute.
i'm on the first third part of the w hole size of the curtain.
humm strange line don't know how to tell this in english.
and i'm recyling soo alot of paper .LOl i had some old telephone books and dairy's and calenders and more like that.
and old envelopes soo it will be a memmory curtain as well.
thuesday i will go with Gerard to my new home i can see it for the first time inside sooo excithing love it,
still alot not clear, still don't know which wheels i'm alow to move with me.-S
after a year. this isn't fun anymore-S
but i love to leave this house, i have lived here for 25 years , and all the good things are gone-S We allways had a very socialable flat, but ... now i know not all the people that is living here.
one neighbour a new one knew my name, the first time i was nice to him.LOL
i don't know how he is calling but... i had to laught of it.
okay i must go now, i must take my first break this day and eat something.
when i'm busy i always forget to eat and to take a break. not good.LOL
Like your laptop pillow, and the bobby pins adorable.
i'm now on the wrong computer so i can't write a comment, so i t hought i must tell you it here.
very lovely.and well done.
hey have a nice eve and... a lazy crafty sunday as well
many hugs and kisses of me and greetings from utrecht.LOL <3
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi sweetie how are you.
i thought i must write you, did i told you i 'll recieve on 4 october my new keys. i'm right now very busy but... i'm excithing of it all.
so glad that things finely will happening
hey i hope your doing great;-D
much love and hugs and greetings from a utrechts girls for not too long anymore.LOL x<3
Lacey · La Cañada Flintridge, California, US · 30 projects
Thanks for faving my Melted Crayon Art!
K · London, GB · 42 projects
Thanks for the fave on my fimo project!
Felecity W.
Felecity W. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 86 projects
Thanks for the fav. on my Sidwalk Chalk "Paint". Be sure to upload your version if you try it out!
KellBell · Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US · 5 projects
will do!
KellBell · Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US · 5 projects
your welcome! i can't wait to buy feathers so i can make em!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi my friend,
thank you but it's still not sure when i will move, i will have a talk next week with the organisation of those special appartments.
The appartments will be for wheelies only and they will offering us all a 24 daily basis assistment and care so i will got a more normaly live then i'm having now.
Now i always must make appointments with my care and assistents for my dialy help-S So i never can be laying long in bed or... must in time to go in bed.LOL
so i think finely i will move some day.LOL
hey have a nice creative day, xoxoxooxo
Sonia L.
Sonia L. · Toronto, Ontario, CA · 8 projects
Thanks for the fave! (:
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hello sweet friend, you're very welcome.
i thought you will be loving it, still sad that i couldn't write comments, but... one day i will.
i think i will solve all the problems after the moving.
hey have a good creative week , much love and greetings from utrecht.;XD xoxooxox
PixieDee · Milaca, Minnesota, US · 6 projects
Thanks for faving my Draft Horse!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
they are all awesome, well d one love them!!!!!xoxoxooxoxoox
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
wooow that's good news, so i can count down.LOL
i'm still frilled about all the news i will see.LOL
hey it's here eve and i must eat now , so send you all my love and wishing you much succes with the uploading of the picts and... sleep well
much kisses and hugs;XD
Ms. Nikell
Ms. Nikell · Charlotte, North Carolina, US · 52 projects
Thanks for faving my Anthropologie Inspired Bag!
Shirin L.
Shirin L. · Hong Kong, HK · 41 projects
Lol. Its ok. Yeah my dad is Chinese and my mum is Iranian. Happy
Tina T.
Tina T. · 25 projects
Thanks for commenting on my cowgirl apron. Yes, those are my horses. Bunny (bay) and Jax. That's my daughter modeling. We both ride, but she's the pro! She was in the 4-H horse project for 7 years!
Shirin L.
Shirin L. · Hong Kong, HK · 41 projects
Yeah the ending of HP7 part 2 was sort of lacking in...what is the word...epicness! When Voldy-poo died he just disappeared into these fragments and you couldn't hear him scream. It was not a satisfying enough way for him to die, that is how I feel anyway. But otherwise it was really good! I loved to see the HP trio 19 years later it was pretty funny and cute to see their kids. Nice to meet you by the way!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
i understand were you're speaking off. I have a big canon camera and a apple so i can't use it like normal people and must use my cable.
but i live alone so it's always connected.
