Snippets Issue 13 : The London Issue

Lilith Ave Satanas

Interview with alternative model, Lilith Ave Satanas.

Lilith Ave Satanas

When did you get started in modeling? I had a light interest in it, then I met a friend in Florida that introduced me a bit to it in 2006, and it took off from there.
What's the story behind your modeling name? Since I was in 6th grade I have read a lot of mythology and religion books. I am not a Satanist, but am very intrigued with the succubus.

Are you a full time model?
Yes and also a self taught MUA self that started at age 10, I would go to the library and read books by famed MUA Kevin Aucoin.

I noticed that you have quite an impressive body of work for having only been in the industry a little over a year, would you consider yourself a modeling workaholic?
Yes I am very much, and I am currently booked 2 months out.

What style/category of modeling would you consider yourself?

Have you always had an affinity for the edgier style of modeling?
Yes its not the same as commercial or fashion. It allows you to be a lot more versatile.

Any certain things that you draw inspiration from?
It comes from many different things, whatever I am around at the time. Almost anything can inspire me, and I am very open to different ideas. Masuimi Max is a huge inspiration to me.

What is the ultimate goal that you wish to achieve through your work?
To get to the next professional level. It is essential to go after your goal and not be afraid to put yourself out there, and network and meet lots of people.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about modeling in general?
That its so easy. Its a lot of work trying to get how your pose your body and MUA and hair and wardrobe, and props.

Do you think that the internet (i.e. myspace, model mayhem) has been one of the biggest assets for upcoming models?
Yes I do I think it has made it a lot easier for models to network. It is a great tool.

Have you had any myspace stalkers yet?
Yes I have, some guy told me that he wanted to cut a hole in my neck an f**k her through it until she died, then cut me up in to tiny pieces, then feed them to his dog.

Since the development of places like myspace the age of the self made star is all the rage, do you think it is harder for people that become successful this way to be taken seriously in the industry?
A little bit, it depends on how you display and handle yourself. It can be either your enemy or you best friend.

What do you think about the pressures on women to be so thin in the industry?
It is true that the clothing made fits and looks better on thin models. They also have the ability to pose better. Its everyone preference though. You have to make time to take care of yourself despite of the work load.

Do you think that this issue is as prevalent in the alternative modeling genre?
No, a lot of the models are curvy, and being hourglass shaped is a big advantage to that style.

Do you have a certain beauty regimen that you follow?
Yes I am a dermatologist junky, and I use my own doctors product line.

How about exercise/diet?
I don't like sweets, or junk food, and I don't drink soda either. My diet mainly consists of Mediterranean food, and I drink pure apple juice, iced tea, and flavored water.

Any makeup tips or tricks you wish to share?
For girls with really light skin tones, use baby powder instead of translucent or colored powder. Use baby wipes instead makeup removing sheets. Use white eyeliner and try to put eye shadow over it or eyeliner instead of lip liner. I use everything from expensive to cheaper brands. For foundation I use Max Factor, eyesahdows I use MAC, Urban Decay and Smashbox and for lips I like Sally Hansen, and the Sephora brand.

Are there any causes/charities that you are passionate about that you wish to bring to light through your growing popularity?
No I really don't have one, but if I had to chose it would have to be The American Cancer Society.

You can find out more about Lilith Ave Satanas on her myspace. Photography: Samantha Guss, 'Homemade Noose' by, 'Tidying Up' shot by Kat Villari, MUA/Hair/Wardrobe by The Llamas.


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