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Yaaaar!!! MY EYE!
***PLEASE NOTE! These 3 photos are copyright gAk photography, 2010. They were taken by my roommate, Nicole Brandon. I am just the model, though she has given me permission to post the photos here, to show off the makeup and styling that I did for the shoot.***

I bought a plain black eye patch at the corner drugstore for less than $5. Then I poked holes through it, and screwed on some vicious 1" metal spikes.

For the shoot, I wanted it to look like maybe the spikes had injured my eye, so I dripped fake blood (no, I won't give you my secret recipe for making it! haha) down my face, using a Q-Tip. I let that dry some, and then did an extremely smokey eye using black eyeliner and eyeshadow. I blended it outward a great deal using blending brushes and a clean wedge-shaped makeup sponge. I highlighted the brow bone with some white eyeshadow, and then carefully drew my eyebrows on with black eyeliner in a dramatic way. Then, I used black eyelash glue to adhere some big sweeping lashes to the eye without the patch by Makeup Forever. Then I added some blush, and finally, a purplish lipstick that I blotted and then, for the finishing touch, I slicked on some shimmery clear lip gloss.

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BlackCherry · New York, New York, US · 2 projects
I would truly kill for your whole outfit your style is beyond words I love all your projects!

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