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Marble till you drop!
I was seeing all that nail marbling stuff and found it oh so pretty. Anyways, I'm not a girl that can pull that off too well... ( *harrumphs* Didn't stop me from doing it as soon as I ran out of hair clips... but don't tell anyone! )
So I was running around in circles wondering what other things you can do with nailpolish and water, and I came up with: Hair clips! YAY!

So here we go. I'm not gonna explain the whole marbeling part, there are a lot of amazing how-tos on youtube, and one is on here. Check it out, the lady has quite a few astonishing nail tutorials!

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  • How to make a hair clip / barrette. Marble Stuff! - Step 1
    Step 1

    Well, this is pretty much what you'll need. Some sort of cup or bowl that you could throw away any time, a towel and some... lack of words here... tissue? to wipe off stuff from other stuff...
    Nail polish of course...
    ( Yeah, about that... Grabb all your bottles. Open every last one up and check if the polish is liquid enough so it will drop. If it doesn't and you find out during the process, you're f*cked. )
    And hair clips, obviously, or any other small device that you wanna prettyfy!

    Plus, you want to take stips of this thin kitchen foil to wrap up your food. I have no idea what that's called in english. xD

    Open the window! Seriously! Inhaling the nail polish gas stuff in a tiny room without a window is NOT good!

    I started easy with two glimmering colours, a gold and a purlpe-ish one. Really nice, glamourous combo.

  • How to make a hair clip / barrette. Marble Stuff! - Step 2
    Step 2

    Grabb the plastic stuff and clip it to the clip ( lol ) so that the middle part is covered. This is not for protecting that part ( who would care? ) but... *points to next step*

  • How to make a hair clip / barrette. Marble Stuff! - Step 3
    Step 3

    ...to twist it up on the backside so you get a nice, wasteable item to hold on to the clip and dip it under the water and stuff without endangering your fingertips. You'll see.

    In fact, this is so brilliant that I'm quite surprised with myself. ^^

  • How to make a hair clip / barrette. Marble Stuff! - Step 4
    Step 4

    Start dripping your polish into the water. Make sure you're close to the surface when you do this, otherwise the polish will just form a little ball and sink.
    I'm showing this with another set of colours now cause you can see these better than the light, transparent ones.

  • How to make a hair clip / barrette. Marble Stuff! - Step 5
    Step 5

    Grab a toothpick, the handle of your rat tail comb, any thin stick will do. Swirl around the colours and stay away from the edges. Work quickly.

    Get hold of your clip-on-a-stick and see which part of the surface design you want to have on it. And then just... dip it in. Drown the motherf... Gosh, that was tempting...

    Hold it under water for about half a minute, gently blowing on the surface so the rest of the polish dries. Lift every bit of colour up with another toothpick or so. This is actually the funniest part I think. ^^

  • How to make a hair clip / barrette. Marble Stuff! - Step 6
    Step 6

    Lift the clip back up and let it dry. Aint that beautiful?
    When it's dry, remove the plastic and adore. Maybe the polish that was on the plastic will stay between the sides as a thin layer, but you can easily get rid of that with a pair of tweezers or something. Just carefully peel it off.

    You may add a top coat if you thing that's necessary. I used a glitter polish on some of them, too. Girly stuff. :D

    The next steps are just pictures of some ( ! I made quiiiite a few! ) the clips I made... and of the scary girly pink glittering fingernails I have now. xD

  • How to make a hair clip / barrette. Marble Stuff! - Step 7
    Step 7

    This is the pair done with gold and purple on the black base of the clip.

  • How to make a hair clip / barrette. Marble Stuff! - Step 8
    Step 8

    These are the result of the colours I showed you above... I think... The blue did not cole out too well on the black, but you can see hints of it where it's near the white... :)

  • How to make a hair clip / barrette. Marble Stuff! - Step 9
    Step 9

    On this pair, I used white nail polish BEFORE marbeling. I just couldn't find any white coloured clips in the whole town. -.-

    But didn't they come out great?

  • How to make a hair clip / barrette. Marble Stuff! - Step 10
    Step 10

    Ooooooh crap, this is so not me... xD

    But I found a way to make this design look more like me...

  • How to make a hair clip / barrette. Marble Stuff! - Step 11
    Step 11

    ... DAH-DAAAAH! xD

    a hand-painted amount of grunge to gimme back my non-girly-feeling. *giggles*

    If you're wondering why I used the same colours all over: These were the only ones that were liquid enough. Remember, I told you about that. These also were the cheapest ones. Could be a coincidence.
    Be aware that this takes quite an amout of polish, so don't you ruin yourself by using your most precious expencive ones ( though I don't get why people buy overly pricy cosmetics in the first place ^^ ).

    That's pretty much it for now.


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georgia S.
georgia S.
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
I really like this , its so great..I hope I can do it sometime..
Bruh Cuh Bruh :]
Bruh Cuh Bruh :] · Murfreesboro, Tennessee, US
haha awsome tutorial!! Happy
groovylittlegirl · 5 projects
WOW! So doing that. NOW!
little miss blackbird
little miss blackbird · 51 projects
awesome !!!
I have so many different nail polishes that are less than a year old in shades I wouldn't dream of using anymore haha. Great way to use them up.
FrolleinKram · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 132 projects
@manilla: Sounds like a really nice idea!
manilla · 7 projects
i marbled soda tabs and made a necklace thing
ß4ş4q · Turkey, North Carolina, US
So GUd ..<3
~iD3sign~ · Merrillville, Indiana, US · 4 projects
so cool..i never thought of doing this...i have lot of plain boring hair clip and now im going to make the pretty Happy
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