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Join the Denver Craft Ninjas at Share Denver and learn how-to make a Faux Druzy Pendant.

Meeting Details

Date & time: All day, erry day!
Address: 2829 Fairfax St. Denver, CO 80207
Phone: 720-608-0623

Where was the workshop held and what was the venue like?

We used to meet in the basement of a punk rock bar on Broadway here in Denver.
It was always a toss up of what you would find down there. No lightbulbs, bottles of beer, bags of weed or pills...
Still, it was a gratis space and we were so lucky to have it for as long as we did.
Now, we have a committed space for workshops. It's a community Craft/Maker Space in Denver's lovely Park Hill neighborhood called Share Denver.

Who’s in your group?

We're mostly grown ladies with an affinity for whiskey and mimosas.
We've got a pretty big network!

What are the main crafts your group do?

A little bit of everything!
We try to do a lot of skill sharing - so, we've done everything from burlesque pasties to beer brewing, crochet to an embroidery residency!

Can anyone join and how should we sign up?

Yep! We're all about being inclusive!
We want everyone to learn more, make friends, have fun!
Hit up our website, follow us on Facebook or Instagram, sign up for a workshop or a get together!

What’s projects is everyone working on at the moment?

We've got a killer Cinco de Mayo Stitch 'n Bitch happening!
There's always something amazing happening from all of the creative spirits in our group!

Where else should we check out when we’re in town?

We like Low Brow, Santiago's, Trve Brewing Quiero Arepas food truck, the Horseshoe Market, and Share Denver, of course!

Where are the best places to buy craft supplies to bring to your group?

There's not a ton of places in Denver that has diverse supplies.
For sewing or textile crafts, Fabric Bliss and Fancy Tiger are pretty killer go-tos.
Otherwise, it's chain stores...

Is there anything else we should know?

Are you part of an awesome craft club and want to be interviewed? Send us a message!




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