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We head to Shrewsbury to meet MischievousRaven, a part-time art student who loves making crafts in her spare time!

How did you find CO+K and why did you join?

I actually found out about Cut Out and Keep through an old magazine and a blog a few years ago. I can't really remember what magazine or blog but the first time i looked at the website i decided to join. I really wanted to show off my creations i have made and get feedback.

What projects are you currently working on?

Im currently drawing new designs for my bunting (drawing is not my strong point), currently i have birds and recently i made deer bunting so i want to do more animals.

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Sew-licious Little Things

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We chat to Kate, give you the chance to win the book and learn how-to sew a puppy purse.

I’m Kate Haxell, a devout Londoner. I work as a craft book editor and author, which is a job I love (nearly all of the time…) I’m rubbish at social media, though I have discovered Twitter (talk about late to the party…) and I’m trying not to be too terrified by it (come and say hello to me, please). I live in a house I love, with a man, a dog, and two cats, all of whom I also love.

Muhaiminah recreates the light & classy style of Demi Lovato's Californian living room.

I've been a Lovatic for a long time. Demi has always been very inspiring. Anyways, I love her house in California, it's full of life, light and classy stuffs, just like Demi! Here's a list of 10 how-to projects that can help you re-decorate your living room like Demi's living room from her house in California

Lara Mindy is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Manila. Aside from doing graphic artworks, she enjoys travelling and taking landscape photographs. She spends her downtime reading books, listening to music, drinking tea and making art.

Outfit Details

Hello everyone! My theme for this outfit is black and gold.
  • Headband - DIY 
  • Watch - My mom's 
  • Top - DIY 
  • Shorts - From one of my local stores 
  • Shoes - These are standard black shoes but I switched it up with gold ribbons! 
  • Plain black tights - H&M. But these are really common, you can get these at tons of other shops. 
  • Bag - Chanel

DIY Sports Jersey Inspired T-Shirt

Recreate the look with Carissa's t-shirt tutorial:

Check out Do It Yourself! Diy Sports Jersey Inspired Tshirt Using Ribbons! No Sew! on Cut Out + Keep

We're experimenting with Daffy's Gin, a new small batch premium gin from Edinburgh and mixing up a rosemary gimlet, peppermint mar-tea-ni and a D&T drizzle cake.

New York City, New York • Visit Website »

New York City never ceases to amaze me. One minute you’re in a busy thoroughfare, the next a quiet park. You can find busy bars, quiet museums and quirky cafes. When it comes down to the core of it, the best thing about NYC is the people. It’s a true mixing pot of every kind of person you can imagine, young and old, rich and poor, cheery and snarky. It’s a mix of races, religions and beliefs unlike anything I’ve seen in any of my travels outside of the region. Some people think we are a bit brash, but we are also friendly and honest.

14225 Pearl Road Strongsville, OH 44136 • Visit Website »

Learn how-to make a Spring Pinwheel Bouquet and Grapevine & Burlap Wreath with Pat Catan’s in Strongsville, Ohio.

Come behind the scenes at Little Pincushion Studio and tour Annabel's sewing studio in Warrenton, VA.

(Photography by Sunny King Photography.)

I love that my studio is housed in such a historic building. My studio used to be a beauty shop in the 50's.
The facade and windows of the building allow great light to filter in.I also love that the space is big enough for all of my students but also cozy enough to create a feeling of warmth when we are all working together.

Come behind the scenes at Creative Khadija and tour Khadija's craft room in Islamabad, Pakistan.

My Craftroom is not a very big place though but my favorite thing is it's big window which is passing good light in the room whole day, I have placed my craft table near the window & it simply filled my room with perfect brightness! It also pass fresh air in my room & makes me feel good while working on art & craft projects.

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