Snippets Issue 17 : The Horror Issue


Boo your neighbours this Halloween.


These days people seem to have less and less interaction with their neighbours so now is the time to change that and have a little fun with the people nearby. A recent trend has popped up in the US and is starting to spread around the world, it's called "Booing" and is a fun way to spread the Halloween cheer and create some mischief around the suburbs all through the month of October. The best way to describe Booing would be, a cross between a Knock-and-Run and a Secret Santa.

The art of the Boo:

A Booing Poem:

This Halloween there's something new,
A sweet surprise that's called a "Boo!"
Secret friends have left it here,
To bring your family some ghostly cheer!
You've been boo'ed and it's your turn to share,
With friends or neighbors, anyone you dare!
Put together two goody bags, spooky and fun
Leave them at the doors and just run!
Enclose this poem and one thing more,
An "I've Been Booed" sign for the front door!
It's the latest and greatest thing to do,
Spreading Halloween cheer with just a little "BOO!"

- Poem from Busy Bee Lifestyle.

First you will need to choose two neighbours to pass the boo on to that do not have an "I've Been Booed" sign by their door. Next you need to fill a goodie bag of some sort, whether it be a decorated paper bag or a plastic one from the shops, with sweets and chocolate and maybe some unusual surprises. Make sure to put an "I've Been Booed" sign in your treat bag as well to let other surrounding neighbours know that the household you've chosen has already received a Boo. Attach a Booing poem to the outside of your treatbag and you're set to go!

Next comes the fun part. When no-one is around you must sneakly creep to your selected household's front door. Leave the Boo treat bag by their front door, ring the door bell and then run,run,run! The aim is not to be seen so make sure you are as quiet and quick as possible. It is probably best to go Booing in the evening as people will be less likely to see you when you speed off into the distance.


Now all you have to do is wait and watch the Boo travel around your neighbourhood as each receiver of the Boo carries on the tradition. And perhaps someone will be so kind as to leave you a Boo,too!

Exciting Goodies To Fill Your Treat Bag:

Here's a Booing sign just for you:

boo sign

Have you been Booed? Tell us about your experiences.


Feel free to read about my Booing experiences in my latest blog post:
Shortandsweet15- It is up to you how many boos you send around, it is best to do more than one incase your selected household doesn't continue the tradition. Each household will then pass on the boo to two more people so that the amount of boos will grow exponentially.
so is there only one goody bag which gets passed around?? im a bit confused! :S
I work at a state mental hospital in the USA and we have been doing this as a fundraiser for a while. Employees pay a small fee to have a "Boo" sent to another coworker. They are usually a small item filled with candy and whatever else you might want included with a halloween theme. Examples: Small container with halloween themed flowers, jewelry, stationery, fall themed items, anything!
bellbell- I live in Australia too! I'm planning on going Booing this halloween too, my neighbourhood is in some desperate need of Halloween cheer!
This is so adorable! I am going to do this, even though nobody dose Halloween in Australia. The poem is sooo sweet and smart! Who ever started this is a genius! Thank YOU!

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