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What A Potterhead!
So, I've been obsessed with Harry Potter for years now. I know it makes me a total geek, but I'm a Potterhead and proud. I've read every book and seen every film,and to celebrate the very last film *tear* I finally did the one thing I'd never gotten to do before - I went to the midnight showing in town....DRESSED UP!

I know I should be embarrassed to have walked around Oxford city centre in a Gryffindor costume - glasses and car included - but I'm not.

I made myself a Gryffindor cardigan, and my friend a Slytherin cardigan ('Cause she's just a little evil :p), hunted down two appropriate ties, glasses and rub on tattoos, and we were good to go :)

The cardigan was actually a pretty easy project. I simply found some red and gold ribbon, and a Gryffindor patch from eBay. I used hemming web for everything. The cuffs of the sleeves and the hem of the cardigan are trimmed with the ribbon, and the crest is placed over the left breast. It's an easy,quick project and I'm so chuffed to have my own stylish Gryffindor cardigan.

I did the same for the Slytherin cardigan,just with green and silver ribbon. I would recommend sewing over everything to prevent anything coming loose. I made mine very last-minute so didn't have the time.

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Bianca S.
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THIS IDEA *___* THANKS!!!!!!!

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