Snippets Issue 17 : The Horror Issue

Kitten Koffin Zombies

Have a pinup for every month of 2010 in our calendar competition. Win a calendar and have a pinup girl every month in 2010.

Kitten Koffin Zombies

By Snippets


In this year's Halloween costume competition, we've got 10 Kitten Koffin Girl Calendars up for grabs.

The 2010 Kitten Koffin Girl Calendar includes the 12 lovely pinup winners from the 2009 Kitten Koffin Girl Contests. They will keep your year organized and your eyes full of wonder. The calendar size is 12x12 and 12x24 when hanging, printed on premium 100 lb. gloss cover stock with aqueous coating, and 100lb. gloss text on inside. Printed in full color inside and out, and saddle-stitched spine.

How to enter:

For your chance of winning, simply post a photo of your costume below. The best 10 will win a calendar.


You can pick up your own calendar from Kitten Koffin Zombies. (Litsy Leopard (January) photographed by Meglomaniac Photography.)


<img src=>
Im in the nurse outfit...won best costume at my school Happy
Cheshire cat caught the white rabbit!
Small dscn5970 1258685900
this is kind of a better picture. But you can't see my tights and shoes. Black tight, red and black converse. and I had a Gun with a banner that says bang
Small 041 1258340915
I was Beaker from the Muppet Show after he killed Bunsen in a fit of meepmeep rage (shown here with Bunsen's severed head)
Small beaker 1257950550
I did a homemade Totoro costume (from My Friendly Neighbor Totoro, Miyazaki film). My boy was Captain Spaulding from the Devil's Rejects. A funny equation. ^_^
Small photo 13 1257890716
I went to the Brighton Beach of the Dead zombiewalk this year, and then my local, where everyone else just had backcombed hair and Topshop lace dresses, and I looked like I'd been hit by a car then mugged.
Hey, at least there was a smile on my face Happy
Small 15453 1245967462270 1021898183 780193 1831101 n 1257630703
this was me at a wedding on halloween i caught the bouqet
Small halloween 1257450723
And army theme:
Small army 1257433058
Oh sorry, better one
Small zombie 1257433037
Some more! Zombie Bride:
Small zombie 1257432988
My Poison Ivy costume
Small ivy 1257386105
this is me as harley quinn. but i redid her with a black corset(not in this picture) a red and black tutu, and some black and red chuck taylors
Small 044 1257294071
Right! My Poison Ivy costume
Small poison ivy 1257184685
or just XD
Small kfjehr 1256931948
Small finally088 1256931913
The picture won't show up!
My Poison Ivy costume
this is a better picture of my costume
Small dscn0254 1256857542
the photo didn't load, sorry
Small screen shot 2009 10 29 at 3.20.12 pm 1256826600
This year, I'm dressing up as tribal voodoo shaman!

I've put together some of my african and south-american jewellery, added a custom skirt made of old skirt, some fur and feathers. I also made horns out of dog treats made of pig tails that look like bones and completed the look with warbonnet of feathers sticked to a headband
zombie girl
Small zombie cindy 1256585831
lawlz my horrible face ,but anyways this was from a few years back, i was jailbait barbie, my chest was completely fake cause i'm only a b cup in real life.
Small dsc07650 1256506718
The fiance and i as Sol and Viper from Doomsday last year.
Small l 53c7a55c605e4f04afa93eda3d146b30 1256436697

This is me as a dead burlesque dancer im sad that you cant see my whole outfit cuz it did look pretty awesome, since i can only upload one picture. But if upload a full body one you cant really see my face. = oh poo. i guess it will have to do. hope you like.

Small dscn1538 1256423364
This was me being a gothic biker chick...made from thrift stores and what nots in my closet
Small pb010138 1256332949
Pumpkin. Happy
Small dscn0188 1256005639
This was my freshman year of college, and I didn't feel like spending money on a I donned my bathrobe and this was the result. I'm a "cereal killer". Tongue
Small n187601535 30141599 34 1255801824

CO+K User
i went to a bunny party last year and this is what i wore got me 2nd place in the best dressed. gotten beaten by a blonde girl wearing less. grr
Small sexy bunny 1 1255726451
This was so hard to choose! I have two AWESOME costumes.. Oi vay! Okay.. I was Female Zombie Wolverine! Everything was made by me and the claws were made by my fiance and they only fit my hands!
Small l 2bb2e16a587c40b195a83f94d0c6fa4c 1255629974
Amanda Palmer. The skirt is reconstructed from various thrift store finds.
Small frankeeasamanda 1255628491
I was a Catrina last year! I made my mask and my flowers. I also did my body paint.
Small catrina 1 1255616044
Me and my boyfriend at a halloween party. I love this picture so much, I had it enlarged and framed!
Small deadcouple2.jpg 1255610973
I was a demon for my university ball. Please excuse the mess of my uni dorm room!
Small image006 1255602137
i was a demon found the pieces at different shops and in my closet
Small l 759179b2ac35458bb1dd6e2a99e7edcf 1255596537
Silent Hill inspired nurse... I found this oversized nurse top at value village and took it in. With the extra fabric I made the mask. I was poor at the time but I think it turned out awesomeHappy
Small nurse2 1255571794
I was a living dead doll and my boyfriend was a flasher. You can't see it in this picture (the only one that was saved after my computer crashed) but I had Mary-Janes and frilly socks on. I also carried around a stuff bear with a missing eye and stuffing coming out.
Small 5 1255358586
My alternative persona.
Small midnight corset 1254836512
Small tigerbritta02 1254781864
Vampire kitty!
Small screen shot 2009 10 03 at 11.01.13 1254743716

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