Hi! I'm a shy girl addicted to reading books (fantasy ftw) and creating art. Some more stuff about me:
- loves Miyazaki flims
- learned to knit and crochet from Mom
- loves Mom
- loves origami
- grammar nut
- proud bookworm
Happy crafting!
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Mistress Nora of Madness
Mistress Nora of Madness · Potterville, Michigan, US · 33 projects
Happy New Year ! I hope to see more of your Art in 2015. Best of Life to you.
PsychedelicParadox · Glendale, Arizona, US · 1 project
Thank you for the favorite on my button/pin tutorial c:
Kathi · Germany, Pennsylvania, US · 23 projects
thank you for commenting on my Totoro mugs ^^
English Ginger
English Ginger · Newport, England, GB · 35 projects
Thanks for favoring my Hama bead portal box! Happy
Lau5ren · 65 projects
Thanks for your sweet comment and fave Happy
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Anna H. · Kassel, Hesse, DE · 243 projects
Thanks for your nice comment Happy
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Francesca F. · Pisa, Toscana, IT · 10 projects
Thanks for adding my Nutella Cookies to your favourites ^_^
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hey Happy
thanks for the nice comment on my rose earrings!
Djamilah W.
Djamilah W.
Let me know what you think of the movie.
I recently made a lot of little gifts for a friend's birthday.
And I'll be working on some other little gifts for upcoming birthdays too, somehow all my friends' birthdays are now.
I do have a deal with myself however.
Since last year I always crafted for everyone but myself, I'll do at least one craft every week for myself haha, this week I'll make a bookmark. (:
What are you working on?
Djamilah W.
Djamilah W.
Thankyou! (:
You should watch all the other movies of studio ghibli too, they're amazing.
And they're is also a movie that's very sad and yet so beautiful, Greatest anti-war movie ever.
Grave of the fireflies, you should watch it, if you didn't already, but warning, you will cry, everyone does with this movie.
oh, and your crafts are awesome, especially the penguin! Happy
Djamilah W.
Djamilah W.
I'm not sure if you already read it, But the hungergames trilogy is awesome, and seeing your booklist, I'm pretty sure you'll like it Happy
Oh, and Im actually watching totoro at this moment :')
Nilüfer · Ankara, Ankara Province, TR · 31 projects
Thanks for nice comment on my Hula Hula Dance braceletHappy
Nilüfer · Ankara, Ankara Province, TR · 31 projects
Hey! thanks for the fave on my crochet ringsHappy
aaangi · Ottawa, Ontario, CA · 8 projects
About the metal "smell," I haven't noticed anything personally that would be different from any other wire.

I did notice the shineyness of it all faded if worn everyday but the "used" look of it doesn't discourage me at all, in fact, i like it. Happy
aaangi · Ottawa, Ontario, CA · 8 projects
Thank you!

It was actually all one piece of wire, wrapped into a certain design, and held together with a smaller pieces of wire numerously wrapped around where I wanted it to be connected.

It's called free-forming, you sort of come up with your own designs. Very easy to do if the wire is flexible enough.

Let me know if I can be of anymore help, and post a version if you happen to make one, I would love to see it.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi ;XD
i can't work with gloves but sometimes i must , by wet felting on hand, not washing machine i must ...
and with some paint that isn't good for my skin.
aaaw soo sweet to make a great present for him love that.
About bullying , it's sometimes hidden and not good to watch by teachers. I have spoken with a lot of teachers and other workers about this subject.
and made with a friend of mine a radio programme about this matter.
it was strange to hear myself on the radio.LOL
But everybody whom listened till my suprise reconized me, not only of my name but of my voice.LOL
sorry that you have learned what it means as well. sometimes the best way to stay out of it when you can't leave really , to become friends with one of the group memebers then you are together a front and much stronger.
John had solved it this way when he was a boy of 6 years.-D
Asked tips of the respondings issue of other teachers.
or you can asked them to write them done and give it to you later on.
Perhaps people are scared to share their answers with the whole glass.
