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Lauren Saxton is a self-taught artist who lives in Arizona with her husband and cats. Much of her work is influenced by fairy tales, history, and nature, and she wants her work to transport the viewer to sweetly mysterious and magical places. She found a deep connection with the pop surrealism movement and began to pursue her artwork more seriously in 2009, and has sold her work ever since both online and through galleries.

Huntsville, Alabama •

Huntsville is known as the Rocket City. During the 1960s the pioneering rocket scientist, Wernher von Braun, led Marshall Space Flight Center and the development of the Saturn V rocket that made possible the first steps on the moon by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. We have a huge space museum, called the Space and Rocket Center (which I'll talk about below). It's kind of cool living in a place that's known for its space program. We are also home to Antoine Dodson, internet sensation of "Bed Intruder," aka "Hide yo kids, hide yo wife.". And did I mention that as a Southern state, people here are very friendly? :)

Alice creates the perfect spa day for teachers going through the 2nd Quarter Slump for today's #DIYTheParty

Among teachers, there is a phenomenon called the 2nd Quarter Slump. All of the excitement of the beginning of the year and 1st Quarter have worn off, and it's a long haul from report cards to Thanksgiving Break. This DIY spa party is the perfect remedy for any sort of slump, and will leave you and your friends, teachers and non-teachers alike, feeling refreshed and ready to conquer 2nd Quarter!

Our Sidekicks are getting fashionable with gorgeous clogs from Lotta From Stockholm and customising them for today's #Craft Test. Want to win a pair for yourself? Click below to enter!

Come behind the scenes at Lolly Jane and see Kelli & Kristi's craft room in Arizona.

I love how colorful this space is! From aqua walls to a stenciled mustard yellow herringbone full wall bookcase with mismatched colored chairs in between, it is bright and cheery and always puts me in a good mood!

Katherine Rose from Only Frills and Horses recreates the kawaii style of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

Kyary's style is always cute, fun and creative but she doesn't really go overboard with accessories, instead letting the clothes or a central accessory do the talking. She's also a big fan of 6% DOKIDOKI, so I've picked tutorials which remind me of them. She popularized aomoji kei and creepy cute styles, so that's the main focus here. She's often seen in a fluffy skirt, and this pom pom tutu skirt looks right up her street. Paired with the cute but not too OTT top, we've got the central idea for the outfit. Doc martin boots are comfortable and cute footwear, sprucing them up with some cute & unique studs is a fun idea! You could even paint the studs cute colors for some extra pop. Melting tights and eyeball bows give a creepy edge to the outfit. Add cute decora clips using interesting objects to add some extra pop, and this colorful bracelet is simple enough to be added without taking away from the other accessories. The pom pom gloves are an interesting addition too. I'd recommend making up all the projects in a color scheme of three or four pastel and/or bright shades to streamline them all. For hair and makeup, Kyary is almost always seen with straight cut bangs, accompanied with simple or fun and complicated styles, so that's really up to you. I'd recommend some simple bunches. Big exaggerated eyes complete the look!

Learn how-to pipe two-toned icing with Cat in #TechniqueTuesday and then use the technique to make her borsch cupcakes.

Our Sidekicks are getting crafty with rainbow snaps and pliers from KAM Snaps in today's #CraftTest and making an adjustable apron, summer tote bag, clip on hairband and no-sew felt basket.

Want to win some KAM Snaps to try for yourself? Click below for your chance of winning some pliers and 100 rainbow snaps!

Learn how-to knit a magic loop with Jo and then use the technique to make her tiny hat.

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Cook a Sweet Corn Wheat Berry Savoury Waffle with Stone Fruit Salsa with Birchwood Cafe in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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