Snippets Issue 13 : The London Issue

Camden Style

Checking out the international style and fashion at Camden Market.

Camden Style

By Cat Morley

Syhem (15), Morgan (17) & Antoine (16)
From: Paris
Style: Complicated
Hang-outs: Camden, Piccadilly Circus & the London Dungeon

Jackie (20)
From: Malaysia
Style: Eclectic
Hang-outs: Camden & South Bank

Carolina (18) & Izzly (19)
From: London
Style: Random & 14 year old emo.
Hang-outs: Camden & Brick Lane

Nerea (18) & Daniel (22)
From: Spain
Style: Cyber
Hang-outs: Camden

D.C. (19)
From: Kingston, England
Style: Cyber goth
Hang-outs: Camden, Slime Light & Torture Gardens
Jennifer & Rachel (both 22)
From: Birmingham & Hackney
Style: Granny, 50's & librarian
Hang-outs: Soho

If you want to show off your style, post a photo below!


I've always wanted to go there!
those pople are badass Happy
I love Camden, I used to go all the time!!
Random & 14 year old emo looks very indie mod to me hehe:3 this is so coolx3
*wipes tear* Seeing Camden being mentioned makes me happyHappy
I haven't been there for AGES!
excuse me while I go pack up and move to Camden
Oh yeah, Nerea's hair is killer! Love the Crocs too! Ha!
Nerea hair rules !!!!!!!


im ttly randomness 14 year old emo
i love it (L) !
two things a miss about london! slimelight and camden
huge sigh ! now dreadfully homesick
but great photos Happy
i love dreads but it ruins my hair
Eee Camden<3
This Is Cool (:

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