Old-Fashioned Milk Paint

Our sidekicks have been painting with Old-Fashioned Milk Paint in this week's Craft Test and making a ladder back chair, refinished table, cookbook holder, snack cones, and a painted crate.

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Painted Wooden Crate by Katie

I really like the finished look and texture of the milk paint. I wish it had been a little bit easier to stir as it took some time to get it all mixed up.

Refinished Table by Pam

I loved how easy the Milk Paint was to use and how environmentally friendly it is!

Ladder Back Chair by Danion

The color was beautiful and it was a great experience to learn how to paint with a historical paint.

Milk Paint Snack Cones by Brooke

I like the versatility of the paint and the control that I have over the consistency.

Routemaster Bus Cookbook Holder by Cat

I loved the colour of the Salem Red paint and the rustic, old-fashioned look it gave to my project, which really suited the Routemaster look!

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