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Box disguised as an old book...

To store your secret goodies, why not hide them inside a book? All you need is a wooden box, tridimensional glue for the decorations, corrugated cardboard for the pages, some paint... and you're done!

Bookworm Fashionista Stash Box

Bookworm Fashionista Stash Box

A cool place to store your shit if you're a nerd!

♥ 16
Hollow Book

Hollow Book

A hollow book to keep things secret :)

♥ 157
The Girl Who Became A Goddess

The Girl Who Became A Goddess

"We are gods of our own creation" - me

♥ 1
Tardis Hidden Book Box

Tardis Hidden Book Box

Hollowed book box disguised as TARDIS

♥ 67
Pulp Fiction Paperback Boxes

Pulp Fiction Paperback Boxes

Show off those great old pulp fiction novel covers

♥ 27
Book With A Secret Compartment

Book With A Secret Compartment

Use this to store keepsakes or even for everyday organization!

♥ 6


Ria S.
Ria S. · Hinckley, England, GB · 10 projects
This looks so real! I love it!
lena · Richmond, Virginia, US · 2 projects
im sorry if this is a stupid question but what do u mean card board for the pages?
Maraluce M.
Maraluce M. · Rotterdam, South Holland, NL · 3 projects
I've always wanted one of those... Great job!
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1369 projects
This is a fantastic idea.

CO + K User

Wow. I never thought of the cardboard. Instead I tried carving up a book of mine and ended up destroying it in the process!
Jean M.
Jean M. · Sydney, New South Wales, AU · 4 projects
now why didn't i think of that?! hehe, i actually had an idea to make a gift box disguised as a book. i had made it from cardboard and from scratch, but because i didn't think it through it turned out to be quite tacky. it also smelt of tacky glue. nonetheless, i'll post it up, but your idea is so much better Happy
Tanya · Oregon, Ohio, US · 2 projects
i did something like this, but i used a real book... just used a box cutter on the pages... i hide money in it... ^_^
Skacore_Princess · Aberystwyth, Wales, GB · 29 projects
that's so neat. *high five*

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