Yeaah it was a great proffesion, but not for the rest of my life.LOL
The problem was , i have seen it by other collegues as well that by the bad economicals the institutes had to be economical on everything.
so lesser money to do the same for treating a patiend-S
I have heard of alot of my glass mates that they all changes of proffestion after 10 years.LOL
it's a very heavy job when you want to do it right.;-D
so it 's healhty to change after a periode.;XD
I knew that i wanted to do more with my other talents so when i saw an exhibition of the art academy in my neighbourhood i asked for the adress.
and after a interview with the headmaster i had asked him to do an earlier exame
they loved my work and they told me to come back for the real exame days.
there were many students to be.LOL 100!!!
and they only choossen 14 of them, and one was me.!!!!LOL
i was sooooo suprised. I thought they had made a mistake.LOL
but... they didn't , i asked them about it. and they were suprised as well
Some teachers were just younger then me.LOL
i didn't know that at that time, but i didn't care much about it.
i only loved my study.
my weekend was horrible.LOL i had to rest alot and during the spare moments i wanted to do some experiments, i did.
but i didn't do the rest of it.
i was sooo worn out. now i must do it today-S
hey have a good week and much fun and creativity and love and hugs of me;-D xooxoxooxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi my sweet friend
sometimes you can better wash your hand as soon as possible or... but that's not good to do this oftenly to remove it with methylated spirtit.
but then afterwards you must use some hand cream on them.
or just let it stay after two days it will be gone.of more washings of hands and because you use them too much.LOL
but... it's not a pleasent view all the dirt on hands.
My ex friend told me a while ago that i had to do more cleaning.LOL
she told me it's making you cheap and not a nice view.LOL Strange to say that, but i think she meanted it friendly.LOL
And i must be careful with my hands because i can't feel anything with it, so i use my eyes and brains and ears alot as well. So it's always smart to be careful and try to stay clean.LOL
On advice more, when i aked a question i always use my face to a big question and look straight to the class and sometimes to one persone.
but i think you must to find out why they are afraid of given you an answer.
Is it too personel the questions or... is the class not safe enough, sometimes there are some bullies that let others too feel unsafe and insecure.
i have been bulllied as well when i was 42, i was in therapy for my body and there they worked in groups, i had to go there for a half year and it was horrible.
Later on i had to work about that traumatic experiance. Still can't drive towards that building.-S so when i heard my sis had the same in h er job, i told her just search for a new one you will lose this anyway.
she was like me the number ten on the list to get ride off.
And then she heard that she had got cancer, her boss said to her, nooo you've not you only think this. stupid.!!!
my sis had overwon the first and seccond cancer but... still is not safe.
but don't worry, she is taken good care of her self;-D
okay back to the question mayby you must asked this not directly because nobody will answer this, Just asked the other teacher if they noticed some like that and check this out and as well if there are direction on those matters to handle on the school.
and t hen you can make your mind up how to solve this. At first people always told that it was just something of being not strong, but that's not the issue.
i have spoken alot persones which had to beare the same and they were just strong personelity humans like me.
And why they will attacked it's just a matter that the bully is jelous sooo stupid.
and wanted to rule over others-S
They did this by me because i don't wanted to feel sorry for myself, and wanted to think in what i could do to solve some problems and to stay at my art work.
the others wanted to stay sorry for them self and to let others taken care of them-S
i was okay with that, but some of them felt my other behaviour i think like an attacked to themselfs so i must be broken-S
but i overwon it by therapy it's okay now, when i felt the same is going on i don't fight it again i will think only okay, so you think you can, and then i will leave or just stay out of them.
about creative therapist. Some people needs to go to a mental health care and in those clinics there are more therapist because n ot all the patiens can talk about there emotions, so there a lot of treadments to work with them.
Like drama or music and like sport and like creative therapy.
Sometimes it's much easier to make something and find out what it will tells of your own inner thoughts. I see it on my own work as well.LOL
sometimes i know this too well, i have made some paintings of my legs because i has to say the walking part of my live farewell.LOL but for others it will show other issues of me.
on my last work it's not on my website i had worked of all kind of material that i had inhirited of John and that was good but nobody knows this when they are standing in front they only looks at a celebreathing of colours and fun and small jokes.LOL
but for me it 's more. but most artist have this with their art work.
i don't want to show the emotions in my art work openly, it 's not good, i have seen a lot of work of others and sometimes you can watch those issues directly and then i don't like it no more when it 's done in a bad way.
but that's a matter of taste i think.
But more friends of me that are artist themselfs are having the same thoughts like me.
I hope you can understand it now , but i don't do this proffesion anymore.
i know how it works and i did a good job at the time and then i was glad to do an other study for an other proffesion.
