I am alf I am married and I have three children and many think they are my brothers lol.
I love art. I like painting, drawing and crafts. I'm here to learn new things and making new friends and teach what I know.


Jet H.
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hello my sweet cake friend
aaaaw that's fine and great she loved the card, you must tell me the other birthdays on proper mail then i can send the others a card as well.
Because your babies are dear to me too;-D
Hey how are you, and how is your study going on?
i'm almost seatled in Haarlem, the most importend shops i know them to find.
and i love my house, i don't miss Utrecht.LOL
only there must be still done too much. but... i must be patiencend.
always the problem.LOL
this weekend i was ill, but i can bare food again so i will be stronger every day.
i was forgotten how it was to be ill.LOL
still tiered.
i like to see your picts of the cake hey take care and don't forget to take a piece of cake.XD
sending you my love, hugs and manny kisses too for your babies;XD
Bella · Forks, Washington, US · 36 projects
I saw your comment and you have a cat named "Milo?" My brother has one named Milo.. xD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
He sweetie i have read it and send you one back soo it's okay , take it easy and be gentle to your self, i love you xoxoxoxooxoxoxooxooxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hello my fave cake friend
yes i have received it, and have send you one back as well.
sooo i think it's working.
i'm not having a great day today, i woked up with migraine so i took some meds and i forgot to don't answer the phone. sooo i messed up with Fokus.LOL
I really was forgotten that i had a bad day and felt crumpy stuppid, i only was complaining about all the delay and postponing of the moving to haarlem. Not smart.LOL Later on i told her i 'm having a bad day and feeling not well so i must end this phone call.LOL
but ... i didn't stoped.LOL i was in a rebound.-S poor lady.LOL
she all got it over her.LOL
they will visiting me next week, i don't know why but... we will see.
i' must make n ow a brake hey don't ironing tooo much hours just a hour with some singing alonge will be enough they don't need them all just now to weare.LOL
hey have a good nice happy fun day, my fave cake friend and don't forget to eat some cake and care.LOL xoxooxoxoxo
Jet H.
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aaaw thank you sweetie for your sweet comment, i still don't have those others back that wolfje had stolen .LOL
she had try to pick them out the branches but she couldn't , so they are sitting there allready a long time.;-D
for her frustrating ,but for me a pleasent view.LOL
When you make them just show them!!!!
hey have a great good saturday and be creative allthought your allways are.LOL
much love again and hugs and kisses xoxooxoxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaw thank you for posting the mail again,
i have read him, and i'm stunned of how you safed and pimped the little plushie.XD
i felt in love for him, i think i had picked him up as well.LOL
such a sweety , you can't leave him behind on the streets.
When i was a child we had a big trifet market in Amsterdam but they wouldn't stoped it, so all the houses around were covered up the outside of the buildings with old through away dolls and plushies, it was awesome. I was then just 7 years , some rock band used the pictures on there album of there LP's,
Later on the city alwowed the fleemarket or trifet market to stay there, but now they have got a better place i saw lately.
but it's not the old market anymore. When i was young they sell old dentures.
And some old men , really elderlies were fitting them , just picked one and put them in there mouth and then took an other-S
as child i found it disquisting to watch, my mum as well. but all t hose t hings were soo cheap and they sold quinipigs , i wanted them badly but my mum didn't liked them. so i never got one.LOL
only a singing bird when i was 10. I didn't liked him really, i took good care of him but.. it's not the same like a cat or a dog.LOL
I think i longed to pet them and hold them in my arms-D
but my mum was very poor at that time so this was a hughe present of her.
She could buy him of the woman her family she had to take care for. One of those daughters had got him and took the birdcage the whole time with her, not carefull , and too to the toilet, my mum felt pitty for the bird he wasn't looking well, and silent and very frighting.
so they wanted to let him die so my mum asked him for my birdday.
He had lift many years i think till after my 22 years.
i left him with my parents when i moved out. I wanted cats.LOL
and cats and birds aren't great together soo stresssfull for the both of them.
My mum told me to not get cats she told me that those little ones would broke everything. But they only broke a lamp in my tiny house at that time, and in front of the visiting of my mum i bought the same one again.LOL
so she couldn't say i told you.LOL
today i'm feeling better i will try to search in the rest of the boxes and place them back .i can't now come in; every room.LOL
i must go on the floor on my behind.LOL so i 'm doing gymnastics exercizes.LOL
Muis is now stoped with hte prednison, i hope the ulsers and leasies will stay a way for a long time. i hope she will eat still.
always a problem and suddenly wolfje don't like her food anymore she eat some of her and then she stops waiting for the left overs of Muis.
But sometimes Muis don't left anything over.LOL Miss poes.LOL
she is a big well food cat so it's not a problem.
i have learned her to wait outside the kitchen but everytime she tries to cross the line a little bit.LOl Cats can be like kids , you m ust raise them over and over.LOL
Gerard wants that i don't let them in my bedroom during the nights in my new house. i have promised him that i want try this out.
Oftenly wolfje is sleeping somewhere else, it's all about whom of the two is the boss., We shall see.
i like the other thing too, why not uploading, i will fave them.
Yeaah yesterday i had the same with the white brics , didn't liked it.
but i had more problems sooo.
but... today they are gone.LOL
humm that 's expensive for a hair cut.!!!! then your son must be gorgious and beautiful with his hair for that prize.LOL
children cost a lot of money , but pets too.
i have finished finely a sweater i was knitting for months, i have given it a hooding, i like those, not handy but... i like it.
i think that i must m ake for my new brace a lot of scarfs and hoods it's such a hughe brace, my neck and head are covered up in it. but i hope it helps to get less damaging, its's not going too well.
but.. this is it, and somwe days i can handle it much better.
next week Gerard will come back. like that, i found it great that they were on vacation but i missing them after a while too much.LOL
but i don't like to have more boxes all around me. this isn't good for me, I have told Karin this allready but she don't listen to my arguments so after all she only have wrapped more. if i knew i would go next month i didn't care but... i still don't know when i will move, Last time they thought august but ... it think it will be octobre insteade of septembre.
strange. i didn't have heard that an building project had sooo much delay -S
But i'm dissapointed too on the community workers of Haarlem those women makes sooo much mistakes, now they have suddenly found out that i have two wheels, i have told them that allready last year.
strange so i have told her that i need them both because i can't use their system of traveling publicly. she was agree with me, but now she must asked a specialist organisation to interview me, ugh-S
but first she had to go on vacation, she asked i hope you don't get stress about this, i only told her i was afraid of this allready so i will come because of this in a house that is adjustefied on those wheels so nothing is really fit on me-S
she was flabber gasthed. she never had thought of that. that's always the problem of not dispabled workers they can imagine what this all caused of new problems.
sooo it will be not fine, Gerard said jet just take them with you , then they must sorting it out. i think he is right but this isn't feeling fine anymore.
i still go to move because in my old appartment it's not good as well and i hate my smoking neighbours (my longs are hating them.)LOL
so i try to focus on the good things in haarlem.
hey have a good resting weekend you must go fit to your study!!!!!
and the rest will be good to do later on.
but i don't think you want to rest so i wish you a pleasent ironing time.LOL
and have fun with the family .
will you tell them that i will think of them all on their new year and that they will have a great teacher and classmates.
for you the same sweeetie.
and give your dog and cat some gentle stokes, if you feel some stress just think of the exercizes i have given you.
he love you sweetie and much kisses and hugs and all my love!!!!!xoxooxoxoxoox

PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for favoring my Project Runway Week 1 Challenge, My Heart's a Tart and my Ostrich Feather Headband Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
thank you it was a good freedom day, allthought i wasn't able to do some fun things.
it was just good and on tele there was the movie of Chocolat with johnny dept, i love the woman that is playing the choclat shop wife. sooo strange and full of adventure.;-D
and in the end they all turned to the best ., aways fine to have a good end, sooo comferthing.LOL
hum i'm not afraid that you will forgotten me, i know we have a great friendship so it will be okay.
hey still not read your mail on my proper mail, perhaps you can send it again to me, my computer had some problems-S
i have search for old allready wrapped in boxes curtains, but after the half i thought my back don't like this. sooo every were are now standing boxes-S
i hope i can do more tomorrow.
my body isn't soo well , i hate that-S still some problems to find out that my body don't recouvering more of the damaging -S
but don't worry i'm still myself full of spirt, i think that's to blame my jumping brains. I know you know that of your son.;-D
hey girl i love it that you will go to your study, sooo great and excithing and such a new adventure for y ou;-D
In holland all the kids are eating at home and we all need to go with food to school .:-D
but if you didn't adjust to that it will be a big change;-D
and more early to wake up to eat at home;-=D
I'm really proud that you will start this year, good for you!!!!!
hey have a nice good weekend and till soon , love you sweety and wish you all the best and strenght and succes with your study, will think of you!!!!
much hugs and kisses of me.XD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi my sweet cake friend
you're making me sooo curious of your new project.
I hope you have found all the suplies you need, i think the warmth make us all lazy.LOL i had the same, but it was a horrible migraine day.
i have taken four migraine pills but ... still it's not over.
i have lay down the whole morning hoping it would be over, but... to bad.LOL
i have measuring some boring old curtains and i can use the them, i will pimp them a tiny bit. i think i will make holes in them for placing on the back glass gems.
thinks thats a great idea;-D
horrible those storms i know them because i have seen some movies , glad that your were safe and nothing is broken.
We have just baby sized kind of them. nothing to worrying about. Only once in the ten years we got a big one as well. The big cathedrale that is standing in our city was blowed away, they thought we don't need to make it soo strong and so the importend church of all, (it was the pope church) was suddenly a small one.LOL
We had in the 14oo a real pope. he had a palace in utrecht, and i have seen it , it's not like a real castle of story tails. it's real dutch, bold and strong and boring.LOL
Very econimic build.LOL
and often people are killed during those storm, trees that are fallen down on cars and on buildings.
and... some bell towers of church will be fallen down.
and chimneys.
and dak tiles. i have been outside in such a storm, it was numbered as an orkaan, the train i was in to go back from Amsterdam to Utrecht was the last riding one, but we were stucked in the neighbourhood of my sis, the above electra wires were broken and they had first to shut down the electric on the system and then we had to go out after a hour in a trein sitting and we had to walk to the next metro station,
it was hard to get in the metro but by being very impolied i mananged in one and thought i must walk the rest to my sis her house because the advice to go to the hospital to take there a bus to utrecht wasn't working .
Later on i was right, i saw on the tele that alot of passangers were sleeping on the ground in the hospital.
my sis was glad that i was with her and she took very good care of me.
She was then expecting Sjoanne at that time.
this all was happening 15 years ago.
hey i my sweet friend so your still running and doing shoppings for the school times. I think i will do that too.
i need a new agenda, and... some beautiful paper.
yeaah it's all about waiting and being patiencend, and... i'm not at all that.LOL
but this is rediculas, and the brace for my neck and the pink wheels as well.
tomorrow the fourth i will celbreathe i think my freedom.LOL
years ago i' was married on that day, so i thought when i was divorced why not changing it in an other celbreathing day.
so i will do some nice things.
like watching a video ofGnomeo and Juliet.LOL
today i have made a new version of beads i need soooo badly a lot of paper toilet tubes.LOL
and beads , you can't never have enough of them.LOL
today it was a grey wet day, but still warm, we have had two good beautiful summer days. i think that that was enough for all of us.LOL
hey send you tons of my love and strenght for all the shopings and succes with finishing the projects you are working of and...
for you too tons of cake and care.xoxoxoxooxoxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL yes you did.!!!
Yesterday i saw suddenly in the other account your name written, but i had to do a lot of other things so i forgot to check it.
I never use that account only when this one isn't working.
i'm tired, my above neighbours are back in town-S So my long problems are back as well.
i still don't know when i will move, i think it will be later then 1 september-S
Perhaps octobre.
i'm still working on the curtains, the problem is that Karin had packed them in boxes, and we don't know which one, i have check the ones in the living room, but i'm afraid that i have to check more-S
it's finely good weather, in july we had more autumn weather then normal , but now it's summer again.
Gerard is still on the boot this is will be better for them.
Karin loves to swim in the rivers, stranges it's not sooo smart , the water is not good oftenly. Only in some parts but that are protecting ones and all the farmers must be working green.
I still don't have the brace, but i have had the last fitting last week.
i didn't want the man in my house so i welcomed him in our living room of the group, he didn't liked it, but...
i didn't give in.LOL I oftenly do this. Most people don't understand my householding.LOL
And today the boy of my pink wheels called me , but the problem now is that his van is demolitioned in his vacation-S it will cost an other week-S
i told somebody about all the things i'm waiting for at t he moment and about how all things always goes wrong.
she said woooow jet i would be soooo angry . i told her certainly i would have done the same, but this is just normal.
I'm soooooo angry at the moment of the stupid community workers in haarlem.
there seems to be a new problem she told me , i have told her last year august that i had two wheels and it wasn't a problem but suddenly she found out i had two wheels-S
like the same with the balconies -S
but.... she told me first i will go an vacation and then i must asked for an new advice of the indication organisation-S
She asked me the papers , i knew that they had received them allready, i told her that, but she said i will asked them my self by your cityhall?
strange, sometimes people can be real cows you know!!!LOL
in the meantime i'm working and trying to do alot of craftings with toilet paper to get the empty toilet tubes.LOL
and curtains.LOL
hey wish you mucht good and fun ideas for this week, and... yeaah my cats.LOL
(muis her leasie is gone finely so she don't have to stay on the prednison anylonger, hoeraaay!!!)
oooh and ... thank you for your fave on my moving on keyring and the sweet words.
hey say hello to all of you and just for you my loveliest smile ever, and... tons of hugs and kisses and... much cake and care

Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
It 's here the same, some schools in holland will start as well in august, but only in the middle of holland.
the rest will start later.
in my part they have still summer vacation it's awesomely quiet but not in the shops-S i had hoped for t hat, but i always forget that Utrecht is a tourist city as well.
my new to be town too.
and then i will live in the centre.LOL
humm i don't think i will have problems with it.
I love your teddy story , i had done the same.LOL i have such old ones too.
becaus ethey are sooo old you can do more funny things with them.
i will wait and see.
still working on my recyling glass curtains.
The felting i didn't it was raining suddenly and still, sorry for Gerard and Karin on theire stupid boot.LOL
Not funny to flood in a boot with all the rain.
but... they always can go back to their comfy home.;-D
hey wish you lot of strenght with all your school shoppings , the people are here the same as well with sales soo ....-S
don't like it neither.
hey good that you have brought the teddy to home to make him better, mayby cake will helps him as well.LOL
lots of love, cake and care and many hugs and kisses too but lesser for the rest of the family;-D xoxoxooxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
and thank you very very much of your fave on my glamourish toilet paper beads project.
wish you much crafting fun with the making of yours, and.... have a nice fun creative crafty weekend as well;-D
and again much love , hugs and kisses.LOL and cake and care!!!;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my sweet friend
don't know if i said thank you, so i will do it (perhaps twice.LOL)
thank you for your sweet fave on my phone.
it's a beautiful nice summer day, i think i will work on the balcony.
i think i will do some wet felting.
hey sweety i love your great supporting, thank you for that.
love you, take cake and care my friend, all my love and many hugs and kisses;-XD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hey sooo good to hear that you're both much better.LOL
great like to hear those messages.
it's here humm not sooo well. Muis is!!!!! she is playing alot more again, wolfje don't like that, specially not when muis picks my crafting materials because wolfje thinks it' s her job to steal them of mine as a toy.LOL
so i watched what they both did, after a while muis thought that the pattern i had made of carton was died so i could picked it up for an other job.LOL
humm it's not good with my neck, hurts a lot and.. problems with my sight and arms and hands , sooo i don't have a pain in the ass but in my neck.LOL
it's all about the traveling i had got to made this week and the bumb that week before.
i had to go this week to a hearing meeting in haarlem in the old city hall.
Gerard drove me and helped me with the hearing as well.
we where both stunned about the horrible lawer of the community department of disabled persons. he had said a lot of mean things, it was technical and hard. and not correct .
so i don't think i will got a driveable seccond door on my balcony but... i liked to set things right and to give a good nasthy replayed on him as well.LOL
gerard had said that he didn't want to say something but suddenly he did because the man pissed him off.LOL
the councel people where okay and listen to my speech, asked me the right question so it gave a good feeling, have thanked them for that as welll.
the brace isn't approved still, after 5 attemps of that stupid firm. they did it 5 times wrong.
i called the insurrancy and they called me back and had called that firm as well, made for me with the boss for my an phone appointment for next monday.
then after that i must make up my mind to stay by this one or to go to an new firm.
but... it will cost me this summer, this will be my seccond summertime stucked to home-S
not good and fine.
and the moving .... is postponed again.LOL it's just not suprising me anymore.LOL
i think perhaps it will be september?
so i will have left 2 months of the profite of fokus.-S
but ... that's my reallity .-D i have stand in my ever to be street and watch the new building and my new ever to be appartment.LOL
strange , but it was good, this isn't fun anymore and not heatlhy neither.
aaaaaw sooos weet of all t he faves and comments, had to laught of it when i read your letter on my page, and thought... wooowow , LOL
you're my biggest fan i ever have had.!!!! so nice and sweet , thank you very very much, for the telephone, the toilet paper beads, and the tiny teaset display closet.
my sis loves it too, it was her gift to her daughter some years back, and she didn't liked it at all. now she does.LOL
but this was a hard project. i'm afraid of elektric mantools , stupid because i use them alot, but always must give my self a kick to be strong and tought to set me over my fair. it's my mum.-S My sis is telling me the same.LOL
her anxiousness is still hearing in my brain and i'm not really anxious about those tools of hardware soo stupid. there is a button for on and out to turn sooo i only must be concentraite and then... nothing will happening but that's the same of many of those elektric tools, but the female tools i don't have it this strange fair.LOL
You know i'm allready 55 and then still this stupid behaviour about nothing-S
hey how are the rest of the family , are the kids back to school?
and could you turn back to your old job? and did you finelly go to the md?
and how\s your dad, i know he was ill, so... tell me but do it on the proper mail.
i know this will be to private.
ih ave missed you this months.
give the children some hugs of me and tell them i will think of them when they are going back to school wishing them good luck and a good nice class.
and for you a good year as well not as planned but like you told me it will happenend some time later , just postponed.
give Conti my greetings too and... for you lot's of cake my friendliest smile ever and.. hugs and tons of kisses and strokes for your pets
and don't forget beside the cake the care;XD xoxoxooxoxoxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaaaaw sooo sad to hear of your tumy problems-S
sometimes a heating pillow can be helpful, don't know if that can helps you.
but... you never can tell without trying.LOL
yeaah it was a dissapointment but i will go later.
first we thought that we would go thuesday but i have decided to go to haarlem to the hearing in the city hall for getting an other try for the adjustment to the balcony door on the north side.
it's stressfull.LOL i have thought of it the whole weekend and today i have wrote my speach.LOL
think i will work on it the rest of the day as well.LOL
yeaah it's not good and fine my neck, but... i'm still hope i will recover a tiny bit.
hey sweety much getting wells and better soons and much kisses of me for your tumy hurting ,to ease the pain and the normal ones with hughe hugs.LOL
love you!!!!!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my cake friend
where are you?!!! still problems?!!!
aaw that's not fine, i saw on the notifications your name and thought i will say goodbye.;XD
i didn't went to the graveyard, the bf of my neighbour had bumbed to my wheels accidently and i felted that it was not good for my neck-S
he wanted to opening the elavator door, but i was standing in front of it to opened my self-S\
Didn't say anything but only said i wasn't ready.LOL
i have had again many migraine days and sight problems and neck problems as well-S
Hate this, still waiting on the key for my new house and the brace for my neck, it's not fun anymore-=S
okay i must wait and i use my time for making curtains.LOL
poor new to be neigbhours of mine they will be freaking out when they see my curtains.LOL
must do still a lot but during the summer vacation that's okay.
hey hope you have a good sunday and that the kiddo's are going again to school. , much love for you all and for you take much cake and care . love you!!!
jet xoxooxxoxooxoxooxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my sweet and favest cake friend;XD
aaaw thank you for the fave and the sweet words on my kitschy gadget keyrings
and the new comment
Noooo certainly not !!! you're looking much younger. sure on this pict.
I always thought of the o ther picts you have send me on the proper mail that you were much younger.
You are like me not showing your real age, and ... not behaving like it ,in the good meanted words. Not childish but not like a married seatled down woman.
full of plans and sparkling.
like that, i think that why we like each other.LOL
Thank you she loved it to get all my attention , In dutch we calling a birthday child a jarige jop. (celbreathing jop. , jop is just a commen dutch name.
so i called her the whole time jopje.LOL
she loved it because she received the whole day my attention and i gave her too much food.LOL
today, it 's a sad day like yesterday it's allabout johns dying days.
So Gerard said Jet make just a small fun project, i knew that what i wanted to make for a long time needed some drying time so i started on wolfje her birthday and did the rest yesterday.
wolfje is on some picts for the tute to watch.LOL
Muis didn't like to go on the picts because she needed to play.LOL
it's now 6 years ago i found john death in his own house.
the whole morning Karin was with me so it's good and bearable. and as well because last year you and Sheila helped me to tell me think of the nice things you have shared and of all the years you had with him.
i will go to the graveyard next friday. then... it's almost done those horrible days.
only his birthday the 19th.
but.... it's less sad then other times.
Happy about that.
i hope i will upload the new project soon , i 'm working on your tute as well of the felting pillows.
i had to make wet felt and thought i must use them for you.
I will make of that an other project of again glass curtains.LOL
Yesterday my sis was with me and she loved the small pieces i had made of the glass curtains of recyling materials.
she found it gorgious so i have asked her to help me save and Karin as well.LOL
But when people know why they will.
Karin told me that her daughter loved the present i had made for her. i had knitted a mustache and made a plushie brooche of it.LOL
she had to laught of it.
sorry for all your computer problems. i will wait for the answers or stories i asked of you personel. too private for here.
i'm less sad about the postponed move now.
but everybody don't understand why it took so much time,?!
but for the girls and my plans it 's better to stay here some more time.;-D
it will be stressed full with the girls and and the plans it's now their growing time.
i have Hop and it's such a pitty to cut it all of . I have had done that two years ago and still my balcony plants are showing that-S
and they all stood tooo long in the group living room, that's for a outside plant not good.
okay now they will stay for one day in a big moving car but then on my balconies.
sooo it 's okay.
Showed yesterday my sis my picts of my new house a nd she said wooow this is awesome big and light and soooo roomy for a appartment in the middle of an old centre!
she is right. only i said i will miss the trees.LOL
so i need really those glass curtains because the next building is very closly it's a very small shopping street, like normal in dutch cities.
You know holland is a very small country so all is very nearestly and small.
but watching people shoping beneath me will be fun.
my sis told me that some months ago on her street was a boy shut down with a gun. i wasn't suprised, but it's sad to see this in front of your door.
it's a sunny day so i think i will make an other felting fabric for the curtians i will make of it.
hey hope we talk soon to each other
and the ecard you're very welcome, when we share one time real mail adresses i will send you a birthday package as well;-D
but i will do that on the proper mail not here!!!

you're kids are looking on you!!! i'm disagree specially your oldest daughter.
You know i thought she was you.LOL
hey pretty gorgious girl have a great day and glad that you are feeling more happy then ever.
and if not , we humans can make our own moods to use the exercizes i have gave you, sometimes we makes our selfs sooo sad with all the thoughts we just do.-S
By the way wolfje tells me thank you to you for her happy birhtday.LOL
she is soooo big now.LOL think she has grown this year as well.LOL
My breeder of muis and indy was stunned of her sized.LOL
and asked me is this a real birmilla.LOL They had the first birmilla of holland in their home and started to breed with them.
The granny of wolfje is that lady.LOL strange thought.

