Recreate the style of Monica's apartment in Friends for #DIYTheRoom with Cassie from Cassiefairy.

Monica’s apartment from the TV show Friends must be one of the most recognisable rooms of the 90s – I feel as if I know it as well as I know my own home! Monica’s style is quite ‘granny chic’, with a few playful colours thrown into the mix. She inherited the apartment from her grandma so some of those traditional pieces of furniture remain in the apartment, but Monica has upcycled the chairs and given the kitchen a lick of paint to put her stamp on the place. As a chef, she needs plenty of kitchenwares (and space to store them), as well as lots of coffee cups for entertaining her friends, of course. I’ve included one of Monica’s favourite tutorials in this list – scented furniture polish – to make her apartment sparkle, and to get rid of the whiff of smelly cat!

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