My art study was very large, so you became a first grade teacher in art history and of art classes and as well of my own specialicing of fabric. but fabric isnt' too well to translate, because you work with a lot of other materials as well then only fabric.
and... i may work as a theathre designer as well. but i love to make my own artwork.LOL
mostly it's large work, the problem is that i don't have the space to work soo big.LOL
my new house has a very large first bedroom and i will make of that a study room.
i have a seccond smaller bed room where i will sleep. the owners of my appartment don't like that, but i have told them i rent the appartment sooo i have the freedom to use it like i wanted.
They explained it why, and then i told them okay but for now i don't need to follow it because i don't need that kind of care just yet, if i will need that i can considering this.
But the man that is working for fokus is telling me more strange things. sooo
i don't know for sure if he is right, i have asked my other friends that are living allready in a fokus appartment about this. and they told me the same like i have thought about.
later on i don't have to deal anymore with t his man. He showing kind but in real he 's not.LOL
hey have a nice good day and weekend and be a happy creative fun crafting girl.
i'll be patiencend with your new project but very curious.LOL
hey much love , greetings from me and hugs and kisses.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
I think you must tell him why it's importend for you to join the team.
I'll bet you will make friends, you're sweet and kind and are really interested in others.
ask him if there are other reasons then school.
and of course you can tell them that if you don't make good greads you will do some changes .
Somtimes parents can be scrared of everything.LOL my mum was.LOL
yeaaah sometimes it's hard to be a teacher.LOL but when you like your job , like i'll do and think you're awesome interesting things to tell they will listen.
But you must have great self esteme. i had n ever much problems in front of the classroom. sooo if that's the problem ,,,rethink of your dream.;-D
And you will learn tricks when you learn for such a proffesion.
but i know not all teacher are really great.-S
i have met them myself.LOL
but a your other idea of proffesion i think its great as well.

about problems with listening to others.LOL
i had met monday such a gay. i wanted to pay a bill in a shop with my credit card and... suddenly the man next to me wanted to hold the machine for the credit card to help me.
i told him i can do it myself , so thank you anyway. but i had to repeat this line over and over because he didn't listening .LOL
suddenly i became sooo angry that i shouted it out.LOL
and then the woman behind the desk told the man She wants to do it herself, She don't need your help.
then he finely stoped.LOL
i will make a comic of this.LOL
i have with that particular shop always problems they aren't nice and kind, if i didn't wanted to move , i had moved to an other shop.LOL
so i think i must beare this horrible treadtment of them for i hope less then two times.-D

i have done seat follyball and wheelchair hockey and wheelchair dancing.LOL
but what i really wanted to do was squod rugby.LOL for wheelies.
but they didn't wanted me because i wasn't at the time too worse disabled.lol
my friend Jeroen did the sport and they were a great time.
but i don't do for now nothing and ... i biked with my hand bike long distances.
that was my fave.LOL
aaaw thank you and for wishing me well, and too for your codolences.
love you!!!-D
we met when i worked in a institute as creative therapist, John was a patient.LOL
the first time we didn't liked each other. We thought the same not friendly thoughts , i have told him that later when we were together.LOL
So ... it' wasn't love of first sight.LOL
later on i was fond of him , he was gentle and funny and we had the same humour and the same idea's about art and work.
so... i felt in love and after some datings i asked John if he felt the same, John always didn't gave a straight answer.LOL
so after a month we were on a tourist actraction the euromast in Rotterdam. i asked him to become my boyfriend.LOL
it was a relieve that he said yes.LOL
John pushed me and stimulated me to go to the art academy , and suported me with my study , i'm greathfull about that.;-D
LOL so you have black and gray fingers. awesome i hope the result is to watch on here very soon, i like those dirty hands.LOL
i have oftenly all kinds of colours on my hands as well.LOL
hey let me know when your projects is done and on here so i can give you a fave;-D
hey hope all is going well, but remember live will don't go everytime how we wanted . and some times it's okay but stay flexible of your choices then you can change easy as welll, i really hope it will all turns okay, but you never can be sure of it. and it's a big study sooo just dream and then you will see;-D
when i was a little kid i wanted to be a doll dokter. or an artist playing and performing with dolls.
but i'm glad when i decided to be an creative therapist and later to be an art artist.
hey till next time , wish you much succes with the team sport and your dad to convince.LOL
love and many hugs and kisses XD
Hester · Nederland, Colorado, US · 26 projects
Haha yesterday I had to go to the toilet and I was crocheting and I said to myself ten rows and then you can go Tongue It works you go faster haha. My mother learned to crochet me too! and knit but I am a disaster at knitting Tongue Just the basics the rest I got from internet and books. If you can make doilies you can make everything Happy.