One story then i must really go.
Wolfje caught for me as present flys , living flies such big one.;-D
she takes them in her mought and talks to me and then lay them alive in my bed-SSSSS and then i must be greathfull.LOL
sweeties huh?!!!
hey have a good creative fine fun week , all my love for the others and for you more of my love and much more kisses and hugs and biggest smiles, love you!!!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my dearest cake friend;XD
wolfje is today the birthday girl.LOL
And nikki the daughter of Gerard and Karin. I have given to Gerard a small present for her.
i spoke him yesterday the moving is again postponed. for a month!!!
hate this. and it's no more funny.
still don't know when i finely live this town.LOL
i was sad yesterday about that news and that my above neighbours are back of their holliday trip-S
much elephants above me again.LOL
still don't know which wheels i'm alowed to take with me-S
but i like to have more time for my own now. i can make more curtains.LOL
I'm eager for toilet tubes and clear plastic wrappings.LOL and of course the yoghurt lids.LOL
but i must make the other curtains as well.
hey have a nice day. this notification system of cok is really mixed up.
they told me that you have faved me yesterday but that was some days ago.LOL
Say hello to the others and for you all my love hugs and a lot of kisses and good thoughts.xxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hey my fave jummy cake friend
thank you for your fave on how you must makeyour own mecury m irrowed beads.
Do this only outside please, you know my story, when i made t he tute i had to make more agian of them and saw more strips laying so i did it too long outside and i'll got agian an large asthma attack.
Gerard and my little sis had to laught of me, they told me please let it do an other for you.LOL
Hey i'm still waiting on your letter, i'm worried of you.
(you know why!!!)
hey have a great fun weekend or a late birthday party?
and.... have fun with the making of
love you , be safe , wise and smart and send you my blessings and hugs cake and kisses;-D xoxooxoxoox ^-^
Ms. Nikell
Ms. Nikell · Charlotte, North Carolina, US · 52 projects
Thanks for faving my Romper nightie.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Huraay for my dearest fave and yummie cake friend.LOL!!!!!!
humm sad to hear that you don't have a birthday mood.
I have always the same problems.LOL
i reconize this as well.
Still haven't made the pict of my new home in the right measures to send.
i'm ill at the moment, again my neck and a long virus infection.
It's getting boring/LOL But it's good to reconize the problems because i don't have to go to the gp i know what i must do.LOL

But first:
thank you for your faves on my kettle and the carfriend and the sweet comments.
I appriciating your big suport.
thank you very much!!!!
Yeaaag sometimes when things are good or has as well special memories i can't throw them away-S
Normally it's not a problem but when you must move it's a big problem.LOL
This will be a big move.
I don't like it.
No i couldn't see the inside of my new house, Still don't have got the specail brace for my new, the company that must make it must got a aproval of the heath inssurancy of mine, but they have done it twice wrong.
so untill now the inssurance had denied the aproval and send it all back.
I was really pist off.LOL (sorry for the words.LOL)
but i hate it to stay and stucked for allready 1,5 years in this house.
Muis is looking well and doing much better on the prednison but... the leasie don't dissapair she must go to the specialist for animal skins , it's a md vet.
but i can't travel sooo i have decided that we must wait and that she must taken more prednison.
It's lesser and tinier then before, but when i stoped with the meds she don't eat and don't feel well;-D
I'm working on alot of projects of glass curtains of recyling materials but, it's not ready i think when i will live there.
i'm out of recyling materials.LOL
but the parts that i have made are very special and beautifull.
so that's super;-D
Still don't know when i will got the key.
I'm waiting for it.
tomorrow i will go with Gerard laying down in his car to say goodbye and thanks to my creative therapist, i will give her the kitschy plushie heartkeyring.
and my case manager the vw van keyring.
then i can uploaded the project.LOL
i have made a tute of it.
only of images the text i must make.
then the next day i will be ill.
ugh. don't like that.
it will be strange to say goodbye after such a long time .
Today i must wrap the goodbye presents and think of what i will say to them.

One thing more, it helps to plan or to do something special on your day for your self, to feel better . I plan always nice t hings on those special days to have a more comfortable day myself.
It's the waiting for... that makes us in this strange mood.
do something you like the most.
I will t hink of you today and send you all my love hugs and kisses and much cake
and i will sing for you very loud happy birhtday. (do you hear it.LOL)
much more kisses and hugs of your dutch crafting cake friend;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my sweet cake friend
aaaw thank you for your suport on my daisy vase mobile project.
and the nice comment.
lol that would be corgious to watch when it's made.
like to see the picts.
when will you start, in july?
we still don't have summerschoolvacation sooo it's strange to hear that everybody have had it or... having it .LOL
i think it's all about the climate in the countries.
i will got the measurings today of my new home.
and ... tomorrow Gerard will bring the picts.
awesome, Karin and Kai have been inside me new home and have met my new neighbours to be.LOL
they told me they are all wheelies. i knew that allready.LOL
but the rest is just normal walkers. they have given us the fokus appartments the topfloor ones .
like that.
okay this must be it, i have been the whole time online and didn't do anything on my house-S
hey say hello to all the others and for you much love hugs and support and and kisses
jet x0x00x0x0x00x00x0x0
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaw sooo sweet of you and conti.
LOL such a big travel for just a ride.LOL
Yeaah it would be fun to see each other in real. but it's way to cold for you. You are adjust to hotter and better climats then here.
You know i'm living much higher to the north.
today it's just 14 degrees Celsius that's for the summer to low.
My friends are worried to take me to my new home i'm to fracile at the moment.
not of weigth but of my neck , it feels that someday it's broken really.
but.. thats for later , i only try to be careful, and hope that the brace will come soon.
but it will cost more weeks so it think i will stucked to home this summer as well.
mustn't think about it because it makes me upset and angry.
but this is normal for holland. All is about money now a days-S
Our coverment is horrible for the people that has special needs, Karin had almost cried for me about that, i have said no stop , i will go back to the time before it was a tiny better, i know how that was, not fine, but i can manage.
and now i have some months to adjust to all the last luxery i'm waiting for for almost 9 years.LOL
and living in the here and now is the best to be cheerful and pleased of the thinks i can still do or invent new solutions.
wooow thank you for telling you birthday date.
One thing about the md. i understand why you are scared, but not going is making things worse, tell me about it, i know the story of what happend by your first husband, its that the reason as well?
tell my more on the proper mail or on message mail here.
By some illnesses you must go , so don't wait anylonger or talk with me to try to make solutions.
I have said to you some day ago ; we only can help each other by first take good care of our selfs.
so....if you want to be a nurse , then listen to your dutch friend.LOL
you will be better for the rest for us.
They only can fix things those mds in early stages , that was the problem with Karin her feets as well.
the damaging is sooo worse and bad that i think it's to late.
they can't rebuild a whole feet. I have some problems like that as well, but i don't use my feets no more.
only hurt during the night.
so i love to sleep.LOL
i'm just to the chronicle pain, but the feets of Karin are much worse.
she is like me a too tough cookie and can't understand why others has less problems when they makes so much n oices.LOL
i having the same problem , but i think we have had the same kind of mums.
sad, specially for Karin, her mum died at the age of 3 and Karin was then just little and laying in the hospital.
Seperated of her twin sis. so it were hard times.
And now still. Only she likes like me to laugh and make jokes.
i think we are look a likes, it's for her to hard to ask for help.
i had to learned that as well. But now i have found a trick for that.
i'm not grateful for everything that people will do , somethings are just normal so then i say thanks like you say goodbye or hello.LOL
that's keeping my self esteme, because other wise i felt like a seccond less person.-S
that's not good at all.
I told her that, and i think she must talk more about this subjects.
so please tell me about you and ... perhaps we can help each other.
its still withsun the last day, only not in Zaanstreek, in that envirement they have 3 whitsun days.
when i was studying on the art academy my friend came just a day later.
so we asked her where was you, and she told but it was the 3 withsun.and we told her nooo way we have only 2 whitsun days. She told us we having 3.
nobody believed her.LOL
later on i heard of Gerard why it's a history story, they haved chased the the spain invaders away during the 80year war during the 1550
so they have given as a gift an extra day off.;-D
like those stories.
Karin told me on that day i took always the children to those amusement parks then there are less long rows and waiting time.LOL
smart girl.LOL
told my sis and she said i have heard the same that's strange.
i'm preparing some wctubes for making curtains of it.
because i need so much i ts a lot of work and cost too much time.
must do today really my administation, i didn't done it yesterday.LOL
thought we have a free day offf so i have that as well;-D
okay this must be it for to day.
A good day and fun with your family, and take it easy and slowly you all have summer vacation.
sooo that be can be crafty and creative as well;-D
take cake and take good care my sweet cake friend.
and lots of hugs and kisses , and give my greetings to the whole family of yours;-D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my dearest Cake friend;-D
i had some rough days, still not too well,
it started with the dissapointment of the brace for my neck after 7 weeks now 9 weeks it's still not ready.
And i had to go to watch my new home to be inside for taking measurments.
but nodbody can't drive me or don't want to take the risk of it.
So Karin my friend wanted to go and take the measurments and the picts. but then she heard friday that here feets aren't to fix anymore.
i have asked for my sis, she will go when Karin say no because of her own problems.
and i had to call carpetings stores and nobody will do the things like i want to -S
very dissapointing, so i asked my sis and she came with some new ideas,
My mum had done the same in her house so i asked what do you have used underneat the linoleum she told something the same which my sis and i had thought of.
she told me that she will asked a friend to asked if her son knows a good store in Haarlem, stupid that's not the problem. but....
i thought she can't hear that so let her go Jet LOL
but i didn't know i was going ill agian, i think it's a inflame on my blaster.
i can't feel that, so it always going to far so it goes always to high .
i knew that my mood was strange , i couldn't take nothing of others.LOL
i only could cry.LOL
so i t hought that's not of less sleeping this is something else.
so...suddenly i thought of all the wet diapers the whole day.
and less going on the toilet. humm this is a strange talk.LOL
i hope it will going soon better, when not i must phone my gp.
have make some new project , humm t hey where a little old but all laying waiting for to be finished.LOL
have make a wind chimney of an old kettle i will make of that a tute.
still saw that i must make the tute for you. please be patiencend;-D
so thinks are going tooo slowly and suddenly it's going to happening.
they think i will receive the key in august.
so that why i must hurry with all kind of things.
in this month i must say goodbye in real of my therapist ,and the creative therpist as well.
Gerard will come with me, to drive me and to talk to Emile about how it will go later on for t he help in Haarlem.
so.. that is i think okay.
only it felt a little bit sad to say goodbye to good people;-D
i think i will miss t hem , i have worked with them great, some battles had with them but that's good for a better connection.
And the weather is coming better , it seems to be summer time.LOL
we must wait some weeks more for that.
Soooo lots to do still and less energy.;-D
some day some time .... i will live in Haarlem and hoping for better times;-D
the good thing is that my friends are living nearby., the rest is a big adventure;-D
like for you , you will change as well of proffesion though?!!!!
okay i suddenly remembered that you had to go to the md , please tell me about that.
not here but on the proper mail;-D
hey how you're doing in this summer vacation, and tell me more of yourself.
i have been missing you alot;-D
ooh Muis is going on improving much better, only now there is a pin hole spot left, so... i'm glad and she looks and behave now again like a n ormal birmees cat.LOL
sometimes i'm suprised of that. Lots of battle between the girls because she wants to be the boss because she is the oldest .LOL
Wolfje don't like that , but she loves to play with muis as well. but i must be guarding them aside.
think that's the best.
okay much greetings out Utrecht and have a great Whitsun and lots of fun with the kiddo's and Conti and the animals all around and , take some cake and care.LOL
and... much hugs and kisses of me;-D <3xxxxxx
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for favoring my Labor of Love and my Open Back Dress Happy
Ms. Nikell
Ms. Nikell · Charlotte, North Carolina, US · 52 projects
Thanks for faving my Three Ingredient Biscuits!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL awesome that you given me a comment of how you're doing, had to laught of the ending link of Conti's profile, i thought ooooh i must write you back direcly.
and suddenly i came out on Conti's page.LOL
glad that your son loved the card, i think it's always good to get mail for such effords they have done and thinking that others are glad and proud and thinking of you.;-D
say thank you to him for letting my know his appreciation and say you're very welcome.;-D
i was thinking oooh you're still busy with the vacation at home .
we don't have summer vacation our summer times are always some months later.
July and august. And not all we have the same time those holidays.
so some family like my sis has spend sometimes only a week together .
because she works in an other part of holland. Holland is a tiny country so it's not tooo bad to travel some miles.LOL
when i'm thinking of the usa or Mexico or France i always think my goss they have far to travel.LOL
but holland is agian much smaller.LOL
we have still too less rain, it's strangly dry, so because the country is some meters below sealevel the salty water comes to far in the land.
so the famers has problems.LOl I must laught of this, because it's always the same in holland, but the dikes are not good for this long periode of dryness.
some cuts will come in them of the dryness and then they are too weak.
but don't worry, we are commen to this. it's just a matter of keeping things in order and keeping up the guardions.
all around me is still looking fresh brightly green , we have a lot of green around us sooo , when i 'm speaking of this i always must laught because by you it's worse dry. but this is typical dutch. talking and be crumpy of the weather conditions.LOL
it's hour daily small talk, but our weather is changing very quickly.LOL
i like that.;-D
never a dull moment lOL
aaw so sweet of you to put the pool out for hte kids.
like the idea.
i can see my house this month, only for taking some measurings
still don't know when i will got the key.
don't like it anymore and the problems with the balcony adjustments aren't fixed neither, still don't know which suplies i 'm alowed to bring with me.-S
strange !!!!
but some day some time i will move to haarlem i'm telling this allready 1,5 year!!!-S
not fine.
but.... i'm trying to make the best of it with my furrie friends.
ooh muis is making improvement i saw today the leasy is now flattend but i like to give her some more prednison because she needs still some more body mass to win.
she looks suddenly after years like a real birmees cat. all covered up with hair. and no bold places and bleeding skinparts and.... more bodymass is making her beautiful. she things now she is a young cat again.LOL
she fights and play a lot with wolfje that is still trying to adjust to this new muis cat.LOL
don't think she likes this new situation of her cat mate because she isn't longer the boss, muis is !!!LOL
but she is still a street slut cat.LOL
okay i will take my break and eat some cake and take care.
oooh i'm doing much better my neck is now normal again with the normal pain of the damaging and my hands and arms are lesser then before so i'm must now adjust to this new situation, but that's okay, this is normal.
so don't be worrying.
hey have fun with your summmer vaction kiddo's and of course with Conti.
love you my sweet friend and be crafty
(one story, my mum told me she had to choose a new light weighted colour of cast and i asked her which colour will you choosen?
she said they have only bright colours and only the blue one is not too bright so it will be blue , i can't weare bright colours on my ages.(85)!
i was stunned i told her why not i 'm riding in bright colours of wheels and i'm a middle age woman too, if you like it why not. then it was silents.
i think my mum didn't liked the idea of me rinding out on the street win my bright big yellow or pink wheels.LOL
told her what you had made for her son, but i think she loves to show her cast to get suport of others.LOL I know this of her, don't fight it anymore i playing her came now and i think that's the best.LOL)
hey plenty and more hugs and kisses;-D xoxoxooxoxooxoxooxoxooxo

Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi , thought i must say hello, hope the weather is better by you.
and you have a good time with the family at home;-D
thinking of you , send you all my love , take cake and care and have fun and be crafty and lots of hugs and kisses;-D
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Thank you for faving my crochet brook mark..smile
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaw thank you for your two comments on the mouse plushie and the moveable... and the faves as well.
yeaah i think it's helping me something in this time of the year, we had in this time a lot private celebreathing days so i have always during those days some grieving moments-D not to bad, gerard told me you must do something with it, and don't try to run away of them.
so i did with this project and picking up some old books of art which we loved to watch together and in real as well.
thanks that you understand that;-D
Some people things you must throw those things away, cloths or giving it away.
with a lot i did, but his cloths that i had made i couldn't and of course his artwork and his own made material and tools i didn't throw away.
then a friend of ours didn't liked it so i had to disagree with her oftenly-S
Now a days i think she had a hard time by her own of her own lost of her brother a month for Johns dead.
i had asked about that, but she told me nooo it's okay i can deal with both.
i spoke last year on Johns birthday when i went with Gerard to his grave about that, and he said i think you we're right.
but it's sad that it' was later on the reason to stop the friendship.
she was a very old and dearfriend of mine, but later on she was more Johns friend.
i think to much was happenend
so i'm still do my best to understand those things and to do my best with other persons their grieve to stand by them. or not.LOL
live can be strange.LOL
yesterday Gerard showed me a book he is reading it's about how to forget things.LOL that's very interesting , i think i want to read that book as well;-D
i told Gerard all what was happening with the fokus worker and that i didn't liked him no more.
Gerard said you're right this is strange behaviour of him, some people try to be nice but in real they aren't so when you don't be agree with them they will show their real personallity to you.
i think he's right, i told him something like i had have with that man was happened with an other customer of Fokus and i thought this wasn't her to blame but him as well.
Gerard thought the same. so ... i will keep my guard up when i see him next time.
i will have in june a first meeting in my new home to be. to measuring things up. like windows and so on.
still can't work today i have done a tiny bit but my neck was telling me stop please.lOL so i was wise this time.
perhaps a tiny bit later i can try it again.
outside there's a market and they have a bbc aargh all the smoke and bad smell is n ow in my room as well, the wind is blowing to my house and i had openend the balcony door-S
wolfje is now crying for to go out but i keep the door closed.LOL
sad for her, but better for my longs.LOL
i think when they will stop i will open the door again so she can go out.
sooo sweet i had received a email of Karin my friend
she told me i have missed you and was asking about my sis i'm trying to calll her but she is .... unreachable.LOL
so Karin asked is she in timboekto? and told me that there is on the beach such a cafe which she wants to vistid with me.LOL
we are now closer friends then ever.
i love that , i told her that i had bought some new books for my work and that one of them had some new recipies for felting so i told her about that and she said Jet i can't wait to watch them and we have for more then ten years to learn from you crafting things.LOL
i think it will be more.LOL
only i must be more carefully then ever, my neck is too bad , i'm sooo fracile now, my mood is better but i know the problems don't go away anymore.
my arms will stay like this.
so... i must deal with t his new situation and try to make new solutions.
but i will.
there are still things to do differently and to learn it in a new manner or with new tools.LOL
it was helping me a lot when i saw Gerard yesterday.
the day before my pink wheels came and i was a tiny bit fallen in love with that boy.LOL but when he heard that thursday my age he didn't liked me anymore.LOL
so when Gerard said to me by phone aaaw sweetheart, it was super.LOL
Because it was said the other day to think oooh no man will say something like that to me, when i love them as well.
i have the problem oftenly that the wrong men are falling in love with me-S
and this was the first time it was a good one.LOL
but ... he wants a younger persone i think for to get children the whole package you know.LOL
i can't given him that anymore.LOL
Don't wanting that anymore.;-D
mayby this is better.
so .... i'm stronger again.;-D hummm i hope your kids will love to make those moveable things.LOL or make the paper dolls of mine, i think they can change them in princess or pirates as well for their inside iland camp.LOL
hey sweetie hope you have set them on a new camping programme and send you all my love, much cake and take cares and fun ever and all my love hugs and kisses
jet xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL that was fun, camping in your own garden.
easy peasie just do the same in your house, make in their rooms tents of sheets and blankets, let them go on adventure by searching for the house treasure.
to following sings and letters you will hang everywhere.
you can do the same but then inside.
My mum learned us poems by only telling a line and then you must repead it the whole time by the new one, and then it goes quicker and quicker till somebody makes a mistake and then there was only one winner.
telling stories or let them write them make wall paintings by hanging wallpaper on the wall with tape , or let t hem make with paper and paint their own woods or desserts or... seashore, beach what ever they want to be.
you can make vingerdolls to give a show or play of it.
or making their own comics or their own dresses and ending feast.
you know i think no what to do;-D
when not just give a yell and i will think of it and send you more ideas.;-D
woooow you're making me tooo importend.LOL
love you sweetie!!!;-D
hey it's here much to dry, so we wants to have some rainy day of yours i think.;-D
it's till green but we have other big problems to less drinking water,my country is much to low , it's much meters beneath the sea level, so the salt water is coming to far now in the land, so that's not good for the farmers . and the water is becoming to salty to drink out of the tap.
we drink it , it's okay and well cleaned!!!
but. i think we only must adjust to this new weather problems .LOL
we dutch can complain of all things you know.LOL specially t he weather it's a fave and great small talk for us.LOL
but we have a very quickly weather changing so it's never boring.LOL
hey hope this is enough and hope you can do something with the ideas
love you , love how you made so much fun with the kiddo's
say hi to them and all my love and hugs.
(mayby the will live on an iland in the house so they must think how they can live on the island, without buying things , sort of survival fun party.LOL
love !!!! and cakes and care xoxooxoxoxooxoxooxoxooxoxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
helllo my yummie cake friend;-D
aaaw thank you for an other support of you on a project of me, the moveable part tools.
this waiting of to move ,1,5 years now, is making me crazy but creative as well.
LOL so stupid when you know that you have all the materials but you can't use them-S argh so it's making me a real recycling queen.LOL
hey how are you?
hope you have the visiting by the md done!
still thinking of you,
hey love you and the other family members of yours.
mayby time for more cake my frined? and care!!!.LOL
sorry t hat i always teasing you. LOL
but i meaning it well, hey lots of dutch greetings and hugs and kisses and be crafty and creative and having a great summer vacation;-D cxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my fave dearest friend dont know anymore if i have said thank you for the faves on the application on the sweater and the clownheads, so thank you.LOL
this new system isn't working for me-S
you must watch in two places to comments and faves and that's not possible for my jumping brains.LOL
You will understand that.LOL
hummm i had a boring week i couldn't do muc;h of my neck problems i can't use my hands and arms correctly, not high and not let them hang beside me body and they don't listen to my brains comments.
so i look like a clumpsy girl.LOL
it's a tiny bit better i can sit longer up with my head high.
so that's the biggest improvement this week.
it's making me more cheerful
and less worn out.
so sweetie ih ope it's going okay by you and the crafting time with the family as well
wish you much cake and care and lots of love hugs greetings fun and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi my cake friend, awesome that he loved it.
still proud of the both of you, i know that a mum is always a big deal for those finishing things so.... awesome job of the both of you.
My mum has the same illness it's like muis is having but then without the ulsers it will go away but will come back, it's hurting a lot.
Gerard takes now a lot of painkillers and wants to work this week , i don't know if he can.
we will wait and see,
but i have suddenly big problems again as well i can't move my arms and hands properly , it's my neck again, can't held my head very long straight so i must lay down a lot, and must take more of the morphine meds whitch i hates because then i can't do nothing , but now i can't do nothing either.LOL
so this isn't much sense.LOL
i had ordered new book for my art work, for inspiration and some new tutes to try out, one of them is awesome it's the an other kind of 3d felting but not by addinging new things but by binding things,
i can't wait to try this out.LOL
sooo awesome;-D
yeaaah i love to think with others to make them creative and crafty so you're welcome.;-D hummmm my fave teacher on the art academy told me at the end of the gradiation that i would be a great teacher because of my creative ideas.
i'm not sure about being a great teacher, because i have done some big mistakes with my friends when i gave them painting lessens.LOL
but the thing what was going great was to learn the joy of crafting .
i can make everybody enthausiastic.
when i was hospitalized two years ago we got some therapy and i suddenly took my old proffesion up and did the job of the worker.LOL
so everybody was suddenly joining us , which they didn't the other times.LOL
i gave the worker later my apolizes for doing such a thing and she told me it's myself to blame as well, because i gave you all the space to do so.LOL
later on i was just a normal patient for her which was better for me and her as
Yes it's going better with muis but still it's not gone so i have hold an other cure of prednison by the vet.
there are tiny left overs of the leasies on her lip. like sewin pins points. She had two places next to each other so it's looks like two very small spots;-D
but she is still growing , which i'm very glad off she is almost feeling like a normal cat. She is eating much better now, and everywhere hair on her body, awesome , she almost looks like a normal birmees cat.LOL
only to tiny.LOL
wolfje is hughe for a birmilla , she is now no longer the boss in house .
she is much silence , so i must give her more attention. i think ,
i have called yesterday the community centre in haarlem and they told me to write a letter as well for an other commision to go against the dicision, this will take too long time but ...
i don't know what it will be in the future.
hey i must leave now because i must call the gp to asked me to call back for some advice for my neck.
hey when do you have that appointment by the md?
hey my friend have a great fun awesome time with lots of crafting with the family;-D
many dutch hugs and kisses and hello's to the others and all my love;-D xxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my fave tasty cake friend
wooow congreatulations with your son!!! i'm proud as well
Have send him on the proper mail a ecard
hope you can received it.
Thank you for the faves on the clowns heads and the sweater applications i had to laugh of t he comments.
thank you for that as well.
always fine to have suport of you!!!;-D
I got yesterday a mail of cok of sombody to fave an other , but it was not special.
didn't liked it.-S
LOL must laught of the clownshead to use it for a birthday, it will be for a small bag on the top i think.
but ... i'm not okay the last days , and very moody, to much pain.
and my hands don't work well either and ... Gerard is seriously ill.
It will cost i think much time to recouver of it, and it will come back.
he thought it was just a ear inflamination.LOL
he wrote me that his hair was hurting as well so i thought that can't be just a ear inflammination,
humm have heard that i will got my new home the first august and then everybody is on vacation i hate this soooo much , don't like to go anymore
and the problem of the other balcony isn't fixed still to much insicure things.
yesterday a man of fokus called me and told me that he had said that in the beginning i knew that he didn't told me that so i said that to him so he said yes and i every time no.
not working, i didn't liked him anymore, but i need him for a while proffesional so ... i must be polite.
the thing i did wrong to tread him like he was a friend. i does this too m uch.
but at that moment i had a migraine and was almost gone to the vet for a prescribtion for muis.
the ulser is almost gone some tiny sewing pin points are there, so she will have the prednison for three week more.
i almost had to cry by ed because he told me that his brother in law will die.
it trickered me of John so it made me emotional.
he was suprised that i gave him my suport for his brother in law and of somthing we had in commen daily headages.LOL
But i know Ed for almost 25 years. pfff that's a long time.LOL
We have the same fave cats , the birmees. When John and i came the first time with our brown birmees Poema (she was just a kitten) (some friends of us told us she was look like a bat.LOL, because of her brown fur and the strange big ears.LOL
poor puss. and he was sooo glad to see an other birmees owner he called his whole family to show Poema.
Every time i come to him with one of them he is in love with my cats, he loved Wolfje very much as well, Gerard told him when Jet is gone and you're still living you may have Wolfje.LOL
i can laught of this , Gerard is always concern of this subject , when we talked about the grave of John and he heard i had bought two places in one, he said oooh glad to know this, for when you're dead.LOL
I don''t think i will die so quickly.LOL
but i think it's his caring for me.
so i send him much e cards for wishing him well.
must think for some help for Haarlem because i must respond on the balcony very quickly in time, and know i have only called them to make a solution but i'm running out of time-S
i want to stay home today but i must go to the librairy , i must i can't renewal the books anymore-S
so it will be a not good day again.
but that's live;-D
Next week my pink chair will come again i hope it's okay now and fixed okay there will be one more point but that will make the dealer.
Okay glad to hear from you , have missed you, and i'm proud of you too as a good mum for helping your son with his school!!!!
some idea's
twig dolls , search for old twig, you can paint them and give them heads of old fabric or just ols plastic cups and set them in the garden.
or... making chimeys of recyling materials of plastic bottles and old tins and spoons and so on.
you can felt with them, make felting balls and make gurlands of them for inside and outside.
and you can make more bouncy balls and slimmy as well.LOL
only don't let it dry with out a some gardian because of the dog;-D
lay it very high and put some thing covering on it, with very gazy openings .
this will do and of course you can make of old plastic bottles flowers too.
hey much fun with the family and say congreatulations with their brother and son to everybody of your family and greetings as well
hey eat some more cake with the whole family !!!!
love you all;-Dxoxooxoxoxooxoxooxoox
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi girl thank you for your fave on my sticky tools project
wish you much profite of it. it makes me always crumpy when tools become to sticky and don't do their job not so well anymore.LOL
hey hope your okay , greetings and hugs and kisses of me your friend
and don't forget to take cake and care.LOL
hugs fun and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaw my fave fave cake friend, thank you verymuch of your sweet and funny comments on the paper tape and the shaving cream.
must laught of the last one.
i had gel and it looked like the a dirty tasting desert.LOL
i had some bottles of it of John still , still having more of them.LOL
hey thank you for the faves of yours as well.
yeaaah it can be addicting those old envelopes.LOL
had just this week add them on written post on the back side, it 's a funny idea to glue evelope tape on envlopes.LOL
i'm trying to copy a whole book for today, too much work-S
And i had ordered some new diapers but they can come in two days so i must try to stay at home those days and i had to go to the library but the mailman is allready came by so i'm lucky and happy.
the man looked n ot cheerful i thought i mus tthank him better, it didn't worked out.LOL
poor man!!!
i was feeding the ladies when he rang on the door so i had to hide their food , but now they have eaten it all and are having a stomac full with cat food, Yummie.LOL
i think they will go to sleep the rest of the afternoon.
so ... i must go on to be ready to go with the books to the librairy and will tell you about this weekend later on more.
like a soap story.LOL
hey have a nice fun crafty weekend, hugs and kisses and take some cake!!!!LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi, again my yummie cake rainbow friend
you're welcome i loved them really, oooh so i was right, i think it will be the same kind of plastic like the yellow woodglue bottle of mine that i used for the teabunny tower project and for the bunny dog.
i love your emails so i look forwarts for it.;-D
yeaah for you the same cake and care.LOL
lots of love and hugs and kisses;-D xoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxox
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
i will send you a proper mail today.
thank you for all your compliments , talk to you later;-D
take cake my friend;-D lots of dutch greetings and hugs x0x0x00xx0x0x0
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my fave sweet cake friend
humm hope your now better of the migraine;-D
aaw that's a sweet idea for my mum but i bet she don't want to have such a thing.LOL my mum love to show her cased and complains.LOL
I like her but sometimes.aaargh.
as a child she could complain so strange.LOL Later when i was 40 i heard by accident a other woman and she did the same show, and i said of course ooh i'm very sorry.
but she didn't stoped with her show like my mum would do as well.
so it' made me sooo angry i came back and said okay i have said sorry and now you must stop.LOL
i knew it wasn't fair , i was telling it to my own mum.LOL
now i can laught but at that moment i felt very ashamed.LOL
Hey thank you for all the sweet nice comments on the bunny towers and... the faves ;-D
the grass you can buy them like fake tiny meadows. i have bunch of them, but they are of course all wrapped allready by Karin.-SSSS
so this was an other that i have bought.LOL
they are cheap and during the seisons they are having an other grass colour.LOL
but i loved and prefere the spring colour more.
but..... i don't must buy anymore. they are selling those meadows in dollars shops and sometimes in big garden stores. but when i'm moved i will send some for you.
In haarlem they have the same kind of stores as well.
sooo ... i will asked if you need or want them still your normal adress by proper mail. don't do that on here. You know everybody can read it.LOL
Gerard was chocked when he read my comments, he said it's to personel, but i don't write things that i don't want to share with all the others beside you and other friends on here.
We have a long weekend off, because of easter days.
we celebreathe easter two days do you have that as well?
i know in Haarlem and some other cities they have three easter days/.
it's about a h istory fact, i heard of it by a friend of me on the art academy she didn't showed up after the easter vacation , so we called her, and she said oooh i thought it's the third easter day, don't we have that in Amsterdam.
so we said no , and then she came the sameday.
i was very suprised about that extra day.
but it was not a joke it's real ;-D but two easter days is enough
it was strange to watch other people doing there shoppings , it's just one day longer this weekend and they bought sooo much like they were starving.LOL

