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Based on Book Box by Lucía
I have had this deck of cards for years. I liked that they were shaped different. But I never play cards so they just sat there. I really want to hollow out a book so I thought this might be useful practice. Be careful I cut my hand like 4 times doing this and I thought I was being careful!

Its too small to put much in and its a little sloppy but I think its cute.

I used some matte modpodge as a glue and sealer when I was done and a glitter modpodge on the inside of the box but you can't see that in the pics. The modpodge makes the lid want to stick I hope that gets better with time. I loved using the jokers for the inside and the ace as the bottom! Cutting cards to use as a lip for the top so the lid doesn't slide off was very useful. If you wanted you could use a ribbon or hair band to hold the top on and keep people from opening it!

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I just threw out some weirdly shaped deck of cards. Wish I could have saved them Happy
This is absolutely adorable! <3

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