I'm sure that people that already know you are happy to see you open up you don't have to stay in the same role. But your fourteen and have a whole life in front of you (me too with nineteen but it is different) When I was 13/17 My life changed so much every year! It was strange being 14 but fun looking back Happy


Have a great too!
Hester · Nederland, Colorado, US · 26 projects
Haha I know those promises to yourself and you end up doing the project slower than ever. I promised myself I crochet the rest of the scarf for my hooded cowl project so I can finish the howto but it won't work. My first language is Dutch. I studied for speech and language therapist last year but i couldn't keep up. Now I'm thinking about social worker.. Better to keep hobbies hobbies anyway Tongue
I don't understand that you say your shy (profile story)when you talk so easily to a stranger online. Well I was shy once too it goes over in time most of the time (how old are you?)
Hester · Nederland, Colorado, US · 26 projects
I'm not having such a crafty day Tongue
Just watched some series..
You're right about "an apple a day..." I just like to play with words and making little jokes out it but in english that's harder for me Tongue
And there is a truth about it crafting can be like therapie.
Well have a nice evening and a good day tomorrow!
Hester · Nederland, Colorado, US · 26 projects
Life isn't finding shelter in the storm; it's about learning to dance in the rain.

Love that sentence! Just had to tell you Tongue
Zombiella x.
Zombiella x. · London, GB · 49 projects
Thank you so much for your fave on my book charm and your lovely comments Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaw so sorry that the dog bitten you-S
i was afraid of dogs as well, but the problem was that i didn't know how to handle those dogs.
so i have asked my sis, and she have learned me alot, don't look them in the eyes!!! and try to icnore them, just only watch their fur and ears how they stands up or not and if the hair lays normal flat of just stand up on their back, and the tail.
that must tell you enough.
but i still try to avoid them.LOL it's not the dogs themselfs but the bosses to blame that they didn't raised them well.
My face is on the hight of their moutht.LOL so i don't like them too closely.LOL
and all those dirty paws on my lap-S
but the dogs of my sis are well mannered and trained to listen so by them i'm not afraid.LOL
john is my past away partner we lived for 22 years living apart together.
it was great and we shared a lot , bad, and beauriful and great times as well.
and we were both artist so we shared alot of our work as well.
he died suddenlly in the summer 6 years ago.
but he has a big place in my heart.LOL
Wooow i like that idea of yours ,i know a persone that did the same.
good for you. i hope you will and be able to do the study !!!
LOL like how you make fun of your prescribtions.LOL i always do that with my fellow wheel friends as well.
then you can make allways the worse jokes.LOL
I hope they will h ave you in the team.
i wasn't soo good.LOL I didn't want to play the matches sooo after all they only led me exercizes and play with the worse members.LOL
some people didn't want to move so ... it wasn't fun for me.LLOL
and in the end my neck became ito much damaged so... i have stopped sporting, but... i exercizes at home with other things.
it's too importend to behold my strenght in my arms.!
humm this week i had a lot of migrains still having some problems so i don't do too much.LOL
but... i will planning it for sunday.
hey my dear firned just have fun and thank you for your sweeet words on my moving on keyholder.
the first one loved it so far.LOL
hey have a nice good fun awesome crafting weekend and from me many kisses and hugs and love;-D <3
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
ooooh now i understand it. thank you for letting me know of when she became blind. allthough i feel sad for her, Johns mum was almost blind, but she became that on her 70year.
and she couldn't handeled too well, she m anipulated us children very bad.LOL
but... because i know some people that are blind borned as well i know the differends of how to coop with it.
about the eye migraine it's just a daily problem.LOL i have asked for help to learn some tricks , but the revalidation therapy i will got that after my move so ... it's like the moving postponed. to bad, but some day i will got help.;XD
Yeaah i think the same way of that others have bigger problems then i have.
but that's on the otherside sad for them. to feel a little bit better.LOL
Don't worry about the future, i have learned that of my therapy. When you're now allready afraid for things that can be happening, you can't enjoy the time now really well.
