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Brooch Contest

Win a personalized Hetty & Dave brooch to wear yourself or give to someone you love.

Brooch Contest

By Snippets

love from hetty and dave brooches

The super-talented Zoe Larkins of Love From Hetty & Dave has offered to make a fabulous personalized brooch for one lucky reader of Snippets. The iconic heart brooches have been worn by the likes of Amy Winehouse, Jodie Harsh & New Young Pony Club, so you'll definitely be among the glitterati with this hot accessory!

How to enter:

amy winehouse

Simply complete the sentence below:

"I want to give Love From Hetty & Dave to ... because ..."

The best, or most unique, answer will win a personalized brooch.

Congratulations to our winner Natalie Doll.

Alternatively, you can buy a brooch from the website or the stall at Spitalfield's market. Also, make sure to check out our interview with Zoe Larkins.


I want to give Love From Hetty & Dave to my boyfriend, Eric, because he is the only person who has always been there for me from the day we met. Before we were even good friends he stuck up for me while mean classmates talked bad about me. When my parents kicked me out and all my "friends" didn't seem to have a couch i could crash on for the night he moved me into his house. While our mutual friends decided they didn't like me anymore, instead of leaving me to keep most all of his high school friends, he completely stopped talking to them because he said I meant the world to him and he didn't want to do anything to mess us up. The last year has been a big change for us, going from having a group of friends we were constantly surrounded by, to spending most o our time at our house with our dog. From it all though, we have just feel more in love. I can't imagine spending my lie with anyone else.
I want to give Love From Hetty & Dave to my love Angelo. He's just a little Phillipino guy but he has a big heart. He recentely broke up with me for another girl, but came back to me because he said he loves me too much. We're both really young and it makes me want to yell at all of those sex-ed teachers that tell us it's just "infatuation". He got me to stop my habit of cutting, because he really cares about me and I've been looking for the perfect way to apologize for bringing him down, and I think that this may be it.
I want to give love from Hetty & Dave to the arctic monkeys because they play the music that has been keeping me from feeling crappy about my ex that dumped me.
I want to give Love From Hetty & Dave to the boy that i love but he isn't with me..cause he wanted back his old girlfriend because i still love him and i can't hide itHappy
OMG i spelt brooch wrong : i feel bad now
I want to give Love From Hetty & Dave to my boyfriend, Soulmate, Chris because I love him so much and like your broach he is a fighter I don't really get to see him because he is in the army but even though he's gone he will know I'm forever thinking of him Happy
I want to give Love From Hetty & Dave to my friend Steven because he has to get a heart from somewhere.
I want to give Love From Hetty & Dave to my best friend and sole mate. he will always be supportive whatever i do and inspires me to be the best i can be.
I want to give Love From Hetty & Dave to my daughter, because she carries my heart in her dirty chocolate laced two year old hands.
I want to give Love From Hetty & Dave to my mom, because she was a hot rocker chick in the 80s and would totally wear it, and after surviving breast cancer three separate times, I'd say she deserves it.
I want to give Love From Hetty & Dave to my boyfriend because in the short space of time we've been together he has changed my life. He is training away from home to live his dream and i just want to give him this brooch to make a start on paying him back for everything hes given me. I support him in everything he wished to do and even if it means i rarely see him, I know its worth it because he is happy. Live the Dream.
I want to give love from Hetty and Dave to all those DIYers out there because we all step to a different beat and that is truly amazing, plus we also totally love seahorses, or maybe that's just me. . .
I want to give love from hetty and dave to anyone and everyone who needs it most.

Our world is so full of hate and anger and sadness, and thats what everyone focuses on. I'd like to help people see the goodness and love and kindness in people. The endless possibilities of human's kindness and love for other people. The hope and the dreams and the desperation to make the world a better place are NOT uncommon things.

People may do bad things, but noone can really understand how wonderfully kind and beautiful a PERSON can be, even if people arn't.

And I want people to know that. I want this world to live in love and hope and happiness, not matter how corny or afternoon special it is.

