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London Star Map

Win a map and navigate your way around the stars.

London Star Map

By Snippets

london star map

The London Star Map is a handy, pocket-sized map, which contains the addresses of celebrity homes, film locations, famous landmarks and celebrity hangouts.

The map includes whereabouts to over 50 celebrity homes, from the likes of Ewan McGregor, Sienna Miller, Jude Law, Madonna and Kate Moss. Over 70 film locations, such as the sites from movies Notting Hill and Long Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. And, if you want to hang out with the in-crowd, over 80 of the most happening bars and clubs in the city.

We've got 10 maps up for grabs, so if you want to find your way around famous London, enter below!

How To Enter:

London Star Map

To enter, simple share your best claim to fame below.

For example, "I once saw Madonna ordering a Big Mac.".

Congratulations to our winners Ash, FoxesinBoxes, Killer Queen, Hank, Rosie-X, Ezme, Britta J, Jojobeandesigns, Charlotte and Sailesh.

You can find out more about the London Star Map, pick up a copy and read celebrity gossip at Also, keep an eye out for the Celebrity Tour of London will be starting Spring 2009.


I saw Elvis over by the beefburger stand!
I saw Sarah Palin on Halloween. She was dressed up as Tina Fey.
I have a couple of star encounters, but not so much with movie stars, lol.

I attended a literary festival in Honolulu with writer Christopher Moore (of "Lamb" and "Fluke" fame) and we chatted a bit about Douglas Adams and other funny writers before he signed my copy of "Practical Demonkeeping." He is probably one of the funniest people I've ever met!

Also, NAACP President Julian Bond came to my school and gave a speech about the history of African-Americans and their influence on blues/rock/R&B music in America. I got to talk to him a little at the cocktail reception afterwards, and he's a really amazing man. I have my picture with him somewheres. Tongue

Oh, and as a shameless plug (since it's Inauguration Day and all), I saw Barack Obama speak in Beckley, WV when he was still campaigning in the primaries against Hilary Clinton. Had to wait in line for about four hours to get in and get seated, but you know what? Worth it! ^_^!

(Pic below is me and my boyfriend talking to Julian Bond.)
I once saw Jessica Simpson at the Denver, Airport with her dad and sister. I found out what hotel they where staying at and i went there and got her autograph. She is kinda blond for feels.
Back when I was living in oxford I was on a bus with my flatmate just past the magdalen bridge going into town. On the bus there was only us and this guy with an orange jacket that lived up the road (we'd seen the jacket before, never paid much attention to him). so we sit, we are nervous, we are on our way to school for finals or something..then all of a sudden one guy starts waving. I ask her if she knows him. but no..hey he's cute though. so we wave back. he says something, we shout stupid comments back, all flirty and stuff. then another guy starts doing the same. and one more. we're more puzzled than excited. the bus moves a little more (we were on cornmarket st. stuck in traffic) and the orange guy gets off in front of hmv. all our cute guys run towards him. it was thom yorke. did I mention radiohead was my all time fav band?
As I said we used to see him (well his orange jacket) all the time, then of course once we realised who he was our luck changed. at least, I was on a bus with him and can always claim he was my next door neighbour on cowley rd.(sort of)
Um...this one band camp...
JK. My best friend dated a major league baseball
player for about 4 years. He's married so I
can't say his name. I also emailed with
Augusten Burroughs right after he published
Running With Scissors. Love him.
I served Greg Germann (Richard Fish from Ally McBeal) at like 3pm and kept serving him beer until he was redfaced giggly tipsy.
I was at a conference and sme people in the conference saw bruce springsteen in the hotel because he was preforming for some horse show lol.
once i saw Bernadette peters in NYC she was on my FAV show this week. i Bernadette i shook her hand and she gave me a spare magazine she signed and her email!!! soo nice (-:
I met Tim Allen at an arcade.
i spent a day with david guetta (the famous french DJ), because i had the occasion of talking to him and i aked him stupid questions as "how much cocaine do you consume and how many times a day ?"...
Freshman year of college a friend and I interviewed Lisa Loeb before a gig for the school paper. She was honestly a bit of a tool. Walking out from backstage afterward, a big black lab bounded down the hallway and jumped at us to play. His owner, a sweaty Sarah Mclachlan in a tee and sneaks, had been out running with him, and she had to drag him off. She was so sweet and apologetic, and made up for the lame interview in leaps and bounds.

I also got a set of handmade eye patches from Todd Oldham when I was sick with an eye injury a few years ago. That was from a friend with connections though, and I never got to meet him in person. Sadly our correspondence was only in writing, sigh...
I was on a plane home from Vegas and Robert Redford got on the plane and thought he was in first class so he ordered a drink and didn't pay, and the stewardess didn't know whaat to do but eventually she had to say "The drinks aren't complimentary." And he kindly paid for his drink.
I once used a public toilet just before Jordan (Katie Price)
I work with a little person named Percy. He's about 55 years old, African American, and is 3'4". Back in the early '80's he was a local celebrity in Knoxville, Tennessee. He appeared in commercials with a furniture salesman named Mad Jack. Mad Jack would throw Percy off of buildings onto mattresses. He would also take Percy on "tour" with him to local functions. In Knoxville, Percy is a "retro icon" and I work with him every day! Percy doesn't like to talk about his 15 minutes of fame, but I think he's fabulous!

