My name is Maraluce, I'm 17 and I live in Holland. I LOVE music and couldn't live without it nor without concerts. I used to craft a lot when I was younger, but haven't really made anything in the past few years. But that's changing again Happy
I'm also an aspiring freelance writer/rockstar/professional crafter/journalist/general artist.

I'm a Harry Potter nerd (I actually have a Slytherin scarf on in my picture xD)
I'm introverted.
And as you may have noticed, very ambitious Tongue
I'm originally from Suriname.
I'm pretty boyish.
In general, I'm very misanthropic.
I like big words Tongue
I like piercings.
I like anything unusual and very stylish.
I like making profiles, but never know what to put in them xD

Trying to "get" me will just give you a headache.

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Sugarlishes · Fort Hood, Texas, US · 136 projects
thanks for the add Happy
Lucía · Montevideo, Montevideo Dept, UY · 9 projects
ur welcome! no problem at all Happy
Skacore_Princess · Aberystwyth, Wales, GB · 29 projects
Thanks for the comment on my skirt project. *high five*
Lucía · Montevideo, Montevideo Dept, UY · 9 projects
Thanks for your kind comments on my projects, I like yours very much too! I tried to enter your profile some days ago to add you as a friend and in said "error", so I notified Craftarella... glad it's working again Happy