The darkness helps us see the stars, but we need to adjust our focus to see them in their full brightness.
I want to give Love From Hetty & Dave to myself because I am the person whom I love the most!
i want to give love from hetty & dave to natalie dolls grandmother too because grandmothers are so precious mine are not around anymore and natalie dolls sounds awesome
I want to give Love From Hetty & Dave to my daughter Faith D'anna, to be born on March 26, because she deserves to know that I love her so much! Her father left us after he desided he did not want to take care of her cause he would rather party, which to me is strange since he was the one to talk me into having a baby. We have moved in with my mother so I can have som help rasieing her, since her father no longer wants to be there in anyway.
Plus she would looks so cute and rocken with this fab brooch!
Thank you.
I want to give Love From Hetty & Dave to my marine, husband, my Bryan because he travels around the world when his country tells him to, leaving his family behind so he should know that I will forever be with him even if I have to travel around the world again to be at his bedside not knowing if he'll make through another brain injury or another coma. I would endure everything all over again for him. Because he is love Happy
I want to give Love from Hetty & Dave to my grandmother, Annie. She's 69 and always finds ways to make a joke about it. Happy She has the most wicked sense of humour, and my teenage friends even think she is the bee's knees. Happy She's taken care of me since I was little, and I adore her dearly. My older brother has a rare problem in his femur bone: he has a cyst and it breaks often. 5 times to be exact. And he's had 9 bone marrow transplants. Throughout the 3+ years he was in the hospital, she took care of me when no one else wanted to. This Christmas, she treated me with lovely presents, but myself, being the poor student that I am- couldn't afford much more than a coffee and a donut. I think she knew that I couldn't afford more, and even though it was just a small luch-out, she pretended that it was the best boston-creme she's ever had. So if was to give her a Love From Hetty & Dave brooch, I might feel like I'm giving something back to my fabulous, adorable, incredible, 69 year old grandmother, Annie. Happy
I want to give Love From Hetty & Dave to Amy Winehouse because she seems to need a bit more love help than she is getting!
I want to give Love From Hetty & Dave to my boyfriend Jim because I know he'd let me wear it too Happy <3
I want to send Love from Hetty & Dave to Sid Vicious because these things are rad like him, and I'm sure he would wear one if he were still alive today.
"I want to give Love From Hetty & Dave to ... thaT lovely zoe girl who makes them. because ... if she didnt make them. there'd be none, would there?"


I want to give Love From Hetty & Dave to my poodles because they are POODLES--duh!
I want to give Love From Hetty & Dave to my dressmaking instructor Caroline Scott because she is the one person who, with patience and kindness, taught me to sew properly and how to make beautiful clothes. She has been like a long-lost aunt, guiding me in the complex world of sewing machines, thread, fabric and needles with humour and grace. She has a fresh and different outlook on life, and always has a get-up-and-go attitude. Go Caroline!!

Rosie x
I want to give Love From Hetty & Dave to Andy C. Fellows because he is the only band director I've ever loved and who loved me back. I managed to snag my student teacher. =) 1.1 years!
I want to give Love From Hetty & Dave to my DAVID BOWIE because of how sexy he looked in the movie Labyrinth, wearing mostly spandex pants and poets shirts, enough to make any woman swoon.
I want to give love to Hetty & Dave to my sister because she is an amazing person who has helped me through so much. I really feel she deserves something special that shows how much I Love and appreciate her.
As selfish as it may seem, I'd like to give Love From Hetty & Dave to myself because I've just recently learned to love and accept myself for who I am and not what others want me to be.
"I want to give Love From Hetty & Dave to Jason because I want him to wear his heart on his sleeve like I do"
I want to give love from Hetty & Dave to Dane Hooser because he has cool hair.
found it Except its not all shiny and poofy like this ones
I want to give Love From Hetty & Dave to give to my rainbow unicorn friend named Carlos because if we don't teach our children how to read, how will they ever know whats on?

okay, big lie right there. Carlos isn't my friend, he's my unicorn brother (and 10) Happy

BTW: There's a project around here that is inspired by this.
i want to give love from hetty and dave to mother earth. because she is our benefactor and right now things have been a little tough for her. pollution, snow in vegas (thank you global warming), water monoplies and the like. this holiday season love should go out to mamma earth. she needs some tlc
I want to give Love From Hetty & Dave to my best friend and soul mate. Because I am leaving home very soon to follow my dreams. I would not be going if it wasn't for his support and I want him to know that even with the distance he still has my heart.
Not sure if I post this here but okay

I want to give Love From Hetty & Dave to make them lose peanuts in their shoes because their designs make even peanuts lose control.

Yep Yep that sounds right. Peanuts are hard to bend after all.Very Fickle little nuts.

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