aaaw that's nice to know that 's your childrens fave colour;-D
i' prefer bright red.LOL
it's stronger.
but all around me in my living room it is blue and green.
say hello to your babies.;-D give your pets hugs and conti as well.
have a great nice day and if you celebreath easter have a great easter party with all kind of coloured eggs. don't eat too much of them.LOL
just cake is engouh.LOL
oooh i read suddenly PJ comment did you knew when you glue masking tape underneath your sewing feet you don't need those extra paper on it.
And somtimes you can do other tricks but... i think this will work the best.
hey love you be creative , crafty having fun , searching for those dammed eggs.LOL and try to eat cake , i 'm think ing this next week for you.
so please do those exercize my sweet friend.;-D
and take care;-D hugs and kisses as well for the rest but for you the most.LOL
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Thank you, it will work great for so many thing's I have used the plastic on out side of bags for outer pockets for my daughters mary k selling.And you can make them as big or small as you like.The only thing I found that was diffcult was sewing over the plastic, as It sticks, so I pinned every thing really good and the put thin paper that come with the plastic over it and sewed away..that was a big help..HOpe all is well with you and your feeling great..hugg sxoxoxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my birthday celebreathing friend.LOL
hey glad that conti loved his card.
and liked that i thought of him, i know it's sooo much fun to get attention, my sis has forgotten my bday for many years so ...
i know how that feels
So i try to do my best to send my friends cards.
humm it was scary yesterday , i thought that Muis would die. she was sooo ill suddenly so i called my vet but he had much sugeries so i had to wait and suddenly she recouverd so when Ed the vet called me i told him she is much better now but he said just come i will give her a check up.
he couldn't found it, today she had a good day , she sleeps a lot. and is very hungry but perhaps that's the prednison.
i had today some appointments but both of them wheren't happening.-S
the last one , wasn't such a suprise because that md is always calling off.LOL
okay, have worked today on my sewing machine i'm making of the webbing tute of mine class curtains. much work but i like the effect.
and have worked on an old project of tiny bags of reclycling m aterials.
Both Karins love them.
i love the tiny ones the best.
have done a lot.
Today Gerards and Karins son is having his bday.
lot's of birhtday persons in my envirement.LOL
yeaah i love to see your picts.
hey still not uploaded the cozy cast? humm my mum has fallen and now she has two broken arms-S
the first one wasn't health and still in plaster, this new one would take a long time as well told the md.
sad for her.
It's like muis when people and animals are goig old it's much harder to recover -S
okay my friend take cake and care but mayby you have eaten too much cake yesterday;-D
all my love and , greetings and hugs and kisses and care;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my fave cake friend
i hope you are finished with the baking of cakes.
awesome that the two of our fave persones are having the same date !!!
then it must be a good date.LOL
hey i was today with Gerard to the brace shop and he got me fineally in the plaster .LOL Gerard have made a picture of it.
i had put on my bra, only for those happenings i will weare such a horrible thing
had asked of Gerard please stay with me.
he did.
and took a picture when i my neck was with plaster.
so i'm glad that i will got a better brace.
it will spend more time then i had hoped of-S
but i think this must help me to come out more of my house.
it's not good for me to stay longer then this year in my house because of my n eck problems.
hey will think of you both tomorrow, so congreatulations for tomorrow for Conti hope you having a fun party.LOL
aaaw so sweet that your girls love this, and that they like my projects as well.
wooow i love that idea. thank you for telling me this.
i will try to be sooner to make the tute.
hey will think of you all tomorrow and will sing very loud for Conti as well happy birthday tomorrow so he will heard it.LOL
woow i must sing really loud and hard.LOL
poor voice of me.LOL
and poor ears of you all.LOL
hey till later my sweet friend and have a nice fun afternoon
love and hugs
Luma! · 4 projects
I gonna make that beatify your head band.
P.S i have posted a new thing its called the best hot chocolate ever!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
ooo oo didn't read your comment not good, always the same problems with my reading-S I will make later a tute for you it's a nice methode to make shapes on a felt fabric.
but that will comes later. please give me time,;-D humm i'm running out of time, so till soon my cake friend;-D xoxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxooxoxo and care as well;-D LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaw so sweet and kind , my biggest fan to fave and write a comment.
i was running out of time with alll the editing so i thought okay t hen i will post this, lesser work.LOL
so thank you for your suport it's always fine to know that somebody will give my support.;-D I need that .LOL
no really, it's helping me to go on.
hey sweetie i must stop now really i must hurry to dress myself for Karin she will coming soon;-D
hey have a nice fun creative day;-D xoxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxooxoxoxoooxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL aaaaw no cherries.LOL poor kiddo's and conti.;-D
the 21 huh.?!!!
my niece is the 20 th having her birthday. i have checked if i had nice funny card to send to her, she loves kitschy things so i send her an aweful kitschy dog .LOL
They where my little sis and she suddenly yesterday afternoon by me.
She becomes 17th, asked her of her new bf, so sweet , and asked did you have a picture and i saw she loved it, to show him, h ave said such a hunk.LOL
she loved me even more.OL
Couldn't see him not so well but i thought she will love those words.LOL
i hope he is nice for her.
don't know that for sure but he comes everynight to her on visiting hours so sweet h er mum only twice in the week and the weekend.
Have got her adress she is hospitalized for months and have promised to send her an overload of ecards and normal ones to glue them as wall paper in her room>LOL
so i must try to buy more of them, or making them, she had made a painting on canvas for me sooo sweet and lovely.
i was suprised of it, really good as well. and... she gave me her old toys , have promised to make something for her of it specially.
don't know yet what to make.
yeaaah girl is counting down time for you.LOL
humm i'm glad that muis is doing much better she eat allready better, the leasie isn't dissapeaired but it's too soon i think.
i'm glad that she eat better now.
i know those bill to well-S that's why i have got for wolfje an assusance .
so i got less suprise for her.
muis has had a lot of problems , but she loves her live so humm becaus i love her i will pay all those horrible bills.LOL
hey m uch fun with the baking and preparations;-D
humm thank you all for the kisses now i don't have to wash my self today.LOL
nooo i really love you all , it's making me feel so good, t hank you all.
hey girl take it easy .LOL
it will be okay and do somthing romantic ?!!!
men loving that as well ;-D
hey be crafty and creative, all my love and will think of you alll.
hugs and grettings and all my love,;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaaw so sweet all your suport , your such a great fan.;-D
thank you of your comments on the fur and the bunny dog and the fave as well.
it was fun but now i can't see my dog anymore.
so i have set him far away , so monday Karin asked to show him to her.
the first thing she did was watching underneat it.LOL
i said to her , that's not proper to do.LOL she looked at me suprised and then she had to laught.
but i had to smile she took it in her arms and storkes it. so funny but i saw she meanted.
so sweet.
humm okay , yeaah those colours are funny , when i'm looking to my project i must laught and smile of the funny colours.
it's making me smile and cheerful , i'm very sensitive of colours do you have the same?
now i will make my meal.
till next time my dearest greatest cake fan friend
love you dearly.
lots of hugs and kisses and greetings to the rest of the family.xoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxooxooxooxooxoxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi, my cake friend
humm of course i will have a piece of cake.LOL
send it please to me.LOL
yeaah so you're a backing and cooking girl.LOL
it's not canger of Muis but it's something seriously else.
but i was very quick so it's just a leacy and not worse.
i know the latin name not anymore, but he showed me the worse stages , horrible she must now have prednison. and then try to watch what is happening.
other wise we must go to the pet clinic.
sooooo expensive=-S so i will first try this out.
she has had a injection so i must start with the other meds just tomorrow.
wolfje don't like the smell of the vet on muis so she is sisshing and then i must say strickly puppuppup and then she will say to me i don't like this vet cat in my house.LOL
but she don't attack muis, she knows that she will have punishment , i will set her on the hall , she don't like that.
about eating, some puss can be verry strong and then those tom cats don't dear to eat when they are around them.
you can better let him eat in a room with out any others.
Poor you to be a girlfriend food giver.LOL
oooh glad that you have found the picts of the cast so i don't have to send them.
the mover man came too late so he had to watch my house in a quarter, LOL
it was just a very quickly visiting. He told that to Gerard but i had had to much troubles to got an so early appointment by t h e vet for Gerard.
so i told Gerard if you noticed that i'm entertain stop me. he did.
he only give me a sign stop.LOL there wasn't time to try again.
Humm i'm almost better of my allergic reaction , so glad of that. i'm back again on the concerta but i must adjust agaon to it so i was very jumpy.LOL
poor gerard.LOL
so i'm glad that muis doesnt' had to be surgery or to let her die.
i must now watch how this is going on, it don't will go away anymore. but if it's not going worse it's not tooo bad to let her live.
she is so dear to me, such a sweet cat you know.
hey how is your sun's wrist. is there any improvement to see in the moving:_D
i hope so.
do you have got the present for conti allready.?
i'm too curious.
yeaah i have uploaded last week two new ones and for today an other.
but i wanted to uploaded something else my kitchen tower scraps.LOL
Gerard was suprised when he saw the end result of them.
don't know if he liked it or not. didn't watch his face.LOL
hey my dearest friend
much fun with your cakes upside down.LOL and all the baking.
take care , i'm still thinking of you and.... do while your baking the sensitivity exercize it will make the baking less tired.
hey love you and i will fave of course the cast.LOL
yeaaah you're right about the brace , told gerard how it's not fitting and how it's hurting me and about those sexisme behaviour of the man .
gerard has promised me that he will stop this the next time.
and was okay that i want an other brace and not this one.
glad that he is with me this time again.
okay i must eat now and take my meds.
the last predinson.Yeaaaah glad off.
my stomac as well.LOL
hey have a nice good weekend , be gentle to yourself and love you , my vip vip friend. take of course some of your upside down cakes as well and care;-D
lots of kisses and hugs ;-D xoxooxoxoxooxoxoxooxooxoxoxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, my fave yummie cake friend
oooh do you like it if i send you them to you?
I have them still. just let me know.
i will do that of course on the proper mail;-D
still itchy but i have managed to sleep this night, and ... i'm glad that i have stoped with those meds, the prednison is working allready , glad off.
Wooow that's great news , sooo good of you that you'r estill calm down.
If n ot starte with those exercizes i have given you.
you know it will helps you.
humm nooow it's not alzheimers but you're to busy.LOL Not all woman can do two things in the same time , and you are doing much more allready, the kidds and family and your work and yourself.-D
I'm not a women neither for doing two things in the same time, most friends thinking that of me, but then i 'm mixed up and make plenty of mistakes.
so i try to think like a man.LOL not easy because i 'm a woman.LOL
must do a lot and i'm doing nothing, feeling still sick stommac pain of the prednison. but my fever has stopped and i must take them for two times more so... i don't must comoplain.
tomorrow the first moving organisation will come to look to my household and for sending me a offer. excithing it's here a mess.-S
i'm glad Gerard is with me, and then we must go to the vet with muis , she must be checked of her lip it's something hard on it. not good.
i'm scared so that's why gerard will comes to me.
Muis is doing now better she is growing bigger in the width, the big tummy of food is finely spreading oout to the rest of her boddy.LOL
she is sooo sweet. and it's not soo scarry anymore to strokes her.
she was turend in a an cat. Birmees cats can have an eating disorder as well.
but that's not good. she had problems of her lip and gems.
so i hope it's not canger or he can take it away by surgery.
poor money of mine.LOL
i got an offer for covering the floor of more then 4000.-- euro ugggh./
my mum has offering that, but... i got the offer from the expensive shop so we must call the cheaper one as well.
and i must watch the linoleum (it's a dutch product all of nature and very durable.
in real, i thought i saw an awesome colour but on the next site i thought ugggh i don't like that.LOL
it's green with blue but on the other it was more grey.LOL
Gerard noticed it and said that's your fave and i said n ooo way. but he was right.LOL
i didn't ware the new brace , i hate it.LOL i can't wrap it myself properly so it's only hurting and it's giving me more damage. so i have again sight problems and headages and neck pain.-S
thought i will tell that next time that this isn't the one i want'.LOL an other reason it's a dirty smelling one.LOL so it's not fine, and in the hot weather with out covering my neck is melting aways.LOL
okay much complains and crumpy ness of me. next time i will be nicer adn cheerfuller , humm and almost your hubby's birhtday. awesome.
you must be busy.
hey i'm thinking of you all, send them all my hugs and greetings
lots of love and cake and even more hugs and kisses for you my fave friend
and care.LOL
jet xoxooxoxoxooxoxooxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my fave cake friend;-D
congreatulations of your free son , with a normal arm.
it's always the same after such a long period of cast, he must do exercizes when he is in bad to try to move it a little bit.
i had the same, so this is normal but when it's hurt n ot then go back directly.
You know this as well, sorry i'm acting like your dutch mum.LOL
hey i see you'vn't uploaded his cozy, it was soooo cool!!!!
Humm i had a not fine time.
i have had yesterday a not so new brace for my neck it don't helps and it's not fitting and it's not handy because i can't wrap it myself, so i'm disapointed and then i got of all the bumbs and the not good brace of course pain in my neck and migrain, so i had to need all my meds including the morphine.
didn't liked it, and last night i got a major allergic reactyion of the methylfenidaat retard, i'm itschy all over my body all my muscles are hurting got fever and i'm in a very bad mood.
because i had called the whole moring for a shrink and they said to me you must call your gp but she can't give me a recepy-S
so after all i got my therpist and he has helped me after some battle with a new subscription of the concerta and i will got of my gp prednison, so i will looking very heatly , like a piggy.LOL
still to itchy and moody , couldn't sleep-S
so i couldn't work two day.s oooh and the man in the shop was a ass hole
he was very female hating all those sexsistic jokes-S If i was alone i had left the building-SS ugh. he was the whole time feeling and touching in a strange way on my body, Gerard saw it as well and he reacted for me not so kind upon that man.
okay i have only done my bed i wanted to clean it.
and then it was allready afternoon.
so, tomorrow it will be better don't worry i have taken good care of myself and cake as well.LOL
Yeaah i have missed you too.
thank you for asking where i was.
i was just stucked to my house.LOL
hey love you my sweet cake friend, and glad that your son is almost okay agian.;-D
lots of dutch hugs with kisses , stay safely and all my love,fun and be gentles with blessings;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my cake friend
aaaw thank you for faving mykitschy tear yearking heart brooch.
i still must make an appointment to give them to my members
think i don't like to say goodbye.LOL
still having problems with the adjustment of my new meds.
poor Gerard yesterday because i must adjust i have a too law doses , so i was very jumping.LOL
he was the hole time to try to keep my by his lessons.LOL
he must laught of it, but in the end i knew he was very tired of me.LOL
i must call him today.
so sweet to help me with it, my shrink is not so great , she only is telling me i had to be the same, but she forget i having more troubles with new meds._S
okay , yesterday i 've been called by several moving organisations.
it's not getting sooo real. and the community worker would like to talk to me of whcih suplies i will take with me.
so... excithing , sadly the coverment has made a discion to finishing the fokus project this year.-S
it's not a big suprise, but sad.!!! i will have then only a half year profite of it.-S
lots of friends must go to an institution for getting their care-S
we 're going back to the medieval times in holland-S
sad, but i'm thinking i will llive on a great place on a fave one.
and .... wich better adjustments and suplies then here in utrecht.
nearby Karin and Gerard and the sea.;-D
hey have a great fun creative weekend my sweet friend and take cake and care;-D
love , hugs and fun and lots of kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
lol poor boy, yeaaah it will be itchy for him-S
Glad that the cast will got off next monday.
then must train his musles again;-D poor boy.
but i saw he is a cool one as well ,and tough so it will be okay.;-D
don't worry.
hummm you're appointment is allready soon , i must wait longer for the talking about the pink wheels.LOL It will taken please the 28th.
aaaw so funny that's my little niece her birthday as well i have made a note of it.;-D
Yeaaaah i don't must drink coffee and specially in the moring, so i was very jumpy the whole day and night and then i having tooo much on my mind and forget al my briliant ideas.LOL
this morning i was tiered out allready and didn't want to set a cup of thea, so i took the same wrapping of coffee.LOL
not smart.
And you're welcome, i found it a great cool solution so... i curtainly will fave it.LOL
must laught of one of the pictures that it was signt allready.LOL
In our country you can choose you're own colour it's more the plastic light weitght plaster.
less heavy and it 's water risstable.
think i don't use the right spelling of that. Humm layzy .LOL hope you will understand it though.
next week i will go to the shop that must make a plaster model of my neck for making the brace for me, i think i will asked for a coloured one.
because i'm afraid i will got a not good looking skin coloured one-S
or that they make one which i can paint myself.LOL
hope it will work.
i have wrapped yesterday 4 boxes now must do some little things of cleaning my things, A friend of mine called me last night and we talked for tooo long.LOL
hummm i did the talking of course.LOL then he got an other call in between , so i thought that's okay it's enought and then he called me back and complained to me ( does that always Jet stop i want to go to bed, i have heard too much of you)
i said to him then you must tell more.LOL
He's always complaining , so i often asked him and now you... and must asked hte whole time but he don't say so much.LOL
humm i have been trained by Gerard how to handle him.LOL
I was glad that the moving was waiting much longer and asked me please stay in overvecht .LOL Noooooo way.LOL
and yeaaah when i will got 2 i will send him to you.LOL but i don't think they make that mistake now.LOL
The kitchen in my house isn't sooo great it's very small and tiny i can barely drive throught it.LOL but in my new house i will got a very large one in a L shape .
didn't wanted that, but that 's not up to me it's in the livingroom standing.
so... not sooooo great.but... it think i will do something funny with it.
I 'm not allowed to paint it so i must think of other solutions, the colour i have chosen wasn't my fave, i had seen a yellow colour but it's not bright enough for me.
boring, so i said to Karin and Gerard i will pimp it.LOL Gerard asked me please don't do that at once Jet , just when you're seatled ,LOL
of course i have more things to do uuuugh.
okay now i must start on my own work, it's a very large to do list-S
not those funny ones so it' will be hard labour.LOL
tell everybody that i send them my greetings, strokes for the animals (mayby not the lisard.LOl, always afraid that they will lose their tail-S, With one of Johns it had happened it was horrible)
Later on he got a new one growing back but not sooo beautiful as his first one.
Poor thing.
okay all my love to you, more cake and , tons of hugs and kisses, and dutch greetings of an other grey day-S
be safe and be crafty and take care;-D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaah i'm so sorry that you'we ill.
uhmmm sounds not very healthy those ashes.;-D Doesn't you wearing those mouth caps then?
i have seen them in other countries,LOL
and i know you will make it much funnier then.
with mustaches and strange mouths on it.LOL
Glad that you take good care of yourself and lots of cake.LOL
poor you all the comments of me reading.LOL
it had been a overload of reading jet mail.LOL
iewwwww i'm scared allready of your story.
i'm afraid of that kind of animals. John was teasing me a long time of buying a scorpion or just a tarantella, i told him when you buy the scorpion i never will visiting you.LOL
after all he didn't bought them at all.LOL
I gave him indi the lilac birmees on his birthday and he was soooo excithing of her.
she was like wolfje just a men lover or just a street slut.
she was worse then wolfje because she didn't act like a real brand cat she always jumpted in trashbin of plastic searching for food-S
it was dangerous because i saw she loved match sticks as well to eat. so i have bought later an heavy iron trashbin and she was much more adventurous then wolfje , she was like indiana Jones, so i had given her her family name Jones.
so i called her Mrs indi Jones.LOL
I gave all my cats a family name.LOL
it's discrimination that they haven't one.LOL
humm it's my administration day, i have made a mess, saw suddenly that a lot of boxes aren't ready filled so they are standing and waiting to be filled and taped tight.
and..... have search for things i was lost and very proud to tell i have found them!!!!!;-D
living in a house with all boxes makes me chaotic. not fine.
so i doing too much at the same time.
i had thought of a great idea last night , it was great but i don't know what it was anymore.LOL
oooh you're very welcome , you are my biggest fan so i'm yours as well, but i always meanted the comments i'm not dishonoust with you;-D
oooh that's sweat that it was the other baby of you, she looks sooo adorable.;-D
tell her that;-D
hey when do have to go to the md?
just tell me then i can cross my fingers for you.
okay i must do now some more paperwork-S about looking and searching for bills for the taxes-S
i always got an extra long time to fill those forms.LOL
but i don't like to start, i wait to long, but now with the moving i thought i must do it in front of my move.
still don't know when i will go to my new home.
only t hat i will got finely one kitchen in steade of 11.LOL
okay sweetie great and nice projects, hey why didn't you showed your idea of the cozy of the plaster , it looked sooo cool and tough of your handsome sweet son?
don't forget that.
you doing more then you showing us all;-D
till soon , have a nice great day, be crafty , take lots of cake and care.
and greetings to the rest ;-D xoxooxoxoxooxoxooxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi thank you for your fave sweetie on my tear yearking heart brooch
stil lnot finished .... aaargh.
have filled all the holes in the wall and did some cleaning and have tryed to answer all the cok mail , ....still .LOL
must do still more in my house and it's allready eve-S
have checked some left over for a new project out of my kitchen because i think Karin will be wrapping it all.LOL
i have bought saterday some porceline rabbits and thought i must make something with old pots and kitchen plates with those one.
think the rest must i do with karin tomorrow it's too much for me
have called my mum she was in the garden outside and had to run to t he phone, asked her why didn't you got the phone with you outside she said not thought of that.
poor mum she is an elderly of 85 and then running to gatch the phone-S
it was fun to tell her all my kitschens offerings. she had to laught that i had got almost 11 kitchens she said you can sell them mayby a new job for you.LOL
she was asking about my work told her that i has been fuetered on here and that i got the order to make 8 piggy banks which i don't do.
she had to laught of it.
so... that was my sunday,
hey hope you like all the comments i have left for you on here, poor you this must be too much Jet for you.LOL
hey sweetie have a nice eve and all the good and the best for next week.
will think of you.
lots of cake and care sweetie. love you, say hi to th e rest;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi it's my my sweet cake friend;-D
lol awesome story of the bouncing ball .LOL
you will never find it back .LOL
i having those problems too with Wolfje she is my cheeky little thief.LOL
but that's why we love them sooo much.;-D
hey have a great weekend with lots of fun and cake and care ;-D
love you , hugs and kisses and greetings and cake.;-D
Abbie R
Abbie R · 9 projects
thank you for the fave on my cd lantern Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi my sweet Alf have finely got all the mail of cok.
i'm really pissed of about that.
i had to read to much of my own normal mail and suddenly i had got 60 new ones-S
so i'm late with my responding sorry for that.
thank you for your suport of my bunny doll.
i have finished her friend but i' must make for that two tutes , i have done today the first the last is in the make.
so it will be next week.
i'm my normal self again, i had a fun time with Gerard we have watched online of coloours of carpeting of linoleum that's a nature project and green proces of soft carpeting and very durable, i have it on here now too, we saw a nice colour of green but on an other side the same was looking boring, so we're agree to watch it in real.LOL
we had to craft in my house i like that with Gerard. always fun.
i told them all of those kitchen and the order of ten for my new home to be
he had to laught loud of it.
and was glad that i have won the battle of the coocker.
told h im i don't want to buy this sort kind by the same fabric anymore.
he was agree with me.
had to laught when i told it was better for the builder and the dealer that that appointment was prosponded of the ill dealer i told him i was such a bitch those day because i was soooo crumpy and ill of the overdose.
he must laught and said you're right about that, well done.
he told me that he was proud of all the improving of me of the last year.
so i was blosing.LOL
so.... i will talk on here soon again later, i must go to bed it's allready late and i have been the whole time on line without eating and resting.
but i will take now a long break.
till soon my sweet friend, take some cake and take care as well
hope you have a nice fun weekend and be crafty and creative.
oooh and doing some excersizes of me when you need them the most, i'm doing that too., when i'm doing them i always must think of you at the same time;-D
lots of dutch hugs and kisses and greetings my sweet yummie awesome tough cake friend;-D<3 xooxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxoox
Suzi P.
Suzi P. · 12 projects
hello and thanks again (: xo
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Thank you alf, they were fun to make..smile
Suzi P.
Suzi P. · 12 projects
hello (: thanks for the compliment and favorite, it tasted nice too ^_^
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for favoring my Feather Scarf Happy
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Im sorry you had to have surgery, but thankful that you came thu well and are getting better..So happy to hear from you..huggs xoxox
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
hello, wondering how you have been, I have been to nervous to do any work or crafts.But I love what you do.
Hope your doing good..smile..
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hihi hi, my computer works to slow and you know i'm inpatiece girl.LOL
saw a comment on my recycled chrocet case bag,
of you, i hated it that we don't get any mail of fave from cok. it 's mixing me up-S
so i will forget things to write or tell you the same thank you even mmore time.LOL
it's great weater i have almost finishing my dog.
Gerard liked the fur on it.
but i must do a tiny piece on it.
and.... i had to laught of myself, suddenly on my watch it was just 11 hour in the moring and the computer told it was 12 o clock.
suddenly after a lot of more t hinking and mixed up i thought ooooooh it's summertime.LOL
i didn't know sometimes i know it because of agenda's or the journal on tele.
but i had missed that.
good that i have found out this in today, tomorrow Karin will comes to me and then she would stand for a closed door.LOL
Karin is always to early. so when i tell her oooh come on ten o clock she is by me on half past nine .LOL
so i told her come to me after the trafic files then you have lesser trafel time to spend so the comes now on ten oclock.
always must laught about that.
hummm i had openen the balcony door but only wolfje have been outside , muis loved it to stay in to be free of her niece wolfje.LOL
she finely could take a sunbath without been chased by that monster.;-D
o so thank you smart ot make it for your painting brushes, i have made it too for my new tiny flat iron tool, by that new one ther where more shapes to use on it.
so i thought i must make a etui for it because otherwise i have lost it all.
and i was smart so i can still use those plastic zippers of it ,
sometimes i'm satisfied with my self.LOL
oooh yesterday i thought i must go to the librairy and i saw a lady that made pictures of the nature, so we began to talk but she didn't stopt. and i had to laught because m otst of the time people has those problems with me.LOL
so after more then an hour listening to her i told her i must hurry to get in time to the librairy.
but later by the mall i saw a aquantance of m e and i told her of my move and some other funny stories and she had to laught but ... i couldnt stop so i was thankful of her when she said to me jet i have to go.
i said to her sorry and thank you that's just me with my jumping brains.
her hubby loved me, and couldn't say goodbye soooo sweet.
later on but that wasn't soo great i saw a young woman that would like to ride aside of me to talk, but she was suddenly standing still so i did the same.
but finely she told me i must go on the walking pavement my mum lives here.
i thought only why didn't you told m e i was soo polite to wait for her.LOL
humm i have found out that i had got a week ago in the proper mail a letter with a magazine of Jeroen my friend and there are pictures in it of me with the torch.
i will scan them.
what i didn't like of the picture it was from a strange view taken and the winner stood aside of me so i sitting on it very strange.LOL
not very elegant.LOL
okay i don't know what to tell you more.
i like to try to colour my hair.
super red.LOL
i hope i have the energy for it.
but first jet need a break.
hey my sweet friend
say hello from my to your awesome beautiful family and for you all my love hugs and strenght and cake and lots of care as well.;-D x00x0xxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, my dearest cakefriend;-D
hope you have saw my new link for the bouncing ball for your daughter her science fair. (proper mail)
hey thank you again for your suport,it's helping me a lot to go on.
oooh i remember i have thank you for that as well because you told me that you uses always a stick.LOL
so no more sticks , you must sew those in tiny piece to make beads of them.LOL
hey love you sweetie and thank you lots of cake and care;-D xxxxxxxx
nhothman89 · 11 projects
Hi there, how are you? Hope you are doing good there. Thanks for liking my project (old shirt into shoulder handbag); deeply appreciate it!

Till then, take care! Happy Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my dearest cakefriend;-D
aaaaw love you even more sooo many faves and lovely comments , you've made my day, i 'm feeling my self a tough girl so it make it easy to call again to those stupid dealers of my wheels-S
LOL must laught that you use a stick to turn it over , i use when i can't do this trick other strange things as well but this is soooo easy and sticks and knitting needles always making it not neatly.-S
humm i'm not sooo neatly after all so i love this myself as well.
hope you will have much profite of it.
Yeaah Karin had told me about those bugs , her friend is living in the woods (that's sounding differently here then by you, we haven't such a big natural woods anymore but ,.... and she had a lot of wood furniture and new woodfloor and suddenly she saw that she had bugs in them, and she discovered that they came with of the nature things she brought home with her , so Karin told me to throw mine too away.
was disappointed but thought i must chec this out and saw a tute of it and it was all of farenheit and thought how must i translate that in celsius so sheila had helped me and by trying it out and burning a lot things i had got the solution.LOL
it's smells strange when its burning that wood.LOL
not really in fire but just black inside as well.
on this temperature its going allright but often check it.
aaaah and soo sweet the other comment and fave of you of my crochet roll case.
i have use elastic for the fixing the black so you can do thick ones too in them.
i showed it to Gerard and he loved it as well.
have told it too to my animal shop but the sallor found it strange.LOL
mustn't tell it not too everybody.
will upload to day a n other tute and then i will have i hope a nice fun weekend
wish you the same, stay safe sweetie and don't forget take cake , yummie ones and care. love you lots of hugs and kisses and other nice warmth thoughts and of course blessings
have a great fun awesome creative fun weekend.xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxo
Jam J.
Jam J. · 6 projects
Thanks for favoring my Weaven basket / bag from milk carton Happy
wunderland · 1 project
hello there! thanks for the fave on my paper mache box! wish you a wunderful sunday!
(greeting from dr!)

Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaaaw thank you very very much my fave fan, for your support.;-D
i love your sweet comment and the fave;-D
thank you it means a lot to me;-D
mayby a tip for your son he can draw on the cast or you can make kisses on it to easy the pain.
sometimes kiddo's loving that or just add funny things of crafts with glue on it.
My sis her kiddo's had done that when one of the kittens had broken his behind leg and had to go in plaster as well.
it was december so they had a sinterklaas version it was red plaster with gold furr on it and with glitter glue they had draw a cross.LOL
the next plaster was green with white furr on the top and all kinds of fake rhinestones, the vets loved it.LOL
so Muis was boring with her metal frame in and outside her leg.
but she didn't had liked it LOL
mayby you can glue an old plastic watch or toy on it.
humm i think it's a new family project, hope i can see it one day.
poor boy. give him some more kisses to ease the pain, and hugs, and better soons of me;-D
love you my biggest fan. be brave and take a lot of cake and care, be gentle too
have a calm lazy sunday for now.
lots of hugs and kisses and fun
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for favoring my Felt Fortune Cookies Happy
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Thank you for faving my elephant, my daughter now wants a pink and blue one to go with it..lol
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
I hope your doing ok now.I made both my sisters one also.
they really like them.Very convient to have.Hope things stay good for you..smile..
CakeWhiz · 3 projects
Thanks for the favorite Happy
Conti · Puerto Rico, Misiones Province, AR · 5 projects
hey, me encantan tus proyectos.. Siempre me solprendes con tu arte. Happy)
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Hey , how have you been.
thanks for the faves of my sewing helpers and mesureing tape covers.Hope things have been good for you.smile
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi thank you for your fave and the sweet comment of you on my fake torch wall lamp.
still proud of myself that i have made it in time and... that i have got the order for making them every year.;-D
Have made a lot of pictures for my self so i can make for myself the tute to remember what i did.
and some of the patterns as well.
And yeaaah LOL i thought it was a homeless man.LOL
i was disapointed of him.LOL we all think when we go to those people they will be neat and well care.
NOw i realized he didn't washed his hands , he had smoked and done some other things and then he was holding my feets and afterwarths he didn't washed again his hands- juck
it's good that i didn't thought of it.LOL
i had washed my feets in front , but it's still is a strange story today i htought i must phone i'm always sitting wrong because one of my legs is shorter it's only 50mm but still, and of that i always put my longer feet strange in my chair so i don't lean to much on that shorter leg of me
i must tell him to make the other a little bit higher.
Gerard told me that when he was for those arch suplies he had to go in a clay bowl, so i was suprised of that, but i didn't had to do that.
he had problems with making good prints of my feets, strange there will be more people like me with the same problems t hat must have those things.
hummm, i don't think that i would be back when i had to, glad that i can search for a new one when i need new ones.
Don't you have those those strange matters too?
i have often those strange matters, so i don't think of it when it happens.LOL
only when i' m back i had have some knee suplies and when i had to fit it, the man was wrong with his behaviour only i thought of that much too late-S
When i had a short periode an persone that had to wash me , it was a man and he was fallinin love with me-S and he did something which i didn't liked i said it direclty.
but it didn't worked anymore, so i told him to stop this work.
Have had more of those strange problems.
John was really relieved when he was gone, because i had often asked John can you please come this morning , other wize i have the whole moring that man in myhouse he don't leave-S
strange, and stranger because a lot of people don't wanted to believe that a care worker could felt in love on a client as well;-D
they thought it was always the client/S
tja... i think everybody needs to learn still a lot.LOL
hey sweetie i hope you have a nice peacefull sunday , still thinkin g of you and sending you in my thoughts tons of well soons;-D
love you my cake friend.
take some cake and care as well;-D LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi my dearest cake friend
hope you're feeling a tiny better, saw just yet that you have send me a comment on my ring project, thank you i think in your hair it would be lovely too.;-D
sheila has sent me some pictures that she wearing the ring on her black lace hankerchief, it's looking awesome.;-D
So thank you very very m uch of your suport and the fave and your nice words;-D
love it.
Just back from a feet specialist i need special arch suport, i have had them years before , mayby it's helping don't know.
but it was sooooo early and it was freezing still outside-S
The man was strange was looking like he was just out his bed, he stood in front of the building smoking and i thought it must be a homeless person.LOL
and then he was the specialist.LOL
so my ladies thought woooow jet is back and now we will get again food.LOL
their love for me is in their stomages.LOL
still not feeling well after the bumby ride trought the old center-S
it will cost again some time, but i'm better then yesterday i can move my neck a tiny bit better;-D
hey have a peacefull weekend, love you be crafty and creative my dearest friend;-=D
and take cake and care.LOL
S S.
S S. · 24 projects
Hi, Alf.
Thanks for fav'ing the origami bunny.
Allison K.
Allison K. · Lititz, Pennsylvania, US · 30 projects
Thanks for faving my CD earrings Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi, hi,sweet yummy my cake friend;-D
of course i will give you faves, i',m your fan.LOL
So you're very very welcome;-D
hey i'm still thinking of you, wish you lot of strenght and send you comfort and blessings and suport.
take your time if you need that, i'll be patience;-D
have a good day and too for the weekend.
lots of hugs and kisses,
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my sweet fave cake friend;-D
wooow you'll got an overdose of Jet this day.LOL
hey thank very very much of your sweet and nice suporting comment and the fave on my kitschy necklace.
and thank you again for the suporting and being my fan.
i'm yours!!!!
hey till later still thinking of you;-D
love, fun hugs and kisses and lots of comforting of me;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my sweet friend
i will think today of you. much comforting and support of my for today.
love you and i will keep my fingers for you crossed.
and thank you for keeping me posted, and sure i'm a big suporter for you, i'm your friend you know;-D!!!!!
so i send you tons of hugs to comfort you and do the exercizes sweetie it will help you. i'm doing them because of you more too ;-D
he love you, and thousend kisses as well;-D
much strenght too and lots of blessings, you have a place in my heart, don't forget that;-D XOXOXOXOXOOXOXOXOOXOXO
Princess Pam-attitude
Princess Pam-attitude · Pocatello, Idaho, US · 332 projects
Hey check out the necklace I made, that was inspired by your Recycle Necklace. I'm not sure when it will be up, but I posted it. Its Oval Leafy Necklace.
anemona · Mexico City, Federal District, MX · 30 projects
gracias por tu comment y tu favorite en mi toilet paper roll scrapbook.