John was afraid for getting blind as well, and he died just very jong of his age.
Sad all those frightning thought just for nothing.-S
I know it's not going well with my neck, but... trying to live in the here and now is working better to be cheerfull then thinking of all the problems i will sure have later.
I don't think all the problems are really to blame of the bad economic. i think there are other things to blame about that.LOL
but... i'm just a smalll chain of the bigger part.LOL
Humm really , i have heard in my childhood that reading in bed with not good light was bad, but lately they told in a docu on tele that it only makes the eyes tiered , but not worse.
And somepeople are having allready a little bad eyes, but happely it's normal in these day's to weare glasses.XD
in the middle ages ot was not proper and commen to weare glasses untill19 20 it was normal in europe to weare glasses.
people thought then you were just stupid when you weare those glasses.LOL
or you tried to be smarter then you were >LOL
I have a friend that has a high prescription of glasses as well.
We sport together , and after a wh ile we wanted to change of club, I didn't liked the club we were badminton at that time. so we changed for me to a club where all the people had an illness or disability problem.
she didn't had one, there were more not real disabled people there.
but one time there was a new years feast and one girl asked my friend what 's your problem . I had told Hellen just tell about your prescribtion and... you're safe.LOL she did, and the girl asked but can you see the shuttle ?
Then we both had to laugh loudly.LOL
still love this story.LOL
Just called my friend to help me sorting out where we wrapped my curtains, i will make of those old ones new ones.
glad i did she will go on vacation next saturday.
so she gave me some tips , awesome. i hope she was sure.LOL
Last week i read about one curtain that was just written down and Gerard was soo kind to search for that number of box and i saw inmediatly it was the wrong one.LOL i didn't told him that, because i felt sorry for him.LOL
I think i will make of that just an not sooo importand curtain for the big storage room i have, you can set there your wheelchairs and washing machine and those other things.
so it's not a room i will be every day;-D
saw that you could make holes and gluing gems behind them. like that.
thing i will make such one for that.
but first i must do the glass curtains as well.
i have too many ideas.LOL i'm working on 4 differend glass curtains ideas now.LOL
Yesterday a new helping persone was visiting me and saw the new curtains and loved it, she told me that she like strange not commen ideas.
she was looking how i did it, and found it awesome and cool, i told her about the boring commen neighbours of mine that will be shocked she said sure they will.LOL
but that will help them to be creative and thinking in a different way then they are doing now.
there must be an other candidate that is an artist as well, but.. i don't think she will live in the same building.
the project of this Fokus appartments are scattered on two buildings.
i live in a smaller building on the other building there are more appartments but that's much bigger then mine.
but i love mine much better, i will have the pent house. with some more people
i love the idea of no more above neigbhours. in my house now the building is much higher, much more floors, there is always noice , in my new it will be silence but not outside, because beneath there is are the shops in the street.
like that, i love to watch people how they m ove and are dressed.
some people can walk sooo beautiful, like they are dancing.LOL

hey my cat is begging for food allready so i think i must hold her food out of the frigde.
i think i will upload tomorrow a new project , it's a tute.
but... i saw i didn't scanned the patern and the pict. so i must do some more work for it.LOL
hey have a nice good crafting day and for tomorrow have a great happy crafting weekend.
much love ,hugs and lots of kisses. and greetings from holland;-D xoxooxoxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Yeaah alot of people has those problems with cow products.
but it's not only the enzyme it's the sucker and salt and special products of food as well. i can't stand gluten as well.LOL
so i'm a big disiaster to eat in a restaurant. i had won 8 years ago a big prize of a crafting contest of a importend shop in holland i had won the main prize.LOL
but in that there was a dinner as well, i had asked my sis to join me , and she had a nice diner but ... mine was horrible not tasty and not yummie.
i was forgotten to tell them that i 'm a vegie so i got some boring patatoes and a big piece of meat withless taste and salade withjust slade no other things.
i had given the meat to my sis and she told me that.LOL
she felt sorry for me.
so my grocery shopping is very strange to watch.LOL
Oooh like your idea of the year of nothing, i have seen something simular , with a plastic bag with such a card upside it with was telling just nothing.
and inside there was only air and nothing.LOL
but that's sad to give somebody yours is a nicer one.
yeaah it's all about saving money , they are telling it's all about the bad economic situation, i don't think so, this is about other things it started allready before the bad economic situation.
yeaah it's sad and stupid, and it will cost only more money-S
Is your grand mother a long time blind or just later? some friends of mine are blind as well, the ones that are of their childhood have those problems are very good selfsuported the later ones has more problems.
