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Recreate the room of Marinette from Miraculous in #DIYTheRoom with Pramodini Arela.

I love the girly-ness of Mariennettes room but also the minimalism and intentionally functional details.

Franklin, TN, United States •

The best things about living in Franklin are the beauty and the history. On November 30, 1864, the Battle of Franklin was fought here. It was one of the bloodiest battles of the American Civil War, and saw some of most severe hand to hand fighting of the war. There are several historic cites within the city to visit and learn about the war including Carnton Plantation, Lotz House, & the Carter House. Now Franklin is once again a jewel of the South, featuring beautiful rolling green hills, a mix of old and new homes, and a thriving downtown full of independent businesses and boutiques.

Come behind the scenes at A Happy Stitch for a #CraftRoomTour and see Melissa's sewing room in New Jersey.

My sewing space is just about my favorite space in the whole world. It is a cutting table, a sewing table, a bookcase and a chest of drawers filled with luscious fabric. Under the cutting table is a rolling organizer and an old toy chest. All of that is tucked into a corner of my bedroom. Thankfully, the room has windows on three sides so it is bright and filled with natural light. I love sunny, warm days when I can play my mellow music and sew, sew, sew. I'm endlessly grateful for that time.

One of the other things I love about my space is that all of the furniture in my sewing studio, except for the two white tables, is up-cycled. The chest of drawers was given to me by a neighbor while the bookcase and organizer under my cutting table is old furniture the kids outgrew. I love that I can hobble together my creative space out of these pieces. I think it's good juju.

I’m a spanish character designer for animation and videogames. I'm learning 3D modeling, animation and C# programming on my own.

Perth, Western Australia, Australia • Visit Website »

The best thing about living in my city is the weather! It's warm and sunny all year round.

Come behind the scenes at ElsaRblog for a #CraftRoomTour and see ElsaR's computer room in the Netherlands.

I love my desk where I do my work!

Recreates the home of Kathleen Kelly (played by Meg Ryan) in the movie, You've Got Mail in #DIYTheRoom with Beth.

I love that Kathleen Kelly’s room has a light, airy, country feel to it. It truly reflects her cute personality!

Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand • Visit Website »

The beautiful Garden City, and largest city in the South Island, ?tautahi (in Te Reo M?ori), also known as Christchurch, is a vibrant and thriving place, with old English charm. Though the City was affected by earthquakes from 2010, until more recently, there are M?ori and Kiwi culture, art, and inspirations everywhere, from Pegasus Bay, to the Avon River, the vastness of the Pacific Ocean is only a short drive away.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States • Visit Website »

Come behind the scenes at Smiling Colors for a #CraftRoomTour and see Smitha's craft studio in Minneapolis.

I love the white! I have purposefully and carefully chosen white items over the years for this space to make it feel larger and brighter. I love color too, so I've added pops of colors everywhere. I have the items I reach for the most out in the open and easily accessible, this helps ensure that I put things back where they belong. I also have a large painting on the wall above my desk, which I created a few years back and it always inspires me when I sit down to create.

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This week's #DIYFashionista is sponsored by Simply Be and we're going nautical with swimwear and showing you how-to make a DIY sailor collar.

Check out Sailor Collar on Cut Out + Keep

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