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So so fluffy and cute!!
When I saw the pattern for these in the book I decided I really, really wanted to make them. The lady in the wool shop showed me the lovliest baby blue mohair wool I've ever seen. The other wool i used was just normal cheap stuff.

The pattern doesn't have different sizes in there but they fit my giant sized feet (I'm a UK size 8). They would probably fit a size 9 because there too big on me!

Posted by Sophie :D from Dereham, England, United Kingdom • Published See Sophie :D's 15 projects » © 2024 Debbie Stoller / Workman · Reproduced with permission.

Sophie :D posted this project as a creation without steps

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ficklephonebug ..
ficklephonebug .. · 60 projects
You don't have to use wool, I made mine with some cotton yarn I recycled from a huge sweater (alreay preshrunk), and then used just plain old RedHeart for the rest.
Sophie :D
Sophie :D · Dereham, England, GB · 17 projects
I should think so. I was going to make some more but not with the fluffy wool.

I got the pattern from the book. I don't know if your allowed to put a how-to on here if it isn't your own work. If I can I will do though.
Senevilla · 10 projects
I'm alergic to wool (and most fleecy type yarns), but do you think there's another kind of yarn that would work for this?

Also, if it's not too much trouble, could you please add a how-to?? ^_^

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