I have lent my camera for a weekend to a friend, but after a month i didn't got it back, so i was furries, and they forgot to set all the things back so suddenly i had to study again for my own camera settings to use him like before-uch.
didn't liked it.
so... i don't do this anymore.
today i had to do alot of firms and cleaning a bit, and painting in between new beads.LOL
I don't know how long i will stay here, so i need all paper work to fill in again.-S
The book of yours looks great, is it?
i love duct tape, it's strange tape.
but i don't use it not so much anymore then some time ago.
mayby a trend?
yeaah she is really smart Muis. she is with worlfje too clever.LOL
I have had normal house cats and by those tomcats we took our first brown birmees cat, and suddenly they worked together and every thing wasn't safe anymore.LOL
it was a funny birmees, only she good looked very angry towards some people she hated.LOL she was right , they weren't really nice people.
so i didn't blamed her.LOL
but... for a birmees she was too crumpy. When the tomcats died of elderness, i had to search for a new mate for her, and i akes everyone of the character of their cats and nobody had heard of such a crumpy birmees.
Untill i found my new cat to be by a friend and she knew excatly were i was talking about.LOL
she told me those birmees are from the USA line and they don't have a real birmees carachter. She told me that Indy was adjust to such an not so pleasend aunty ,LOL
Poema was gentle with Indy and they became the best friends ever.
but it was sadly for not long, Poema had cancer so ... suddenly i had to search for again a new mate for indy i found a half sister (muis)
Indy wasn't nice and kind for her, so my sis was calling her Steffie Craft. because muis closed her eyes and makes her self very tiny when she saw Indy comming in and then she got a big slamp and sailed on the floor away.LOL
often she hide on my lap.LOL
Later on they loved each other too much. When muis broke her leg very complicated she had to stay in a bench for a half year, and every day Indy came to visiting her in the bench.
Later when Indy was death and Muis had to have surgery again on that same leg, Wolfje didn't want to visiting her, only steal muis her food from the outside.LOL
Indy was very clever, she knew how she had to open the bench by herself.!!!
so one time i came back at home and saw the wrong cat laying inside and muis was gone!!!! After a long time hide and seak i found her, but she was hidden after boxes and because she had a frame in and outside her leg i didn't dare to pick her and pull her to the front.
but... she came by her self back to the bench.;-D
but now they aren't glad when the bench is inside the living room.LOL
they must during the moving stay there for a day. sooo. i'm not fond of it either-S
Hey we all have those stupid not fitting things, i had such thing as well, and i had asked the saller too man y times you do know this for sure?
you will find the right one.
and just be patiencend i 'm as well. i'm just waiting for your new projects. so don't hurry, be calm and gentle,;-D
hey i see i must eat and take my pills.
Yesterday it was allready 21,00 hour and i thought oooh i forgot to eat the whole day.LOL
so i'm trying to do my best and be brave.LOL
hey sleep well later on (i'ts here eve now)
much love and hugs and kisses and be a happy brave patiencend crafting girl XD xoxooxox
Shirin L.
Shirin L. · Hong Kong, HK · 41 projects
Hey there DreamChaser!
Thanks for the fave on my Hedwig Favor Boxes project.
I guess like me you are a die-hard Harry Potter fan Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello sweet friend.XD
hey welcome back, rest some while, that will help you to overcome the exhausting ;-D
I had such a weekend as well.
i was worn out of all the things that are going on and not working sooo well-S
but... i think it's good for my projects.LOL
Last weekend i found out how i had to stiffening all the cut out things of paper and fuseable webbing, and then ironiing it.
but i had to lay it on the ground for drying soo poor furries of mine, they had like i had to do, to walk to the other side of the living room through the kitschen.
because otherwise they became sticky paws.LOL
I saw yesterday that mouse was smarter she walked above the table and the closet to jump to a chair and then on the coffee table to lay on my lap.LOL
Smart huh.LOL
i'm curious about your ideas, suprise me.!!!LOL
hey till next time , be creative an a happy crafting week.xoxooxoxoxo
Lacey · La Cañada Flintridge, California, US · 30 projects
thanks for faving my paper wreath!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hello agianXD
don't know if i have answered your last comment.
John was my partner for more then 22 years. We didn't lived in the same house but nearby each other.
And he was an artist as well so we worked oftenly together.
But john made just much other work then i did.
Just before his death we had a big exibithion together, loved it.
