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Kids production of 'Thriller' needed some props!
My local Dance school were doing various dances but one happened to be 'THRILLER'!
So they needed some props, more specifically 4 grave stones and a coffin!
The Graves started as a large cardboard box, make flat and cut a grave stone shape, with grass sticking out the sides.
Then start paper macheing, this needs alot of layers to make thick and hard.
when dry, paint grey and stencil what you want written on there (i choose the Dance teachers sanity dying). Then i used a big black marker the colour it in.
Then paint the grass, not just the end bits but acros the front too.
And there you have it, a fake grave!

Next the coffin, Ply wood is best as its thin and easier to manage.
Cut two bits the same coffin shape for the top and bottom, two sides which are the same as each other, then two ajoining bits at either end, one of the ends should be bigger than the other.
You could use wood glue to stick them, i used a tack/nail gun, and as it was just for fun i used industrial duct tape to make a hinge for the lid.
I then painted it brown and put red satin fabric inside (with a pillow for the kid playing Michael Jackson).
I also took wood scraps, painted them gold to make handles and a crucafix for the top!

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The Mad Hattress
The Mad Hattress · 5 projects
haha!! Love it!!

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