Snippets Issue 17 : The Horror Issue

Happy Halloween

Get the most out of this Halloween.

Happy Halloween

Halloween should be a fun night regardless of whether you are staying at home, going out, or even if you don't celebrate the holiday. Halloween does not have to be a huge event; it can be whatever you want. Here are some small ways you can make your night enjoyable:

Staying In:

  • Have a movie night. Rent horror flicks or invite a few guests over and ask them to bring their favorites. If you find most scary movies to be a little too scary or gruesome, try some older horror and sci-fi films like, "The Blob", or the original, "The Day the Earth Stood Still" where the special effects aren't so realistic. You could even go for something lighthearted like "Young Frankenstein".
  • Bake (or buy) sweet treats with the holiday theme.
  • Give trick or treaters something fun like a sheet of stickers as an accompaniment or substitute to candy. Surprise them with something different.
  • Dress up as your significant other or best friend and spend the evening in with them. Do your best impressions of each other.

Going Out:

  • Make a costume from an abstract word. Go out as "courage", "hunger", or "mystery". Be creative (or dress up as it)!
  • Dress up as something you are genuinely afraid of and use the opportunity to conquer that fear. Spending an evening emulating a clown, for example, might show you there is nothing to fear from them.
  • Go trick or treating, but do be charming and polite and don't go overboard.
  • Don't be afraid to dress up as something really ugly or as the opposite gender, the point is to have fun!
  • Join a zombie walk.
  • Recreate your favorite childhood costume. If you can't decide between a few, make a hybrid. Mermaid bride? How about a vampire fairy?

If You Don't Celebrate Halloween:

  • Take advantage of the fact that many stores and restaurants will be largely empty and beat waiting in lines.
  • Keep your front lights off and have a quiet night to settle in with a good book, a cup of tea, or to catch up on your current craft project.
  • Have a home spa evening and treat yourself to a face mask or a manicure, whatever you prefer.

(Illustrations by Hollie Dzama).

Do you have any tips for having a Happy Halloween?


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