Student a la Angleterre.
I like making stuff, obviously Happy
I like Dreaming about what my future flat is going to look like, can't wait to move out and live in Brighton, going out with my friends, generally having a good time, PLANNING MY TATTOOS! Very over excited by that.
Gigs are awesome, I love trains and postsecret, surprises, making someones day, cabbage rose prints, graffiti, my musics and my friends.
I love Media Studies, it is my main passion. I love dissecting films, the styles that directors have and how this can be seen and how the greats have influenced the films we watch now.

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missmuffcake · Modesto, California, US · 35 projects
Actually they were government-issue glasses he wore.
Irene D.
Irene D. · Ontario, California, US · 2 projects
Thank you so much for the nice comment ^3^

I am currently working on a sheeple for Rhys AKA Murray.
My friend (who is going to one of his stand up gigs in Philly) is going to deliver it to Rhys for me.

I'll post the pictures on here when I am done Happy
Jemster · 4 projects
Thanks! yeah, i have a pencilcase and a folder and a notebook from paperchase. that series is one of the only paperchase series that i like : )
Jocelyn · Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US · 17 projects
thank ya'! that was the first shirt I was particularly proud of Happy