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Bristol Tapestry inspired sewing project
This is a project I did based on the Bristol Tapestry that lives in the museum in Bristol.
The series is called 'The Battles of Bristol' and I have tried to include features from the original tapestry along side Arthur and Merlin to give an interesting mix of the old
and new. They are made using recycled fabrics from old projects, unwanted clothes and charity shop finds.

Posted by Mrs De Ropp from Bristol, England, United Kingdom • Published See Mrs De Ropp's 2 projects »


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Rainbow Wyvern
Rainbow Wyvern · Erie, Pennsylvania, US
I know, I'm whacky. but I just can't help but be curious about those red and yellow/gold flying things up in the air beside the tower in the first one... xD Were they in the originals?

That geekyness said, I think these are really really cool! they've inspired me to one day make my own tapestries. Very neat and awesome job!
Rainbow Wyvern
Rainbow Wyvern · Erie, Pennsylvania, US
Why didn't I remember the hot air balloons in the second one? I have no idea. this has been a hectic day. xD; But it's interesting how the other ones look like stealth fighters. You used some really neat ideas here. Once again, awesome job!
Mrs De Ropp
Mrs De Ropp · Bristol, England, GB · 2 projects
Hello there Rainbow Wyvern. One of my favorite events in Bristol is the kite festival where one of the team events is a kite display to music. In the first picture the knights are practicing their kite routine. You can just about see them on the hill. The bridge in the second one is a famous land mark and Bristol is also famous for balloons. It seems to be an unwritten law that every picture of that bridge has to have a balloon in it. I hope that has helped to make some sense of my pictures. Thank you so much for your comments. It means a lot. I am glad you like them. X
Rainbow Wyvern
Rainbow Wyvern · Erie, Pennsylvania, US
I absolutely love those designs. ^_^ You're very welcome, they're gorgeous.

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