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"But it was the BEST butter!"
~~{"Have some wine," the March Hare said in an encouraging tone. Alice looked all round the table, but there was nothing on it but tea. "I dont see any wine," she remarked.
"There isnt any," said the Hare. "Then it wasnt very civil of you to offer it," said Alice angrily.
"It wasnt very civil of you to sit down without being invited!" said the March Hare.}~~

One of my favorite characters in Alice In Wonderland was always the March Hare. So as soon as i joined the "Alice In Wonderland Swap (2011)", i started working on a March Hare Doll (thinking i could keep him for myself if my partner didnt like him; luckily she did ^_^).
Well, since im quite mad myself... I thought this would be easy... not so much. lol This is the first proper doll ive ever tried to make. I used no patterns, but much muchness of imagination. He came out bigger and cuddlier then i intended, and he took me Most of September to think up and create. But he's amazing! And i fell in love with MAd March all over again.

He's made completely out of felt and stuffing; with moveable parts & ears because there's wire in his insides. So he's super soft and playable.
I tried to make him look like a mix of The March Hare in Tim Burtons verion & the one in the original book. His face has Mad-bloodshot eyes, and furry gray eyebrows and ears. All his clothes (coat, vest, trousers) are removable. His coat also has 2 usable pockets (one of which has a carrot in it!), and button to open and close it. And of course... he wouldnt be complete without a broken teacup (with tea inside!).

It was really hard to give him away and put him in the box, but i'm really glad my partner liked him as much as i did. :) I kinda miss him.... im gonna have to force myself to make another. lol

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charlie.lavender1 · Skelmersdale, England, GB
i will pay you to make me one plz, i cannot find anything like this at all Happy my girlfriend loves alice and this hare thing is her favourate character so i wanna surprise her, plz get in contact with me if your willing to make me one thank you
DarkAshHurts · 119 projects
Wow thank you! That really means a lot, since i have no idea what im doing half the time. lol

I didnt even know i was a fabric artist! (maybe i should be? lol) I amaze even myself after i finish every plushie i make. this one was the most challenging... Im proud of myself. Happy
Corvus · 1 project
this plushie is the best i have ever seen. you are an fabulous fabric artist. this is a big WOW!!
DarkAshHurts · 119 projects
Thanks guys! ^_^ I did get your package and i love all my stuff also!

...i'm definetely gonna have to make another. It took so long, im gonna have to force myself. lol
btw excuse the last pic of me in my jammies. XD
Andrea · Austin, Texas, US · 45 projects
He's so cute! Thank you again for not keeping him! I hope your stuff gets there tomorrow at least. Its got one of those green tracking things on it so if you don't get it tomorrow I can look it up and see where it is.
Dragonfly · Voorburg, South Holland, NL · 26 projects
He looks soooooo AMAZING!!!!!!
I love the March Hare too. "You're late for Tea!"

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