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Bows, Cherry, Apple, Camera, Boo, 1up mushroom, Keyboard, Watermelon, Gumball machine
1. Select picture to use and pixelate the image using photo editing software, if you don't have photo editing software you can export the picture to microsoft paint and zoom in on the image

2. Select correct pegboard for what you are making, eg- watermelon (round pegboard) camera (square pegboard) heart (heart pegboard)

3. Count out how many beads you will need according to the pixelated image, this will ensure you have enough beads before you lay it down on the pegboard. There is nothing worse than laying the beads down and then getting to the end to find out you don't have enough of one colour, or might not enough beads to finish.

4. Once you are happy with your designated design, cover the design over with hama ironing paper

5. Iron over the image but note: that if you are making a necklace, pendant or keychain, make sure you leave the holes in the top row , centre, of hama beads so you can fit a jump ring through to attatch to a chain etc. If you are making a magnet don't worry about leaving holes in the hama beads.

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Jadeygirl · Sydney, New South Wales, AU · 9 projects
To Heidel R - I have tried putting them on a headband, unfortunately the beads are quite slippery- they do not attatch well to headbands- I even tried attatching them to the headband with wire, that did not work either. These designs are a bit too big to attatch to a hairpin- I have tried that also, but I am sure if I used hama mini beads that the hairpin idea would work.
Heidelish · Stavanger, Rogaland, NO · 19 projects
glue them on a hairpin, so that you can wear them in the hair, or on a head band.
jolle f.
jolle f. · Belgium, Wisconsin, US · 1 project
i like it!!

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