Only i had to do all the things too for him, but i loved to watch the people and to see they loved his work as well.
The people were sad that we took our work away after a month, they told me both your work makes us sooo cheerful. late ron i knew it was true;-D
yeaah my sis and i having the same voice, her daughters has that too.LOL
so i always must pay alot of attention which one is picking up the telephone.
oooh that 's awesome that you can choice a type of class.Clay is awesome!!!
I always loved it when we had to work with it,
Thank you for your compliment of my english, i doing my best.LOL
But i think it's too my jumping brains, sometimes my thoughts are soo quickly that i forgot to write the whole story down, and nobody including myself will understand it later.LOL
And writting with english people is helpfull as well.
hey wish you a lazy sunday with fun, hugs and kisses and be creativel0D xxoxooxxoox
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my fave friend, finely it's weekend.
My fave helping friends are on vacation, the rented a stupid boot to flood on the dutch rivers.LOL
We had in the early 60, and 70ths a special dutch stupid design car that was called DAF. so i teased yesterday Gerard with that , that he will flood with a DAf on the rivers.LOL
He was agree with me , that it's stupid but.. we knew both it's a great solution for my sweet friend, she can't walk suddenly anymore and don't want to use wheels-ugh.
but... we had pushed her to get her self a disabled parking ticket so... we done some a good job.LOL
She is my ages and she is borned with those feets, the md's told her on her age of 26 that is was strange that she could walked on those feets still.
so after many years we have hold tiny improvement.LOL
but... a wheelchair. is still a forbidden word.LOL
i'm alowed to use it, she isn't disabled.LOL Must always laught of her, she was this week tiered out, because she was cleaning the whole house!!!!
told her that i found it strange.LOL but.... and she was afraid that she didn't had the right things for on their boot, i told her but you will stay in holland, so you can use all kinds of transport.
she told me but... i told her there are cabs as well.LOL she was suprised.
Told Gerard strange that Karin don't think of it, but... i'm happy you will have the solution, he is great in that.LOL
Humm must work today on my curtains. not so much my fave project at t he moment.LOL
By the way thank you for your fave on my calyce beads of shrinky dink.
I don't know which brand you can buy but sometimes you can do it like the tute of the link. We don't h ave that brand so... this was my solution.
but.... it will cost you no blisters and woods of the heath.
i can''t feel heath and cold and sharp anymore in my hands so i always must be careful.LOL
it's handy allthought because i can pick eggs shells out of the pan that is on the cooker.LOL after that i will got blisters as well, but, it doesn't hurt.LOL
hey have fun and profite of this tute, but... be aware... it can be addicting.
i found suddenly out that i had finished a whole package of shrinky dinks.LOL
hey my sweet friend have a nice good crafting creative weekend, and much love , and hugs and some resting time of me!XD <3
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Yeaah it was a really sad story for my sis and her daughters, but they said in a good way goodbye to her.
hum i could understand it why the horses were afraid of me, i'm sooo tiny in my wheels and they not seeing much persones like me.LOL
My sis her bigest hughe dog was the first time afraid of me as well.
It's a very large one such like a denish dog, so at first my sis put him in his bench.
and talked to him, and suddenly i knew what to do.
i started from the other end to talk to Levi and at first he was flabbergasthed, because he knew i wasn't my sis but he heard the same voice.LOL
so suddenly he felt in love with me so after 5 minutes he was completly no longer afraid of me and came out of his bench and was suddenly my best friend.LOL
He don't have to jump to a couch he just steps over it,LOL
He always lays on the couch besides my sis, she has the tiniest place he has the rest of the couch.LOL It's a three persone couch sooo you can figured out.LOL
but with me he lay down besides my wheels on the floor soo sweet!!
oooh don't worry about new things i'm sure you upload some new ideas after your camp is over. And art camp sounds awesome, what do you do there, painting, modeling with clay...?
or making stone sculptures. A friend of mine did that with his son of three.
And they loved it, okay the little one didn't had to use tools they gave him clay.
And somtimes they asked him to sit like a model but he wasn't able to sit a long time silently.LOL
My mum does this every year as well, only this year not, because of the broken arms.
And about inspiration, just wait it will comes back. when you have less thing to thought of, my brains are always jumping sooo i have the opposite of others.LOL
always too many new ideas, some times it makes me tiered.LOL
so i always have a sketching book with me to write in it and draw the ideas in it.
so i don't have them to remember in my brains and later on i can read them back.
so just write everyday some lines if you like what you found the most beautiful or touched your soul because....
that will give inspiration as well.
