Well... hello there o-o I made a new account, you've probably never even heard of my old one ~ I got tired of my other account and the projects associated with it (I was 12 when I made it, nothing good can come from that)

Vintage sewing books (mostly because I don't have the money for new ones. I'm so cool)
Vintage patterns (so. amazing. I would use them but I'm too afraid of ruining them)
Unusual animals (hedgehogs are the highest level of unusual animal badassery)
Recently... cats (my mother's allergic. so I can't get them. *grumpy cat face*)
Cardigans (they're the best thing since *insert one of above items*)
Sweaters (I can't live without sweaters)
There's other stuff but I really can't think. ._.
Favorite Books:
There are a lot.
Favorite T.V. Shows:
I don't watch much tv
Favorite Colors:
Military Green
Mustard Yellow
All the shades of gray ;D oh. I'm great. But seriously, I like gray.
Navy Blue
Purple (but usually depends in what context)
Dark Reds
Favorite Animals:
All. Of. Them.
2 dogs Happy
Favorite Websites:
All the websites!

Erm. Thanks for reading? I like your face? and... such... Eh I'm gonna go.

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