My mother in law was almost blind and dove so... it was difficult to communicate with her. and she didn't wanted to use suplies, sooo ugh.
and she minupilated very well sooo , not fine.LOL
Humm my mum is 85 she only will comes one,i live here in utrecht just 5 kilometer further from amsterdam soo it's strange she always tells me i can't travel to you.
but she traveling much further to her friends.LOL
don't care about this. My sis will come, but lately she has much problems of her own to deal with. I love her, she is a good friend.
Sweet of you all to help her, she needs that for reading the post the papers and adds. and other things.
i have sight problems as well of the neck damagings i have daily eye migraines.
suddenly it's black and blury.LOL Because i'm middle aged often people tells me use your glasses. or they think it's the highness of the display.LOL
when i want to pay with plastic and tells them i can't read the display.LOL
i don't can't to the beach it self only on the dune i can see the seashore there are now paves on the sand of the beach.
but that's enough for me. i like to watch the sea, the power the famous big clouds and the people that are enjoying their selfs.
sometimes you can find in the dollar stores shells and then... you can make your own.LOL or draw them on carton inside you can hang a bell.
or... make them of clay and let them dry and make them later on the model of papermache or fimo clay.
or use like i did just forks and spoons.LOL
You can make them too of old wood pieces.
humm too much ideas.LOL
hey lots of love and be a very happy crafting girl to do, and a little bit lazy because it's sunday.LOL xoxooxoxoxoo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello sweetie, wooow that's kind of him.
humm i'm the opposite of being patiencend.LOL but i still missing alot of lids.
it's now the half sized of the window.LOL
but half sized is okay as well, i can add later on more on them to make it a longer curtain.LOL
I'm very allergic and yoghurt is the only product of milk i can beare, so because i'm a middle aged.LOL i need more calcium.
sooo with this and soya milk and lots of calcium meds its goin good.
only not with my neck, too much damaging of bones.
but that's live i suppose.? LOL
You will end it on time, just plan every day a moment to work on it.
And... i 'll will wait but just tell me when it's appearing on cok then i will give you a fave.LOL
the yoghurt ice pops are well to eat, it's just yoghurt with syrop and stirring the syrop with a skewer in the shapes and set them away. only you can't storage them not too long just two days ?
think that's silly but... i will following the instructions.LOL
and such ice pops are eating much better then the real yoghurt.LOL

i do that too, i have made more of the tiny tin boxes of the fairywoodland.
it was alot of work the desing sooo i t hought i can personifice it by the llittle message inside the box and the wrapping of the outside.
And sometimes i planned to make a bunch of gifts of one, but... i don't like it really. but it's working faster to make more.LOL
Yeaah brithday present are oftenly unique but... that's what we think , most people buy a gift from a store... and of them there are hundreds and more of the same.LOL so don't worry only be smart to give the presents to people that don't see each other.LOL
or for a group of people they like to have the same presents because it will only bonds them together.LOL
humm that key i think it will be now september-S
still didn't got a messages of the house cooperation, the houses inside must to be alot of modifications to make it driveable for us. In the building of my new flat are four appartments for fokus. Fokus is a foundation that has all over Holland appartments where wheelies can live freely on their own, but the help and care you need is given on 24 hour basis sooo i don't have to make appointments for standing up out my bed and to dress myself , i only have to hit the button.
soooi can have a more normally live then i have know. but... sadly the coverment will end this -S so i t hink i will have 3 months of this great solution, then it will become lesser and it will end a silently death about two years.
sad, but all people with other health or disabled things will having the same awefull stoping of their care.
it's allready showing in what the communities will give the people of suplies like wheels-S
Sad. it all cost people some mobility or help to have a much comfortable live.
i still wants to m ove.LOL i don't like my envirement anymore. there i will have less trees an lesser window view, but less pollen and less lonelyness.
it's nearby my sis and my mum and nearby the seashore.
and in the middle of the city, sooo i'm a lucky girl LOL
when i have hanged them i will upload the picts.
but... now i must started with them.LOL
hey much love , greetings and have a happy crafting weekend lots of creativity and... fun, xoxooxoxoxoxoox
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello dear Con, and goodmoring (it's here morning)
saw your mail and thought i will write directly a replay.;-D
Ooo now i understand it. thank you for t he explaination, yeaaah sometimes it's hard to wait just about saving our recyling materials.LOL
but... mayby an other project in the maintime?