Years ago i was on vacation in holland in Nord Holland (it's a province) near by the seashore, and i was with my handbike just bickling , and i didn't saw hours any other people (that's in holland strange!) but the impact of the nature was awesome, the wilderness of the dune, so i thought it will be awesome to make that in textile on a painting.
Later that week i saw in a museon a famous painter that had painted the same.
I was thinking again of my idea and thought why didn't he used for this fabric like fure and then painted it and use all other kind of materials.
it was a nice painting, it gave me more credit for my own idea.LOL
suddenly a woman asked me why i was watching that painting, i told her my idea, she didn't catched it.
and sometimes things can help to give you new ideas because they are soooo horrible that it' will touch you and makes you curious.
Like that.

Hey i have great news the firm will come next week to give me a fitting for the brace, soooo finely after months of calling i will probably going outside like normal people does.LOL
they must do some corrections on it but i don't think that will cost more months. (i hope!!!!!) LOL
humm i told an other friend on here i was in a hurry , i 'm but then i wrote to you as well a long letter.LOL
no i must rush really, i'm still in pj's.LOL
hey enjoy your camp and get some rest as well,
many hugs and kisses and have a great time !!!!
i' can't wait till your back for your new projects;-D
love, and till soon xoxoxooxoxoxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Wooow such an honour to read your message, i'm blossing. so i'm looking really healthy today.LOL
thank you for such kind and sweets words, i'm flabber gasthed at the moment.XD

i'm almost better of the traveling to haarlem.
still wait for there answer.
just called my friend that is helping me wrapping all my things in boxes.
we wrapped my old curtaisn allready the one i would recyle to make of all of them sort of pachwork big ones for the big window sliding doors in the living room
she told me i had to check and search the boxes in the living room.
Glad she remembered that, because i had search in other boxes.LOL
And i have started an other glass curtain project. i'm working on four differend ideas.LOL
the problem is that i must safe new material to work with.
and because i live alone toilet paper isn't going sooo fast.LOL
that's why i loved t he paper beads tute i have made really well, it helped me to safe some quicker new empty toilet tubes.LOL
Sometimes a girl must be smart.xD
I have asked some friends to safe for me but... i don't think it help me out .
patiencens i must be.LOl not my fave skill.LOL
ooh you're loving horse and riding them, my sis as well.
Horses are afraid of me. they don't reconize me as a persone.LOL
i was with my sis in the stable by her horse and most horses where sooo scared that i told me sis just walk me out of this so they will ease down again;D
but i loved the horse of them.
She is now death , she had the same problems i having but... for a horse it's a bigger problem i supose there aren't wheels for them like normal people can use.LOL
i have seen dogs with wheels , don't know what to t hink of that, but when the dog is okay why not.
When muis broke her behind leg complecated my own vet told me the whole time we can remove her leg.? !!! Didn't like the idea, she love to jump, because she is a birmees soooo i 'm glad that after last summer she can walk , jump and runs like a normal cat.
sometiems ... i think we needs more time to recovering or for making other decisions .
But that's live i thinkXD
hey what are you doing of crafting at the moment.
i missing you!!!XD
Have found some old coloured pencils thing i will reuse them in your idea.lOL
but first the glass curtains.
hey sweet friend, hope you have a nice creative day, and for tomorrow a awesome fine nice crafty weekedn as well;-D lots of hugs and kisses.:XXD
Aino · Rovaniemi, Lapland, FI · 8 projects
Thanks! Yours is featuring a horse too, so I must love it also Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, my friend
i'm for a week acting like an elderly , i will go laying in a car to a hearing for my new home to be for an adjustment i need, in Haarlem.
i have taken a lot of pills allready, i'm well prepared.LOL
I don't think it will help but then i have done all the steps . It's about that i have two equal balconies where i have i must pay rent for later, but i can only use one and they did'n't asked me which one and had promised me it some months before.
it's always fun to drive with Gerard, he is an old rock player, and he always playing awesome music.
but most at t he t ime, we talk. One time i have asked him to shut his mouth because i loved the music of Elbow too much.LOL He was dissapointed but loved it.LOL
we often tease each other so it's not hurting, he does the same with me.LOL
Yeaah crafting helps i think it will work for the most people not only with crafting but making music or singing or writting, acting and so on. is good for the whole body,
but i knew that allready one of my proffesions years ago was creative therpist.
