Hello :3 My Name's Ashley and im 16. I'm from Indiana.
~10 things about me:~
1)I'm A Picses
2)I'm Really creative (when i want to)
3)I write stories and try to write songs when i'm bored
4)I sing and i love music(hip-hop, R&B, techno,pop,rock)
5)i like cartoons (yea, i still watch them) my favorite cartoon is Spongebob
6)i'm smart and i like to act goofy and random at times
7)i love to shop
8)i love drawing ( clothes, comics, anything)
9)i like to read (favorite book: the twilight saga: all of them)
10)i like to make new friends so please add me :3
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PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for favoring my T-Shirt Vest Happy
Creativemind · Tuscaloosa, Alabama, US · 116 projects
Thanx for the comment on my Aaliyah drawing! Been planning to draw another one soon.
Cupcake girl
Cupcake girl · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 28 projects
No prob(: And thanks! I love your team Jacob shirt and the tattoo you drew. Nice profile pic.
Kari  H.
Kari H. · Fargo, North Dakota, US
yea! no problem Happy