Cupcake girl
Cupcake girl · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 28 projects
Thanks for the fav! Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my tough sweet cakefriend;-D
thank you for your sweet words on the comment and your fave, thank you too for all your support on my projects sooo sweet!!!;-D
i'm finished with the my art gift Yeaaaaaaaah.LOL
only must glue a tiny note on the back and siged it.;-D
and sending a mail to jeroen's brother Akkie.
now i may start on the other things. Jipieeee.LOL
my cats are now well feet, Muis is still sooo skinny she is looking like me.LOL
so i try to give her yummie foot but she don't eat too much.
wolfje is like a vacuum cleaner with food.LOL
she is too vet , but she has lost some weigth this ins't healthy for her.
but i love them both;-D
hey till later take cake , the yummie ones and care;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi sweet friend of m ine
glad to hear something of you, love your new avatar.!!!
i will wait when you're ready to tell me.
smart to tell me it private.;-D
I have thought the whole day of you, i was bussy with Odd too.
but she is home again, having the same problems with not sitting.
be gentle to yourself , take your time to recover , i don't forget you;-D!!!!
and proud of you.!!!!
you're my fave student.LOL
Proud that you have done this examination and proud of your effords!!! well done.
must think of a new one.;-D
mayby this is a good one for now.
do every day something that feels good only for you to do.
that's sound mayby strange but it can be a resting moment , it can be taking a cup of coco , or have a nice moment with your kiddo's or the dog.
your hubby.
or reading a book. the thought behind is that you must think of what you feel what you need for this moment , and then take that moment for your self.
writing crafting all things that will feel okay or just telling your self your super okay of all your done. humm giving your self a compliment.
i'll think you will understanding this.
send you giants hughe hugs for easing the pain and more normal ones because you're a friend of mine and wish you much comforting and support, be gentle to your self!!!
hey much love , nice lazy weekend and a fun , hugs and kisses;-D xoxoxoxoxoxo
S S.
S S. · 24 projects
Hi Alf
Thanks for fav'ing "la fleur de pantin"
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi dearest odd, send you for tomorrow a lot of strenght and love and comforting and of course support.
I will think of you the whole day and will cross my fingers so toy toy toy and break a leg (like the USA people wants to say.LOL)
don't do that in real.LOL
hey i don't have to tell to much but i thought i must tell t his.
love you my dearest friend;-D
Danielle S.
Danielle S. · Manchester, England, GB · 7 projects
Thanks for the fave on my Konad nails xx
Ms. Nikell
Ms. Nikell · Charlotte, North Carolina, US · 52 projects
Thanks for favoring my Denim Ruffle Clutch bag.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL i thought it was a girl that lived in the same country. nothing else.LOL
and that you've meet each other here.LOL
but now i understand it a tiny bit what you write to each other , i can't read it but some words i reconize .LOL
It's smart of h im , i think that men are much handier with computer and how to use them smarter, but thats only i thing with my age or generation.LOL
Karin my friend has for the first time on her 53 th her own computer got and by my pushing she had a email adress.LOL
so now she is addicted to her computer.LOL she is soooo enthousiastic. like that.
there is opened a whole new world.
Reading is sometimes easier then speaking, but i appreciate it that he is trying;-D
Of course you are a great student told that too Gerard, and too of his ten points you had given him, he had to laught.;-D
Yes i like to see them, when i'm having my revalidation in Wijk aan Zee i will make for you pictures of the sea as well.
and then i can send them on your email.
I like it to be friends with you so i think this is normal to do for each other!!!
must do today all kinds of calls for my adminstration-S and making new appointments for my speaking lessons, they will try to let me breath properly, sooo stupid it' was the long infection not something else but i will try it.;-D
and the asthma but ... hum LOL
and some other things i have to do.LOL
hey send you all my love , have a nice calm day don't worry it's just monday and monday is for today enough;-D
be gentle for yourself and take much cake and care, love you , much hugs and kisses and lots of strenght ;-Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
whynotnow · Holbrook, New York, US · 7 projects
Hi! Thanks for making my Upcycled Spirograph Pendant one of your favorites.
Conti · Puerto Rico, Misiones Province, AR · 5 projects
Me imagino Alf, jeje,a mi tambien me hace reir....

Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
oooh now i understand it.LOL
i thought huh? what are you talking about?!!! but then i saw suddenly that conti had made a comment above your comment. and suddenly the coin felt right.LOL
i will t hink of you my friend on wensday, allways thinking of my friends and specially when they have to do not fun things but.... now i will thing of you even more.
break a leg and toy toy toy..LOL
and .... do the little games with your self, it will help you a lot.
one other but that's a tricky one , mayby later.
when things are hurting after a bumb we always give us a rubbing or stroke of the place that is hurting. it helps when you have inside pain as well.
the thought behind it is that your brains will be destracting of the sensentive signals of inside.
but don't rub hard,
when you are in pain and lay down you can go in your brain to the pain, that's strange but try like you have done with the washing dishes to discribe the pain.
how it feels is it bumbing or just toothpain or which colour will you think your pain has. which sound and wich words you give it.
when i have too much pain and my pain killers don't work on it too well i do this and lay my hand on the pain place to help my mind to go to that pain
it's a difficult one but when you do it the pain don't go away but you can stand it better and smilling will help as well our brains make a kind of material that likes of the ones that is in the painkillers, so it makes with smiling and laughting a kind of drugs for us.LOL
it will softening and ease the pain as well.
and relax sometimes i use my heating scarfs too to ease the pain.
hope this is helpfull i have learned this from my physical therapist he was an haptonomic therapist as well, and it was very good.
so mayby you can give it a try.
hey sweet friend love to hear from you in persone soon but i will cross my fingers for you, i have promised this allready for you but i will do it now the whole time, that 's typing not great.LOL
wish you much strength and thank you for telling me that Conti is your hubbie.
like that.!!! i told him that you was my friend and very dear to me.LOL
he knew that of course allready.LOL
wooow this is sweet that he made the doll special for you, like that even better;-D
and thank you to arranged it that conti will tell me of how you're doing.;-D
hey love you, thinking of you, crossing my fingers and wish you lot of courage and strenght comforting and giant hugh hugs and kisses for easing the pain and normal ones for just being my friend;-D
till soon;-Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
take cake and take care my friend. xoxoxoxoxoxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hey there my sweet friend;-D
aaaaw thank you for your sweet words , i have seen this idea , so it's not mine but i made it mine by using other pictures and by adjusting and making it much prettier and kitschy.LOL
Only the mail is a diseaster , it arreived far too late , it was posted a week before her birthday but it stood in Holland a whole week-S
and their postman had problems with reading the number so i have found out to send only signed packages because some aren't arreived by her.
so it's given me a lot of stress.LOL
Yesterday i have worked very very hardon the art project, i 'm ready with the embroidery on the name but i messed it almost up, i thought i must add a layer of fusible webbing on it.-S it made it sooo ugly and i thought i must try to pull it off.
that was much harder to do then the idea.LOL
but i did it.!!!!yeaaaaah
then i started to act like a real carpenter girl again. Gerard came up with an idea for the hanging, i have tried that out. must laught at the end because it wasn't a clever thing to do.LOL
so i had better following my own idea and not a men solution, it was much quicker and easier.LOL
but i have messed the hanging ring too up yesterday so i must make today a new one. i t hink i'm too tired at the moment and must do sooooooo much things in the same time, it's n ot funny anymore.
thinking of a lot of things the whole day long, what i stil must do and of some relationships of mine and ....
it will be better and quitly after my move.LOL
hey hope you're okay and much fun with me tute.LOL
and have a fun lazy sunday , take much cake and much care!!!!
much strenght this week and take it easy by doing the little cames;-D
love and hugs and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
mbubanj m.
mbubanj m. · Lovran, Primorsko-goranska županija, HR · 4 projects
i haven't been on line for a while. i just saw your message. thnak you very much for nice whises. i hope your new year is good toHappy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
okay that's good that he took you seriously and send you to the hospital.
Hope it's okay but when it's okay turn to him back to find out what 's the matter.
and you are still free to tell me your fairs.
i only tell you that to feel free. you don't have to ;-D
LOL yeaah that 's funny he.LOL easy jet and wheel on. i t hink i will hang it on my walls in my new home.LOL
have found for my outdoor a picture with the sign watch the dog which i will change in watch the cats.LOL
there aren't to see any dogs so i t hought this is fun to change.
have found an old picture of a man that is standing in his pjs and brushes his teeths. i will print this out on fabric and will work on it with embroidery by the sewing machine.LOL
but i think i must do that later when i'm moved
i must still do other things, make a goodbye present for the choire and some small gifts to other friends that were great for me.
sooo still lots to do.;-D
and thought of some idea's for a moving card to design but Gerard said to me you must do that after your move you don't have sooo much time.
and yesterday i bought suddenly yarn for two other sweater to make, later on i thought i must hide this for Karin.LOL
still not solved the problem but ... i have still a week to go.LOL
Hey proud that you have go to your gp !!!!!!
and that you do the next step as welll!!!!
ten ++ points for you;-D
hey have a fun lazy eve and take cake and care.LOL I think you are the seccond cakefriend of me at this place.LOL
much hugs and kisses and soon betters ;-D X0X0X00X0X0XO
S S.
S S. · 24 projects
Hi. Thanks for fav'ing my origami project.
Greetings from Brazil
Danielle S.
Danielle S. · Manchester, England, GB · 7 projects
Thank you for the fave :] xx
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for favoring my Round Nautical Purse and for the Birthday wishes Happy
Sar S.
Sar S. · 1 project
Thanks for the favorite!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaw sooo sweet you're comment and your fave on my felted keyring, thank you for it, i appreciate it a lot.;-D
hope you have heard something with the md, or that they gave you a big examination.
now waiting or do you know allready something. ?
hope it's okay.
thinking of you still , when you're sooo afraid and nervous does do the exercize it will help you to calm down. or counting one special colour in the room or space and find out how much of the same in the room are.
i always does this when i 'm waiting or listen to how much sounds you can hear.
or ... it's just a small game that will help you;-D
he hope you're okay again, and send you lot of courage and strenght send you all my love suport and comforting and hughe large big hugs and more and more kisses to ease all the problems or make them lesser for you.
Doris B.
Doris B. · Huntington, West Virginia, US · 16 projects
Thanks for adding my new bracelet tutorial to your list of favs!
whynotnow · Holbrook, New York, US · 7 projects
Hi! Thanks for faving my light and breezy pinwheel creation.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hummm i 'm thinking of you my sweet friend
hope that they will can help you as well.
yeaaah give him 10+ points.LOL

I had to laught i read a mail t hat the somebody told that the art gift was allready finished.LOL i have still two weeks i'm embroidering the letters, with golden floss-S Pretty but it's not great material to work with , tooo hard.-S
si u trt ti di but bt bit and don't start to be crumpy of it.LOL
i will make a smooth line around the golden embroidering to make it more better.
It's my administration day. and try to do some housekeeping, not sooo funny.
but i take it easy, found a site where you could make an text on a poster.
Gerard had said to me once.
be an easy jet.LOL i had to stay to the hospital and that's always difficult for me, so he had sms-ed it and i had to laugh of his joke.
so i have made the text Easy Jet and wheel on.LOL
must still show this to Gerard he will be laughting too.
he in my thoughts i'm with you much strenght and compassion of me
love you ,much hugs for easing your pain and kisses ;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my dearest friend
i was just busy.LOL but wasn't forgotten you;-D!!!!
on saturday i was acting like a carpenter girl. the whole day , had to make of wood a thing for on the wall were the torch will be on hanged.
so had to saw drill send and all those other things , it was heavy but always glad when i managed those things so i felt very satisfied of my own.
proud as well.
but then Wouter called me at 21.00 h ours untill 22.30 it was all problems -S
and not in a good way so i felted all the negative energy filling my body and my head.
so when he was eased down and could go to bed i had to stay up for easing my own head and body. so i slept tooo less hours that night and my head wasn't clearly to work, so later on i thought hum can't work on the project this day.
so i give it a prime layer and search all the old magazines out of articles that i will keep and the rest must be trow away.
today Karin came and loved me job we wrapped a lot of my crafting suplies in boxes. and called some organisations for info.
now i 'm again my self.LOL must tell my friend that he don't must call me anymore soo late.
it' not good for me any more
had to talk with my homeopathic md and she was glad that i made some progress with the revalidation centre to got after my m ove help by them.
she didn't changed my meds of her, but they still works and i'm sooo glad with them. it's helping great to stabilize as well.
some day's i don't had migraine. sooooo glad, only my sight problems are still big but still hope that will be lesser as well.
hey thought you would send me a letter.LOL
you don't have to but i thought mayby i can help you with it.
think about it by yourself, you're welcome to do ;-D
but i've you don't want it that's okay either.;-D
so that's my last days storie.
hope your doing well , wish you a fun good day or eve;-D
greetings fun happyness and hugs with xxxxxxxxxxxxx and lots of love;-D
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for favoring my DiY Leather Cuff Happy
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Its amazing how beautiful it is, I hope you can see this link of the pic I found..how awesome to walk along and pick these up..I saw where this one woman had chest of draws full in her house..lol.That is a big collection.Here is a wonderful pic I found..
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Oh my that sounds soothing,Just hearing you talk about it
never saw any thing like that i my life..sounds so beautiful..what a way to wake up..makes life a bit easier to to wake up to..awesome..so fortunate for you to have that..I hope it helps you thru tough times..smile..
So · Hanover, Lower Saxony, DE · 65 projects
hi!! thank you for faving my tee dresses and my uniform shrug!!!
Sarah · Erfurt, Thuringia, DE · 110 projects
thank you for favoring my Scotty Dog Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaah thank you , but your importend for me as well,!!!!
i'm always try to make a picture of how somebody is living and does all there things and so on.
i know that i have it always wrong of how thing s are looking in real, but that's not a prolbem but then i can't forget the stories of somebody life;-D
I will tell Gerard that you gave him 10 points.LOL
today i'm tired out completly but still having the sea in my nose and in my memories and the great view ;-D
and the good news makes it easier for me to bare my pain to day. so it was all worth it. Still so glad that i had made the great step to ask Gerard to work with me further (he was at that moment by on organisation working wehere i got some treatment to learn how i must coop with my adhd., and got just a better job as a teacher so he could start as well his own couching busniss.)
so i had to choose will i say goodbye or not.LOL
so i thought i will go ahead with Gerard, and Gerard works on all the places where his clients need him the most.;-D
he told the md that i had made progress, i was forgotten that allready.LOL
but he is right about it , i'm feeling it too.
But as well the therapy of mourning about John was helping me a lot.
still so glad that i will move!!!
still scary but i still love it and i got help so i know it will be later okay.
only don't like to say goodbuy of some of my caring people, but my gp told me Jet i will vistite you when you are seatled down ;-D
don't know if she will, because she is always very busy. but i love the gesture, told h et i will send every year still a xmas'card' to you.LOL
she loves him to much.LOl I don't have wit here only a working relation, but we share the same proffestion as being an artist as well.
she makes beautiful statues.
so we often speaks about that when i must let check something.
Hey hope your today better, and don't worry on every day there are some other moments;-D
or an other chance to try it out.;-D
thats the good thing of life we all way can give it an other chance.;-D
be gentle to your self and love you, hope your feeling better or just a little ;-D
those cat fights is a daily job, it's about food they are begging for food after a hour again and seats next to me and then who will have the best place.
ane wolfje always knows she must not cry or yell for food because it will cost more waiting time so she stared to bit muis in her neck. so muis can't do nothing and only grumms .
sneaky clever wolfje.LOL
but i have given her some bad faces so stopt;-DS
hey must go to my work.
lots of hugs , take cake yummie LOL and take care as well
love you , and xxxxxxxxx till soon
Maladignia · Amersfoort, Utrecht, NL · 87 projects
Thanks for the fave on my off shoulder shirt. Happy
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
What is seaglass?Sound good..lol..
I know I collect cardbord for project and certain kinds of paper..lol.Oh mercy..what am I going to do with all this.Im up to let the puppy's nurse and then back to bed..smile..we had 5 little poodles the other day.one is so tiny, he had a hard time holding his own for a while..lol..Hope your day is wonderful..huggs PJ
Art Princess
Art Princess · San Diego, California, US · 8 projects
My hubby and I met in our high school art class, so it's nice to have that in common, as you seem to know;)
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Your so right Alf, I just have to keep them away from my daughter she would keep them all ..lol..she has boxes of stuff I have made and no place to put it..lol
Have a great evening..
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hello ;-D must laugh of your big complement on me.you make me tooo importend.LOL i'm not sooooo importend but thank you of your nice sweet words, love them;-D
Great that you will try it out on Sacha , that 's a beautiful name.
okay i will wait , and read it and try to think of what will or can be helpfull to come over this.
Yeaaah they aren't funny, those eye migraines and normal migraines. but i have great news good news. today i had the appointment in Wijk aan Zee by the revalidation md and this afternoon he called me back they will help me to try to get my arms and neck a little stronger so i can do more and some tricks for when i can't see so great and must pay
it' don't getting better but it makes my live more easy and it will cost me less energy.
don't get of the pain that's a chronicle thing sooo that wasn't the question of me only to do some more and going out on the street.
only there were a lot of restictions of their side , but i'm okay with them.
they are right about them.
they don't know for sure if it will getting better but they will give me an opportunity sooo that 's awesome
i will start after my moving, so i have less to travel, it's now to far.
saw the sea , it was sooo beautiful and love it. it was amazing and awesome.;-D
so i'm happy, the interview was a very heavy difficult so i have cried a lot there.
and i was glad that Gerard was with me and sooo suporting me.
so .. . now i'm relieved.
Hey it's okay about to far away we have both the same problem, but it helps me to have you as a good friend that's a big support for me.
soo thank you of your kindness and your sweet words.
you\re importend for me as well but you know i hope that allready.LOL
humm my cats have a fight, must stop.
till soon,
hey have a nice day and sleep well, love you and we stay in touch , much hugs fun and succes , don't eat too much cake , so take cake my dear and the other take care as well.
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Thank you for the comment on my owl, wish the pic was clearer, small things are hard to take pic of..lol
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Thank you so much for the fave on the hedge hog pin cushion, it went to a good home..lol..smile.
Art Princess
Art Princess · San Diego, California, US · 8 projects
Thank you for favoring my shield and my nails!Happy
melindadanielle · Atlanta, Georgia, US · 9 projects
me too! Happy
Hope you have a great day!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi my dearest friend
it's just like the first step using your sensory organs but now you must try to do it too with your mind, so you can remember it all. and you do it with an living being, like your dogs, family members or friends, you don't have to tell them this, it's only for you. and try to do it at first 5 minutes and then when you can do this a little longer
You are the whole time aware of the contact you are making and how it's feeling for you, so this is a little bit differend.
when i playing with all my sensors and awarness with wolfje my cat i always noticed that she makes me smile or an other feeling or emtion.
do you know understand it better?
or let me know , and i will try to explain it again.;-D
aaaw that's sweet of you to make a small present for showing your compension of her lost of you ;-=D
it's always great when people does make a small thing for an other it's the gesture. love you for that.;-D
i understand why you are afraid but sometimes the worrying is much worse then the knowing and you're hubby is right when you're in time you can got some treatment.
so think what is stopping you for going to check it. or what steps must you do to go? make a list and talk about it, if you want you can do it with me on the mail or on a comment, or only with your dearest hubby or an other friend.
i have learned to do those things of Gerard, i always must make planes of him.lOL
but it works much better.
oooh i have been to the neuroloog and he can't help me , i knew this allready so it's not to hard for me, only don't know the next step.LOL
Have traveled by car laying down it worked much better out for me sooo glad , still got now neck pain and have taken my morphine but later on i must take some normal heavy painkiller i have as well and my heating scarf, allready migraine but can still see so i try to don't take it only when i go to bed.
and i could work a little bit, have printed the green pictures on fabric and have glued them on the torch and i think i must paint the white not covered parts green as well.
and then i must embroidering the text and the hanging thing for it. and then .... i'm finished.Yeaaah, but still he isn't
it's strange to see Jeroen on pictures , but it doens't hurt to see him , it makes me only smile and be glad that he was my friend.
proud to make this gesture for him, on the front all the pictures of him and others are showing. like that idea.
the less imported people are on the back side.LOL
hope you had a nice visited, he take cake my dearest friend and take care as wllLOL
hey love you my great student and proud of you , hey have an nice fun rest of the week don't worry take it easy , and much strenght lots of kisses and hugs;-D
Owlia · Francestown, New Hampshire, US · 13 projects
Thanks for faving my paper earings! Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi , hi and goodmoring my friend, allthough it's a differend time for you.
have found out your much earlier living in the time then i , we are having much ours of the day allready up.LOL
funny, it cost me a lot of t hinking and thoughts of how i must figured it out.LOL
i'm not good in math.LOL
i thought that i would be smart to make the tutes joining together so you have got it now in one.LOL
thank you for being so supporting of this tute, and your comment and your fave , love you for it.;-D
Sheila would liked it to have is as well so i thought okay i will make this for you. other wise it wasn't made.
it's always a lot of work.-S
the translation cost a lot of work some words aren't to find in dictionarys-S
and my make nice lines .LOL
a problem for me. with my jumping brains.
Have thought of an other exercise.
it's looking like the other. but this is a little bit differend.
When you have contact with a person or animal do it with all your awareness.
when you talk to the dogs and give them stokes and play with them, do it with all your sentens but be aware of it..
do that too by others when you speak with your children and ...
this is a tiny differend but it helps when you have more of those exercizes to do.
much succes, if you don't understand it just ask me;-D
you're a great student.LOL
and i try to do them too.
so t hank you.LOL
Yesterday Gerard was with me and we made a list what to do before the moving, must do a lot.-S but it's helping.
have thought off ending some lose ends , i was badly treated by a shrink in a clinic so after months of thinking of it , it hought i must write her the letter that i didn't like how she behaved towards me.
so i have send him to my therapist and to Gerard, i'm not good in my texts.
and make a lot strange lines. humm it's all off my jumping brains.
and then i 'm ready with it.
don't care if she will think of an other solution but then i have spoke of it.
must think of making small gifts for saying goodbye to special helping people , my gp and their assistents, they have helped me allways great , and were allways nice and kind and full of compassion. sooo sweet.
so i must think what to do. had thought of knitting an VW van for my therapist but i don't think it will be in time finished.
but this will be an lesser problem a small gift like a keyring-D
but then more as statement.
humm must thing what the message will be.LOL sooo much to think of.LOL
must work hard on the art gift, still haven't done anything because i 'm writing comment.LOL
i'm afraid for the next step. LOL
hey hope you will go soon for your checking up, keep me posted.
and have an nice fun creative weekend and much succes with the new exercize;-D
and too with trying my project out.LOL
hey all my love lots of strenght warmth and good thoughts for you and much fun and lots more of hugs and xxxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my dear friend
wooow that's great to hear that it's working sooo great, you're making much imporvements. must look for the seccond exercizes.;-D
I was yesterday not well like you , had migraine badly and had to do alot , did less then i had hoped off.LOL
so i 'm trying the whole time to do the next day all of them;-D
that's not working either.
must laught because i had to wrap all the gifts (humm it were only four,LOL)
but i wanted to make the wrapping much crafty.LOL so it took the whole day.LOL
and had to make some pict for here.
now still must post it. so i try to get my self dressed up and go out.
Have called for an precription for more special painkillers. they will bring it to me.LOL
and ... i hated that, i have asked for some money for my moving on the community. so i will be screened for that.
but because my house isn't so good driveable made i think i will got some;-D
not all to pay for the movers but it will help me.
it''s soooo expensive such a big moving.