Not everbody can expres themself in words when it 's about emotions.
so when you work with other expressions you can tell the same without the words.
i have done it often with others but as well by my own experiance.
sooo think of me today.LOL
And yes i'm very carefull i know my own fracile body too well and i don't like to got a broken neck really this is awefull enough.
i have eccepted it , and live in the here and know making up my mind with finding new solutions, but i don't want to make it worse by my self;-D
So my hand bike is staying workless for some years, sad but... mayby some day some time i can use him again.
Yesterday i have worked again on that glass curtain, found out that i did some thing wrong but... changing the procedure was helping me sooo after some more trying outs it works.LOL yeaaaah.;XD
but i think after all those felted holes i must do more on it. because now it looks aaaw funny jet used some felt on a piece of fabric, it's not a whole design.
Don't know how i must translate this.LOL
english and dutch , don't work the same way.LOL
hey i must go now , have a good creative crafty fun day and... till later, greetings of a busy elderly crafting girl.;XD and many kisses and hugs as well;XD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
i doing my best to be careful.LOL
but... it' wasn't to blame me.
the first one was in the hospital i had to stay there for 6 weeks for something else and they helped me into the garden, it was summer. but the adjustments to go out wheren't done good so suddenly my wheels flallen down ihad allready a very bad neck then.
but the md's wouldn't taken seriously they said when you had broken an arm or leg we have send you for x rays but you dind't felt or broke anything.???
i did but this was only to see with xrays.
Later i was riding to a n performances with some other members and we had to drive very fast and the driver was sitting well but i'm not so i felt inside me 20 bumbs of letting people in cars to know to drive slower.
i told them please a little bit slower, but they only laughted .
it felt very bad, some months late rmy sis became 50th and she asked to come over i had given her very good insturctions but she forgot them all.
and again some bumbs
it costed my last 4 inbetween verbraes sooo every bumb is now my verbreas in my neck that will be damaged. and the rest will go to the spianl marrow canal so it's all to nearestly there as well.
i'm driving outside like a very old lady.LOL just like an elderly, that's not me.
and then its still not okay. i'm at the moment just too fracile.LOL
i'm jsut waiting for months for my neck brace to fixated my neck and head like glue on my shoulders.LOL
but... it's not going well, every time the company that must ask for the approval does it wrong.-S
i'm waiting for that thing only 3 months.LOL
i had to call friday , but i was soo sick of the migraine that i knew when it was again not going well i think i would have had an mental break down.
so i was very wise to wait till monday.LOL
And now i 'm just a tiy better again and i'm working on a new try out of curtains.LOL
it's with kind of glass curtain fabric wich felted holes in it.
can't eclplain it really , i have done some parts and then i will felted wet in the washing machine, i don't know if it will be great.
just wait and see.LOL
hey my tummy makes sounds so i must eat something.LOl i always forget that.LOl
hey have a nice eve, and sleep well , nice dreams and have a great fun creative week as well, many dutch greetings and lots of kisses and hugs, xoxoxoox
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaaw thank you, today i'm feeling more better, still have some headages but... that's okay
it's all still of the 3th wiphlash , but everyday without it's a better day;-D
SO i'm a happy girl with a great working tab on the shower.LOL
hey sweet friend have a great fun crafty creative weekend, much greetings and hugs if me;-XD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my dear friend
oooh don't worry , we all have our normal live things to do as well;XD
Some day you will make your project. I have sometimes ideas that will lay years waiting and suddenly i know how to make it.
or get the inspiring i need or..
i have too much normal things to do at the moment as well.
not the fun things-S but... today i got my special tab so i can take a shower again by myself. sooo happy.
it's not the one i had which was better , they don't make them anymore.-S
but this will do as well, and... this will be just for a while , till my move.
But i had to wake up early-SSS i have a migraine day, i went yesterday with a starting migraine to bed, and had hoped it was gone,
but a working shower is good to wake up early even with a migraine.LOL
i have meds for them, so i can do my normal things but my brains are very slowly.LOL like turtles.LOL
So i'm acting like a elderly lady of 99,LOL
hey have a nice good creative rest of the week , and much fun
hugs and kisses and my best smile ever.XD xxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my sweet friend, thank you for all your compliments.
i'm blosing at the moment, i saw just now the comment that you have left on my page on friday the 30th.
wooow what an honours you have given me.and great that you try to do the same.
