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Gypsy Hoops

Professional hoola hoop dancer, Krisy Rose tell us all about her passion for hoopin'.

Gypsy Hoops

By Gypsy Hoops

Gypsy Hoops

I first started Hoola Hoopin' when I was a kid, but I out grew my little pink and white plastic hoop that smelled like peppermint. 20 or so years later, I went to an outdoor electronic and interactive dance party in Pasadena, California at a beautiful location called Gold Creek ranch. After many hours of dancing till dawn I sat on top of my friends Winnebago (camping trailer) and saw a girl in the far distance doing what I thought was hula hooping. I thought to myself, "now that looks like fun!" So, I skipped over and asked if I could play and once I got in the hoop, I never got out! I soon began to hoop everyday, turned my living room into a dance studio, I learned to make hoops, made my apartment a hoop factory , and go-go gadget go.

"Hoop dance is as contagious as smiling and loving, you just cant help it!"

I have always been a dancer, I trained as a kid and as an adult, but never really perfected any one type of dance, so I never thought I would be able to pursue dance as a career. I had already began a bellydance troupe called Urban Gypsy at the time, which was perfect for me to pick up hoop moves and tricks on my own using the skills I had learned in bellydance with the beautiful Anahata. The interest in hoop dance is as contagious as smiling and loving, you just cant help it! It's the spiral and the love of dance that kept me spinning for so long. Plus I just love when I see people's faces light up and begin to laugh once they give themselves a chance to hoop dance.

Gypsy Hoops

Other sports I am involved in are mainly dance related ones - yoga, hiking, burlesque, go-go, pole dancing, swimming, stretching, and laughing till my bellly hurts! Hoop Dance is an amazing way to keep fit, get fit - emotionally, spiritually, physically, and you can meet many new friends this way! Everyone always has something to say about the hoop, whether they get in it or not, either way they smile and dance on.

"Throughout your whole life you are raised to believe that fire is bad and to stay very far away, definitely not to hoola hoop with fire!

Learning fire dance, fire hoop and fire training was very intimidating. Throughout your whole life you are raised to believe that fire is bad and to stay very far away, definitely not to hoola hoop with fire! During my Urban Gypsy days, Anahata presented me with a fire hoop for my birthday and said, "training is this weekend for the next four weeks. Then we have a show, your performing with the fire hoop. Happy Birthday!" I was without speech but anything that scares me I know I need to do it, that's how you know your really living. So, I trained and dressed myself up as a super hero so I could feel less afraid. I danced to Madonna and wore my Supergirl panties and tanktop, hot pink bubble glasses, put my hair in 2 buns, and put on big black boots, fishnets, arm bands... the works. Now, I dress in less, but they are still amazing costumes. Costumes are an amazing way to overcome any fear, just dress up that FEAR and run with it. Eventually its not so scary and you trust yourself. I do recommend investing time and energy into fire training,skills, knowledge and performing sacred prayers before hand etc, before trying anything. Always perform with someone else. Always SOBER, a fire high is unbeatable. Enjoy!

"Adults are the ones who need the most reminders to have fun, relax, act like a child, smile, laugh and be a fool! "

It feels unbelievable to have a career that I love, that brings me as well as others so much joy! It's what I've dreamed of my whole life and here it is, unreal, yet very real. So, I feel grateful, blessed and motivated to keep it going. I realized that hoopdance and all things HOOP (as I like to call it) began to become a career when I quit my job to perform for the Cirque De Soleil after party in LA.. I still found myself working any and all side jobs to keep me afloat. It's not all roses and daisys but at least it's still all flowers. I perform at any and all places that will hire me. No snobbery here! Usually I perform for nightclubs, raves, weddings, movie premiers, fashion shows, commercials, movie extras, etc. My favorite are huge nightclubs or raves. I love to see masses of people dancing and performing among them, but on stage!

Gypsy Hoops

Working with rockstars, burlesque dancers and Hollywood clientele has been inspiring and knowledgeable. I have learned so much and thank them all for their work and for helping me reach my goal and being a part of the show. I look forward to many more events with many more stars of all shapes and sizes. I am now in France, so I am looking for that "French touch" to help me along my way here as an artist and performer... CONTACT ME!

If I wasn't doing this, what else would I be doing?! Hmm... probably performing with a circus or living in Vegas. My style is Gypsy-Chic meets Rock Star, meets modern day Bettie Page... ala Dita Von Teese. The best type of fashion for hooping is anything that makes you feel like a rock star. That also wont burn, slip or fall off, so be creative! Naked is always good! All types of people are drawn to hoop dance, it's hypnotic. All types of people are invited to my classes and workshops, of course I do like to separate by age due to the rating of my classes and performances. I always have a PG rated version and an R rated version of my performances and classes - see, I told you anyone can come! I do prefer adult classes though, as children don't really need any instruction, they are the real teachers. Adults are the ones who need the most reminders to have fun, relax, act like a child, smile, laugh and be a fool!

Like anything, however much you practice is however much you will learn, its up to you! My tip for beginners is "Don't Stop!" Put on your favorite song, move your furniture out of the way, lock the door, close the blinds, turn off the phone and DANCE!!!!" Oh yeah, and never stop on a drop, always begin and end your dance with grace and style!

You can find out more about Krist on her websites Gypsy Hoops and Vortex Vixen or add her as a friend on Myspace and Facebook.


I love hooping. When I owned a bar there were always hoops there. We had so much fun drinking and hooping to the jukebox and live bands! Imagine the looks we got from the newcomers!
Are the links correct? I can't find her websites.
I've been hooping for over a year and everything Kristi Rose says is true!! Keep up the great work, girl!
You rock, especially for going all the way for what you love to do! Sadly, I have never mastered hooping...but I can do lotsa other good stuff!!
I just started hooping last year! I love it!! Try not to smile when you hula hoop. It's impossible!!!
i am totally gonna go buy a hula hoop and start learning hula hoop dancing. it sounds like UBER FUN
I did some hoop dancing of sorts at a farmer's market! It is such a great way to exercise and people really enjoy watching!
I love hooping! I do it myself & make and sell one of a kind hoops! Happy
Hooping is amazing! It's a great way to get away from stress and such. I love it. :3

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