Rainbow Wyvern: Art of a Different Color
Original and Fan Artwork of all different types and mediums.

Dragons have been my favorite creature for longer than my memory goes back for, and have been symbolic for me for almost as long. For me they are symbolic of wonder, of freedom, of mystery and the sense of accepting that you don't know everything and still being eager to learn more. (And it was also a meaningful discovery to find that I have a pirate ancestor in Sir Francis Drake, whose banner depicted a Red Wyvern.)

For me, a rainbow is a symbol of true unity despite differences, and of the true beauty of those differences, and of experiencing all of the wonderful things of life, not just a few.

The rainbow of this wyvern is also symbolic of the wide variety of different mediums of artwork that I currrently work with or intend to work with:
Pictures (This means sketches, colored drawings, ect.), Writing, Puppets, Plushies, Sculpture, Jewelry, Clothing, Props, Costuming, Comic Strips, Videos, 3D Rendering Sculpture, and so on and so forth.

It is also symbolic of the many different themes that are common in my projects:
Nature, Steampunk, Ancient Norse, Halloween, Paranormal, Hippie, Goth, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Medieval, Egyptian. (I also have a few fandoms that I often like to pay tribute to: The saga of How To Train Your Dragon/Dreamworks Dragons, the miniseries Over The Garden Wall, Mystery of the Third Planet, the series Gravity Falls, and the works of Tim Burton and Henry Selick.)

My Influences:
Tim Burton, Henry Selick, Roald Dahl, Orson Welles, Cressida Cowell,
Lewis Caroll, Aurelio Voltaire, Jim Henson, Noel Fielding, Edgar Allen Poe, Washington
Irving, and Mark Twain.
Current Projects:
(Sorted by order of current importance, The top three are the ones I'm currently focusing on the most.)
Blood Moon-Themed Posable Dragon. - Want to finish before the next Blood Moon.
Gravity Falls inspired Halloween / General Costume Accessory - It's a secret right now!
The Warden's Top Hat - I gotta have my hat!
Old dragon sculpture re-paint.
Posable Creature Skeleton Experiments
Fake gems and faux eyes experiments.
Translucent Sculpey Premo! Experiments

Future Projects:
Lifelike Artificial Bird of The Chatter Bird from Mystery of the Third Planet.
Henson-esque Toothless the Night Fury Puppet.
Life-Size (8 ft. tall) Slender Man Puppet.

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