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I think the Queen should look a little more mean
Made these costumes for Halloween '09. Me as the Mad Hatter, my sister is The Queen of Hearts and my niece is an adorable little Ace of Hearts card. Totally fun to make, even if we don't exactly look like them. It's ok, though. :) The Hatter's hat took forever to make, but well worth it, even if I burned myself a few times.

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Elizabeth · La Celle-sous-Gouzon, Limousin, FR · 46 projects
Pretty good!
Jess · Phoenix, Arizona, US · 6 projects
The hat was beyond horrible to make! haha. But I drew a circle on cardboard and I measured my head and drew that odd shape in the center of the circle and cut them out. Then I took posterboard and rolled it up and put it in the center of the cardboard, trying to make it a bit crooked so it'll go out towards the top. As soon as that's done, you draw another circle on the cardboard, tracing the top of the hat. This part was extremely difficult for me until my dad said that I should cut that circle in half and do each side seperately, which I did. It was insanely helpful. Then I connected the two pieces with a couple of strips of cardboard inside the hat, not outside as that would make it lumpy.Using the hot glue gun on everything unless you have something stronger. Then once that is done you drape over your fabrc of choice. I first used this purple satin-y fabric and covered it, and glued it down at the crease, using a kind of pleated look so the fabric would fit. Then I did the same thing with a lace fabric over top. Too hide all the glue and imperfections, I used a different color and made a sash and tied it around the crease (sorry, my knowledge about hats is non existant lol). It also makes the fabric tighter around the hat, so it'll look better. Then, I created a piece of paper that said "In this style 10/6" (without the quotes) and burned the edges of that paper, then pinned it on my hat and tucked it in the sash a bit. And voilah! My Mad Hatter hat Happy
Sorry, I don't know the exact measurements of everything, but I did use 2 yards of fabric on the hat, and then 1 yard on the sash. Two posterboards because the design gets kind of wonkey and you have to fill in spots of course. And I just used a big box for my cardboard cut outs. Hope this helps. Happy
Jess · Phoenix, Arizona, US · 6 projects
Thanks, she's my niece. There are other pictures of her but they're kind of blurry. I'll post them if I can.
Miss Circus
Miss Circus · San Leandro, California, US · 13 projects
Is there only meant to be one picture of the little girl? She's adorable!
Krafty Kokatie
Krafty Kokatie · Orangeville, Pennsylvania, US · 20 projects
Hannahble · Thomaston, Georgia, US · 4 projects
The hat is beyond amazing! However did you make it?

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