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We head to San Francisco to meet Conn who is addicted to reading fantasy books and creating art!


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How did you find CO+K and why did you join?

I'd been surfing the internet for art projects to fire up my imagination and clicked on a link that led me to the CO+K website. I bookmarked the page for future reference and kept exploring the uploaded projects until finally deciding to make my own account. I wanted a place where I could comfortably share my creations while following other members for inspiration, and CO+K seemed to be the perfect community for the job.

What projects are you currently working on?

As mentioned earlier, I'm working on an origami mobile with kusudama attached at different points. It'll feature larger kusudama on top and smaller ornamental cubes on the bottom (keep your eyes peeled -- project soon to be posted!)


May 10, 2011
San Francisco, California, United States
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What does your craft space look like?

I don't really have much of a craft space set aside. I just work wherever there's a clear space in my room, which is usually my bed.

Which tool or craft supply do you use the most?

My love for origami requires a lot of paper, and I usually use origami paper received as gifts from friends and family. However, this past year and recently I've shifted my focus to wirework so my pliers see quite a bit of action too.

What do you craft along to?

I like to work on projects while catching up on TV series, and I recently finished the three seasons of Sherlock as I worked on an origami mobile. But usually I watch Disney and Miyazaki movies, from The Princess and the Frog to The Cat Returns.

Favorite Craft

Origami has been my love since childhood. The methodical folding calms me down as I find my zen place hidden in the folded depths. Kusudama (fancy way to say modular geometric spheres) are my favorite by far because although units are carbon copies of each other, together they create something truly beautiful.

Connie's Top Crafts

If you could learn one new craft or make anything, what would it be?

I've been interested in glass blowing for a while so I'd love to learn how to work with glass.

Who are your crafting heroes?

I can't exactly specify any crafting heroes, but the CO+K community is a wellspring of inspiration! <3