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Trip Around The World
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Patchwork Quilt!

My pride and joy, and ongoing project. I work on this one when the mood strikes me. It's the beginning of a King size quilt using a Trip Around The World pattern. There are approximately 2,750 21/2 squares. I am about halfway finished. People always ask me if I will sell it when I am finished...I tell them no amount of money is worth the time, money, effort and stress therapy I have put into it. :)

The Project Of Doom, A Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt

The Project Of Doom, A Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt

...quilting Harry Potter

♥ 18
Drunken Chevron Quilt Block

Drunken Chevron Quilt Block

If you like chevrons, you'll LOVE drunken chevrons! AND, no curved piecing involved!

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Rainbow Scrap Strip Quilt Tutorial

Rainbow Scrap Strip Quilt Tutorial

Make your own Rainbow Scrap Strip Quilt

♥ 7
Mario Quilt Block

Mario Quilt Block

quilts can be geeky too

♥ 333
Pi Quilt Block

Pi Quilt Block

A project for science and math lovers!

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Trash To Treasure Quilt Block

Trash To Treasure Quilt Block

Something beautiful from those bits of scraps that wind up in the floor, or the bin, or are too small for anything else!

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Gone Neko
Gone Neko · Milan, Lombardy, IT · 29 projects
keep on doing it! It seems lovely!
Lori G.
Lori G.
Beautiful quilt!! Have been wanting to make a king size one with this pattern myself, have started collecting the fabric but am curious how many diferent kinds of fabric you used and about how much of each??? any help you could give would be great.
Creativemind · Tuscaloosa, Alabama, US · 116 projects
It is pretty, and I made a quilt sewing every square as well. Never again! When I am doing my projects, I am all too anxious to see it finished. I strip piece now.
PJ F. · Fort Valley, Virginia, US
It is truly beautiful! Making a quilt is something I have always wanted to do but I haven't made that leap of faith yet!
You see so many quilts for sale and I always wonder why because of all the work that is invested, the time, and money! I always come to the conclusion that they must have needed the money or they died.
I agree with you, don't sell it, display it on your bed and then save it for your grandchild!
athenamat · New York, New York, US · 19 projects
That's seriously great! Keep up the great work. Would love to see it flat.
Courtney Couture
Courtney Couture · Keller, Texas, US · 20 projects
thats beautiful!
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1362 projects
It's really gorgeous, patchworks always make beds look so cosy.
George B.
George B. · Cambridgeshire, England, GB · 7 projects
Thats absolutely stunning!!!! I wish I could make something so pretty as that!!!

Can't wait to see it finished!
shelley · 5 projects
northernstar · Flateyri, Westfjords, IS · 35 projects
I love the idea of making your own quilt and I agree with you on not selling, I am sure you have put so much into it Happy I think I need something like that to pick up whenever.
It looks great, keep on trucking Happy

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