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Mine Craft Birthday Party Table and Props
A friend of the family made the killer Steve Piñata-Adriana thanks so much. You are so talented. Isn't it awesome? Otherwise I had a friend cut up the big piece of styrofoam and glue it in pig form. Thanks Bill. I painted the pink piggy prop and attached wood pieces for the eyes. Then the usual bday stuff custom party labels I make in excel of mine craft for the water bottles and candy bar wrappers. I also made little treat bags. I had seen someone on pinterest who had made them and it was too cute. So i made similar but on smaller bags. Candy was everywhere. The balloons were 40 on the floor and 30 in the air. Then I made two table top balloon towers with an image of the creeper up top. The towers were just two pieces of square wood and two dowels glued.I saw all over the internet the creeper toss game so I made mine with a hinge so it could stand on its own like the sponge bob i did from a prior bday. I also took a big piece of spare wood and made an enderman prop for outside.

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