still going much problems here in holland of the moerdijk fire with all the chemicals , the whole erea is poluted very badly.
Now endly the coverment is agree of that, first they told the people you don't got health problems but i thought this is strange, and the village people are now really upset and crumpy to them.LOL
like that. Hate my coverment it's not a great one this time, -S
only the rich people will got more money and the poor ones like me and others will got lesser then less.
bad, but this was really upsetting.
some of the farmers don't think that the ground can be cleaned anymore because it's tooo big and too bad the polution.
i think they are right.
but i think there is much; more polution badly all over the whole country-S
lesser then on the fire place but... still ...-S
so we must wait.
and there is still rain.LOl so we have still problems with flooding danger.LOL
this is every year the same.LOL

but in 95 it was much worse you know holland is a very tiny small country so the half of holland had to shelter.LOL
it wasn't so funny at those times but now i can laught of it.LOL

Have called for a rescribting of my special strong painkillers they will bring it to me today, like that.
My pain md called me and was shocked of what was happening and told me still to go to the appointment to the revalidation centre nearby the seashore.
so i will see the sea!!!!
like that, have asked Gerard to drive with me to see the sea , and he will.
and told me i can take more of them to give my neck some rest .
this isn't good for my whole body so i must do that.
but i know the danger of addiction of them.-S
not mentally but fysical , so... hummmm don't like it, but for a short while it's t he only thing,
so i have decided to take them.;-D
brave girl.LOL

Hey about your health , no it's never fun to hear what you are suffering from, but it will ease your down as well.
not at first , but you will accept and adjust to that later. so i'm glad that you will check out this problems.
when you know they can give you treatment so mayby this is better, try to look it on this side .
and somepeople aren't healthy early , that's not to blame your self only bad genes.
i have the same problems when i was 18 years i started to get old too soon.LOL
so that's why i have such big serious problems.
but by trying to live at t he moment and not looking back which i could do then , and not thinking off the future i have an okay live.
that's harder then i write it down, but looking and searching to the things i can still it's okay. and i can live nice.
but it's hard work .LOL
but with the zen exercizes it 's to do.
and it works out.
hey must go now , to semnd the ,mail really.LOL
have an nice fun day with less problems , take it easy it will be okay with less stress. like seas the day.LOL , and baby steps;-D
lots' of love strenght and blessings and well soons , hugs and xxxxxxxxx
elisa m.
elisa m. · 15 projects
Feliz año a tí también ñ_ñ
Azraels Requiem
Azraels Requiem · Bridgeport, Connecticut, US · 47 projects
Lol yeah I can speak Spanish but not perfectly. I get my ideas from everywhere, friends, family, tv, boredom or i'll ask for opinions on Facebook or my Facebook fan page. I hope the snow isn't bad by u, b safe
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi dear sweet Alf, humm sound not good your cough, he take cake huh.LOL
no serious please take care of it.
i think we love cake that's why you make the mistake i 'm going to use this line soooo awesome great one and sooo sweet and yummie.
sometimes that is making us much closer then before don't you think!!!
wooow loved to have you as my fan.LOL
thank you i appriciate that much and much!!!! i need those suporting.
Sheila have asked for some tutes too.
but must make them inbetween my headages and the migraine.
My gp called me late in t he afternoon she was agreed with me that i'm allergic for the morphine so i must take more for some weeks of the morphine look a like painkillers. i can bare them, but forgot to asked for a recipy.
so today i called my pain md to write a recipy he will call me back thursday.
bleugh hate that word.
today i'm making small gifts for sheila for her birthday she lives in an other country so i must make it much earlier , only.... i'm still sick and ill of the migraine so i'm again in a hurry.
not fine.
must try to make more gifts in my free time.LOL
aaah that 's good that you've made some progress, try the bit by bit , baby steps a week more and tell me how it 's going then i give you the next step.
wooow good of you to make the cheececake , that's awesome and too that they understand that you love them.
it are the little things that's helping to show your support to them both and they will love it !!! and to for you to help you in those hard times.
thinking of you me sweet dear girl.!!!
hey must write again a message to the brother of Jeroen for the art gifts haven't had the link yet. and times fly-S
today i'm feeling better i'm almost back to my own self strenght and power mentally. still a little crumpy poor cats of my.
can\t stand the yelling and talking of wolfje at the moment.
i know that's not great of me.-S but when she leave me some time alone i'm again lovely and kind to her, but she can push me to the edge.;-D
saw a parrot bird in the tree in front of my window (live on the 4th floor) it's raining and it's tooo cold for such a bird.
thought what to do but they he flow away, poor bird.!!!-S
he is ascaped out a house. he will die.-S
It's not freezing but still just between freezing.
oooh you're alone, now you can rest a while, LOL must laught of your kiddo's that she given you today a kiss and your answer i needed them much earlier.LOL
poor you but you will be soon better, i hope that, and wish it.
hey well soons , blessings and strenght wartmth love and fun too.
hey take cake Huh.LOL
love you , have an nice day , well soons and hugs for easing the pain and lots of xxxxxxxxxx
Azraels Requiem
Azraels Requiem · Bridgeport, Connecticut, US · 47 projects
Thank u for the comment, only my older brother and sister were born in PR I was born in Bridgeport.
Azraels Requiem
Azraels Requiem · Bridgeport, Connecticut, US · 47 projects
Nice to see another crafter from Puerto Rico Happy I haven't been there in many years unfortunately.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Alf, still much laught of the take cake. If you hadn't mentioned i didn't noticed .LOL
sorry that i loved it too much.LOL
hey thank you for your fave , sooo sweet you're a big fan of mine.LOL
but this was a fun project, only it didn't worked great for Sheila, it makes her not sleepy.LOL
so i think you don't must hang it in your bedroom , but for a window.LOL
i'm trying to answer all my mail, still 30 ones too answer.
and .... sooo sick of the migraine but when i don't do it i will got tomorrow 60 to read.LOL
hey sweety have an nice day or eve, it's here now eve, so i must go eat something and watch some tele so i will fall in sleep.LOL
that's the best place to fall asleep for me. hey love you and lots of love blessings and fun and hugs with kisses;-D
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Saw that you have been ill and are getting better, so glad your getting better, the flu is so terrible.Just wanted to say, Hi and so glad your feeling some better, much huggs have a great week...huggs xoxoxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
awww so sorry to hear that you were soo ill.
great that you're recovered of it. aaaah and totaly alone too , hummm not great and fine.Yes .... i have missed you a lot.!!!;-D
i will write a tute of that as well , you can make several recipies. so ... i make one with variations.;-D
LOL take cake.LOl funny mayby you had a hungry feeling or mind?.LOL
Like it.;-D
i'm working still on the art project, today my friend Karin was with m e to help me sorting things out.
have trow a lot away of junk.LOL proud off, but one of the things i have hold again. liked the copper closure to much and later on i thought i will make a art project of it.LOL
Karin had to laught of my strange idea's she said oooh now i understand what you mean by your adhd brains. Later on she had to laugh i saw in her car the bag of Gerard laying and there was a post it on it with enjoy your lunch. so i said to Karin aaaw this is sweet that you have glued a post it for Gerard on the bag , and she was looking stunning to me she watched the bag and started to laught. she told me jet i never had seen this before it's printed on the bag .LOL
she knows i'm having again sight problems -S
don't like it anymore but my mood is agian much better then last week, but still having migraine the whole week , take the whole time migraine meds so i can work tiny bits still. glad of that.
ooooh that's great to hear when you have done this let me know i will send you the next exercize;-D
by those steps i was for the first time able to do some meditations .LOL
was soooo proud of myself.LOL
hey hope your sooon are well and okay and back your own self.
still wish you much strenght but take it bit by bit and every day there are new starting overs so we can do it all after a while not at once ;-D
Yes my sis is like me,LOL We have the same voice.LOL so i tricked her biggest dog by that,LOL
he was falling in love with me because he thought i was my little sis.LOL
Have given Karin my friend today her kitschy necklace she loved him.
only i had wrapped it very tight so she asked me to unwrapped it and then i damagend it-arrrrrgh so during her visite i have restored it.LOL
so she was still much more glad with me.
We talked too of the bad polution of a big bad fire on a place nearby the habor with all chemical things-S
it took the firemen 1,5 day to stopt the fire, at first the coverment told us all no worries to make all was okay, but after a day, they told the people that lived nearby the place to stop eating their own vegatables out of their garden and the children didn't were alowed to play on the playgrounds, but still not to worry._S
strange i thought they are messing up again.-S
Last eve the told finely the true the whole place is closed of bad polution and the firemen and other care people that have helped at the fire will be checked for a long time afterwards too the village people.
but the water is poluted too and the flames were very high so all the chemicals came as well high in the air and it all blow by the wind over the country and later on it all rained down , so every where is some pollution as well only less worse;-S
i told Karin this directly that it wasn't okay and true what they were telling us .
Bad that i was right.-S
hey i'm very tired now so this is it for today.
hey have a nice fun week all my love and take cake my friend.LOL
love you , m uch fun and hugs and kisses too for your family;-D
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1432 projects
Doh sorry, I meant to say Happy New Year to you too! Did you have a good Christmas? x
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1432 projects
Thanks for adding me xo
ale_corason · Mexico City, Federal District, MX · 49 projects
Feliz año nuevo para ti también. n_n Besos y abrazos...
Ms. Nikell
Ms. Nikell · Charlotte, North Carolina, US · 52 projects
Thanks for the fave on my bread.
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Im am sorry to see your dad is ill.Its so hard when our parents are bad ill.I hope n pray he gets well soon.My dad is 85 and he is doing great.I cannot belive how well hes doing at that age.It still worries me as his heart is not so great, but they wont put any more stints in and he wont go back to the doc, but he says he is doing great, he lives with my sister.Hope this new year brings wonderful things for you and your children,and family..smile.
aneniine · 58 projects
Thanks for the fave! Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my friend, so sorry that your dad is sooooo ill.
i have send you a long mail , it is too personal to share on here , i hope it will be helpfull for you
wish you lots of strenght and give you all my compassion and kindness and love
hugs and xxxxxxxxxxx
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for favoring my 1960s Sweater Dress Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOl i know that we will still friends when i have forgotten to thank you.LOL but i try to be nice and polite.
I know that we all have to do other things and this cost a lot of time, but i love to chat with my friends so i can send you some words of me as well.LOL
smart huh.!!!!
hey thank you of your sweet comment and the fave of the tiny shadowbox.
saw a lot of them and always thinking where can i buy such things, stupid because all old scraps works fine as well.
love the tiny size of it.
Have tried to work on the necklace but see to badly it cost me my mood.LOL
so i must stop. i'm on the middle of it.
must sew the beads together with tiny beads. but i don''t think it will be smart now to finishing him /her.;-D
must call to tell everybody happy n ew year.LOL
hey much crafting fun if you want to make one your self;-D
lots of hugs, fun ,crafting and xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my dearest friend,i have promised myself a very calm week.
aaah poor you, i know what that 's feelling. sad.
must take this week it slowly and calm and hope i will recouver some sooner.
Yesterday a friend of mine called me his mum was died on the 31e , feeling sad and sorry for him.
she was a nice woman not soo old though. I heard it on his voice that something was not okay. but i told him to stay away so i have spook to him an whole hour.LOL
It was a bad year for him, his partner run away to an other men and he couldn't handle it very well, and then at the end his mum is died.
Happy for her, she was sooo ill, but sad for the one that has lost her.
so after all i lay the whole day on the couch and couldn't work , i have tried it several times.
so i must call Karin my friend to don't come .
and must call m y own mum to say happy new year.LOL sooo stupid, it is just an other day and sooo filled with emotions-S
but we made it and all those celbreathingdays are happely over.LOL
So the normal live starts again.
It isn't my fave time.
To make things worse there was a moment of silence for all the dead ones to remember. aaargh i hate that, i want to do that on my own on my own moments.
but i was tooo brave.LOL must not do this anymore.
Yes i misses her too, i haven't heard anything of her since last week.
don't know if i must be worried. Yes she is very talented but so you're as well;-D
Humm then you were some steps better, i tried to sign in and didn't got a free ticket. i have mailed her, but that was the last time.
this year is my move to the other city very excithing of it.
strange though that i will miss a lot of things that are so commen to me.
but i love the change i will got so much improvement of it, more care help and bigger house.LOL
and in the middle of the old city center and on the top of t he building so i don't have neighbours above me.LOL
Only worried of my cats, they don't like to much changes. so i must think how to handle that.
Wolfje would be okay but it is more Muis she is getting old and don't like all t he changes. she becomes of my solotion somthing bigger but slowly.
sweet crumpy old girl.LOL
Wolfje was playing yesterday with me she has a doggy game i must trow it away and she get it and brings it back to me, but because my sight is bad i moved to slowly and her paws were in my hand aaarg much blood.LOL
so i have now a bandage on my hand.
hey must go my neck is hurting to much .
hey have an nice lazy sunday afternoon and take good care of yourself be gentle to yourself, specialy with migraine-S :-D
hey love you lot's of kisses and hugs and fun!!!;-D
AthAlba · Semarang, Central Java, ID · 39 projects
Happy New Year to you too! (not too late, is it?)
Brooks Z.
Brooks Z. · Madison, Wisconsin, US · 74 projects
thank you for faving my string art
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL stupid i have forgotten to thank you of your fave on my beware angel doggy.LOL oooh i see now this was the seccond time, i understand it now, i have seen the fave much earlier and i got just now the mail of it.LOL
strange though.LOL
but thanks agian.LOL i'm too scarry to lose you as a friend.LOL
hey love you , lots of hugs and xxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi my dear friend hope you had a calm new years eve, wish you an a very happy good awesome fun healthy n ew year with out earthshakes and other nasthy things.
just an normal nice calm year that would be fun;-D
For me it isn't sooo swell this moment i had of Gerards to bumby drive again damaging in my neck , so i'm very sick of it and have a lot of problems to hold my head straight on my shoulders.
lots of sight problems again and lots of sickness and migraine, i have that now for three days aarrrrrgggg
i want only to sleep the whole day, other times i always slept to less hours, so this isn't right-S
And that because of an other person-S
must talk about it with him, i don't think he did it onperpose but i must drive the 18 en 19 again with him. -S
And after 10 months being stucked to home it is not swell-S
i try to work on a kitschy necklace made of old meds lids it's funny to see how you can make things of nothing.
think she will love it. I have made a lot of pictures so i can write a tute too.
think that you all will like that, or some .LOL
I had to stay up late for my cats last night. awefull i wanted to go to bed.LOL
but i knew that i had to wait till the firework was started and then an other hour to go. i had given them some drops of a homeopatic suply to keep them quiet.
sooo strange it's working so they were too sleepy to be frightend and they loved to lay on me the whole time on the couch with all the lights on and the tele loudly.LOL
thats working i have heard that of my vet, other wise they are soooo stressed out.-S
poor outside pets and other animals-S
It was too foggy to see something of the firework, so i have only see a glimp of it.
it was the last firework in this house, strange !!!!
i must count down.LOL it's now i think 5 , 6 months to live here.
lot's to do. but i like my big change it's feeling like a fresh start.
hey have an nice restfull day.lots of love greetings and hugs and kisses take good care of yourself!!! love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
kurohanzo · Tangerang, Banten, ID · 8 projects
hello Alf! xD sorry for the late reply, i've just got the chance to be online again. thanks for asking whether i was ok, it was so nice of you <3 i wish you a happy new year and i hope you have a great time xD thanks for the comment you left on my version. my aunt loves it, she asked me whether i could make one for her to keep lolol xD take care, Alf (^^)d
Zydonia · Mexico City, Federal District, MX · 17 projects
Que tengas un excelente año nuevo.
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Hey, Happy New year to you to..huggs xoxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi my dearest friend
LOL must laught of the story that you only fave the persons that have thankt you.lOL
must be very carefull about that.LOL because i will lose your friendship.LOl
i liked it too when people thanks me for mine fave it's a kind of politemend i think.
he i'm feeling very sick of migraine of the bumby ride of Gerard last thuesday, hope i 'm feeling after some more day better again.
wish you an awesome fun new year as well, stay save and without earthshakes!!!!
lots of hugs and kisses for you all, and for you the most!!!;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
I my sweet friend did i have thank you for your comment and the fave on my angle doggy?
don't know it anymore so i thought for sure i will thank you , mayby for the seccond time , but i loved it. !!!
hey have an nice eve, i'm very tired of my sight problems of today and the headages-S
sleep well , till soon lots of love , hugs , and fun and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
i don't love them too;-D
so i understand this completly, but i'm scared of snakes.
something happend with that when i was a child, but there are a lot of people that has such a scared thing soooo it's i think okay.LOL
only when i was a student on the art academy we had every friday moring to draw in the zoo, i liked that only not during the winter.
tooo cold.LOL so me and my friend we always go to the reptile house to draw there in site and stay out of the cold.
but... they always were cleaning their cages, and often the windows of the snakes were standing open.brrrrrr.
and often the workers asked us can you give the window a push so he is closed again. Always told them that i was to scared of the snakes.LOL
Yesterday i was with Gerard to the hospital for the MRI scan. they were nice and kind to me, it took only 30 minutes.
I have had this often done so i knew the whole procedure, only not in this hospital. but i liked the large room where the machine was standing in.
and after a half hour i was ready to go again.
now i'm having from yesterday migraine and must do it all slowly and take a lots of my migraine meds.
i'm acting like a elderly today.LOL
and try to work a little bit on the kitschy necklace of Karin my friend.
hey have an nice day, lots of hugs and kisses my dear friend;-D
Hannah · Dronfield, England, GB · 1 project
Thanks for faving my sausage carbonara! Happy x
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, my friend
good brave girl!! Like it that they will take it seriously. Hope you have that apointment soon. Keep me posted!
hummm it cost time to be calm down for you and your kiddo's It costed me too some time to settle down again. But after the burgly i always used all my closerings on windows and doors.
It's the thought of that an persone that you don't know are searching in your house and take some things with him/her.
not good and fine.
I'm living on the fourth floor so it must be a long high climb because he came my house in of the outside of my balcony.
the policeman told me don't be scared they come never twice.?!!!
i was at eve school that night and came in my house late back and he heard me coming in, otherwise he had taken more of me.-S
so stupid i'm just a poor girl , don't like that. We had saved money for the special diet for our cats, (John was in his own house) and so we had to safe money for them again.-S
today Gerard will come this afternoon to go with me to the hospital. saw on the news that there will come again more snow-aaaarh!!!;/
it's no fun anymore.
must do a lot still before we could leave, so i'm a little bit in a hurry.
wish you an nice calme day, just let all the scarry thoughts coming, fithing them cost more energy and when you let it go it will ease down faster!!!
Like the same with other emotions.. When i have sorrow i don't try to hold it back but just let it go and think the whole time, it will be soon gone, this is good.
and so it will.
hey much love stay save and take good care of your self, love you greetings hugs fun and kisses!!!;-D

CO + K User

Hey Alf~you probably get alot of quakes there? we get a few, Seattle gets it the worst usually, theyve been working on a couple of the bridges up here from our last quake! hope all is well, WE SURVIVED THE HOLIDAYS! xoxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello tough girl, thank you my dear friend to let me know that you and your family is okay! i was very concerned of you all.
Glad that the house is standing too. and nobody was badly wounded.
Thank you for letting me know that it helped my words. they are only word, but sometimes it helps , but it would much finer to hold you all in my arms in real.
Yes that soooo scarring when you are in a house when those things are happening.
but you must mayby let your house examination of more cracks that are hidden to don't let it fallen apart.
LIke hurricanes there allways come a small one after the first big one of a earthshake. But you had have them allready.
Are you know less frightnend and can you breath again properly?
i hope so!!!
Have send Oddbrook a mail too , i know you are friends too.
Hope she had read it and had written to you too.
But is a big relieve knowing you are allright and the rest too.
I didn't had slept too when i had happened here, I had once a burgler inside my house when i came home, and i know that he didn't come back again, but my window was still open so i have slept with all the light and tele on in an other room of my scarness.LOL
so i understand this very well. What told the news about this to you all?
I know in some parts they are always much worse of not well build houses, Poor sad people,
hope you can ease down more and more and have still an nice new years eve.
will think of you my sweet girl. be save and thanks for letting me know you are okay.
say hello to all of you of me and give them some hugs and kisses
for you the most because you were inside and had so much problems and scarry moments in your own.
he love you don't forget, thinking of you!!!
love and hugs , fun too and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
ooooh so sorry to hear that, it 's sound horrible, hope you all are save!!!
Not fine with xmas times-S Is your home still okay, as well.
or must you sleep outside, in tents.-S?
thinking of you wish you lot of comford and saveness and suport!!!! Isn't anybody hurt of your family. ?
Dont know what to say
Then i always hate it that we only talk by the internet to each other.
stay save , and wish i could hold you in my arms and tell you that i still love you and hope your are soon not too frightfull and ease down.
and ... don't no more words.
sometimes it's any good to hold your friend and tell that you think of them so in my m ind i willdo that.
tell that too to your kids and your hubby that i will t hink of you and send you all my love comfortings and support and warmth and kindness,
Hope and wish you still a good new year a much better one without those nature diseasters. and lots of happyness and creativity and fun and good heatlh.
in short , all the best wishes.LOL
hey love you stay save , hugs and lots of kisses
Dora J.
Dora J. · Los Angeles, California, US · 1 project
Mackenzie is coming home! It's a Christmas miracle!!!!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, agian, LOL aaaw so sweet and kind of you to fav my tine toadstools project.
i was forgotten to hold them out of the plant pot when i was going ot bed that night so my tiny thief had stoolen them all.LOL
she always brings her "new toys" to me but still she didn't have done that.LOL
so i think wolfje is forgotten them. i must be patience .
hey much fun with the making of them,
found a smart advice with nature crafting materials to bake them in the oven ob 200 degrees i think they are useing farenheit degrees? and let them there for 20 minutes then all the tiny bugs are dead.
better i think to do before to saw the brenche in tinny pieces.
hey have an nice day, hope you will be better soon.
hugs and kisses ;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my friend it's here soooooo cold and snowywhite don't like it any more.
Last Friday is was stucked in the snow in front of my flat frontdoor with all my shoppings, after 15 minutes i got myselfs free and mananged to go to the door with my yellow wheels.
so i couldn't out the door anymore, still hoping it melted down. but noooo way.-S
but i'm happy to be inside and working on the art gift for the yearly prize of our organisation disability affairs. it's going slowly but i think i have found the right shapes and models.
still have to do a lot of work.
but that's okay;-D
must laughed at your story in the shops.LOL

hummm i hope it's not anything serious , keep me posted please.
hope you will be soon okay,
take good care of yourself!!!
Hey wish you all the best and have a fun merry xmas time and all the best greates , fun and creative and crafting for the new year;-D
hugs, love , fun and kisses;-D
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for favoring my Child's Muff Happy
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Thank you so much for the fave..how are you doing?
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for favoring my Snow White Prom Dress Happy