Edwin McCain (of I'll Be, Solitude, and I Could Not Ask For More semi-fame) grew up in my hometown and went to my church. My parents are still friends with his parents, and we have old church directories with family pictures of them.
i have amy friend saw hugh Grant on the plain they were on when they went to Germany!

another one is

my teacher is "best friends" with chris tarent!! XD
My mom's friend works at a local radio station and let me hang out in the lounge with Jet at the music festival he was covering. They were wasted but really nice guys.
I once saw kieth urban and nicole kidman at the barnes and noble i worked at and i got to be their cashier kieth was a very nice guy nicole sat in the cafe with a hat on reading just sitting quietly. kieth bought lots of cds and some books. they had coffee and sandwiches. also at the same store in vegas i saw and rang up sinbad the comedian it was my second time seeing him here the first was at gameworks las vegas where i waited on him and his family he had a broken foot.
I work in 30 Rockefeller Center (NBC Studios) and last year I got into the elevator... and John Cusack was in it... I went into a "star struck shock" and was unable to say anything. Just stared at him.... saddly i couldn't "say anything"... it's still one of the best moments EVER!!!!
I once saw Weird Al at Target. My boyfriend and I were too shocked to run over to him and by the time we got the nerve to actually get out of my car, his limo pulled up and he was gone. ):
I saw Hugh Grant leaving (what I assume was) his house and get into his car, which was a pretty old Merc.
The man is a twat, but I still got that close-celeb-encounter-googly-eyed-high-pitched-giggle.
My boyfriends step-dad is in the band Faster Gun and i am friends with Evil punk guy from Headless Pez. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
I attended the Foxboro Hot Tubs show in Austin this past May, and while waiting at the front of the stage for the show to begin, got word that drummer Tre Cool was sitting at the bar. I raced over with my heart-grenade-shaped change purse, and approached him. "I know I am probably the 80th asshole to ask you this," I began, "but you and your band hold my world together and could I get an autograph?" Tre smiled this sideways smile that only he is capable of and said "That's okay, nothing wrong with being an asshole. Of course I COULD say you are what you eat...but that would just be wrong and demented." I smiled back and handed the purse to him. "But that would be so you and none of us here would have it any other way!" So I got my autograph and went back to the stage to enjoy the best show ever. Attached is an image of the autograph sitting on a printed photo of the show.
My teacher was the guy in the Arby's commercial. The one wearing an ovenmit while playing tennis.


I live in Canada. You can't expect much better.
My friend is a very talented florist and she has worked for David and Victoria Beckham, Thierre Henry and did Sting's wedding on a boat at sea. Fancy stuff! I once asked her if I could chum her to a wedding...but no was the (expected) answer! ha! Ah well, nice try...

Also, my head teacher's cousin (apparently) is Ewan McGregor. And because I live in Scotland, this is not THAT hard to believe...maybe...Happy
I saw Tim Burgess of The Charlatans in the Liverpool branch of New Look.
I'm wicked cool ;)
On a family trip to Disneyland in 1998, I saw the basketball player, Shaq, sitting outside the airport. I knew him from the 1996 film "Kazaam." Happy
I got to meet freddy cruger himself..well the actor-Rober Englund. He was over here at the base at Fort Hood a couple of years ago and got to talk to him and he signed a dvd for me to give to my dad for father's day. He isnt that scarey in real life. lol
In art class, I had an assignment to sketch a celebrity, and of course I chose David Bowie. When I finished it looked just like him. I sent it to him in the mail, but haven't heard back from him yet. I sent it on 12-20-08, so it probably hasn't arrived yet. Not the coolest story, but I hope Bowie likes it...
I got to meet Ted Nugent (of "Cat Scratch Fever" fame--such a great classic rock song) when he came into the car dealership I work for and bought a truck for his son. He was really nice and we even got backstage passes for his concert that weekend to hang out with him and his band before and after the show. He showed us his gun collection that he takes with him everywhere and even though he's a "rockstar" he doesn't even drink drink or smoke(which i think is really awesome and goes against all stereotypes of musicians in general.)
My friend served Angelina Jolie in Windsor HMV
She complimented the cupcake ring I made her Happy
i may or may not have done something illegal in california with pauly shore. i just want out to smoke a cig, and there he was.
my friend picked up les claypool from general mcarthur airport in li one time as his chafeuur and i got to rid with. claypool was an asshole
i've hung out with wierd al 2x at 2 different concerts b/c my friend chris always brings his accordian and plays, i'm currently learning Happy

wow lol i've got too many star encounters to name. haha
I did a gig at the Social when I was 15... James Dean Bradfield from the manics was there. I must have looked completely terrified,because he stared me in the eye and said 'its alright love, i'm not the doorman'.
i promptly ran away..
I once saw Serj, of Kasabian fame, walk through our local shopping mall. At the time I was really into Kasabian and was a tad star struck from seeing him. Thing is, no one else saw him... which was odd.
I once saw David Seaman and his family in Disneyland Paris but was too shy to say anything to him so we followed him and I got a picture of the back of his head.

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