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Bake some Strawberry Cupcakes With Sprinkles Cupcakes.

How did you get started?

Sprinkles was the world's first cupcake bakery. Before founders Candace and Charles opened the doors to their Beverly Hills shop in 2005, people said they were crazy! "A bakery that only makes cupcakes?" naysayers would ask? Now, Sprinkles has 19 locations across the world and cupcake bakeries are an industry of their own!

Where are you located?

Nationwide in major US cities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and DC.

Internationally in the Middle East. We have a franchise agreement with a company to open 35 locations there and currently have 2 in Kuwait.

What are your specialities?

We bake fresh on site daily and all day long. So the cupcake you get in our store came out of our oven just a few minutes earlier. We pride ourselves in baking the best tasting cupcake and presenting a beautiful hand-frosted masterpiece. Also, most of our shops feature our homemade ice cream and cookie lines!

What's your personal favorite thing on the menu?

Our peanut butter chip cupcake - it's a peanut butter lover's dream come true.

What's on the stereo?

The Sprinkles Jingle called "I love Sprinkles" mixed in with fun modern hits and nostalgic throwbacks.

Where else should we visit in your area?

Cat, I can elaborate on this if you let me know if there is a specific Sprinkles location you want me to focus on.

Do you host any special events?

Yes! Follow us on social media to be in the know.

Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

Do you have a favorite cafe, restaurant or bar in your town that we should feature? Send us a message!




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