CO + K User

Hi Alf~Ive been in limbo, had a bit of a breakdown but that happens this time of year, every damn year! I wanted to send you something, can you PM me your address?
hope all is well, ive posted a few projects, just waiting, always waiting huh! xoxox
Echoruby · Montreal, Quebec, CA · 3 projects
thanks for the fav ;)
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL must laught of your answer that you don't think you wil make the necklace, hey for your relieve, you don't have too.LOL
but don't think i have much patience i don't have it either.LOL
love, hugs and much fun;-D xxx
Britty · 15 projects
Thanks for the Fav on my Cinnamon Scented Boxes.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
don't worry i have got a lot of messages of her, she had written me that she was making new stuff that she will opload very soon.
At first i was worried too, and then i got a messages of her.
But write her an messages on the mail here, i think she will love that;-D
Like it that you was worried of her too.
Sometimes its feeling here like a family, glad that we are looking after each other, and that some of us share some more then only crafting projects.;-D
Saw that you had an version of your recycling cd's awesome, congreatutaltions , you must feel your self a little bit proud.?LOL
i was when i got my first one, still do.LOL
i'm nervous must make an appointment with the dentist-S got problems i have an appointment but that much to late-S
because of all the m eds i don't feel it very well.
but... mayby he can fix the problem.
i called earlier but heard that i had to call them later.-S
i'm soooo scared of him.LOL
and that of the age of 55 .LOL
i know why.
hey have a nice fun day and she is coming back soon;-D
lots of love , fun , hugs and xxxxxxxxxx
Maladignia · Amersfoort, Utrecht, NL · 87 projects
Thanks for the fave on my christmas cards. Happy
Dora J.
Dora J. · Los Angeles, California, US · 1 project
Oh hi! Sorry my internet just started working again. Mackenzie is STILL in the hospital, and I'm sorry to say, we are unsure of whether or not she will be home for the holidays. They found two blood clots near her heart and she had a stroke, but the stroke was very minor (thank God) and the clots have pretty much broken down completely. Please please please pray for her health and strength to be able to come home for Christmas. Thank you so much and have a very merry holiday season!!
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Thank you for the fave of my cow plushies..
hope all is well with you and yours...smile
kurohanzo · Tangerang, Banten, ID · 8 projects
i have accepted your friend request! xDD thanks for the friend request, now i have more friends lol. i've posted a project based on your recycle your cds project. i loved how mine turned out but i love yours more because they look more cheerful xDD i heard a lot about puerto rico.. it must be nice living there. i'm from Tangerang, it's a place near Jakarta in Indonesia xD very nice to meet you xD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaaw sooo kind of you to give me an fave too on the ribbon heard bookmark, thank s a lot!!!;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi my friend
thank you for your fave on my differend paperclip necklace.
hey much fun with the making off,
have an awesome week as well.
love fun greetings and hugs with xxxxxxxxx
PinkRuffles · Bremen, Bremen, DE · 6 projects
Thank you for favering my button bracelet Happy
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Thanks for faving my peep hole tee shirt Happy
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Thanks for faving my peep hole tee shirt Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Goodmoring girl. i'm a little bit in a hurry Gerard and Karin coming this morning to help me wrap more artpieces and to move them to the srorage place.
we did this too, some people found that strange but , when you take each other for granted you will lose the love and become crumpy on each other.
or didn't see the other no more like the way you did before.
and talking and sharing of the not so nice sides of each other.
that's more then respect an other. don't you think too?
i do.LOL
okay i must set now thea for Karin and for Gerard coffee and dress the other part of my body. i 'm sitting half in pj\'s LOL
i always has to less energy, so i must do it slowly like a todler, not a elderly because that's differend.
but that's my life. My dentist had an earlyer appointment and he told me oooh that 's not for you, and told it was at 8.00 a.m hours.
then i must sooo early out of my bed , i takes my always a lot of time to get dressed so i was glad that he was looking of an other time.LOL
hey have an nice day and a very nice awesome weekend,as well;-D
greetings, love hugs and grafting fun. xxxxxxxx
Bliss · 1 project
Hi, thanks for faving my duct tape bangle Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
that's sounds as a reall good friend and mate hubby.LOL
Awesome that he is sooo goood for you, glad to hear.
Mine told me ever and ever again that he couldn't writte a letter, so i found an other solution of drawings.
i have been hospitalized years ago for 1year and 6 months, i came every weekend to house but during the week i wanted too mail from him.
and so we send to each other drawings, it became an comic .LOL
still have them, we fantasized that we had kiddo's and that they were the evil kinds and they all had to go mental treadment.
it's oooo funny, it has helped me a lot.
still, so awesome this creative solution of yours.;-D
and not the biological parent are often the really good ones.
so i'm glad for you!!!!
congreatulations it's a long time!!!
It's sooo importend to have a helping suporting hubby next to you that stand beside you, or other friends.
like it, you speak of him very dearly and kind.:_D
happy for you.
hey must do some more wrapping i 've been to the dentist, i was tooooo early had the wrong time in my head, so i have spend a lont time with waiting for him-S
did it again, LOL sooo i must make some more boxes arggggg.
i had to do too my shopping but i don't want to go out anymore sooo cold, okay not freezing but tomorrow there was a real heavy snowstorm when i had to go to the dentist, so i'm having it cold and not fine.LOL
hey lots of love and hugs , nice day and great fine weekend

oooh thanks a lot that you like them, still does the same.
but i must wait till Sheila has got him other wise i must send mine to her.;-D
hey love you;- xxxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi, hi my friend , aaaw sweer of you to fave my thealight angel.
it's sooo easy to make, looks on my tute more work, but you know we i have problems with finding the right words in english.LOL
i will learn in januari the daughter of Karin this.
had asked Karin as well but she didn't understand it i think, must aske her fryday again.
love both of them.
hi must rest a little and then go back to my not fave job wrapping and making boxes;-S LOL
feeling crumpy, mayby it's my age.LOL
hey have a nice day, lots of love, greetings fun an d hugs with kisses
kurohanzo · Tangerang, Banten, ID · 8 projects
Hi Alf, you're very welcome for the faves, i really like them xD i hope someday i'll get the chance to make a version of both xD
thank YOU for liking my CD case clock, your comment was flattering and made me glad xDD i hope you have craft drill because i used knife to make the hole and it (or maybe I..) didn't do a very good job.. lolol
wooow congrats!! xD the picture frame sounds so awesome, i would like to see lol did you post it here? i would really love to make the gucci cut-out t-shirt, i love cutting out shirts and alter them lol, i hope i can find the best t-shirt to do it because i don't have any at the moment. hey thanks for leaving comment on my profile (^_^)d
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOl sounds romantic, you are on the same time , i'm a december person and my best friend as well ,so she love the lights too.like you.
i thought all people love xmas lights but that's not right i have noticed. when i'm sad during this times i always go out to see the light my self to kitschy xmas shops and i'm happy again.LOL
have those kitschy ones too , only not in the house this moment.
hummm saterday is my birthday, and because i'm that they tired out because Karin and Gerard will help me friday to store more art work. so i think it wil be a celebreathing on my own so i had bought some presents for myself and i must plane things to do to entertain myself.LOL
i will be thankfull of all the good things, i don't like my birthday-S
so after i while i have stoped the celebreathings and give my self a day off to entertaining myself the whole day.
that 's awesome and then i started to work with Gerard and he liked to do on that day together.
so ... i 've been spoiled by him.lol
i think i will make that day something special for my self.
i have bought the seccond mini flat iron of clover ,i had allready the other but on this one you can change the shape of the tools so it's much handier and smarter to work with.
only the shop didn't send the tools with it-S
saw that yesterday so i have asked them to send it to me again.
they will, but now the mailoffice is on striking for threedays.
i hope they will win it's about losing their jobs and it's smart to do this during those xmas time card days but for the normal people it's not okay.lOL
so i will got them only weeks later.
pitty. but i have something to look for.;-D
Yesss i'm sooo glad, that i'm feeling much more better.
How much years you've been together?
i like those celebreathings i did this with john every 6 months too.
he found it to often but he was sooooo kind to celebreath it too for me.LOL i told him we must celebreath a lot of days to make things much funnier in life.;-D
and be thankfull , i have a lot of strange celebreathingdays not everyone understands them, so i don't share them.LOL
some people are very prejudiced about some issues sooo i have learned my lesson but i still celebreath those strange days;-D
and for you more to go this december too the xmas days. i think and the newyeareve.
on here there allways is a lot of firework but not the beautiful ones because all people buy them by them selfs and lighting them their selfs, the poor animals i allways think and the poor people with breathingproblems.
yesterday my gp calld me i was suprised it was her day off and she only told me that she was soooo glad with her xmas 'card"
told her when i have been moved i still will send you them.;-D
told her what was happening with the fuseing and that it was a asthma attack she was agree with me. Happy because i don't want to go to the logopedic therapist.LOL
i don't need that really off all the singing and playing flute i have learned to use my breath properly.LOL
but ,,,, glad i was right.LOL
so this must be it, much wrappings to do.LOL
hey hope till sooon glad that it was romantic, i will think quicker when you aske me again of some ideas next time;-D
hey have a nice fun rest of the week, lots of hugs, love oooh and congreatulations !!!!! of the romantic celebreathing;-D
and much more kisses;-D xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Scraphoarder · Indianapolis, Indiana, US · 11 projects
Hey alf Happy thanks for the fav and comment Happy Happy crafting!
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
thanks for faving my leaf card..smile
Sandy A.
Sandy A. · Singapore, SG · 2 projects
Thanks for faving my Tropical Angels.
Abigail D.
Abigail D. · Southampton, England, GB · 7 projects
thanks for faving my hair pins project Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Alf i'm doing much better , more better in breathding and less migraine so i'm a happy persone.;-D
only it's cold outside, freezing and there is snow outside , all frozen too. it's rinding jumpy though.LOL
not good for me.LOL
but it's beautifull all the fog and frosten threes , like a xmas card in old times.;-D
but i'm a lucky one that can stay inside the whole time, try to do it less because it's good to see living people as well.LOL
must wrap a lot of my artwork , we will storage it for some time after my big move. i will misses them a lot.
but this is better.
so i'm a busy gril.LOL
hey hope you had fun party's and oooh forgot your question of romantic dinners Sorry !!!!!!
i think i'm now to late?
hope you had a nice fun romantic dinner as well;-D
I think i had have written it down for my self, i didn't so that why i forgotten it totally.
hey have a nice fun day and rest of the week, lots of love, greetings and crafting fun , hugs and xxxxxxxxx
kurohanzo · Tangerang, Banten, ID · 8 projects
thanks for favoriting my cd case clock ^^
i love your creations, by the way..O_o
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
thank you for the fave of my butterfly..smile
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Thank you for the fave of my wreath.

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thank you for commenting on my Elf shirt, I think it could be worn out anytime too!
Allison K.
Allison K. · Lititz, Pennsylvania, US · 30 projects
Thanks for faving my Juice Pouch Coin Purse!
Essex Debs
Essex Debs · Bellevue, Washington, US · 32 projects
Thanks for adding my Green Book to your favs

CO + K User

thank you for all the favs! Pm me your address please... I d like to send you one!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi agian , thank you for your sweet words and the big complement on my tiny paperdoll project.
i think its of my jumping brains, i knew some other girls with the same jumping brains and they are too very busy and creative because the have some learning problems too.
so you try to do other things better then better.
i was always doing something and try to find a lot of things out.
and we were very poor so i had always make things from nothing.
think that why.LOL
i love those big paperdolls but making tinny onse is super cool aswell so i had found out this brad to make when i was 14th.
must do a lot , Karin is gone it was a lot of fun and cozyness and laughter and we did a great wrapping job. but now i'm tired out again.-S
hey hope you have a better day. must go out to do some mail on the mailbox and getting my meds from the pharmacy.
till soon, lots of hugs and xxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL the first time , i was too pale and chocked but now i love it more and more.
must always laugh of the song.
only during the xmas days it's on the radio.
it's a typical dutch song.lOL
full of sarcasme. we have an other kind of humour, i have noticed that not all people understand it, the uk people having a strange humour as well, but little bit else then ours.LOL
love the humour of them too.
still a bit in a hurry, ooooh say hi to them too.
i will think of some idea's , for you;-D

hey your welcome, i lvove that too all t he other cultures and learning of others and see that there are some differends but still sharing the same hobby.
that's awesome it's feeling we come more closely to eachother , helpfull i think.
hummm soooo tired, Karin my friend is coming to help me-S
love her around me, but don't want to do anything.LOL
she is soooo nice and kind, love her.
it will be fun time.LOL
still not finished with my cards gifts-S must do still 10 of them
have finished this part 20 of them soooo it's getting better.LOL
hey have a nice day great fun party for your daughter give her a hug and birhtday kisses.
i will think of an solution to send you some pictures of sinterklaas.
but don't exspect too much.LOL
much love for you and fun and greetings
jet xxxxxxxxxxxx
mommaviv · Vancouver, Washington, US · 8 projects
I'm glad you like my beaded landscape cuff. Thanks for the fave
Sandy A.
Sandy A. · Singapore, SG · 2 projects
Thanks for 'fav'ing my zip up dress card. So happy that my first project here is liked.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
okay , glad to hear that you didn't had to kill them at your self.LOL
my first mum in law did kill animals for their m eal. didn't understand that.
i have a friend which is doing the same with the rabbits of their daughters for christmas. there is a song in dutch about a rabbit.
Flekkie , means spot in your langues.
and the little boy is searching for his Flekkie asked all the family i've they have seen flekkie but no body.
he asked hey were is dad, and his mum told oooh his doing something outside but please leave him alone he'snot in a great mood.
so the boy is the whole day searching.
then they got the meal, and the boys is asking mum what is this for meat and she tells him oooh that's our xmas bunny, the boy don't say anything but didn't eat a bit.
the next morning his mum is searching for their dad, nobody has seen h im and neither the boy he had to do something and isn't in a good mood.
by the their next dinner mum still searching dad and the boy tell her yummy meat huh >!!!
then she started to get pale,LOL
always palying this song at xmas time, love it.LOL
most kiddo's has lost a pet during those times.
good for you you eat not to much meat as well;-D
it's soo strange of keeping pets and eating other animals?!!!
and a bunch of other reasons as well .
hey about sinter klaas.
It was during the 1500 a real living bishop, he is the version of pictures of your vintage santa claus.
He is thin, and wearing his bishops cloths he was very kind and caring in those day 's for children , children were not imported more slaves and not good taken off.
he stand up for them .
he lived in spain and his birhtday is the 5 december, Every year mid nov he comes by boot from spain to holland.
during those day 's between his visite the children put in front of the heating centre their shoes.
sometimes they put some things for the horse or a present list .
Sinterklaas is riding on a white horse and has lots of servants , they are black, That's because during those old day's there were in spain a lot of coloured persons in spain.
When the children are awake the will find a small present in their shoe or some candy.
Sint will visite a lot of stores and of course he comes to their schools and read in t he book which kid was okay or not.
the story was that they took the bad kiddo's in the bag of Piet the servant to spain.
i loved that idea as a child, but never got a chance to put in the bag and come alone to spain.LOL
At 5 december it's fun for the kiddo's sint has given a lot of presents most times a neighbour must knock at the door or window and has put the bag with presents for the door.
the kiddo's must think it was Piet. Piet is now a day s more a acrobate and funny fellow, so far not so scarry then when i was a kiddo.
my parents did every year something strange with the presents.
one time it was sooo worse, th ey had hide all the presents and mine weren't to find. my mum didn't liked that so that was the last time they hide them.LOL
but fun for me the whole year we found some of my presents.LOL
on this time we eat like you with halloween special candy
the heating part with the shoes is a story too.
one time the sint h ad saved some girls by throughing trough the chimmy oranges so the story is that he ride on his horse on the roof.
as kiddo i loved the mistory and the scarness and excithing. i was a true believer of him, I was very angry when my mum told me that it just was a play of growing ups.
the oders that don't believe anymore gave present to everyone and they must make a poem with some teasing issues for the receiver, or... must make a special wrap.
some are sooo beautiful, but most at the time they are very dirty to unwrap.LOL
so i'ts a lot of fun.
hope you understand now a little bit more of sinterklaas.
it's not Santa claus the story of Sinterklaas is real and true our xmas is more religion and some pegan rituals as well.LOL
love those times.;-D
thank you for your encouragement, i will , have done my homework i'm waiting of Gerard his mail i've he think it's okay.LOL
hey congreatiolations for your daughter as well.
lots of hugs and kisses for her too.
i'm almost a birthday girl too.LOL
i think thats's why i love the darktimes and all the lights of this times. My friend hass in decembre too her birthday and she love the same things so i think it's all of when you are born.LOL
hey must make some more xmas 'cards'
i 'm checking t he whole time the mailbox when i hearing the sound of it'b ut still not gerard.pD
think he is still having his weekend'=D
hey have a great awesome week and a great eve.
lots of love and succes of your birthday girl;-S
congreatulation too for you as mum;-D
hugs and lots of kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, my again,
aawwww i see you were so kind to fave my bindingstrips, it's fun to make them, still love that project to make.
but still making my xmas 'cards" have finished some more, but everytime i think okay now i have done them all, i found some new ones that were fallen down of my sewing machine, the weather is i think changing because the ladies of mine are chasing after each other and are very very busy.LOL
but love to ask a bunch of my atteniton too.
but that's their brand, wehn i was complaining of that to John he always told me then you didn''t had bought one;-S
hummm i knew that too, but sometimes, when you m ust hurry it's not sooo much fun.-D
okay must stop, hey have an awesome fun week i will hope to you soon back, saw you had written a comment too on my page. oooh ooh much to day here too as well.LOL
greetings, hugs and bunch of kisses;-D
ihsana z.
ihsana z. · Malé, Male, MV · 28 projects
Thank u Alf. god bless u too.

CO + K User

thanks for faving my wreath! have a great weekend!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL must laugh of the turkey story of yours.
poor happy winning girls.LOL
did you make them dead on your own?
or just keeping them alive for a while?
good to hear that you had a great feast.
now a resting time, or just cleaning up and starting for xmas.?LOL
must laugh of the idea . Next week we celebreathe Sinterklaas.
I don't celebreath it, but there are lots of cheap things to buy and i love the special candy of that time.LOL
totally not good for me, i have a strict dieet i don't are alowed to eat sucker, and salt and gluten and milk so it's not good for my bowels and my allergic reactions.LOL
but when i have sined .LOL i know why i don't must eat that.LOL
more motivated again.LOL
i had a fun day yesterday Gerard came for the first time after a lot of time and we had to laught a lot .LOl
I see him next thuesday again we go together to my new neurologic md, must do some homework for that.LOL
and some other things, and my xmas statements that i'm working of, and then i hope to start on my new art project for Jeroen the art gift for his yearly prize.
sooo strange that he is still gone.can't believe it, but i have them same with John my partner. strange.
but i love to make the art gift because then i had done again some special for Jeroen in his honour.
hmmm a sort of memorial day for Jeroen, like the day of the death in Mexico.
like that, i have learned of that celebreathing time much of my friend Eccemulier, and it made it easier to mourn of John
glad, this is feeling much better.
Ooh i don't think the new neurologic md can't help m e too, but i want to know why i don't recouver any more after the third whiplash.
My first one told me that i would have recouvered after a while completly, strange. but he didn't wanted to examen me and take some xrays' he had big problems with my adhd.
but i always kind and polite so he has a problem of h is own.
a collegea of him in the same hospital found it rare to, he must laugh of me and like my visites.LOL
the problems is that he can't help me either but it's helping me to have some appointments because i use morphine and that's very addicting so i like to be under strickt supervices.;-D
oooh my breathing is much better, hurst still but i heard of Gerard and my sis that she had more problems as well.;-D
so it can be the weather too.;-D
hey hope you have a fun saterday and a lazy sunday afternoon.
like the last piece of the line.LOL
it's from the beatles.LOL
hye lots of love, greetings, fun hugs and xxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi Alf hope you had an happy thanksgiving day too.
we don't have that celebreathion day but , still very sweet of you;-D
In europe we have a lot of differend celbreathion days then in other parts of this earth globe.LOL
didn't know that you celebreath that day as well in peurto rico?!
it's cold here, there will be coming snow i t hink in some part of my tiny country there is snow allready.brrrr
so cold.LOL
hey i'm waiting for Gerard to come so i'm a little bit in a hurry;-D
hey wish you an awesome fine weekend , all my love, greetings and fun with hugs and xxxxxxxx
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Thank you for faveing my shrink dink rings, Im learning slowly but surely..lol
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Thank you so much for the warm wishes and the same to you and yours.SMILE..
God is good..smile
Zydonia · Mexico City, Federal District, MX · 17 projects
Gracias por los buenos deseos, pero aquí no se celebra el día de gracias...
Creí que actualmente vivías en estados unidos. No conozco mucho acerca de Puerto Rico.
Que bien que te agrade mi país, es realmente muy bonito... sí gustas también puedo enviarte algunas fotos, siempre es bueno conocer diferentes puntos de vista.
Me parece interesante lo que dices acerca de tus hijos, te imagino realmente muy joven.
A mi también me encantan las manualidades, pero no tengo mucho tiempo para hacerlas debido a la escuela...

Feliz día de acción de Gracias tambien.

CO + K User

Happy Turkey Day!
ihsana z.
ihsana z. · Malé, Male, MV · 28 projects
thanks for the favorite to my bangle holder
elisa m.
elisa m. · 15 projects
Gracias por agregar mis joyitas de barbie a tus favoritos(y por tu comentario)ñ_ñ
anemona · Mexico City, Federal District, MX · 30 projects
thanks for the favorite at my plastic bottle courtains
Doris B.
Doris B. · Huntington, West Virginia, US · 16 projects
Thanks so much for adding my necklace tutorial to your list of favs!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
thank you, so i was right of that it was my asthma as well and not a other problem that the collegea of my gp thought.
after all he noticed that i had less oxigen in my blood then the last time, but i still must go as well to a logopedic therapist.LOL
don't know what i must learn there i have had some lessons i used my voice wrong and because in my first proffesion i had to talk a lot it cost me my voice, and i learned to use my breath properly. but okay. i willb e brave and noooo i don't tell Karin this.LOL
i'm sure she hangs camera's , uhhhn i think she don't because she only is thinking now how must we move all jet her things to haarlem.LO l she is more stressed out then i'm .LOL
okay i have to much materials but i don't buy a lot anymore.
i use first all m y old ones and then buy one new.
but tiny figures' i can't stay them in the shop behind sooo sorry for them, LOL it's all of the dollar shop so it cost not toooo much but it must be moved too, LOL
i didn't go for the same reason to a xmasfair not last year too, i'm proud of that, but ~Karin told me she had bought something for me.lOL
i must buy a better mask the open door was working okay as well but still some problems but less then yesterday afternoon.
but i will follow you're advice, after all i was feeling my self a little bit silly because i warned all of you in my tutes .LOL
i'm not a donkey , i have thought of, in my country we allways said when you does do something stupid, a donkey doesnt' bumb twice on the same stone. so i'm happely a human.LOL
okay i have learn a huge lesson.
hey thanks a lot of your concern and great advice and hope you have a nice eve and sleep well too.
much love , hugs fun and xxxxxxxxxxx
HollyPolly · Chesterfield, England, GB · 33 projects
Thanks for faving my lemon curd muffins!
Vymini · Frankfurt, Hesse, DE · 8 projects
Great to hear that! Go ahead and sew one for her, I'd love to see your version!!!

Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Alf,
i did something stupid yesterday because i having again problem with not taking too much breath-S
i had fued some plastic bags
and now still having problems i have made today an appointment ad the gp to check this.
not fine.
but i'm a tough coockie so i will be better soon again.
had planed so much other things to do this week, i don't can't i think.-S
still must fusing some more but i don't dare that anymore.LOL
i think i must have it done on the balcony i didn't i did it in the living room-S
with a open door, or i have got an cold. don't now for sure, think it's my asthma.
Gerard and Karin were sooo relieved and happy that i was getting better.LOL i don't want to tell this to them.LOL
such a disapointment.LOL
must think of other solutions i supose-S
And how are you doing?
Are you working on xmas presents?
hey must go wash myself and get dressed for my appointment.;-D
Hey h ave a fun nice day , lot of love hugs and xxxxxxxxx
Zydonia · Mexico City, Federal District, MX · 17 projects
Hey hola!
Me da mucho gusto encontrar gente que comparta el idioma, me cuesta mucho trabajo el ingles.
Y sobre todo me encanta poder conocer gente de todo el mundo...

Que hay sobre ti chica? Cuentame más...
Zydonia · Mexico City, Federal District, MX · 17 projects
Hey hola!
Me da mucho gusto encontrar gente que comparta el idioma, me cuesta mucho trabajo el ingles.
Y sobre todo me encanta poder conocer gente de todo el mundo...

Que hay sobre ti chica? Cuentame más...
Zydonia · Mexico City, Federal District, MX · 17 projects
Hey hola!
Me da mucho gusto encontrar gente que comparta el idioma, me cuesta mucho trabajo el ingles.
Y sobre todo me encanta poder conocer gente de todo el mundo...

Que hay sobre ti chica? Cuentame más...
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi dear Alf.
i 'm much better still some problems with my breathding, but less difficult, and less tired, so i'm a lucky girl.LOL
So slowly my normal daily life can start again.Jipieeeee,LOL
Today i have asked my friend Karin to come to visite me, she wrote me back that she love to come, i have made something for her, she is the one that's helping me with sorting things out for the moving.
Yesterday i was making a cartonbox for the wrapping, it's a little fracile, and wolfje put suddenly her head underneat the glue bottle, It's not the paper glue but the stronger one.-S
so she ran away but.... now she has some small strange little tufts of hair i have cut some off but on her head she has very short hair sooooo i didn't dare to cut .LOL
she is always to curious when i'm crafting of working on my art work. i think she is living in a cat paradise;-D
Yesterday they were angry on each other they would seat in their new cartboard playhouse, which you know it's one of my projects, and she pull some plastic flower from the plant troughs. to play with them .oh ohhh. but they are easy to put them back.
and i 'm happy that they both love their house so much.
I was flabber gasthed that the tiles of the roof are sooo strong, wolfje is sitting often on the roof to try to bang trough the windows Muis out the house, and still they are okay.
good that i made it soooo dureable after all.
now they are sleeping on the couch i must asked Karin to cut off the nails a little bit of Muis together i can't do it no more alone, so when Karin holds h er she find it okay.
With Gerard it don't work well , she is afraid for him after he helped me a half year to clean the pins from the outside when she had a broken leg. so sad for both of them.;-D
and must call some people and start with xmas presents, it's first in holland Sinterklaas, we celebreathe that on 5 december.
It was a real saint that was living in Spain and that was very good for the children and take good care of them.
Every year in november it's traditional that he come to Holland by boot and then all the kiddo's may set their shoes in front of the central heating. and every day they will become a litte present.
For the older ones it's more the fun and make a lot of jokes.
Make beautiful or just dirty warppings or... poems,
i loved the party always,
so it's feeling a little bit strange to start just now.LOL
but i must make too a start with the art gift.
but that will be the next thing, still searhing for some good suplies.;-D
hey have a nice fun awesome week and hope you're doing well,
lots of love, hugs fun and xxxxxxxxxxxx
V-I-O-L-E-T Z.
V-I-O-L-E-T Z. · Scottsdale, Arizona, US · 39 projects
Thanks for the favorite on my Shampoo Bottle WreathHappy
Vymini · Frankfurt, Hesse, DE · 8 projects
Thanks again for the fav, hihi!

CO + K User

The one with the doll on hte couch is the sweetest, the one with the doll on the windowsil is the bitch...I love em all though! yes they like cookies, peanut butter. They like lasagna too.

CO + K User

Hey Alf~I put some pics up of my dogs on my blog, if you want a good laugh go check um out. have a great day!
thanks for being the first person to favorite my creation! It was my first project posted...add me!
Felecity W.
Felecity W. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 86 projects
Thanks for the comment and Fav on my pinto beans! Let me know how they taste!
Lemon Jelly
Lemon Jelly · Herschberg, Rhineland-Palatinate, DE · 2 projects
Thanks for the fave!! Happy
nindya gitaya
nindya gitaya · Malang, East Java, ID · 3 projects
hehehe, thanks for your comment @ my fringe necklace project alf HappyD
nindya gitaya
nindya gitaya · Malang, East Java, ID · 3 projects
you are welcome Happy
thanks for accepted me Alf..
hehe :p
wow thank youu, hahaha
hahahaha, it's nice if people think we are younger.
hope you have a great daay Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Alf, goodmorining;-D
i like it too when i'm checking my mailbox and find some cok mail;-D
it's like you have a reall connection with the cok family or cok friends. At first i hadn't friends on here, it was all completly new for me. I didn't knew it was so nice to become a member.
but i'm only on this site very active not on the others.
OOOh thats good news , fine that he went to school , did it goes well? Hope so!!!
And you a tiny bit fitter?
Today i'm feelling a little bit better too, i have managed to change the sheets of my bed, pfff i'm now tired out for the rest of the day, but i couldn't do this for a month so i think it's going the right side now.Yippieeeee.LOL
My youngest cat is the whole time playing with me, she is like a dog, i must trow something away and she will get it and brings it back. and allways mine crafting materials, not her real toys.LOL
She need some exercizes she is becoming vet.LOL
She is always given comments when she had the thing in her mouth she is talking too.LOL
she is very funny Karin my friend tellling her allwasys say woef, LOL
Karin things that wolfje is thinking she is a dog.LOL
those kind of cats that i have are allways like this, so it's not new for me.
it will be a day with a lot of resting and do only some computer work, i must rest a lot and it cost a lot of time.
My gp told that too, she called me yesterday eve and we spoken too of on other subject,. She had given me an subscription to the revalidation centre but i had got a letter of that, that it cost 16 weeks for to see my an give me an interview and then i must wait more weeks.
so i must search for an other revalidation centre in the neighbourhood of my new town to be. and then she will write again an subscrition.
it's bad, but i knew this allready, so i thought of this ,and my gp too, so that's lovely. i fond of her, she of me.LOL
This is the first year that i come to often to her-S i have had years that i only visted her once at the time.
but after the neck damaging almost 10 months i'm not so healthy anymore. I will later when i 'm noved to my new home to be;-D

every body loves the idea that i' m moving of my friends and family.
hey i'm doing thttp://static.coplusk.net/images/commentbox/post.gif?1289684132o much things in one time, i can't do that.
other women can . I'm not. so i must stop.
hey was nice talking to you, hey have a nice crafting day and fun
love, hugs and kisses;-D
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Thank you it was a lot of fun making her..lol
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
I made a new doll, its a banana doll..lol..
has the long legs and big shoes..makes me laugh..lol..
Lor L.
Lor L. · 5 projects
Thanks for the favorite on my Autumn scarf!
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Great, I hope you can work with the picture.Im not very good at that..lol.
Right now IM making a sitting banna doll with big feet.I hope it turns out good..I didnt make
patterns, just cut and shape.Cant wait to see your lady bug doll..huggs

CO + K User

It is a pretty cool experience..no iam not afraid of it, matter of fact im one of the dr doolittle type who thinks i can talk to animals, our yard is full of them~ravens, owls, crows, hawks, an eagle, chipmunks~they are fun, they dogs love to watch them eat peanuts. have a great day!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
oooooh that's such a relieve to hear, and for you as well;-D
you;re a reall good mummie for him;-D like that!!!!;-D
hey take good care of both of you, you must need some rest to recouver from the caring;_D And suns love almost everytime the coockie of their mums. LOL
so don't bother, you have made it with love, that's what he tasting.LOL
hey hope he is quickly stong enough to kick some balls, have a nice fun week with both of you;-D
love, hugs fun andxxxxxxx
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
did you get to download the pic I tried to draw
just look at what I made and the pieces and I am sure you can figure it out..smile..
saya l.
saya l.
no problem your multi use piece is super adorable.

CO + K User

I like your kitty profile pic~weve been seeing evidence of a cat on our property, cougar to be exact, it is not afraid of our dogs, has been scratching several trees and eating compost? we are going to put up game camera so we can get some pics. We have to keep it on the DL because the neighborhood loves to shoot at things, he's safe in our yard!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi and goodmoring to you;-D
it's here morning;-D
aaaw poor you , yesterday i saw some monthers with tiny kiddo's that were ill too, soooo sad to see. so i understand that you must be tired too. -S When your little one is sleeping try to sleep a little bit as well. i have learned that from my friends when my cat Muis had to stay in a bench for a half year she had broken her behind leg very complecated-S so i had to care for her a lot like you know for your sweetie.
hey give him some hugs from me and wish him better soons.
and take good care of your self as well, i do the same;-D
try to rest a while too.
you're sounding like a real good mum!!!;-D
hey have a nice lazy resting sunday and a better next week.
much love , and hugs with xxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi dear fiend;-D
and goodmoring , it's here morning, thank you for your vve of my dutch pussycat keyholder.
ehy much fun with your verion , very curious of it.LOL
hey have a nice lazy sunday afternoon;-D X's

CO + K User

thanks for the comment Alf!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hey Alf thank you very much of being so nice to ask me as your friend. love that. And Yeaaaaaah were are now friends awesome.
i often thought we were friends allready, strange!!!
hey i'm ill and must go to take my meds, i have an virus infection in my longs so i'm tired out-S
strage though that only try to breath is sooooo tiring. LOL
i 'm only on the couch and before the screen of the computer nothing else, not like me at all!!!
it will cost some time the gp told me today-S and i have now a whole collection of inhalators, awesomeLOL
must laught at it.
all strange shapes and sizes.LOL colours too.LOL
when i got my first disk i liked the shape of the ufo look a like so much and the colour that i love to use it , the gp was looking very strange .LOL
hey hope you will have an awesome fun nice weekend
lots of love , fun, hugs and xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
AthAlba · Semarang, Central Java, ID · 39 projects
Thanks for your comment on my steampunk drawing. I wish I could but it will look weird and be rather hot. I live in Java and when the sun shines, its blazing!
But I somehow found 2 toy keys that I turned into earrings. Can't wait to wear it. Yay! Happy
Maladignia · Amersfoort, Utrecht, NL · 87 projects
Thanks for the fave and the comment on my autumn decoration. Be sure to post your version if you make one. Happy
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
thanks, I hope this gives you an idea how I
made here, the pic if not to scale, so make it as big or little as you like.It is just to give you an idea of how I made her.I didnt make a pattern, just cute her out of felt and started sewing..hope you can make your little girl one.
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
ck out the lady bug pic again, I put up a kinda
like pattern, shoes are stuffed and socks sewed
into shoes after stuffed and below top of sock
run thread around and pull tight and turn down top of sock and sew in leg..lol..
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
yes I found it very simple..
I did it just by looking at the pic of the sculpted one
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
I like lady bugs to..lol.
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Thank you for favoring my Lady bug doll..smile.
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for favoring my DiY Print Dress Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL glad you like the idea, and less money to spend on buying them, i think all your friends love it on their present.LOL
hey you must add it on your project as well in the introduction i've you want, ?!!!
hey have an nice day and an awesome fine fun weekend as wel;-Dxxx
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for favoring my Sweater Tee Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL i know that, i saw it, but i like those very easy to make things too. they are often great and just suprising fun to see. Like yours is, think you can use it as a gift wrap too, but i'm not sure if you had thought of that allready.
hey still have a fun nice awesome week;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Alf, thank you of your fave on my calyce flower bracelet , much crafting fun with the making of;-D
love your multi use piece too, i've faved it just now.LOL
h ey have a nice fun week;-D xxx
Smallest Forest
Smallest Forest · Darwin, Northern Territory, AU · 15 projects
Glad you liked the paper flowers tute! Thanks for the love.
PinkRuffles · Bremen, Bremen, DE · 6 projects
You are welcome Happy I really love the blog too and check it every day Happy
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for favoring my Ruffle Front Top Happy
elisa m.
elisa m. · 15 projects
Hola!,gracias por tu comentario y el favorito(ñ_ñ).
Smallest Forest
Smallest Forest · Darwin, Northern Territory, AU · 15 projects
Hello, Alf, I'm glad you liked the tute. Nice profile pic. ;) Hasta luego.
Brooks Z.
Brooks Z. · Madison, Wisconsin, US · 74 projects
thx for faving my bag made out of a tee Tongue
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1432 projects
Thanks for adding me xo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Alf, yeaaaah times fly-S
not always great.LOL so we must live with our eyes and watch them carefully growing up.LOL
i don't like halloween either, but i like the dressingup and those other fun things and the creepyness that is then finely accepted.LOL
thank you of your big complement, they were dutch comics and dutch situations so it' was and still is hard to translate;-D
in dutch it's always searching too for the best less words in the balloons to write. i have always learned that it must be the drawing it selfs that tells the story.
i love to draw but i don't do it much anymore, i sketsch my idea's and that's enough. when my hubby became sick i was the mobilest persone of us so i had to take care of him.
i have done it with happiness , so that's not the sad part, but it costed me to much energy and time too. so i only good draw those cartoons and comics and they are all been published.
but i didn't had to time to work on my own art work and i missed it sooooooo much.
so i started a study again of art quilting, LOL not like the normal quiltings but that's an other story, LOL
and i liked my art work again, when John died i have stoped all my drawings and started to work on my own art work.
sometimes i make a cartoon but only for somebody.LOL
and designing is still nice to do.
Yes i'm strong, that a fine thing, it's not so easy my life because i'm not healthy .and i'm a wheelie, to be tough and to look to the things i still can do it makes me happy and strong and i'm creative and have a lot of humour;-D
i t hink that's my force.;-D
i'm now waiting for my friend Karin she comes tomorrow to help me with my cleaning up of my materials because i will move to an other city next year.;-D
Hey thank you for your sweet words you've made my day, it means a lot to me;-D
and.... have a nice fun fine week share your memories with others;-D xxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL i did it again,
i always look to the oldest mail in my mailbox and works so to the newest one so i'm here again.LOL
thank you too for the fave of yours on my inside out project.
i still make them, and friends have told me that they always knows that the letters are from me because of the colours and strange designs.LOL
and i love to recycle, not only for a better green world but too for my wallet.LOL
hey have a nice day and lots of fun with the making of your envelopes.;-D xxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Alf, thank you very much for the fave of yours on my glasses cartoon and your kind complement on the comment.
i appriciate it very much.
always fine to have some faves after the uploading from the projects.;-D
i have two who didn't have any faves at all. but.... okay you can't allways get want you want like the rolling stones singing.LOL
still allways suprised why some projects are great and others not.
hummm sounds not nice this crumping talk. i'm tired of halloween.,LOL
i was late awake and was soooo glad when i found out it was wintertime, so i was an hour earlier then i thought.LOL
must still do a lot , i had took an week off, and tomorrow my friend Karin will come to help me cleaning my materials up.LOL so i must clean a lot .LOL
it's messy here, my cats like that a lot because they will found a lot of toys they think of some projects.LOL
my little cat she is now the biggest one thinks that all kind of woollen and knitting parts are special made for her as toys so she steels them.LOL
okay she brings them to me but not for keeping them, i must play the dog game with her trowing them away and she runs after it and bring them back and so on and so on.LOL
Karin always asked to Wolfje say woef.LOL
mayby it of her name wolfje .LOL
hey have and a lazy sunday afternoon and a nice fun awesome week as well;-D xxx
Vymini · Frankfurt, Hesse, DE · 8 projects
Thank you so much for the fav! =)
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Hey, yep,Im here almost every day..lol
I have been busy packing to move, so been very busy, hope to get settled soon and get back to
Felecity W.
Felecity W. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 86 projects
Thanks for favoring my text covered altered book!
ale_corason · Mexico City, Federal District, MX · 49 projects
¡Gracias! Awww, y con gorrito y todo.
Morados y violetas, anotado. Cuando la tenga te aviso. Un abrazo.
Conti · Puerto Rico, Misiones Province, AR · 5 projects
thanks for the fave.
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
thanks for faving the speckled pig..smile.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Alf , well done, you're very welcome.LOL
love t he story of getting bored and start with a crafting project.LOL
i don't know what boring time is, i have always tooooo much idea's still when i must wait on my helping persons or of my taxi's;-D
i always got then only more ideas to start with.LOL
hey have a nice fun weekend and an awesome week as well;-D
ale_corason · Mexico City, Federal District, MX · 49 projects
Muy bien, ¿y tú?
Estos proyectos de Violetta seguramente te lo explicarán mejor que lo que yo podría.


La cosa es dejarlo de unos 7 u 8 cm de ancho. Pero hagamos algo, dime tus colores favoritos y más o menos de qué largo lo quieres y con gusto te hago una y te la envío, para Navidad al menos. n_n
elisa m.
elisa m. · 15 projects
Te mandé un nuevo mail con fotos!
elisa m.
elisa m. · 15 projects
Gracias por agregar mi globo chino a tus favoritos!
Jadeygirl · Sydney, New South Wales, AU · 9 projects
Thanks for the fave and comment on my fondant roses
Peanut · New Hope, Pennsylvania, US · 8 projects
thanks for faving my project!
Conti · Puerto Rico, Misiones Province, AR · 5 projects
thanks, Gracias Alf...Happy
J9D · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 2 projects
Thanks for the fave and the kind words Happy
jonesy · Cheshunt, England, GB · 58 projects
cheers for the fav
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for favoring my Labyrinth Masquerade Mask Happy
lemonblossom · Louisville, Kentucky, US · 14 projects
Thankf for the fav!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Alf A thank you for your fave of my chenille necklace project, much fun with the making of and hav ea nice fun week;-D
Jadeygirl · Sydney, New South Wales, AU · 9 projects
Thanks for favouring my mosaic art project Happy
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for favoring my Sailor Skirt Happy
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for favoring my Sailor Skirt Happy
Comatose_Angel · Pocatello, Idaho, US · 1 project
No problem! The shirt is super cute!
elisa m.
elisa m. · 15 projects
Ahora si ya te pude agregar,me conecto mañana en la tarde noche,para pasarte unas cuantas fotos,gracias por la que me mandaste.
Conti · Puerto Rico, Misiones Province, AR · 5 projects
Gracias alf. por la Bienvenida...
V-I-O-L-E-T Z.
V-I-O-L-E-T Z. · Scottsdale, Arizona, US · 39 projects
Thanks for the favorite and a lovely comment on my Seashell Napkin Ring Project
elisa m.
elisa m. · 15 projects
Hola otra vez,chequé en mi bandeja de entrada y no ví nada,si quieres vuelve a enviar el mensaje y te agrego,a ver si yo también te mando un par de fotos(ñ_o)
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
your right it does look just great..smile
Alice L.
Alice L. · 8 projects
my squares are about 1.5x1.5 cm each, average.
but it's up to you, really. maybe if you work in a big surface, you can cut them about 4x4. that would look great too!
you could try it out on the wrong side of the wood.
Alice L.
Alice L. · 8 projects
Oh! thank you so much for your nice comment! Happy
if you want something like that as a piece of artwork for your walls, i really suggest you try it out! it's reaaaaaally easy (and cheap). just get a piece of wood and cool magazines and cut by colours - that's as hard as it gets.
if it helps in any way, i divided my lid in equal parts so it was easier for me to work and measure the quantity of colour in each and graduation between them.
if there's something i can help you with, you can ask me, there's no problem.
good luck, have fun, and thank you again!!!
elisa m.
elisa m. · 15 projects
Hola,que gusto que te intereses tanto,tienes toda la razón acerca del cambio climático,te dejo mi correo santamadrededios@hotmail.com,déjame el tuyo,te agrego y platicamos(ñ_ñ),un saludo.
elisa m.
elisa m. · 15 projects
Hola,sólo me preguntaba cómo está el clima allá en puerto rico,acá en méxico está empezando a hacer mucho frío y sentí curiosidad.
Chuckee · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 15 projects
Yo la usaba mucho antes. Ahora lo que mas uso es una con calavera. No se si la quiero subir como "Creation" o "How-To".
elisa m.
elisa m. · 15 projects
Hola,gracias por tu comentario sobre mi collar!!(ñ_n).
 * Kim *
* Kim * · 4 projects
Thank you for favoring my riggie recipe. And definitely let me know how they turn out Happy
ale_corason · Mexico City, Federal District, MX · 49 projects
¡Gracias por la invitación! Tendré que darme una vuelta bien prontito.
Y gracias por los comentarios y demás en los collares, qué linda. ü

CO + K User

thanks for the fave on my jump ring and Dice Bracelet and Clay and Dice Earrings. hope you have a great day.
ale_corason · Mexico City, Federal District, MX · 49 projects
¡Gracias a ti! Te mando un abrazo desde México.
Jean · Stafford, Virginia, US · 24 projects
No problem. Olive oil is an amazing thing. There are a few more but at the moment I can't remember them.

Love the cocoa powder and olive oil. Works wonders. And using baking soda as an exfoliating scrub with the olive oil makes your skin so soft it is amazing!!
basementgirl. · Detroit, Michigan, US · 4 projects
That's great! It's always nice when situations like that have happy endings.
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for the comment and for favoring my Akela necklace Happy
basementgirl. · Detroit, Michigan, US · 4 projects
Thanks for the heads-up. How you find your cat.