I have learn this all in the 70ths. in my hippy days.LOL
I loved the sharing of suplies i had at home with my other poor neighbours, it felt sooo strange that now every body asked for their junk money.?!
i don't like that. but i use to live with other people nearby. like i live now in my flat in a living group. It's not working more, but in the beginning it was great.
we have all our own appartments with a kitchen and bathrooms but, we have as well a hughe big living room that we share together.
so i had all day a lot of children around me without having them of my own.LOL
liked it. but they are now all grown ups with children of their own.;-D
strange idea.
it makes me feel soooo old.LOL in my mind i don't feel that.
aaw thank you for you nice sweet words of the brace, i really hope i can received thuesday better news of my health inssurancy. it's all about money-S
today my friend told me when she heard that the moving to my new home to be is postponed again that we try to sit on the balcony in september with cola and chips and... as well when it raining cats and dogs.LOL
we will .LOL
today is her daughter having her birthday and as well my cat Wolfje she is two.
soooooo big sized allready for a birmilla she looks giantly.LOL
but she is thinking that she is a doggy , i'm thinking that as well.
Last time a not kind persone was coming over and told me all about that he hated siamees cats, i told him polite okay but these aren't siamees cats this is a birmees and that a birmilla. I t hink that he never had heard of that cat brands. he was looking flaber gasthed.LOL my sis told me he was thinking that you make up all t hose brands to take advantige of him.LOL
you had better told him that wolfje was a husky.LOL
My sis will come tomorrow to me , like that. She is like me very funnu and very kind, it's feeling always like we are twins, which we aren't but that's because i'm 4 years older and as a kiddo i had to be her mum, because mine couldn't do that job during our childhood.
so it's a strange realtionship we have.LOL
hey sweet friend have a great fun week as well. be crafty i'm eager to see your new idea's much love hugs and kisses;XD xooxoxoxoxoxoxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my friend thought i must say hello, i saw that you had given me a fave, but i knewe that t would be not right , and i was right.LOL
stupid notification system aargh.LOL
hey how you're doing ?
do you have your summer vacation?
it's here nice weather, have a great fun lazy crasy crafty sunday and till soon
greetings xxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL i thought allready we both love bright colours.
aaaw that's sweet to tell me that you like me. why not beeing nice and kind to others, sometimes i will be angry as well.LOL i'm just a normal being like others , but i think when we all try to do our best to be friendly to others the world would be much prettier to live on.
i think that we all can learn of each other, specially with crafting solutions and idea's that's why i love it here so much.
Give me a sign when you're project is aproved on here then i can give you a fave;-XD
Yeaah most people are nice and kind and friendly to me as well, and yeaah it helps me to going on.
I'm stucked of too much damaging in my neck at home for more then 1,5 year.
i'm waiting for a specail made neck brace so i can wheel as well outside again.
I do missing the people and the traveling of mine. but.... mayby there will come a better time.;-D
But the company that must make the brace did some mistakes to get the aproval for to make such a thing, so after two denied try i must wait for the third one.
that's not funny anymore. i need the brace very badly.
but writing with people makes me feel less lonly and the crafting is helping to be cheerful as well;-D
so i must be tough and cool and try to make the best of it.LOL
hey have a nice bright colourfull day, much greetings and hugs and kisses
jet ^-^
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, aaaw thank you very much of your friend request, love to be your friend;-D
And yeaaaah we're now friends.LOL
hey have a funny creative day, greetings and my love;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Dreamchaser, welcome to co&k , hope you like it here alot and having much fun and inspiration of all the projects on here, and ... finding some friends as well;-D
but i see you have that allready;-XD
hey thank you for your fave and the comments on my branch beads and buttons.
aaw that's sweet to give me your credit!!!
i'll really appriciate that;-D
have a great fun creative week;D
Princess Pam-attitude
Princess Pam-attitude · Pocatello, Idaho, US · 332 projects
yeah I love your pencil ring too! lol Have you seen my pencil bracelet! They go together perfectly. Great minds think alike huh Happy
ale_corason · Mexico City, Federal District, MX · 49 projects
Oh, I'm sorry. u_u
But your pencil ring is awesome! We should swap some rings some time. ;)