Thats my solution.LOL
i'm working for allready a year on a glass curtain of yoghurt lids because of the saving them.LOL
and still on the half size of it ,because i'm the only one that saved them and eating yoghurt isn't tooo yummy.LOL
aaaaw thank you for your sweet compliment on my teaset closet. it was a difficult one , but that was because i wanted to make real window doors and.. all the other things of wood,
but now i'm proud and specially when my sis whom had given the fake toy to my niece saw him and said woooow it's soooo great and neat , now i love it.
She didn't wanted to give the toy to my niece because she found it an awefull stupid thing, but after months of asking of my niece she gave it as present.LOL
But she told me the oldest daughter wanted it the most .
i have got more toys of my niece so i have promised her to make for her an art piece of it as well. So sweet and kind of her.
She is now 17 and is living on herself since monday, sooo excithing.
Thuesday i have seen my new home to be (some day.... ever( i'm waiting 1 year and 7 months for it allready) ) in Haarlem and was standing for it , awesome.!!!!!
but i think it will be september now still didn't got a notification , they have promised me to send it just a month before i will receive the key.
so more time for making curtains,LOL
hey sweetie for you the same, much crafting fun and a creative day, greetings and kisses and hugs;-XD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL had to laught of your limiting of candy to give to your brother.LOL
i don't eat much candy, i have an allergy for sucker, and it makes me hyper active.LOL i have allready jumping brains so it's not smart to make it much worse.LOL
but otherwise i had saved them for you.
much love and greetings my friend and a nice happy crafting day , till soon.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaw that's great that you loved the comment of me.XD
and sooo sweet of you to ask me to be your friend, like that!!!
and yeaaaaaaaaah we're now friends.LOL
i have written yesterday eve a comment but then suddenly when i was almost finished my computer stopted.LOL
so i thought i must write you back again.
hey have a nice good funny crafty weekend, i must work on my curtains today for my new home. it will be alot recyling work.LOL
poor people they will be not used to such persons like me.LOL
it's a too fancy neihbourhood. It's in the middle of the old centre of a city and except four houses they are all to buy, . I live between them as a renter.LOL
it will be strange i bet for them.
the main part is curtains for my bedroom and then the living room, and the toilet in that on the galery side is a large window so everybody can see what you will do.LOL
stupid it was a mistake of the architect.LOL
so at first friends of mine will glue a screen in front it and for the eve and nights curtains.
There woun't much walkers aside that window only two other families that live on the other part on the galery.
but the help assistens will come only to my house for myself
i will move, but i'm talking about this subject allready many months , i'm waiting for t his new home to be for 1,7 year and it's still not done, it 's only postponed months after months.
sooo have a nice good creative crafty weekend with lots of fun
greetings and hugs;-D xxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Conn, still welcome to this site, i hope you like it here , i'm sure.LOL
hey i love your origami projects, beautiful specially the 3d modular, but...
how make you them, i have seen a link that was here on cok for a how to but it didn't work-S
Yours is from a book.LOL
i love paper proects ,a friend of mine that is living in the UK told me that we dutch fooks love kitschy vintage images and paper crafts.LOL
perhaps it's true.LOL
aaw soo sweet to give me a fave and the lovely comment on my paperclip necklage project.
I wish you much fun with the making of yours!!
funny that you like my intro stories. LOL thank you.
hey have a nice day and for tomorrow a great fun crafting weekend as well, be crafty;-XD

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It's okay I just thought I'd tell you, now we're both awesome for taking on such a feat
Lonelywolf · Katwijk, Zuid-Holland, NL · 13 projects
thnx for adding my envelope! Happy
Jam J.
Jam J. · 6 projects
Hi, Welcome to Cutoutandkeep and thank you for adding my woven bracelet to your favs. ;) I have another smooth edge style on my blog !! http://diyhowtodo.blogspot.com/