Katherine Rose from Only Frills and Horses recreates the kawaii style of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

Kyary's style is always cute, fun and creative but she doesn't really go overboard with accessories, instead letting the clothes or a central accessory do the talking. She's also a big fan of 6% DOKIDOKI, so I've picked tutorials which remind me of them. She popularized aomoji kei and creepy cute styles, so that's the main focus here. She's often seen in a fluffy skirt, and this pom pom tutu skirt looks right up her street. Paired with the cute but not too OTT top, we've got the central idea for the outfit. Doc martin boots are comfortable and cute footwear, sprucing them up with some cute & unique studs is a fun idea! You could even paint the studs cute colors for some extra pop. Melting tights and eyeball bows give a creepy edge to the outfit. Add cute decora clips using interesting objects to add some extra pop, and this colorful bracelet is simple enough to be added without taking away from the other accessories. The pom pom gloves are an interesting addition too. I'd recommend making up all the projects in a color scheme of three or four pastel and/or bright shades to streamline them all. For hair and makeup, Kyary is almost always seen with straight cut bangs, accompanied with simple or fun and complicated styles, so that's really up to you. I'd recommend some simple bunches. Big exaggerated eyes complete the look!

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