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easy and cute crochet slippers

-Vanna's Choice yarn
-Scrap tiny yarn probably: fingering/sock/baby.

-I(or H) for the actual slipper
-G if you need a snug fit around & the back of the heel.
-10 (1.15mm) for the white circle button.

Follow the pattern for a US 7-7.5 fit.

This pattern is base for you to easily manipulate to fit your own feet. You can go to the blog for additional drawings/pictures to guide you and a text ONLY pattern for easy printing!

Posted by Crissy from Santa Clara, California, United States • Published See Crissy's 17 projects »

  • Step 1


    Orange, I hook
    Use a stitch marker.

    -Chain 2.
    1. 6 sc in first ch. Slip stitch to join.
    2. Increase in each stitch.
    3. 'Sc, inc' around.
    4. 'Sc in next 2 sts, inc.' around
    5. Single crochet around
    6. Single crochet around
    7. Single crochet around.
    8. Single crochet around.
    9. Single crochet around.
    10. Single crochet around.
    11. Single crochet around.
    12. Single crochet around

    (8 rounds)

    Try on the piece and make sure it covers your toes nicely. Crochet more or less rounds to fit.

    13. Decrease once, sc across to the corner. Decrease once in the next corner.

    Tip: Fold the piece to find the corners. Wear it and put markers in.

    *I crocheted 17 single crochets across to cover. You want some material to go on top of your foot (the purple in the image). You don't want it to be too low.

    14. Sc once. Chain 1. Turn the piece and single crochet 17* times.
    15. Turn. Chain 1. Sc across.
    16. Repeat 'Turn. Chain 1. Sc across' until it covers the back of your heel.

    (Mine: 19 rounds)

    -Put the back sides together to form the heel and slip stitch it shut.

    Skip the last slip stitch and pull the yarn through the hole to form that round/curved back shown in the left image.

    Cut yarn. Attach yarn to the top and slip stitch twice in each hole to create an edging.

    Make it more snug:
    H or G hook: I attached yarn at one side and crocheted across the heel:

    Sc, dec across (3-4) and ended with a sc.

    Extra (optional)

    I hook, orange:

    1. Ch 16, skip stitch. Hdc across.
    2. Ch 1, hdc in each stitch.
    3. Skip 2 sts, hdc across in each stitch.
    4. Skip 2 sts, sc across in each stitch. Sl st.

    G hook, blue edging:

    1. Slip stitch twice into each hole. Slip stitch together.

    Circle with a crochet hook- 10 1.15mm:

    1. Ch 9. Join to form a ring. Ch 4 , Dc in ring, Ch1 11-12 times, Sl st to join.
    2. Ch 1. * Sc in dc, Sc in ch-1 sp * repeat. sl st to join.

    Skip all the extras and put on your slipper ( attach yarn in middle) and chain to other side for Mary Janes!

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Crissy · Santa Clara, California, US · 17 projects
Blog contains more instructions & pictures: www.candypow.com/2011/12/slipper-pattern.html

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